Thessaloniki Auto Festival 2018 – Car show vlogging in Greece

Thessaloniki Auto Festival 2018 – Car show vlogging in Greece

It’s Saturday and today I do the shopping of the week but after that things are a bit nicer since we’re visiting a car show with my dad. Very nice day today with fantastic clouds over Chortiatis (mountain) but unfortunately I do not have all the gear with me to do a proper timelapse I am also in a hurry to get the chores done so that we go to the car show in time. I am wondering, will you be able to hear me or am I speaking to no avail? And now that we are dressed up and look pretty, we are ready to go to the car show. Let’s see what we will see. – Again, these silly things? (meaning the vlogging)
– Oh, I do not want that! – Can you fit?
– Will they write for us again… in the papers? Sportswear? Well, you did say in sportswear but … – Your mummy didn’t get outside…
– I checked before, but she didn’t… Where is it, over there? – We are for the car show …
– Straight ahead, at 13! – Thank you!
– Just straight ahead! -Didn’t he say the first building on your left?
– Yes… 16 … 10 … 13, that one? 8! Ah, 13. So we’re here. – Eh, park it!
– Eh, I’ll park it! – Bahm! What, doesn’t it do?
– Bahm??! How much more, doesn’t it have any trunk? – Turn off the heating, aaah… ooohhh…
– Come on, lets go! Good job! Thessaloniki Auto Festival was held for the two previous weekends and as we are considering of changing some of our family cars we decided to visit it and I considered it a good opportunity to make some videos and use the camera once more! Ah, yes, since it has this standard thing that the camera can sit there… – Does it shoot you?
– I do not know, let me see… – Well, you’re gonna fill it with a lot of little cameras…
– A lot? What, with just one? Ah nice! – I’ll get it, wrap it up!
– Yes? Just one; While I was filming and I was trying to make some shots like Haris Theofrastou (Greek TV host and car reviewer)… I’ll think about it! (his motto) … I found that new cars and mainly their new modern interior design looked attractive to me and so at some point I left the camera down and began to look into the cars more like an interested buyer! And as a family man I always started checking a car from… its back! I started off from the cargo space to check how big trunk each car had and if it could eventually be sufficient enough for our trips. The next one I was looking at was the comfort in the rear seats and how my little one would fit in the back seat, how easily I could put on her seat belt These are things I would never think of about 15 years ago when I was getting under the cars to check the rims, tires and exhaust pipes! Among the cars I singled out the Skoda Kodiaq mainly for how spacious it looked and the VW Tiguan primarily for its design. However, there were no brands like Nissan, Toyota, Opel and Audi so my options were rather limited. I also had the plug-in hybrid Mercedes GLCe in mind but I concluded that with half the money one can get a convenient car which even if it is thrown away at the end, it will have cost less than a Mercedes. Think that I bought my SLK for almost €60,000 and now it cannot sell for more than 14, and I might be exaggerating. So a 30K car will ultimately cost less in the long run than a 60K Mercedes, even if its value reaches zero. And I’m not even discussing the maintenance cost. After all, the extra money is buying the prestige and quality of life rather than resale value in my opinion. Our main goal is to reduce recurring monthly costs such as luxury tax, road taxes and insurance cost but also to get rid of the cars that we do not use so often anymore. Less is more! I don’t know what happens with our cars and what we’ll decide to do but this weekend offered a good chance to find myself in an interesting car show without moving away from home that much. See you all in the next episode!

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