The Woodstock Bus

The Woodstock Bus

(guitar music) – So, our idea is, we could find that original symbol-covered hippie bus, and restore it for the 50th
anniversary of Woodstock. – The bus itself, you take a look at the various stories within it. It says, we are one people. – That’s a hippie manifesto if there ever was one. – You not okay with that word?
– No! No, because we weren’t hippies! – The hippies who owned it
and took it up to Woodstock, they can’t remember what they did with it. – I never thought that this
bus would become famous. Never!
– Yeah. And Bob can’t even remember
where he put the bus. – And it’s just a part of our lives. It’s how we got around. It’s how we went to the grocery store. You’re asking me if I was thinking, oh, this is high art. – Yeah!
– No. – It was just your car. – Your old car.
– That’s correct. It was the old car. – Let’s be honest, something from 1963 is probably gonna be rotted, rusted. – The bus, which is called
Woodstock Bus, was kind of, well, it fell apart. – [Man] So, this is the
last known photograph of the bus. The photograph says April ’72. – Back in ’72 you could just ditch a car on the side of the road. – Does the Woodstock
Bus still exist intact? – [Man In Plaid Shirt]
This is what I think happened to the bus! I think it ended up getting smashed. – We’re running out of time, we’re running out of money, so we have to make some
decisions right now. – [Man] People we meet are quite confident that the bus probably exists somewhere. Lost historic objects are usually found within 100 miles of
where they’re last seen. – [Woman] That makes complete sense. – We’re looking for a bus
that’s covered in symbols, which is itself symbolic of a music event, which is symbolic of a generation. So, we’re in deep with so many layers. Dr. Bob believes that by restoring the bus and its symbols, it can
put us back on the path towards the age of peace
and love, the new age. – So, the Woodstock Bus
really becomes a metaphor for looking for our soul. – You’re gonna find that bus,
and you’re gonna resurrect something that deserves to be resurrected. (light music)

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Looking forward to this!!

  2. Looking forward to this doc coming out. I so want to convert an old type 2 microbus or vanagon to electric. Would obviously have to paint it like this.

  3. "Back in 72 you could just ditch a car on the side of the road!" ๐Ÿ˜‚ – Looking forward to finding the light and more of Dr. Bob!

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