The Worst Cars Toyota Ever Made

The Worst Cars Toyota Ever Made

rev up your engines, today to set
things straight, I’m gonna talk about the biggest vehicle mistakes that Toyota has
made, I see a lot of naysayers say, Oh Scotty he’s just paid for by Toyota and
says how great their cars are, hey I’ve been working on cars for 51 years, I’m not
talking through my hat, there’s a lot of guys out there talking about stuff, what
experience do they have, they don’t know squat, yes Toyota makes great cars, but
like anybody else they’ve made mistakes too,
the first mistake I’m talking about is the 85 Toyota Camry diesel, yes believe
it or not they did make a diesel Camry they didn’t sell that many of them the
United States, and it’s a good thing they didn’t, it was a turbo diesel and it had
no power at all, and the engines were weak, the things broke all the time, the
customers and I had back in the day that had them, they hated them, they said oh man
this is one of the worst cars I ever had what’s going on with Toyota, that’s back
in 85 Toyota was trying to build up their reputation, they took that off the market
reasonably quickly, they didn’t want to be known as not having good cars, it
really wasn’t in style with the idea of the Camry anyway, a standard transmission
slow diesel engine, that’s not what the Camry is about, look at them now they’re
luxury cars, they ride like dreams, so that was really an extinct line like the
dinosaurs, that line of Camry just went and they gave up with that, at least in the
United States, now here in the United States,
Toyota’s pretty much stayed away from diesels and they’ve said recently that
they’re gonna be phasing out diesel production worldwide anyways, a lot of
companies are because they pollute a lot so Toyota didn’t even make these diesel
engines they were putting in the camrys it was a mistake to make them in the
first place and at least they figured that out and stopped selling them in the
United States pretty quickly now the next biggest mistake car
Toyota ever made was the 1997 Cavalier thank goodness it was only sold in Japan
and not in the United States, because they were just rebadged Chevy Cavaliers
that were sold in Japan, GM and Toyota had some deals going on back then, you
remember the Chevy Nova well that was really a Toyota Corolla in disguise, they
did all kinds of weird stuff, but they hardly sold any of these cavaliers in
Japan, called them cavaliers put a Toyota marque line on them and there were just
chevy cavaliers made the United States, I guess they were planning on starting to
sell GM Cavaliers in Japan and thought oh this would be a good idea, but I guess
the Japanese were too smart for that one and whoever did buy and probably said, hey
these cars are pretty crummy we don’t want to
buy these things and they hardly sold any of them, now the next mistake as far as
I’m concerned that Toyota made, was the Toyota Tercel they were somewhat
reliable cars when they first came out, but then they put bad valve seals, they
burn oil, and as they evolved for a few years put in these insane side draft
motorcycle style carburetors that were always breaking down on the thing, the
Tercels had such a bad rap that mechanics like myself and friends of
mine called them Toyota turd cells, and really if you’re going for that range of
a car, pay a little bit more and you would have
gotten a Toyota Corolla that would run forever, not burn any oil, that was just a
mistake that they made and they ran it a while and they sold quite a few of them
but in my opinion they were a mistake they weren’t that great cars, they road
crappy and since they did burn oil and that horrible carburation on them for
years don’t ever think about buy one of
those, unless you’re a fan of oddball cars and you want to collect them, now the
next failures for Toyota is Scions, they
decided to make a line of cars calling them Scions, having only four-cylinder
engines, and selling them to the youth market, Scions in the United States went
from 2002 to 2016 and then they gave up with the idea, now this is an odd mistake
as far as I’m concerned because the Scions themselves were pretty good cars
they were all four-cylinders, you little puddle jumpers, you get ones that were pretty
zippy that were based on Lexus engines and chassis, but just the idea of not
calling them Toyota’s, what was Toyota thinking, they had to make scion
dealerships and create all that paperwork and stuff, they were still
Toyota’s they just decided to call them Scions, but to me boy that’s a waste of an
awful lot of money, just in the bureaucracy behind a thing, selling Lexus
Toyotas, that was a smart move because that was a high-end car, I guess in that aspect
Toyota got too caught up and marketing, some of these focus groups must have
given them really bad ideas to branch off, I mean they’re still making the same
basic types of cars, they’re fine cars, all my customers with scions are totally
happy with them, whether they got the slower ones, or got the really fast ones
they were happy with them, but the whole idea of making it another branch and
calling it Scion, it’s kind of stupid if you think
about it, now the last Toyota mistake I’m gonna talk about is, Toyota and making of
sports cars, now Toyota was never really a big sports car company, my Celica it’s
not a sports car, it’s a Toyota Corolla with a different body, with a sportier
body on them, you know it’s not a sports car by any stretch of the imagination
now Toyota’s first big sports car was a 2000 GT made from 67 to 70, but I believe
I only made 351 of these things, and guess what it didn’t even have a Toyota
engine, it had a Yamaha engine in it, that’s something that Toyota has often done
with their sports cars, the only real sports car that they made and mass-produced
and sold in the United States, were the Supras
that had an inline 6-cylinder engine, but that engine was made by
Toyota, it was an inline 6 that Toyota made, it wasn’t made by anybody else, now
in an attempt to make the Celicas more of a
sports car, after mine they made the 2zz ge engine, and put them in the Celicas
and again this was a Yamaha designed engine, it could be a pretty zippy car
with a six-speed standard transmission in it, but it only went fast at very high
rpms, it had a special VVT system that kicked in at really high rpms, but there
was a problem with that zooming, and the problem is, it only had good acceleration
at really high rpms, but it had a weak oil pump system, and when you’re going on
high rpms a lot of times they would cavitate, then the pump would suck air
and that engine going at those high rpms, when it lost the oil pressure
goodbye engine, every single customer mine with one of those was on their
second or third engine by the time I gotten to them used, it wasn’t well
designed, now the engine itself was an interesting fast design, there’s guys
that changed things, put in bigger oil pans and heavier duty or oil pumps, and
they could counteract the problems that they had, but really they weren’t made that
way in the first place so it was a mistake, and as far as I’m concerned
that’s what ended the celica reign, they made them for a long time, but then they
stopped making them, people have a bad taste if the engine blows up in the car
especially when you’re talking about a Toyota that are known for reliability
they last forever and don’t break down, when the engines were blowing up, now in the
past few years Toyota has come up with another sports car, they call it the
Toyota 86, but really it’s not even a Toyota, it’s made by Subaru in the same plant
that Subaru makes their cars in, it’s just a rebadged Subaru, so you can’t even
call it a Toyota really, even though they do, and this year they just came out with
the new Supra, well the new Supra is even stranger, it’s pretty much a BMW roadster
I mean they’ve got the BMW engines, the BMW transmissions, again Toyota is not
really a sports car company, so now I guess they’re deciding, well we’ll just
use other people’s sports cars and then call them Toyota’s and sell them to
people, I mean if I was Toyota I’d be happy selling millions of cars to people
all around the world, who are happy with the way they run and what they do, and not
even get involved in the sports car companies, kind of a stupid thing it’s
not even your car it’s a BMW, now maybe it’ll be a good car, I don’t know they just
came out with them, but it’s not really a Toyota, they make great strong designs
over the years that lasted forever with little maintenance, why on earth would
they want to be using other manufacturers stuff in cars that they’re
calling Toyota, it’s sort of like my own business, I worked by myself fixing my
customers cars, hey I know a lot of bad mechanics that they say they
can fix anything, the customers come in and they drop the
car off, then they drive the car across town to their friend’s place where they
have the engine rebuilt, they pay him a couple grand then they charged the
customer four or five thousand dollars, you know it’s not the right thing to do
so if you’re listening Toyota, give up on a sports car nonsense and go back to
building reliable comfortable cars for everybody in the world to drive, so they
don’t have to worry about oh my car’s not gonna start, you know it’s gonna
start and it’s gonna last for decades, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. In my 2003 Toyota Camry LE, I have drum brakes. Can I get the rear axle with disc brakes from a wrecked Camry and bolt it up to my Camry. In the model years of mine of course.

  3. Wasn't the MR2 a Toyota sports car? Or did they use another manufacturer to design and produce the engine too?

  4. LOL, the Nova was always known as a real piece of junk and it was made by Toyota? So why is Toyota held in such high regard?

  5. Toyota needs to stop rebadging their products. A Toy is a Toy. We depend on them to be dependable. I would be really disgusted to buy a Toy that was really a Beamer, or Chevy. If they want to buy out the factory refit it for Toys I have no problem with that as long as it'''s really puttin out Toyotas.Thanks Scotty for the heads up and research you do.

  6. You know about cars but you talk like you don't know who won the superbowl last year and you need another hit…Is that what the camera is switching around for? Take a breath and go drive a chevy…No one cares lol

  7. I’ve driven a 96, and an 01 carolla a few thousand miles. I drove an 08 and the transmission didn’t feel as smooth and felt jerky as a passenger.

  8. Land Cruiser Prado with 3.0 d4d crap diesel engines…. sound like vacuum cleaners, underpowered, and can fail as early as 30000 miles…

  9. Wait isn’t that a Chevy Cavalier…..??? The second one and I had one and it lasted 8 years strong before someone hit the car and totaled it

  10. The 86 was originally in Japan a suppedup rear wheel drive Corolla called AE86.. The original supra is a good car.

  11. Jan, 2016, I got my wife a 2015 Scion XB, that looks like a shoe box, when Toyota was phasing out the Scion brand, sort of. My wife loves it. It has great acceleration off the line and even in the higher gears along with descent gas mileage. I like it too but am a bit puzzled by the 3 speed automatic transmission that is also a 4 speed automatic transmission. I get the idea of the 3 speed for city driving and a 4 speed for highway driving, and it gets better mileage on the road in 4th than in 3rd. I get the feeling it’s for people to be able to downshift in (3-2-1) to slow down as if it’s a manual transmission. My wife who can’t drive a manual transmission car doesn’t use it to downshift and neither do I, as brakes are cheaper to fix than a automatic transmission.

    As for Toyota phasing out Scion, they stop selling XBs but with a lot of other Scion models, all that happened for 2016-2017, was they changed the emblems from Scion to Toyota – as far as I could tell, same car, different name.

  12. I have an idea for a Toyota sports car. Take a Corolla frame and give it a celica body kit and the 3.5 V6 that they have been making for years with a manual transmission. If they want an automatic transmission option use the 6 speed but have it manually shift with paddle shifters which would not be hard to do. There, all reliable parts and a v6 in a Corolla sized car would be pretty fast. If they want a more muscle car, try a Lexus V8 in a Solaris.

  13. Toyota gazoo is currently the most successful race team. Car companies have always collaborated for engines etc. Porsche panamera anyone

  14. My tercel is a 93 fuel injection system. I had the motor repaired and got a new radiator and new battery. Its running new and cold. i always take care of my cars. sooo in my case Tercel is working perfectly

  15. at this point ill just wait for toyota to work with gm to bring back the mr2 lol. imagine if they did tho, v8 mr2

  16. So now I understand why nearly all the 1999-2006 Celicas on the market are the 143 hp 1ZZ-FE engine and the 192 hp 2ZZ-GE engine ones are super rare and only in seriously tuned cars.

  17. I had a brand new 86 Chevy Novarolla. One of the finest cars I ever owned. Drove her over 349,000 before she quit!

  18. I agree with you scotty with the Scion. I have my scion xb and I believe they stop making the xb. What a mistake! It is such a good everyday vehicle and i would buy another one if it dies on me. Im hitting 150k in 8 years and STILL no major work done. Simply changing my fluids on time and rotating my tires. I love my 🚙. Thanks for the videos sir!!

  19. Never owned Japanese car before only American. Never had much serious problem before only minor challenge no different than any other brands

  20. 5:03 This grandpa forgot about:
    MR2 GTS
    Celica All Trac
    Celica GT-Four
    Supra Mark3 Twin Turbo
    MR2 Supercharged
    …and all those great rotary swappable chassis like the '83+ Corolla, Corolla Wagons, '83 Starlet, '86 Corolla/AE86/Hashiroko…
    Yeah, apparently these are not sport cars!… 🤔

  21. 2:08 that Chevy Nova is not even in disguise, it's hilarious how identical it is to the Corolla shown below.

    Cavaliers we're OK rental cars. Nothing special.

  22. Even though he's bad mouthing Toyota, in the same breath, he's still the best salesman for them over here in the US, lol. This guy's a classic!

  23. I heard the whole Scion branding was due to Toyotas being thought of as an old person brand. As kid growing up in the 90's & starting to drive in the mid 00's , I always thought of Toyota as the old people brand personally, almost like a reliable Japanese Buick. Hondas were known to be modded & supped up with their Civics, Preludes, CRXs & Integras (its a Honda). Even Mitsubishi had their Eclipse & Lancers. At that time Mazda still had their RX series, though they were a little too expensive for the younger generation. Nissan had their fabled Skyline in Japan. The only thing Toyota used to have with the Supra. During the 90's & 00's the Corolla was looked down on.

  24. Toyota doesn't make good sports cars? What about the Lexus LFA?  It's Toyota with a V-10. It was Super $$$, but it was fast and highly praised.

  25. I bought a 98 Tacoma new….biggest piece of junk ever……bad spark plug wires…broken leaf spring…..bad universal……one day driving down the road the freakin bumper fell off….after 8 yrs the box frame totally rotted out……The thing was nothing but a rust bucket ….total junk.

  26. Yamaha engine worked great for ford in the SHO Taurus with the 5 speed it was a hoot. Ive never heard of one of those blowing up.

  27. "I'm not paid by Toyota. To prove it, I'm going to talk about Toyota's mistakes. In the mid 80s, they made a diesel Camry with a standard engine which nobody bought. That's not what Camrys are about. Look at them now. They're luxury cars. They ride like dreams. 1:13 But I promise Toyota doesn't pay me anything."

  28. Hi Scotty, in Europe the Toyota Aygo seems to have a lot of problems, for example with the waterpumps. Do you know if the Aygo is a rebadged Citroen C1 or Peugeot 107? I guess these are probably not sold in the US.

  29. Come on, Scotty. While the older carbureted Tercels had problems, the 90s Tercels were pretty bulletproof.
    Also, the 2ZZGE engine WAS NOT built by Yamaha. It was a Toyota engine with a Yamaha tuned cylinder head.

  30. I am a Camry owner, I rather own a reliable car then drive a car because of the social status given to it or purchase one because it's the newest hottest look. Thanks for your information wanted to purchase an electric car or hybrid due to the environment but will wait for the prices to go down and Gail to be improved. I love were we experience harsh winter and on electric cars this is a power drain. Once again thanks Scotty

  31. Hey Scotty, this guy drives to work in his 1988 Chevy Nova and all around town. As you know, under the hood is the Toyota logo all over it. The only thing Chevy about it is the Chevy bow-tie.

  32. Hi Scotty, you didn't mention the MR2 in your Toyota sports car review, why? Thanks for all your fantastic and entertaining videos. Your insight is greatly appreciated!!!

  33. The Cavalier / Sunfire cars were a Daewoo vehicle, Daewoo eventually became GM Korea around 2002.
    Remember the Toyota Matrix/ Pontiac Vibe?
    Same idea for Toyota / Cavalier….
    Daewoo had been making complete cars, and car bodies/ knock down kit bodies for GM since the 1960's

  34. I saw your mention of the Toyota 86 made by Subaru. I’ve been a Toyota owner for many years. I bought my first Subaru, a 2019 Legacy. He didn’t trash Subaru with that. Just wondering if he has any opinions on them.

  35. I drove a Toyota Celica "96 (apprx) When it was good it was really good. But, when the seals started leaking it smoke, overheated the radiator, etc. o_o ^_^ #?$!

  36. I actually inherited a Chevy Nova from '87! It was a great car but nobody knew they were actually a Corolla. It had a black bumper…it would be in about '90 they started covering the rear bumper so it wouldn't look so ugly. I definitely remember the Supra…it was very sporty

  37. @scottykilmer I’m between a 2005-2007 corolla , similar gen Camry and a grand marquis or towncar. All have great reliability but I’m leaning towards the panther because I want a really safe car. What can you advise me

  38. I hate it when Americans say that Diesels pollute a lot … while driveling. 5.7 Hemis . 6.2 Cummins .
    Dudes , ever tried a 2.0 Diesel?

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