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  1. she needs to improve security by putting in a back-up power system to power the cameras and the computer, and to have the cameras record to a computer in a well hidden location.

  2. KRQE CARES you don't care if you care so much why do you lie to New Mexicans. Do. report on Gorge Bush reads My pet Goat the kids read Kite Hit Steel Plane Must as the world trade centers are being attacted report something real the truth shame on all of you for deciving the world God will Judge you all!!!!!!!!! Good luck

  3. New Mexico is ideal for crooks,because if the DA doesn't dismiss the charges, the judge will,or let em off with a slap on the wrist.

  4. Is one thing I hate more than anything is a thief when the police arrest the thief they should keep him in jail instead of letting them out they arrested I mean they go in the front door not the back I don't think they're staying in jail very long and not learning the lesson and I blame this on the judges maybe it's the judges houses were being broken into they would be singing a different tune

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