There’s a Secret Inside this 1995 Toyota Corolla

There’s a Secret Inside this 1995 Toyota Corolla

welcome to wacky Wednesday’s, where everyone has a chance to show off their car mods, and here’s this week’s winner, this is my 95 Corolla I bought it about two years ago and I was always into this this body style Corolla from 93 to 97 they actually have a pretty big following around the world not specifically in the US but in other places like the Philippines Thailand you know Caribbean islands and this is actually a very popular model to modify I believe it or not, just in the US you know this really doesn’t have a big market but nonetheless I wanted to do something a little different so this is the four black top 20 valve, has 11 to 1 compression, individual throttle bodies, 5 valves per cylinder and it sounds amazing currently running stock ECU but in the future I’m going to program it and give it a nice tune but so far I just have a sq engineering 70 millimeter trumpets an OBX header goes all the way to the catback but that’s pretty much it engine-wise, there are gonna be some upgrades as well as cams in the future starting with the front these are touring wagon headlights from Japan go around I have some 14 by 7 mesh rims wrapped in falcons are t6 15k pluses these are very grippy and they are awesome if anyone is considering buying some performance tires these are really good summer tires, and I have side markers from a Supra and then I have rear JDM taillights as well as a garnish its kind of fading right now but it’s still a work in progress TRD catback exhaust everywhere around the world they have these slimmer bumpers which actually look a lot better than the ugly five miles per hour federal us bumpers, starting up in Center I have the rpm gauge cluster these are actually pretty hard to find believe it or not most of these models came with just speedometer I added some cool little chrome accents around the gauges, I think it looks a little kind of classy looking and then this is the switch for the retractable mirrors and then I have this shift knob custom made at a shop its t6061 aluminum and it’s made specifically for this car a six-speed shift pattern as well as the corolla levin GT seat, it’s only on the driver side the passenger side well I’m working on finding one this steering wheel might give you hint what’s under the hood as well has a red stitching and it comes from a ae111 bzr corolla same design of the supra, same designer as I believe the corolla s had on the third gen mr2 well that was this week’s video and to have your car mods shown on my channel here, check this out, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. we call it big body here and they are plentiful. there are also a lot of ae92's around. these are inexpensive to maintain. greetings from the philippines.

  3. I've got a 1995 Toyota Corolla I bought in Texas over 6 years ago, now I'm back in Ohio and it's still going strong! But how much does something like this cost?? It's always been a dream of mine to completely repair the engine or possibly do a swap.

  4. Great comments about the corolla. I adhere to the comments And i verify most comments to be true. I recently bought a corolla se110 auto and it ran 600km without a breakdown within 24 hrs. Thanks Toyota for such a classic car

  5. lol scotty is showing this car with lots of mods and no tune, and he is always like "you do a intake, remap do a backbox you need a remap". lol the irony.

  6. I have a 96 base model 1.6 with 144K. I call it the beater and i drive it back and forth to work only. It leaks oil but other than that it is a beast. I need a mechanic like Scotty to fix up the leak and keep it running for another 500K.

  7. Hey man; i'm tempted to buy myself a 95 corrola; are they easy to work on? the one im looking at has 256000 miles on it. I hear they are reliable cars. iyo, how much would you pay for it or should i pass? thanks

  8. I'm so glad that YouTube recommended me this video. My grandpa used to own one in Bangladesh. It was with us for 21years. I miss it alot 😭

  9. i've seen toyota big body still running in UAE too as they called this car has Bullet proof engines.

  10. I’m from Jamaica my uncle got a Toyota sprinter with levin 6 speed boy 0 to a 100 real quick

  11. my dad bought one off an old lady with 30k on it. It still had all the stickers on the windows from the dealer. Needless to say that car is very reliable you might see it in Puerto Vallarta now.

  12. I have a 89' Corolla GT-i 16 AE92 Hatchback, with the 4age. It is such a fun car to drive. Just passed 290k this evening, still runs as new.

  13. Seen this car on The Smoking Tire a few years back. Definitely not a stock Corolla, so not a good example of a fuel economy Corolla. This black top doesn't get good MPG, cause you just wanna keep the RPM up!!

  14. So a Corolla with an 4AGE Motor… Uhh idk what to say except "Seen it" that's not really big, you should of shown a KE70 or AE86 with a 2JZ Now that's impressive… A corolla with a 4 cylinder motor, meh 😴

    A RWD Corolla with a i6 Motor with a reduced weighted Chassis 🤩

  15. My dad have a 2000 prizm that's basically a rebadged Corolla i drove it like a i stole it and it still ran i shorted the alternator wire tryin to wire under glow leds and it just blew a fuse heck my brother drove it and poped a tire and kept driving it to work when he got there it was running on the rim and one day i came to check the oil cus my brother have no idea how to do so and the dipstick came out dry clean he was driving it with no oil we added oil and its still runs like factory

  16. Lmao…thats crazy somebody's dream car is a corolla.i have one I would consider puting a Honda d16 or something tho just to have a funny sleeper

  17. i have the same car and smoked all new other brand cars, got turbo on it im not planning to dump it since all cars eating my dust and the fuel is economical , only very small fraction , it can run all day long withouth refilling the gas

  18. This 1995-1996 corolla is the best corolla ever made, very easy to maintain, very durable engine and body. And the best part is it has the most desirable visual clearance on the road as compared to other models.

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