The Worst Car Products on Amazon

The Worst Car Products on Amazon

rev up your engines, today I’m taking a little
different slant, today I’m showing you some of the products that I tried out
that failed miserably, and I wouldn’t tell anybody to buy them, because yes I have
a lot of junk in my garage, and to tell you
the truth, some of this new stuff that people sent me is exactly that junk, and
the first one is this f1z power launcher look at this thing, the theory
behind this power launcher f1z is it spins and creates turbulent air, you’re
supposed to put it inside your air duct where the air goes into the engine, and
then as the air is sucked in it’s supposed to spin it around, and make it work
better and put more air and make your engine faster, well this thing is total
nonsense, all it’s basically doing is creating a little bit of the restriction
to the air going to the your engine, if anything it’ll make you car run worse
not better yes turbochargers and superchargers that
ram more air into the engine, they do work for power, they have an external
source of power, the turbochargers use your exhaust gas to spin it, and the
superchargers use a fan belt on your engine that spins the supercharger that
compresses the air and then throws it into the engine, so stay away from the
f1z, it’s just a scam don’t waste your money,
I’ve seen people waste their money on it won’t waste yours,
now the next thing not to waste your money on, is the BT master battery
voltage monitor tester, it’s supposed to test your battery, your cranking system
for the starter, and the alternator but it’s got numerous problems, the biggest
one is, the app was this thing called BT master app, I couldn’t even get the phone
to communicate with it, and I got an s9 it’s a pretty good phone, I also have
three or four others I tried them all and none of them would even upload the app
so it would interface with the device itself, now since I couldn’t even get the
app to work, it was some kind of crazy generic
app, I went to Amazon and saw their reviews,
and the weird thing was, there were 10 reviews nine of them were saying how
great it, was but one said, one star don’t believe the lies,
and the other 9 they all praised it and said how great it was but they are all
written between two days in January this year, it’s kind of obvious that they were
just seeding it with their own reviews and unfortunately I see that all the
time, especially with devices that require an app now, to show you the
difference, these are both supposed to do the same thing battery charging system
analyzers, this foxwell hey it’s a self-enclosed unit, it goes on the
battery as you can see, it’s got pretty thick wires, look how cheesy the wires are
on this other one, but the main thing is this is a standalone device, you hook it up and
it checks your battery and charging system
this thing it looks up and has this little unit inside, but then there’s an
app that’s supposed to go back and forth on your phone in order to do the
analysis, why on earth would you make a device that’s contained here and then
you have to beam it with an app to your phone, and hope that the thing works, it’s
just stupid, you would make a standalone device that does it all itself like the
Foxwell, why would you want to make something like this very cheaply made as
you can tell, the wires are thinner, it’s got cheap construction to
it, and then you have an app that’s some kind of generic app that’s used by
testers to run their equipment, I see these apps not work all the time, in this
case the saying, you get what you pay for, it’s totally true, now this may only be
39.95 but it didn’t even work, where the Foxwell
is generally 130 dollars or so, it works fantastic, there are times when if
you want something that actually works, you pay the price of a quality tool and
you get it, don’t just think you’re gonna get quality like this machine has that’s
gonna check batteries and charging systems, but you’re gonna be able to get
it for like one quarter of the price of one that actually works, and that’s the
main reason I’m showing this on my video, because I literally have scores of
devices like this, that are made in China, that have an app
the app doesn’t work, or it does once in a while, sometimes not others, and then
when you do get the app to work and you try the device, and compare it to one
like the Foxwell that I know works quite well, and they get completely
different data, they often give false data, so in the case of this BT battery
monitor, believe the one bad review that said don’t believe all this hype, now I’ve
talked about these devices before that don’t work, this is the X Y 4 plus key
finder, supposed to put it on your keys, your phone has an app, well it was an
absolute pile of junk, I bought it through Amazon and I
complained later on last year, and now I look at on Amazon they don’t even sell
the XY 4 plus anymore, because they realize that it was a scam and they took
it off their site, so when it comes to buying tech items these days especially
newer ones, don’t believe hype that people are going to say, whether it’s
advertising or one of the 10 best tools of 2018, whatever nonsense people are
throw it out to them, find somebody like me who’s tried them out
or read serious reviews about it before you’re throwing
your money out, because unfortunately there’s a lot of junk out there on the
Internet now the next thing not to buy is this
zeta atomic metal conditioner, it’s supposed to revitalize your engine while
you drive, now snake oil salesmen have been around probably for centuries, but
this one takes it to an extreme, listen to what it claims it does, restores
worn engine metals, compensates the ongoing where parts, provides parts
protection again loads, reduces noise improves lubricating properties of oil,
increases the engine life service span reduces fuel consumption, increases
engine power and acceleration, now is that too good to be true, well yeah of course
it is, I contacted the company and said hey give me some scientific evidence
that this stuff works, real scientists that I can talk to or email back and
forth and check their credentials to make sure they real, and guess what, I never
heard from them again years ago I did he have a company that
was selling some of the snake oil and they actually gave me this University
professor his email and his phone number so I got ahold of the guy,
and he said, I don’t know where those guys got my name
from, but I would never back up some snake-oil thing like that, I’m a
scientist, I’m a university professor, I’d lose my job if I was found selling snake
oil and there’s no proof that it helps your car, so I told
that to the company and guess what I never heard from them again either, now
years ago there were some products out there,
I’m talking about the 1970s 60s, you put the additive in and it had metal in it,
and the metal would bond onto worn piston rings and stuff, and it actually
did that to some extent, but you’d never want to do that in a modern engine, they
got variable valve timing, they have all kinds of trick things with small little
holes in them, and if you get metal building up in those holes, they could
clog up your engine and blow the whole thing, so believe me stay away from these
miracle snake oil additives that are going to rebuild your engine, you’re
taking a chance you have no idea what’s inside these things, and in many cases
these things can be 20,30,40 dollars a bottle, it’s just a scam, now since this
is mechanic Monday, I’m gonna be giving a product away, but I am NOT evil, I’m not
gonna give away one of these snake oil additives or products that don’t work,
I’m giving away the one hundred and forty dollar Foxwell battery analyzer
that’s a good tool, to have a chance to win just place the non-offensive comment
on the youtube comments below, and a winner will be chosen randomly by
computer to win an actual battery and charging system analyzer that works, so
if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell!

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  1. You're doing a great service for the automotive industry Scotty. Thanks for your comical but honest reviews!

  2. would that power analyzer help me figure out why my coil packs die twice a year regardless of what brand i use? xD is it because i got the strongest battery i could find for my oldsmobile?

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  10. Hey Scotty I really want to get into fixing cars and becoming a mechanic That scanner would really help me and come in handy I would really like to have it

  11. Foxwell giveaway

    I agree that scams/snake oil salespeople should be avoided in all areas of life, including things for your cars health!

  12. I thought even you endorsed one of those bluetooth OBDII devices. Seems like some of them are legitimately useful.

  13. Never go with the star rating 10 times out of 10 it the company its righting the review they even get people to say a hole lot of stuff just to get yous to bye them so never believe whot they right its BULLSHIT and they get away with it because no body investigates it

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  17. All that spinning thing in the air intake will do is obstruct the air flow. Common sense will tell you that. The scam with the E3 spark plugs or split fire plugs is hilarious also and a waste of money. The spark will jump to the path of least resistance so a good quality single gap plug will work as well or probably better than something with mulitple sparks with less energy per spark for a total energy spark just like a single gap plug. It looks impressive to someone that knows nothing about electricity I suppose but it's a scam.

  18. I hope you only bought that crappy stuff for the video. But now I wonder…because that's a lot of crappy stuff.

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