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  1. Shirts and stickers are in stock and shipping now! https://www.grindhardplumbingco.com/
    Thank you all for being so patient on this build. Next episode will be out in the next couple weeks!

  2. neat to see you actually cad something up for this and not actually just measure and guess. I know its asked a lot but what is your background? engineering??

  3. I am trying to find pieces to build my own go kart but I don’t have no motor or have the screws and metal no world or can you send me a motor please

  4. I just watched this princess Jeep build…now I am a subscriber. I wish I had a shop to do what you guys doing….I had a few build projects in the past and always wanted take a power wheel to the next level.

  5. My son is  trying to build a power wheels Silverado.. can you tell me what rims and tires you used and provide a link to them? they look really awesome!!

  6. I really doubt the authenticity of that ad lmao, but I couldn’t care less because sponsor money means project money ??Here’s hoping others reach out to you. Keep up the rad work fellas!

  7. Awsome build guys! 😀 Was looking at the parts list and did not se the rims there. can i ask where you bought them ? 🙂 Keep up the good work!
    Best regards from Norway

  8. How much would u guys want for the blue prints for the frame and suspension I want to build one of these

  9. Dude I totally want to do this I've got one of these in my back porch that's been sitting there for years, wish you guys had like a schematic to the build so I can mimic it for reals this is sick

  10. I wouldn't know where to start from what it looks like to me this isn't your first build as I can see the pink Stang lol but I really want to do this seriously, I love it hahahahahahaha I can already see myself zooming down the street

  11. You should get better shocks and you’ll be blown away. Mtb shocks are beyond bang for buck. Been mtb for 24 years.

  12. Sorry if you have said it a million ties but what brand is that pipe bender? I checked your website but it didn't have it. Great builds!

  13. I’m going back to the beginning, it’s fascinating to see the development. You are too modest, give yourself more credit. Love your home, it’s my wife and my dream location.

  14. If you dislike this video, you are obviously on youtube purley to find someone or something to hate on. The ingenuity and creativity in this video is amazing! You guys are awesome!

  15. You guys are phenomenal. I have been collecting various power wheels for my kids then (I wanted to modify one) it was really fun. I came to YouTube to see if anybody has done any mods. Wow there is actually a huge community of people who have done this. Well there is actually a big market for these products. Have you ever thought about perusing this avenue of business?

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