The Urban Freeride Machine – Bike Check Fabio Wibmer 2017

The Urban Freeride Machine – Bike Check Fabio Wibmer 2017

Hey guys it’s me, Fabio and today I’ll talk a little bit about my urban freeride machine about the bike which I used in my urban freeride video in Salzburg and Vienna about my Specialized Stumpjumper A lot of people asked me to talk about the bike whi parts I’m riding which tire pressure whatever I think it’s now time to talk about it and tell you which parts I’m riding Let’s start with the frame It’s an Specialized Sworks Stumpjumper FSR carbon frame it’s basically a 29″ frame but I changed it to 27,5″ just because it’s more maneuverable escpecially for trials stuff feels more maneuverable, easier to jump and it just feels handier than with 29″ wheels The wheels are from hopetech build up with Hope Pro Evo 4 hubs and Hope rim super stable really cool setup escpecially when you you keep in mind how many stairs and jumps they had to do and these are the same rims that I used in the Salzburg Video then tires are the Continental Der Kaiser 27,5″ super awesome, very good grip and I ride both tires tubeless with continental sealent really good and I didn’t have one single flat tire during the Salzburg Video and during the Vienna video which speaks for itself I ride a pretty high tire pressure 3 – 3.5 bar because you just have to ride more pressure on all these stairs and I’m used to it because of my trials bike so it’s not a big deal for me when I ride trails I ride less pressure, about 2-2.2 bar but when I ride street I ride with about 3 bar and the funny thing is These tires are still the same tires which I used in the Salzburg Video so these are the first tires which have ever been on this bike I rode them in the Salzburg and Vienna video exactly That’s it from the wheels and tires Alright, next is suspension Let’s start with the damper It’s the Fox Factory Series Float damper Very sold, you can put air in it I think 300psi max ok 300 alright exactly You can put 300psi max in it I think I’m riding it around 300psi very stiff my rebound is very fast because you get a way better feedback from your rear end it just feels more livelier compared to a slow rebound compression is very firm so the suspension doesn’t go in too much In general it’s a very stiff setup I’m really used to it from trials biking and it’s cooler for street riding if you can put your bike where you want to have it In the front I’m riding the Fox Factory series 34 fork with kashima coat awesome fork 150mm travel perfect for urban freeride riding you need a good travel for urban freeride and 150mm is really good combination brakes are as usual the magura mt7 raceline brakes I’m still riding the “normal” levers but I’ll replace them with the new HC3 levers soon jsut because they are really cool to adjust you can’t really adjust these ones but they are still comfortable 203mm rotors super good braking power I’m not used to anything other from amgura really happy with them I’m riding hope cranks and hope bottom bracket I really really like the look they have a length of 170mm very solid and I never had any problems with them on the bike Pedals are the Crankbrothers Stamp pedals in Large really awesome because they are a little bit bigger escpecially for me. I’m tall so it’s great to have enough space on the pedals The cahinguide is from BPP really cool and I like the camouflage design It’s slightly too big because I order the wrong size but the cahinguede does it’s job it’s not a big deal on the enduro and yeah I like it Stem is also from hopetech it has a length of 35mm and a rise of 0 degree so the bike feels a little bit shorter and it’s easier to get the front wheel up and for me it feels a little bit more like a trials bike boah, it nearly stood by itself it feels a little bit like a trials bike which I really like for urban freeride video projects specialized alloy handlebar with a rise of 27mm and a width of 750mm feels really comfortable Specialized Sip grips really cool I think these are the women grips I really like them as they are thin Headset is also from Hope very solid never had any problems highly recommended Next is the drivetrain It’s the Sram Eagle in lovely gold which I think looks super nice 12 speed and yeah it does what a drivetrain is supposed to do Next is the seatpost and seat It’s the Highline dropper seat post from Crankbrothers infinitely variable which is very comfortable seat is from Specialized exactly. what else? seat clamp is also from Hope in purple to match the rest of the bike the colour and design of the bike – Because alot fo people wanted to know where they can get it It’s a limited edition and I think it was available for a very short time in america I really like it. It’s something different. pretty fresh especially in combination with the yellow brakes and the eagle looks definitely cool It think that’s it from the bike check I really hope you had fun watching it and the video hopefully showed all my parts which I’m riding By the way! Thursday at 5pm (CET) Wathc out for Thursday! it’s going to be awesome new episode of Sick Series and I promise you I’ll be the best episode ever Sick series #21 on Thursday 5pm (CET) it’s going to be awesome! and yeah thanks for watching hope you like it until next time ciao, bye suspension the suspension is f*@k off exactly are you kidding me

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  1. You guys asked for it and it's finally online! 😀
    Check out my Specialized Sworks Stumpjumper which I used in my urban freeride videos!
    PS: English subtitles available

  2. Немчина! Вот Васьки видите как вы могли бы жить? Идите бухайте

  3. hello Fabio am your number one fan of b
    newbies free rider am ask questions to you what the specs of you'r star jumper please answer may question thank you!!

  4. Meinst du ob es gehen würde wenn ich von 120mm auf 150mm aufrüste im Gegensatz von 27,5 auf 26 Zoll Laufräder gehe?
    Danke im Voraus

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  7. Wieviel würde so das ganze Bike kosten..?! xD

    Oder noch eine Frage…Gibt es einen MTB/Trial Bike Shop der einen sein eigenes Bike zusammen stellen lässt…? Danke…

  8. Hey
    Machen bike Videos sind zwar nicht die besten aber auch nicht schlecht :)!
    Geben uns echt viel Mühe und haben deswegen auch nicht viele Klicks ;(
    Würd uns freuen wenn du einfach nur mal auf unseren Kanal gehst und ein Abo dalasst :)!!

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