The Truth About Toyota and Honda Merging

The Truth About Toyota and Honda Merging

rev up your engines
ejido says why don’t Honda and Toyota team up reliable transmissions Toyota
sporty-er engine from honda for the good of all okay cuz the competitors I’ll
tell you you have something funny that actually happened few years back Ford and
Chevy got together and they decided they were gonna make 10 speed automatic
transmissions and the one for the cars the Mustangs the Camaros and the pickup
trucks was going to be a ten-speed rear-wheel drive only automatic
transmission Ford made most of that and GM was supposedly gonna make the
ten speed front-wheel drive automatic transmission well guess what happened
they got in arguments ford did most of the stuff for the ten speed rear wheel
drive Mustang and primarily on truck transmission it turned out to be really
good transmission GM on the other hand tried making a front-wheel
drive which is a piece of crap so I doubt that Honda and Toyota two vicious
competitors are gonna get together on any deal anytime soon I can’t see it I
mean Honda’s always made their own transmissions I can’t see where they
would want to change so I doubt if that’s ever going to happen cuz look
what happened with Ford Chevy getting together oh it’s a disaster area
Mason Simon says what’s the best first car for a young driver you got a two
fold thing here a lot of young drivers are gonna get in a wreck both of my sons
wrecked the first cars I got them so you’d want a bigger safer car because if
you think they’re gonna wreck it hey go get an old Crown Victoria or a Mercury
Grand Marquis grandpa car they can run forever say it’s a young girl and she’s
more conservative driver you might just go on get a Toyota Corolla or a Honda
Civic they’re very reliable kids like driving them around I know a lot of kids
are gonna want to be seen in a Grand Marquis or a Crown Victoria had a
grandpa image you know for just the plain money in longevity your Corolla or
civic are really the best things you can buy get when it’s a few years old get a
better price on it cuz I mean all kinds of thing can happen with young drivers
you don’t want to buy a brand-new car odds are it’s gonna get wrecked so you
must get a good deal on a used one then if they do wreck it you don’t lose so much
money, it’s Brian says Scotty I’m 18 I’m wondering is an audi tt a good car
no their horrible cars they’re fun to drive but there are endless endless
endless money pits I’ve had customers with them I have had customer with them
that were corporate lawyers and they got rid of them cuz they said it was costing
them too much money then I could break it down all the time they’re fun to
drive they’re zippy but they are endless money pets as they age you’re 18 you buy a
used one now if your daddy’s a millionaire he’s
gonna buy you one for free what the heck go have some fun but if you’re a regular guy
don’t waste your money on something like that Myron piano says Scotty on the Russian
car crash video so many cars easily flip over why is that can a crown vic be
flipped well any car can be flipped if you turn it fast enough and are big
enough incline on the road but crown vics are pretty hard to flip because they’re
so heavy now the main reason Russian cars flipped
I’m assuming is because a lot of the Russians have been drinking like fools
and they don’t know what they’re doing when they’re driving you’re driving too
fast cornering too fast and then they flip over a lot of that has to do with
speed or plain stupidity of if you watch them closely a lot of the flips are from
gigantic wrecks where some clown is flying through a stop sign and then they
get hit and of course if they’re flying through stop starting to get at that
speed that little bit on the side it’s certainly gonna tip them to make them
flip over a lot of that is more the driver’s fault than anything else I
don’t see the Russians ride around these giant elevated pickup trucks like over
here most of those are regular vehicles they flip because either the people are
drunk or they driving so fast that when they do get hit it doesn’t take much to
flip over the main reason they flip over speed and in Russia probably
vodka, Kouji butterball says I got an 03 Ford Escape starts and runs for
three minutes then it sputters and dies new alternator battery test good, okay the
first thing you want to do is check the fuel pump first of course change the
fuel filter a clogged fuel filter the pump can’t pump by it it can die
commonly if your car run for a whole three minutes and then die usually means
the fuel pump is dying out all cars these days have electronic fuel pumps and
electric motors they can work a little and then die
check the fuel pump especially after we dies the three minutes check the fuel
pressure you don’t have any didn’t you know either the pump or the computer or
the wiring or the pump relay that feeds the pump has gone bad that’s the most
common thing for that, monovision says how often do you ride your triumph not
that much anymore I’m getting all that I’m so busy making videos and answering
all your questions and testing out products that I dont have too much time
plus we had a lot of hundred degree days they’re useless you’re out there
I’m gonna take it out now soon it’s a fall falling winners to drive in season
in Texas when it’s cooler in a summer it’s just too freakin hot make it so hot
it’s just unbelievably hot and that is an air-cooled motorcycle so it’s not
that great when it’s sitting there idling in 100-degree wow they’re on the
highway it’s fine but yeah I wish I’d take it out more often than I do but I
got so many things that I’m doing I’m getting older my reaction time probably
isn’t what it used to be, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. How bout Chevy and Ford team up to make one hella a car…… Imagine what the engineering … Maybe a 7 speed transmission. Awd. IDK that would be cool tho different other then the engines we have

  3. My God Toyonda or Honota ,think of it ! They would dominant the world. Mechanics would go by way of the Dinosaurs, you could hook your car to an App on your I phone an it would diagnose the issue and repair itself, yes a transformer, you heard it here 1st !!

  4. I was just thinking about this the other day. It won't happen of course, as they're competitors, but I believe that if somehow that would happen, the other manufacturers would have to stop making cars, as they would be irrelevant. Actually what am I saying is that hey already are irrelevant.

    Now for the fun part: Hondyota, Toyonda, Acurexus, Lexucura, Lexura, Toyonda Camvic, Hondyota Cimry, Toyonda Corvic, Hondyota Civirolla

  5. Have a 2005 honda crv 2.2ictdi on a long run around 60 mpg nothing goes wrong with it with driving any other brand makes no sense

  6. Well Toyota design always look eay better than Honda lineup. Look at the Honda design right now so ugly especially the new Accord and Civic is the worse design ever. Plus their new engine 1.5L turbo are garbage and have so many problem with oil dilution. Soon or later Honda Type R engine will have problem soon also. I'll stick with Toyota and Subaru.

  7. Best young driver car is a 1994-1997 corolla/Geo Prizm. They just don’t die. I ran out of oil in my Geo and still drove around in it, put more oil in it and it still kept driving.

  8. Girls need the big car!  Every girl/woman I see driving is on their phone, driving way too fast and cut people off on top of not knowing how to handle a vehicle in any emergency need!!!! (don't think I'm discriminating, there are many male idiots too! ) Every day I drive I am in dis-belief of the morons on the road!  Don't know how some people get a drivers license…Females of this era are not even close to the maturity of females of the older days!  Same goes for males…

  9. Jesus Christ, if Toyota and Honda ever merge. The cars/trucks would be so indestructible and perfect made that every person in this world would only buy from Honda/Toyota. Any other car manufacturer would go broke so fast, and the government wouldn't like that either!!!

  10. My god that would be awful Toyota shits on Honda in the quality department all day. And they make way cooler trucks whereas Honda made a tall AWD accord and put a bed on it. If only Toyota would actually make their own sports cars they would be awsome.

  11. Honda didn’t develop the 9 speed automatic transmission in the Pilot, Passport and Odyssey. It was developed and produced by ZF. This transmission is used by several different manufacturers. Honda did develop the 10 speed automatic in the Accord and Odyssey. The CVT transmissions were developed and produced by Honda.

  12. Those kids need an education on the amount of fun that can be had in a Panther body. If you're 18, and interested in fixing and learning how to work on cars and have the room and think you can handle it, get an Audi TT.

  13. V tech and vvti working together would be super badass. The cars wpuld be super badass, they can sell it for more too because it lasts longer and makes tons of power.

  14. Now I can finally own one of them there Toyodas. Can hardly wait for a rear wheel drive Civic. Oh wait… The BRZ exists…

  15. Toyota and Subaru are working together now. Subaru and Toyota just bought into each other and they are going to be working on cars together. To be honest we've had better luck with the new Impreza than almost any other car. Curious to see what they will come up with. You should do a video on it.

  16. I thought toyota and suzuki was joining forces again. Toyota are wanting suzuki new boosterjet engines and some technoligy and suzuki will get toyota hybrid tech. The suzuki ertiga will be released in england badged toyota with boosterjet engine. And also im sure suzuki are no longer giving volkswagen anymore tech and GMC/vauxhall will no longer be getting anything either as they cost suzuki alot of money in recalls.

  17. Hey scotty what do you think about the 6 speed transmission from gm, my tahoe 2018 is in shop with 12000 miles…theyre saying its the transmission…should i scrap it?

  18. The reason there are so many Russian crash videos is because over there you pretty much are required to have a dash cam installed and the weather there is a frozen wasteland. With so much volume of video there are lots of crash videos to choose from.

  19. Heh, once I saw a Russian TV piece on improving your driving skills. And they tip of the day was that when you are overtaking and notice that you're on a collision course… guess what – brake and merge back to your lane? think and look before you even start to overtake? Nooo…. they advice was to go even further left, find a clear path on the opposite roadside and try to brake before you hit the trees or whatever. I guess they really like to watch The Blues Brothers.

  20. Hi Scotty, do you know what brand of motorcycle Joshua (from the old testament) Bible rode? In the KJV in the book of Joshua, it says his triumph was heard throughout the land.

  21. Hey Scotty. My first car was an 89 Crown Vic. It was an amazing car. I loved it. My friends didn't want to ride with me at first but after I blew their doors off…. They loved riding with me. Most of the time. Crown Vics can get pretty good air time. 0:)

  22. Two of the most reliable car manufacturers, sounds good to me. At least it's not Toyota and BMW like the new Supra garbage.

  23. Oh like that Russian cam girl who decapitated herself on live stream, while driving cause she decided to dance and hang out the window.

  24. GM and Toyota had a joint effort in the 80's and 90's. As did Chrysler and Mitsubishi. Toyota and Subaru? Toyota and BMW? Ring any bells? Not so far fetched.

  25. If it is going to happen, it is better to have two excellent manufacturers getting together than having two lousy ones getting together.

  26. The grace and the peace be with you from The Lord your God our father and how many of you know about the good news repent and believe in the gospel because the kingdom of heaven is at nigh and you believe in him son Jesus?
    Mark 1:15 Matthew 10:7 Luke 10:9-11
    John 5:39 Acts 2:38-39

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