Things Stupid People Do

Things Stupid People Do

rev up your engines, it turns out that
millions of first time car buyers purchase a vehicle without doing any
kind of checks road tests 63% the first time car buyers just buy a
car and then drive it away but don’t any kind of either road test or have a
mechanic test it out I guess it’s true people are getting dumber and dumber
it’s just when I was young you go test that car
seriously and if you’re about to use car you paid a mechanic to check it out I
still advise doing that if you buy a used car
but according to these studies there’s millions of people sixty-three percent
of the new car buyers don’t even try the vehicles out and check them out they
just buy them and drive them I always laugh at those ads on TV these companies
that say you can be eating pizza at home and order a car will come right to your
door not a smart move people I guess the human race is devolving these days
YouTube says hey Scotty thought you find this dealership story humorous I took my 2008
Honda Element and for this free oil change they gave me and he gave me a
$1,600 estimate of work that needs to be done the hilarious thing was two months
before I had already had all that work done, yeah you know I see that all the
time half the time they don’t even look at the
car they just see okay it’s 12 year old Honda so you need to change all these
things they never look at the car to see if they’ve been changed I have had
people bring me cars from the dealer and the same thing they said they needed
1600 or 2600 or 3600 dollars worth of work including brake work and this and
that so he brought to me and I pulled off all four wheels and I looked I said
look at your brake pads they got about 80% of the wear none of them are leaking
I said does it shake when you stop fast no it works perfectly fine just plain
crookedness I mean that’s the way it goes these days that’s why I’m here to
help people and tell you if at all possible learn how to do stuff like that
yourself or at least learn how to check it so you know carry the brakes are thin
they’re leaking time to fix them but if they aren’t leave them alone cuz you
can’t trust people anymore mark 2018 says Scotty I got it 95 Nissan
Maxima do I need to use premium fuel octane 91 or okay to run regular alright
your little car in two days I had plenty of customers
with those Maximas they ran regular guests I ran perfectly fine if you run
regular guests it runs fine go ahead now if you find that when you go uphill
accelerate and the engine starts a clatter a little then you’re probably
better going to the higher grade fuel because it’s getting pre-ignition real
problem with yours is that it’s what twenty-five-year-old vehicle the engine
can get carbon up and as the carbon builds up inside the engine it takes up
space it takes up space that increases the compression ratio because the
pistons still pushing up the same distance but if a lot of that stuff is
filled with carbon there’s less space so the compression goes up and then
sometimes you have to use higher octane gas that’ll run better trial then see
what happens in two runs okay I’m just regular used regular won’t hurt anything
on that car Jaguar DTM says Scotty I was thinking of getting a 2015 Golf GTI for
19 grand a 36,000 miles whoo what’s a Jaguar DTM guy doing behind a
Volkswagen well your choice is obviously are bad to begin with Jaguars are
horrible and sort of Volkswagens do not buy one anyways and that’s way
overpriced those things have no resale value because they’re plastic garbage
ins they age they fall apart I mean if I was gonna buy a 2015 Golf
GTI I wouldn’t give more than five six thousand dollars from the car it can be
a fun little runaround car it’s a standard transmission but they have no
resale value and they fall apart as they age now it does only up 36,000 miles so
generally I don’t fall apart for a while but if you really do want to buy pay a
lot less than that because they have no resale value nobody wants to buy those
things used in the real world Jared forced 90 says Scotty I got an 03
Honda accord 149 thousand miles just to have the AC compressor replace it
doesn’t seem very called realize your air conditioning system has all kinds of
parts the compressor compresses the refrigerant and pumps to do the
condenser and then it sucks it back through the evaporator and a suction
side any kind of problems are gonna make it not work right if your expansion
valve is old and stinking you know with a new compressor it won’t be called
enough if the fans aren’t working if the condenser is starting to clog up there’s
a lot of things that can make a go and you said you had the compressor replaced
one if you used a really junky rebuilt one there happens all the time
I just read an article by this guy in Florida and he actually tested out a
bunch of rebuilt air conditioning compressors and he said on average they
had less than 64 percent of their rated power he had a machine he hooked it up
to to see how much power they put out and it turns out that the average
rebuilt compressor only put out 63 percent of the power then a brand new
one would so a lot of those are junked to begin with but if you did use a good
new air conditioning compressor and then you’re gonna have to start probably
change the expansion valve and maybe the condenser it can get complicated as they
age and they wear out Joe Blake says hey I know the rx-8 of engines not so
reliable I really like your car but what should I do
rotary engines have always been terrible thanks for cars the rotor seals I got
these triangular rotors and each apex on the edge as a seal they go bad they burn
oil they backfire yeah I’ll probably be the last one anybody’s ever going to try
to sell those rx 8s yes you have one that doesn’t burn oil
and it’s a fun weekend toy go ahead and have fun with it and if it burns a
little oil and the oil as it burns think you’re gonna have a car like that and be
able to drive at 20,000 miles a year as a dependable transportation car
no but if you want a fun toy you can get a cheap used they know their problems if
you’re ready own it perhaps get a nice Knockaround car for your serious heavy
mileage driving and use that thing on a weekend as a toy, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. 60% divorce rate. Alimony for life, child support even on kids not yours. What do stupid people do? They still get married. They still have kids.

  3. Most of scottys advise is rediculous. I get that no cars are perfect but to say a 4 year old golf gti is only worth 5k is just stupid.

  4. I owned 1987 Volkswagen golf with 1.8L when I trade it in it had 214,000 then my 1999 Jetta 2.0 L had 187.000 miles on it. I also had another 2009 jetta with 155,000 on it and if I did not work 35 miles one way I would kept driving it. Now my wife is driving 2015 Jetta with no problems with any one of them. Good cars for the money.

  5. Hello from Virginia, I know what you mean about dealerships, I bought a 5 year old Nissan Rogue 7 months ago from Nissan of Richmond, though it was due for state inspection 2 months later, I ask them to do a P.P.I (pre purchase inspection) and it was still under it's manufacturers warranty bumper to bumper 100000 mile limit but it was at 78.000 when I bought it and was at 80.000 when the I section came up 2 months later after i bought it, and the dealer told me i needed new front brakes and new wipers, I argued that I requested P.P.I before I bought it and the whole car is under warranty, even showed them the paperwork and they paid for it and replaced the brakes and wipers and paid for the inspection sticker and washed It, so I get what you mean can't trust no-one

  6. Guarantee Mk6 or Mk7 Golf don’t fall apart they are built very solid and last longer than an average Toyota when following maintenance schedule.

  7. How much does it cost to have a mechanic to check a car out? Is it really worth it when buying a car for $1000 or less?

  8. They vote for Ocasio Cortez.
    They vote for Nancy Pelosi.
    They vote for Maxine Waters.
    They vote for them repeatedly.
    They allow two Muslims in Congress.

  9. People who don't test drive and get a mechanic to inspect the vehicle beforehand deserve exactly what they get.

  10. My brand new Toyota suv was delivered to me this summer with my tires overinflated to 50 psi. That is 10 psi past the maximum allowable "danger zone" of 40 psi for bead seating as warned of right on the sidewall. The manufacture month is Feb.'19 and it was likely done to prevent tire flattening/molding during shipping from Japan ect. (4Runner model) and the air expanded some of course till summer BUT, I still could've gotten killed from this "little" oversight. "Oh well, oh well…" as George Carlin used to say.

  11. Your really have to watch dealers. My son's car had a no crank, no start condition of his Ford 500. Ford charged him $100 to scan it, then said they'd have to do more tests at addition cost to determine what was wrong with the car. I told him to get his car away from that dealer ASAP.

  12. Hey Scotty I have a 2013 Dodge Journey that I bought from the dealer. The car fax and original paperwork that the car came with said it had 65,000 miles however when i quickly realized it’s displaying only 13,000 miles. What could be wrong?

  13. Hey scotty go a question for you. My car it's a 06 Pontiac g6 it shakes when it slows down to stop like the whole vehicle I feel it vibrating but when I drive nothing only when braking to stop the car any ideas on what it could be? Thanks!

  14. The government keeps regulating Car manufacturers when they should be regulating car dealers. Of course I don't trust the government or car dealers.

  15. Don't listen to Scotty if you don't live in the US. In Europe, for example, VW cars are notorious for keeping a good re-sale value

  16. with AC system if you need a compressor, you need every component, Rockauto dot com $450 bucks get you everything Brand New! and the mechanic will charge you $200 to install all the brand new parts and you'll freeze UR but off.

  17. Hi Scotty my wife has a Chevy Trailblazer and she needs a compressor for her air conditioning what should I do if I knew or should I get one from a junkyard

  18. I have a job dealing with the public and YES!!! People are getting STUPID. The movie Idiocracy is coming true.

  19. How is this for stupid. I took my wife to a car dealership ( my mistake ) just to see what kind of car she might like. I already had a few ideas and how much we needed to spend, mileage etc.. Here she falls in love with a Honda Civic Ex, teal-green with high mileage. I know the dealership was asking way too much so before I have a chance to negotiate she tells the car salesman she loves the car and it is so cute! Her main attraction was the color and sunroof – nothing else. I wanted to bolt and find the same car for a better price elsewhere. Needless to say she wanted that car and the car salesman didn't come down a dollar. Just those few words from her to the salesman cost me an extra two grand.

  20. Several years ago I had a 1972 Datsun 510 wagon. The owners manual said to use any good regular gas over 92 octane. Not even premium goes that high any more. I tried using regular 87-89 octane and it ran like crap and I got worse mileage. If it needs premium and you use regular, you may lose money. Make sure to compare.

  21. I test drove an 1991 dodge dynasty once with a 3.3 v6. it had 135000 survived my test drive so I bought it. put 70k miles on it before the transmission went. paid 500 for it from a used car dealer. never cost me anything other than front brakes and oil changes.

  22. Well i did that too! The 1st time I just go to showroom and buy a new car without even test drive it lolz, but it's a Proton saga 2013, decent quality and reliable, consider myself lucky.

  23. Scotty i have a 2007 bmw 328xi 2dr and i love it but its starting to have more and more problems and its gonna be really hard selling it because I’ve spent thousands of my own money to keep it up and running. What should i do ?

  24. Hi Scotty! How long do tire pressure sensors on a 2010 prius last? My local firestone told me that the pressure sensor's battery died and needed replaced. Does that make sense?

  25. Circa 2005 SAE and an international group decided the new standard for vehicles worldwide would be 36 volts. Reason being electrical demands would require higher voltage to reduce wire gauge thereby reducing weight and cost. It never happened. What gives ?

  26. Dealership wanted $800 for the 30k service for our Subaru. They wanted to replace the spark plugs and replace differential fluid even though spark plugs don't have to be changed until the 60k service and the differential fluid only has to be checked at 60k according to the maintenance schedule. My local mechanic did the maintenance schedule work for $200.

  27. Of course folks are getting dumber. They are a reflection of their parents and teachers. The teachers are Libtard socialists and communists so it’s no surprise as there is no longer any competition to exceed because you all get the same mark/reward regardless of effort. The spiral down.

  28. Hey! Teachers teach, parents let their kids fall. Lol
    Second note…evolution doesn't have to do with superiority, mainly survivability. That's why there are still "unevolved" apes. The ones that moved no longer lived and moved through trees, so their bodies adapted(evolved) and the ones that are around are still thriving in their habitat,no need to evolve. Just a science lesson, great video!

  29. always a pleasure watching your videos , i like watching your videos more than watching my favourite songs . i learnt alot from you sir. thank you . greetings from Kurdistan.

  30. Had Lexus dealership tell me I needed two new rear shocks, wanted 800 a piece plus installation total 2000. I bought shocks off of ebay OME from a dealership in Scottsdale AZ BOTH where 400 and installed myself. Unhook electrical on top two bolts off two bolts on. Dealerships have their money makers, they told me they where hydraulic and they're not, they adjust electrically with some sort of dampener. What a ripoff. I'll never take my suv back to them again…ever! Thanks for making all of your videos!

  31. Scotty i baught a 2007 mazda 3 130 000km for 4900$ what you think about it. I got a mechanic to check it everything was good except for the rear roters but the place a got it from fixed it for free and i also took it for a ride after everything was great. What are your thoughts on mazda 3's

  32. My dad bought an 89 Corolla SR5 new has the same engine that's in Scotty's Celica, he ran it to 345k miles and gave it to me for Christmas. I drove it like a race car and it hit 407k before the motor had enough. It was his first new car and didn't know he needed to do oil changes for a couple years after he bought it. Just sayin that has been the best car I've driven! Never been stuck in snow or ice and handled well for what it was.

  33. Scotty should probably do some research. When you buy a car online and get it delivered, it comes with a 7 day trial. You drive the car for 7 days and if you dont like it you can return it.

  34. Only buy brand new Japanese cars either Toyota/lexus or Honda/acura with less than 10 miles on the odometer. I don't need to test drive. Lol

  35. people just look at the design and it looks cool and futuristic. they know the phrase 'do not judge a book by its cover' but they think it only works for books and not cars.

  36. thanks scotty a question do you work on inboard outboard engines lower legs winterizing is that something you would cover? thanks again scotty its all good.

  37. If you live in San Diego Robs Auto in La Mesa is very good. Rob is an older experienced mechanic. Knowledgeable and honest. Never tried to up sell me anything. When he fixes things they are done right and they stay fixed.

  38. I can't believe how dumb this country is and rather classless. Yesterday, my wife and I were at the gas station and someone is blasting Eminem. What makes theme think everyone in the vicinity wants to here this crap. No consideration. Wyoming is looking really good right now as a place to relocate with it's low population density of stupid Americans.

  39. I was lucky that my first car was my grandma's 2002 Toyota Camry. She was gonna gift it to me, but due to the same car not being allowed as a gift twice in a row, she sold it to me for the lowest price the DOT would allow. She had a dedicated mechanic who kept it in near perfect shape. Now I'm working on it myself and his good work makes it easy to fix the few problems I've had so far

  40. I bought 2017 F150 crew cab and salesman said, you want a test drive? I said no, just go do the paperwork lol

  41. Last year I had a 2003 Chevy Malibu, there was an ignition recall on it and I had procrastinated on taking it in until 4/26/18 I decided to take it in. I get it back all is well, then 10 days later my transmission goes out. I really feel like they did something to it.

  42. So premium octane gasoline is 91 in the US?
    Strange, regular is 95 over here (Europe) and premium is 97 to 102.
    Another difference, Golf Gti residual values, or any Golf for that matter, are excellent on this side of the pond. If you're a used car dealership a Golf is a sure bet.

  43. 2nd about the $1,600 work on my truck…I nodded, but told em' I didn't have time presently to have the work completed when I was coming in for a $40 oil change (it drove just fine, so I wasn't taking them seriously; but polite to listen); so I asked for an estimate of services…When they insisted, I told em' I needed to return to school the next day (home on the Friday, gone by Sunday); and then they started to attack my personal finances, and now I'm looking for a new place to have work done if they're going to be that pushy and rude…lol…

  44. Hey Scotty Kilmer what do you think about the 2019 rav4 i think about buying one it has a new Style of engine I'm nervous about it

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