This $2,000 PC Case SHOULDN’T Exist

This $2,000 PC Case SHOULDN’T Exist

The MBX MKII is a PC case that, by all accounts, has no right to exist. It was 7 years in the making, weighs a shocking 100 pounds fully-loaded and everything about it was purpose-built from the 8mm thick aluminum motherboard tray to the 274 screws required for its assembly. It’s the brainchild of Charles Harwood, the creator of Murderbox and fellow BC boy, and integrates more PC industry firsts than I can keep track of including defused basement lighting, integrated comprehensive cable management, frameless cooling fans and an utterly unique visual design, that doesn’t scream performance so much as it whispers it. It’s built to be the case that you use for the next 10 years, and it’s manufactured to the highest standard, but it comes with a price tag that reflects its pedigree. Let’s get up close and personal with it. AD: Roseville’s closed-loop CPU coolers feature a performance copper base, PWM fan speed control and more for an affordable price.
Check them out today at the link below. It was 10 years ago, but I remember the day I met this guy like it was yesterday. He drove 2 hours to pick up some $10 water cooling fittings from me because a customer commissioned one of his already famous murder box gaming machines and No other fitting was good enough for him. It was this rejection of good enough that drove Charles to do things the rest of us thought were crazy. I still remember him explaining to me that “wires shouldn’t be hidden, they should just be beautiful” when he unveiled the first individually sleeved power supply. “No one is gonna spend that kind of time and money on a power supply” I said, but I think we all know how that played out. Every one of his creations was like that, a work of art utterly unique and always pushing the limits, whether it was tubing layouts, lighting or design with zero compromises on build quality. Unfortunately, Charles had a problem.
Building a single murder box, an $8,000 to $18,000 machine, often including in person delivery, is a 2-4 week endeavor. And that’s assuming that nothing goes wrong with sourcing and building whatever cutting-edge new design or material he working on. He’d never get the parts production economical like that. The business model had to shift. That’s where murder mod came in. Charles partnered with Niels, a pioneer in the sleeving space, to create a lineup of aftermarket faceplates, mid plates, mounts and other accessories that would allow TJ07 owners to upgrade their existing systems to something worthy of the million dollar PC galleries. These two business models complemented each other well On paper… the higher margins and sales volumes of accessories would help to absorb the cost of prototyping and development, while the boutique system business would give murder mod a high-profile avenue for showing off its latest creations, Except for another small problem Accessories are only high-volume if they’re compatible with more than a single high-end case from niche manufacturer Silverstone, and they’re only high margin if you have the upfront funding and the know how to navigate the quagmire of overseas mass production. so he forged a relationship with Silverstone with the plan of bringing a tweaked and pre modded TJO7 to market and then iterating from there another great in theory idea that turned into an endless cycle of prototyping and refinement until Finally four years later. Thanks to a cash bailout from a community member named Richard It was ready to ship to the early backers Every component of the Mark II has a story literally every one but i won’t bore you guys talking about the 50,000 unit minimum order quantity on each individual variation of the custom made hex screws Let’s start with the luminous panel, ten years ago PC lighting was done with cheesy Plastic cathode tubes with cheap inverters that usually burned out quite, literally burned out, in a year or two There had to be a better way, and the inspiration came from runway fashion shows Now building a panel that looks like this is easy If you have a bunch of space behind it for light distribution and diffusion But Charles had to do it without taking up any of the space for radiators on the bottom, or for the system itself on top so he ended up with LEDs on one side firing into what he calls the core a proprietary material that he modified and etched with a grid to project the light upward the remaining three edges were lined with reflective material to bounce back and recycle the light that would normally pass right through and be wasted a final piece of semi translucent Material was added on top to diffuse the light giving the finished luminance panel a glow strong enough to be seen in daylight But subtle enough to game next to at night, and at a thickness of just 15mm The blood drips in the front have an equally fascinating backstory The first iteration, was a murder mod faceplate a very rudimentary solution to the TJO 7’s Dated, even then, septuple five and a quarter inch Bay design optical drives were already on their way out It was water cut and used an LED strip mounted inside a Hammond project box reflecting off a piece of white acrylic simple but in the mark two the entire basement where the TJO 7 mount storage drives by default is taken up by up to six by one, 20 millimeters worth of radiators and the power supply and the front is a modular space that can be adapted for three and a half inch storage, water cooling controllers, Pumps two, a half inch storage, a slim optical drive You pretty much name it so there’s potentially a lot of stuff that has to go in there He needed something more compact So Charles created a lighting solution using only a single LED firing upward through an acrylic block with silver. Mylar edges, like the luminance panel But this time using a piece of adhesive vinyl at the back that’s printed with a gradient Graphic on it to control light reflection toward the front and a strip of a photographic Material called dura trans to diffuse the light coming out this combination ensures that the drips fade to black effect will be perfect and seamless even in complete darkness a characteristic that not only looks sick But also helps hide the optional stealth slot load optical drive that you didn’t see that one coming the top grille was also designed as a TJO 7 nod that you could just.. Drop into the existing flange and was inspired by ceiling fans Why do we need frames in a position where we don’t need to create static pressure? To build this Charles bought almost literally Every cooling fan on the market to find the ideal one He needed a clean aesthetic, the right hub size, Easily removable fan blades in case painting was required to match the look of a particular build and quiet operation out of the box without fan control because there would be no room for PWM wires in the tiny 2 by 4 millimetre wire management channel every unit was shipped to kallen in Australia where he painstakingly hand assembled them. this process involves removing the fan frames, removing the existing wiring from the fan hub, soldering the new leads specially designed for the top mount, epoxying in the hubs, running the wiring around the internally machined frame and terminating to a single sleeved 3 pin connector that will work with basically any motherboard One of a kind looks and drop in compatibility like this are really really tough things to combine Which I guess brings us finally to my ulterior motive for making this video. So this video isn’t sponsored I mean after all the money he’s lost on this Charles couldn’t afford our rates and I wouldn’t ask him anyway But there is something in it for me. I want to see what he’ll create next so I offered to do a profile of the mark ii and its history in hopes that they’ll all sell so he can repay his investors and work on something new there are 142 mark ii cases left in the world You’ll find the where to buy link in the video description the config that we showed would run a whopping 2,000 US dollars But, for this video Charles and mod 1 created a more basic Limited time promotional bundle including everything that you need to get started the case, its 150 page user manual and a quad radiator mount as well as the optional luminance panel for $12.99 It’s still eye wateringly expensive but there will never be another production run of the mark ii, it was a financial disaster for everyone involved So if you want to own a piece of PC history the case equivalent of something like a DeLorean Something only a fanatical person would build well, you know where to get it Blue apron delivers all the farm-fresh ingredients that you need right to your doorstep in exactly the right proportions for delicious home-cooked meals no trips to the grocery store No waste from unused Ingredients their recipes are chef-inspired and they offer two types of plans the two-person plan and the family plan and there are now eight Recipes to choose from each week instead of six, blue apron recipes are delivered in a refrigerated box So the ingredients will stay fresh Even if you’re not at home when your package arrives and blue apron ships to most of the United States There’s no commitment you can skip or cancel the service at any time and prices start as low as $9 per serving the first 50 people to sign up at our link below are gonna get 50 bucks off their first two weeks of blue apron so go check It out now So thanks for watching guys. If you just liked this video you can hit that button But if you liked it, let us know in the comments hit that like button Maybe get subscribed and while you’re at it check out the link to where to buy the stuff We featured in the video description while you’re down there We’ll have a list of everyone who contributed parts for Charles to do the showcase build including silverstone EK mod 1 gigabyte nvidia and aqua computer as well as a link to our merch store which has cool shirts like this one I Forgot to call it the forum for Forum

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  1. If you didn't go through the comments: this was mistakenly transcoded and published in 16:9 instead of the 2:1 aspect ratio while the original editor was away on vacation. It was a mistake, not a deliberate choice.

  2. So, it's cool. But it's also really dumb. I mean, this dude put so much time and effort into making something that only solves the problems that it itself creates. Maybe for a person who is paying for a custom build, the price could be worth it. But for anyone else, any normal consumer…something like this is just foolish.

  3. what if you were able to hold the graphics card in with just the water cooling then you could intentionally make it that there is room for another exhaust fan cutting out the graphics card mount which would intern do things completely different but i expect this to never come up in a video for several reasons

  4. I am the owner of murderbox MKII 008. charles is a great guy and gave me a lot of support. congrats Charles!!

  5. I would love this, but I can't afford it, it's such a great pc yet I can't support the creator. 🙁

  6. i have the same problem i built an i7 980x extreme pc i cost £1600 to build it with its custom cables, rampage iii extreme asus rog mobo water cooling 1660gtx video card etc… but nobody wants to buy it ive lowered the intial asking price from £800 to less than £300 and so far no joy. this is the love of building pc's costs more to build than to get any money back.

  7. Just pay him money to make another one so you could make a video on it and make back the money and than split it 50/50 with him

  8. optical drives are being forced out ….not because consumers do not use it and its the best and cheapest long term storage solution.

  9. Did he manage to pay back the investors yet? I hope he did, that case is a work of art no matter how much it costs.

  10. Well I managed to pick myself up number 108 for a steal now I've just got to drop another £1000 on case accessories from mod-one. Then wait for the release of thread ripper 3 and Navi.

  11. Linus I love what in PCs! Give me a test bench. And I will be much happier spending 2k on a cpu let’s say🤞.i do respect the work. If one thing I learned about cars and PCs are what’s under the hoods?

  12. Oh my god this video was incredible. I really love that PC case. I'm kind of hoping there is a future left for Charles. He's mad and I love his creativity.

  13. I'm glad I seen this video, been looking at cases for my dream build. Just hope they aren't all sold.

  14. EVERY computer I've had has been the computer – and case (when custom built) that I've "used for the next ten years."

  15. The concept, and hard work alone are worth far more than $2,000… Unfortunately the end result is not. It's beautiful, it really is, but…

    It's still just a case. This is the item the holds all the shit that actually needs money poured into it.

    You can build a high-end pc with 2,000.

    You can buy around 4,000 mini bags of Cheetos… Which is surprisingly enough, just as useful considering the case was bought alone, because you won't be gaming with either purchase.

    You could spend 2,000 dollars on just a GPU. Hell you'll have the same problem as you did in example 2, but at least you'd have a part that makes the second biggest impact on the pc, instead of like… One of the very last.

    You could buy an intern to manage your money with 2,000. They'd probably also tell you not to buy the case.

    That said… It's been a year, and I hope the creator is in a good spot financially and was able to pay off his investors. His ideas are extremely creative, but if the drawback to having such interesting creations are price ranges that are completely ridiculous, I'll support the idea, and the creator, but I can't support the actual case.

  16. It's flawed in 2 ways.
    1. it's a tower and that's out, Cooler Master Haf Evo XB is the design of choice.
    2. lighting has a life span of around 5000 hours at which point it will degrade.

  17. well i just watched this and i have to say it looks classy. Made most of the crap you see today with tons of cheap RGB look like trash, but if you have the money then i say go for it but i don't. I say alll the best and keep up the beautiful work.

  18. Thanks, Linus. This case is really something. Not gonna lie, I want one. I'm gonna see what I can do about buying one and when.

  19. Me: Who is ever gonna buy that?
    Also me: Okay…so if I save for the next 4 years, I MIGHT be able to get one before they're all gone

  20. Who would think that a $2,000 PC case would be profitable? The investors either are total idiots or have too much money to throw away.

  21. "It doesn't scream performance as much so it whispers it"
    Dang, whoever wrote that line deserves a raise!

  22. Linus: explaining the back story to every component/work of art

    me: can it run crysi.. nah jk I'm like.. does the same thing as my plain black case right?.. cool fuck paying 2k for that I ain't made of money.

  23. for some reason i was just gonna splash the money on this but i live in the uk and the zip didnt go trough…..sometimes the internet saves mefrom bancrupcy

  24. 8mm thick aluminum, pretty sure thats standard on f16 fighter jet builds. they guy who builds this case needs a lesson in engineering.

  25. Welp, I just built a pc, my first one!!! But this videos amazing cinematography, storytelling, and lighting inspired me to create something. See you later Linus. Gotta go create! Thanks!

  26. I remember years ago, he was the one who got me into customer water cooling and sleeving. Back when you had to wait for MDPC to open its website store to order. I remember seeing the wires and being like “what the fuck is that?!?!”

    Ahh the good old days. That’s gotta be like a decade ago now. 😔

  27. This whole thing is an inspiration I have plans I’m not shore I can Match up but hay the best things happen on the spot

  28. I can ask my neighbor to make fully handmade case for 2000$, not some modified silverstone box. He'd probably charge me much less than that, just saying that for 2000$ you can order any case you want from a metal fitter who has acces to machinery.

  29. Case looks awesome, pluming and wiring look horrible….. I would be pretty upset if I got that setup and saw how bad the piping and cabling job was.

    $150 for a white light panel or $210 for black, what a joke a full colour LCD panel would be cheaper then you could put anything u want on it. $150 for 2 fans is simply theft and $90 for for a metal bracket to hold 2 pumps you got to be kidding…. Business deserves to go broke.

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