The Worst Thing that Can Happen to Your Car While Driving, Blown Radiator Hose Repair

The Worst Thing that Can Happen to Your Car While Driving, Blown Radiator Hose Repair

Rev up your engines,
today I’m going to show you how never to be stranded by a broken radiator hose again,
now radiator hoses, over time their made out of rubber, they’ll crack, they get old and
they just wear out, some of it’s from the heat of the engine,
some of it is from the electrical chemical reactions of the coolant and it spinning inside
the car, there’s all kinds of things out there ready to destroy your radiator hoses over
time, and that bad part for most people is that often the cracking starts on the inside
and works to the outside, so they look ok on the outside but the inside
is actually going out, so it might look perfectly fine to you but
their falling apart inside, kind of like the hardening of arteries in humans,
so with this kit you never have to worry if you get a hole and a hose start to leak on
the road you can fix it yourself in a flash, as you can see here the kit has various sizes
for various hoses, so let’s say you get a leak on the road on one of those big hoses,
all you have to do is go to the leaking area, have a knife like this to cut it open, and
the tip here is to get a knife like this, I got this on ebay for like $5, these blades
are really good for cutting through rubber, it will cut right through and you won’t get
stuck, so you cut through the leaking section, then
you get the kit out, and see which one fits inside best, you can cut away the rotten part,
then in it goes, then get the clamp, clamp it down, get it nice and tight and as you
can see here, the splice has ridges so you want to clamp to go over the ridge parts inside
the hose, that way it will never slip off, that’s what
the barb parts are for it holds it permanent, this isn’t some duct tape it over fix that’s
going to fall off, it’s a pretty permanent fix when you get this splice on,
then you get the second clamp put it over, and then put the other end of the hose back
on there, then put that clamp back over here where the ridges are and tighten it down,
and there you have it a nice solid patch that can last a really long time,
now if you’re prepared like me and have a gallon of antifreeze in the trunk, you just
pour it right back in, but let’s say you’re in an emergency situation and the only thing
you can get your hands on is water to put it back in,
well in the short run water isn’t going to hurt anything over thousands and thousands
of miles pure water in your cooling system can cause problems like corrosion, but just
putting it in to drive around in isn’t going to hurt anything if it’s really cold outside
yeah the stuff will freeze if you turn the engine off, but if you fill it up and keep
driving it, it can’t freeze until you shut it off and if you do this when it’s really
cold outside, hey at least you got it fixed and you can drive it somewhere,
and then when you shut it off you can just drain it out and put some antifreeze back
in, now once you got the coolant and the clamps tight of course you want to start it up and
check for leaks, because like my father taught me when I was a young mechanic in the 1960’s,
don’t assume that a system only has one leak, it might have a bunch of leaks, just because
you found one don’t think it’s the only one, recheck the work once you’ve fixed the one
that you found, now as you can see it’s a nice solid fix it’s
not leaking, and my advice, let it run 5-10 minutes then look under it and make sure there’s
nothing else dripping, it there’s nothing else dripping down then you found all the
leaks and fixed them, now these splice kits can be very hand with
some modern cars, because some of the modern cars now have radiator hoses that, one hose
is actually about 5 or 6 different ones all molded together, so if a little section breaks,
you have to spend a fortune buying all the whole assembly and taking half the car apart
to get the pieces to fit in, in this case if one little part is bad, you can splice
that part that’s leaking and not have to go through the hassle of taking everything apart
to replace that giant assembly, and since this is mechanic monday, I’m giving away one
of these emergency hose repair kits, to have a chance to win just place a clean non offensive
comment on the YouTube comments below and the winner will be chosen randomly by computer
to win a little safety kit so you never get stranded by a blown radiator hose again,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  1. 0:42 You showed a pic of the United States splitting apart along the Mississippi River, also the New Madrid Fault. So, take note Memphis, St. Louis, and Evansville about the big one (next earthquake)!

  2. Scotty I have a 1997 Cadillac Sedan Deville, it's a project car to me. What experiences have you had dealing with the 32 valve dual overhead cam Northstar Engines?
    Respectfully yours
    William Herrmann of Louisville Kentucky

  3. I had the same problem one day a coolant hose just broke… if I had this kit I would have fixed it in 10 minutes, but I got stranded for few hours …

  4. I don't think Scotty that radiator trick is fantastic never knew they had one thank you for telling me about that it's great

  5. Hey Scotty what do you think of a 2001 Subaru Forester with 180,000 miles for $4000? Is it a good deal? Are the older Forester pretty reliable?

  6. I've had to deal with antifreeze problems 7 times over last summer because air bubbles, not checking clamps, gasket issues, more bubbles

  7. Ironicly this video was made a couple days after that happened to me. Luck had it I broke next to a hole in the wall mechanic but next time I will be prepared. Thanks scotty.

  8. Vaccum hose being broke would leave you stranded.

    My vaccum hose on my 1997 Pontiac Grand AM broke in my yard in years ago.

    Went to autozone bought 3ft of hose. Cut off what I needed and put it on. Then someone else squeezed it on even tighter.

    Instead of being towed and paying $60 or more for the repair

  9. Dear Scotty Kilmer my 2010 GMC Terrain has been running rich and idled bad do you have any ideas of where to start looking ? Thank you Scotty

  10. Hey scotty thanks a bunch your mechanic knowledge has gaven me a lot of great pointers to get me in the right direction, you deserve likes on al your video. I'd say your the only mechanic I would subscribe to!

  11. I talked to a friend who makes a decent living cruising the freeways here in California, in his late model F150. It is loaded with a few batteries, cables, wire, tools, flat fix, jacks, tires, battery less car jump thingamabobs, wipers, clamps, hoses, coolant, water, oil, snow chains (if he's working what he calls the "snow detail"), etc., etc. He pulls up behind people stranded and offers his help, for a fee of course.

    He said on the older cars blown or leaking hoses is one of his most common repairs. Second most common is people's bald tire(s) failing.

    P.S. Depending on how the car looks and the driver presents, that determines if he insists on cash, or will swipe your debit/credit card in one of those thingies called "Square" or something like that attaches to his Verizon phone.

    Vignette: When I used a friend's father's car to speed down to a San Jose Hospital to see my ailing dad (who passed about an hour after I arrived at the hospital) of all times to get a flat, I did. As I was putting on the spare I saw one of those pickup trucks parked on the side of the road, about 100 yards back. When he saw I had it handled he drove off. 🙂

  12. What's also a pain is overpriced hose assembly that comes with stupid plastic quick connects on the end… like a radiator hose clamp isn't good enough!

  13. Тhat happened to me twice in my old Renault. Luckily both times was in downtown so first time a mate of mine helped me fix it and then I proceeded to my 180 mile trip with no probs. The next time I was like a mile away from my mechanic so I drove the car there.

  14. Cool idea. Here is how I avoid all the mess. I replace all hoses every 30k miles when changing the coolant. That includes all vacuum lines too. Preventative maintenance is the key!

  15. Cool, but I'd stop short of calling it a "permanent solution" as that's not the only spot that is likely to leak. Clearly, you won't want more than one of these "fixes" in your cooling system.

  16. Ok, I like this one…I will look for one….I never had a busted hose (I buy my cars used and change them after that) but have fixed other people's….add it to the trunk!

  17. Maybe we should just keep an extra car in the trunk, a Smart Car might fit. Love your vids, they make my day. Thanks Scotty!

  18. scotty , my tacoma radiator hose looks like your celicas. i had a tiny leak and moved the hose on more and snapped the same clamp spring back on,,,,, good as new hahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. But scotty , isn't it better to usually replace the hose and even all hoses at that time, if they're leaking and thus olde? esp if soft?

  20. Just replaced a top radiator hose in my 2000 Grand Cherokee 4.0 for the 2nd time in a little over a year. What’s up with that?

  21. Hey Scotty my girlfriend car radiator blow up while driving home one day I replace it and the car not starting do yuh what could be wrong

  22. The worst thing that can happen while driving is your exhaust pipe breaks…happened to me..had to replace the pipe and exhaust manifold just to make sure that never happens again

  23. I like the splice connectors for radiator hoses. That's a great idea. Isn't there some type of spray that protects radiator hoses?

  24. Scotty, got a question for you as I respect your viewpoint.
    Ok 2005 Acura tl top radator hose the nipple coming off the radiator busted its plastic, "my kids car hes 37" now i had about 1/4 to 3/8" of material to still put a hose clamp on but i only had about 3.5 miles to drive the car home.

    Is there a repair for somthing like this short of calling a tow truck?
    I'm having my wife order a new radator as i write this but let's say your 75 miles outside a city or town, do you have a fix for this? This is a comon problem with some cars even GMs. Or older cars with brittle plastics.
    Also can this be fixed long term.
    Without buying a new part?

    I know some intake manifolds do this too.

  25. Sorry scotty if my hose started leaking, after this get me home or to a auto parts store I'd buy a new hose and replace it save the kit for the next time.
    It's a really good chance the hose will keep getting leaks. And Toyota antifreeze isn't cheap even wholesale.
    But then with the red antifreeze I've never had a hose go bad on me and I've got cars with 300k miles on them.

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