This Bus Driver’s Simple Act of Kindness Made a Woman’s Day! | #WhoWeAre

This Bus Driver’s Simple Act of Kindness Made a Woman’s Day! | #WhoWeAre

And I remember one woman, in particular, a
senior who had gotten on my bus and she seemed completely lost. I could see she
was confused. I don’t know whether it was an illness, but she looked so beautiful
for a hot summer day to have a fur on. So I said, “Are you okay?” And she said, “I’m
fine. I’m fine. But I don’t know the restaurant I’m meeting my friends.” I said
“You sit in the bus, I’ll run in and I’ll check each restaurant. The very, very last
one on the left, I said, “It’s got to be this one.” So I said, “Stay here, Sweetie,
it’s really nice and cool in here.” I went in. I said, “There’s a lady in the
bus and she’s not sure of the restaurant.” And I saw a whole bunch of other seniors
there, and then they said “Well it’s Poppy Hall [sp].” So I ran back to the bus. I
said, “Sweetie, your restaurant is right here.” And I said, “No. No. Don’t move.” I
grabbed her hand and then on my right hand grabbed her right hand. I wanted to make
her feel special like it was a Limousine: it’s a bus. And she said she felt like
Cinderella. And she said, “I’ve been diagnosed with cancer and today is the
best day of my life.” Just because I helped her off the bus, and I never forgot
that woman.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Touching story. Just be nice to people you while you are out and about, because you never can tell what troubles they have. Kudos to the bus driver!

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