The Typical Car Salesman

The Typical Car Salesman

I don’t know, it just seems a bit pricey Honestly Tel, at this price? You’re basically stealing it Take the keys before I change my mind I just can’t really justify spending that much money on a car Tell you what – I like you Tel. You seem like a nice guy I’m going to chuck in a spare tyre for you Now get out of here before you get me fired And you can’t go any lower? I’ve got a family to feed. I’m practically losing money on it Don’t tell the boss I’m going to knock 500 off the top for you Mates rates We got a deal? Ahh… go on then You didn’t do mates rates again did you? He was just a really nice guy Oh my god Terry, what are we going to eat tonight?

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  1. Grants Whisky is about £16 a bottle. You can get a Tesco basics for £9. You, the Missus and the little fella could eat six loaves of bread with lovely jar of Reggae Reggae with the seven quid I just saved ya. No need to thank me. 😉

  2. This is so true even today. I have been in the business for 35 years and have not met many dishonest Salespeople but lots of dishonest Dealers and Manufacturers. This, luckily is not like it is anymore. Back in the day the dealers would only hire Alcoholics and poor old guys deeply in debt so that they could make them say this BS. There is a 6% margin on new cars and with all used cars on the internet these days about the same there too. Everything has to be written on the contract and signed by the Manager.

  3. This is why I sell insurance and not cars.I can choose when I work, I won't get fired, I get residuals so I set myself up for income that I won't have to work for in the future and All I have to do is work my ass until my 40s.Fuck selling cars.

  4. Great content! I really enjoyed this. There are a lot of people making sketches and comedy these days, so it's hard to be original, but your videos are genuinely funny and really refreshing. I've watched a few now, and I've subscribed to the channel. I hope to see more, you're clearly a fun group of people.

  5. I don't come to YouTube to get this level of quality! Seriously, this is a fantastic bit. Thanks for adding to my already bloated subscription list.

  6. Sad thing is this is actually true, my old land lord used to own car sales and he said they made shit on everything, the trade price/sale price difference is barely anything, same goes for fuel.

  7. its nothing wrong about the salesman, it is their job. It is the consumer that is always wrong. One solution to the consumer: make more money. It is not the salesman that has the negative stereotype. It is the poor consumer that gives them the stereotype. I pick my own customer and whether or not I want to sell to them.

  8. these videos are so funny! so refreshing to see good comedy skits instead of the horseshit I keep finding on Instagram. keep it up fellas!

  9. so what is bad being a car salesman. They are working in a profession as any other to make a living. Why would you feel bad that they make too much or too little. If you want cheap, then open your own dealer and buy a container of cars if you can afford to do so, if not, you have a price to pay just like anything else you buy. You have no respect for car salesman. so what if they make sever thousands or or tens of thousands of dollars?! Dealers have overhead and a business to run, you are just the consumer. If you have what it takes, try buying directly from the manufacturer to save money. I can say the same with you, why should you get paid at your workplace, you should just work for free for you boss.

  10. cheap car salesmen unloading cheap low cost cars at highest prices in history 1950 cars far superior quality materials only cost $200 new

  11. Sold cars before becoming a venture capitalist. Used to make 150k a year in my 20s selling. And I was making the least amount there compared to everyone else…. that career is completely overlooked..

  12. If companies lowered prices they'd make way more. I'd rather make $10000 from 100 people than 100 from 1. Quality quantity price novelty. Eventually it'll happen. They'll rake in bucks

  13. the bottle is from time ago when the money was flowing in, now its just a swig for the sale, aka terry not loosing his job today. Bottle sat there waiting for that big commision celebrations.

  14. I watched your video from the beginning to the end and then I watched it again. You really see the car salesman from a different perspective the second time once you know what happens at the end of the video.

  15. This is only true if you don’t build the value in the vehicle and the customers excited ! Then they won’t care about price 😬

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