The Worst Vehicle Ever Made (Do Not Buy)

The Worst Vehicle Ever Made (Do Not Buy)

rev up your engines anybody who’s ever
own one of these Savannah vans for any like the time they know they were poorly
made yeah all kinds of problems they had brake rotors that would even
prematurely crack now they’ve been using brake rotors for a long time again with
GM they’re just making them too cheap and they’re cracking and they’re having
braking problems serious stuff and you got a cargo van loaded with cargo if you
want to do a little research yourself if you don’t believe hold Scottie here do a
research on all the recalls that the savana vans have had these cargo vans
and you’re gonna be amazed at all the recalls they have and recalls of course
are forced by the government only one not people complain they look into it
and they got a lot more problems than just these recalls but the large list of
recalls in and of themselves are telling you these are not well-made cargo vans
the power steering systems had problems with the line separating spraying fluid
all over the place which of course is a fire hazard there are problems with the
parse steering hydraulic pumps not working right the shafts having problems now let’s face it power steering has been around a really
long time the whole idea behind it is relatively simple
you got a pump that runs off the fan belt it builds up a lot of pressure up to
like 1,500 psi pressure pushes that high pressure fluid to the power steering
rack which then pushes hard when you turn one way or the other the only
reason they’re having problems is because they’re making them too cheap
we’re trying to save money using inferior products inferior manufacturing
techniques then they come and bite you in the rear end if you buy one I’ve
worked on I often turn into electrical nightmares all the stuff like the power
locks start to break because they got cheaper wiring and they’re open to
corrosion things that hey shouldn’t be happening they’ve been making vehicles
long enough that you think no the electronics we’re up the to subject to
corrosion stuff that could easily be prevented if they built them right in the
first place one of my favorite repairs that I had to often do they don’t have
the greatest working room either working on yes these things are
notorious for developing intake gasket leaks so water and oil mixes which of
course can destroy an engine now in most cases when you get oil and coolant mix
it’s the head gasket leaking which is what most mechanics are gonna look for
but in this case it’s the intake manifold gasket assembly that leaks and
again they’ve been making intake manifolds and gaskets and engines since
Model T Fords you’d think they’d be able to design one correct through the use of
all these plastic parts to make them cheaper they have more problems with
things leaking because of the difference in the thermal expansion and contraction
of plastic and metal somehow they have been able to figure out how to make
plastic engine heads because the Pistons are going up and down inside and the
valves are in the head opening and closing they out of metal they’d make them out of plastic if they could I read they’ve even tried but of course they
melt and they cracked so they’re still making the heads out of metal but if you’ve
got a plastic intake manifold bolted on top and your engineers don’t know what
they’re doing as the plastic expands that contracts differently than the
metal the gaskets go bad and that’s the problem they have with these not a cheap
fix especially if you don’t notice it and you get too much water in your oil
and it ruins the bearings in the engine then you need the whole engine rebuilt
not just an intake manifold gasket you want a solid reliable work machine you don’t want something that falls apart before its time,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I’ve owned many Savanas they’ve always been good to me ..!!! I currently own a 2016 Chevrolet express cargo van with a duramax diesel and it’s been good thus far

  3. When you pay your workers $70-$80/hr plus cradle to grave medical and they still go on strike for more dough ya gotta cut costs somewhere. I quit buying GM in 1992 and have been happy with Jeep and Toyota. I do lease a VW beetle for the missus but let’s keep that a secret.

  4. I have seen a lot of these vans (cutaway version) used for A-type (small) school buses. I bet a lot of the GMC Savana and Chevrolet Express van chassis used for these school buses have experienced many troubles. Best to stay away from these vans and the cutaway van chassis based on these models.

  5. Why I like Scotty's style ..he does not call us guys , Youtubers,people,folk, viewers or any other meaningless groupings ….most people are individual viewers and we like to think Scotty is just talking to us alone ..way to go.

  6. Have not bought a GM since 1979. Do not miss them and our kids do not own any Detroit vehicles. Two generations of lost sales with poor Detroit quality.

  7. We had one at work that another agency gave us. You'd never get lost in it because you could follow the trail of leaked oil back.

  8. Scotty, I have a 2007 Toyota Camry V6 it has 217,000 miles on it the tranny fluid was changed at 100,000 should I do it?

  9. My Savannah needed three master computers, two transmissions and an engine. Everything that was plastic fell off. It was nothing but a money pit. Never again!!

  10. This is one thing I can actually agree with you 100% on Scotty. I have driven these vans for close to 20 years and they are basically 1970s technology today. However they are made cheaper and cheaper. Theyre hell getting in and out of, have no headroom, little interior volume for the poor fuel economy they provide. Spend the extra few thousand and get a Transit or even an E Series. I had a 2010 Chevy express with a dashboard that looked like a Christmas tree. Half the time the air conditioning would switch over to heat, sensors would come on for no reason, and the interior panels are so cheap they will break with normal use. These are over $300 to replace. This is one van I would definitely stay away from if you could avoid it. Maybe the government should repeal the 25% tax on imported work trucks. GM would either have to clean up their act or stop making them all together.

  11. Scotty, thanks for all the valuable information on cars, trucks, vans etc. Very sad that so many (maybe all) of them are cheapping out with materials and process. I'm in industrial electronics manufacturing and if we did things there the way car mfgrs are, we wouldn't be in business much longer.

  12. Scotty, are you forgetting fiat, dodge, chrysler, nissan, bmw, volkswagen, land rover? Many of those vans are running strong with well over 300k miles..

  13. I figured he would say the Nissan Altima's 🤣. I got a friend who has one with the paint peeling and the dash completely melting. He also has one with CVT and has had problems with it also.

  14. I have a 2007 Mercedes Sprinter diesel van that we use in our business and its been good and there is lots of room to work on the engine.

  15. Worst car I ever owned was a quad 4 grand am it was the turd of turds 💩! I know Scotty gives mopar a hard time but my 👈🏻 dodge has been bullet proof except a converter that went bad at 80k. But it had been messed up form the factory but I replaced it and that’s the only time it’s ever messed up still has all factory everything but the converter and fluid of course. Now I’m sure at 160+k miles it will develop problems but by then who cares it will be paid for in two months so I’m good for at least a few years.

  16. most recalls aren't initiated by consumer protection concerns, manufacturers continually test current, and past models for design problems. not all, but some

  17. Yes I can see these being bad. Never thought GM did much to make them safer or more improved over the years. Just pure GM cheapness

  18. It’s really sad that you actually received more miles of use per a dollar with an 86 yugo than any modern product lately.

  19. This video could be about almost any modern consumer product. Everything is built to the lowest possible price to make the shareholders the greatest amount of money. The product is irrelevant, companies only make stuff in order to take your money…

  20. Dodge have a FIAT cargo van.
    But GM still making even in this days a Chevy Savannah . I pass around GM dealership and they still have a brand new such vans

  21. Another words with GM in general it’s easier to list what’s right with their vehicles then what’s wrong with them would be a shorter list

  22. All GM vehicles are crap, and their owners are brainless idiotic Americans. GM Faulty ignitions killed many GM owners, but not enough of them.

  23. My neighbor is a contractor. He has a GMC Savana van that he bought new 4 years ago. The paint it literally falling off and it’s rusting all around the windshield. I’ve never seen such poor paint quality.

  24. They bought new GM vans where I work and they had nothing but problems. They got rid of them after the warranty expired and went back to buying old Ford Econolines. We're getting well over 300k out of those without any major issues.

  25. Savana owner here. I don't think they're the worst. But he's not wrong about them being poorly made. I still love mine though.

  26. I have 2 2003 Chevey Express vans with the intake manifold leaking coolant into the cylinders. Fortunately none of it is getting into the oil. As the engine warms up and the pieces expand the leak goes away. But for the first 5 minutes my exhaust looks like a small fog machine. Hahaha

  27. I knew it was gonna be a GM product 💀 That's y the only cargo van u should get is the old Ford E-150s or get a New Ford Transit which is the best van I have ever drove in my life and even gets 30mpg 🤯

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