This Car Makes Me Want to Sell My Toyota Celica

This Car Makes Me Want to Sell My Toyota Celica

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about a Nissan that I would actually buy yeah me Scotty
saying I would actually buy a Nissan but it’s an older Nissan it’s a 99 240sx
the last year they made them Nissan made the 240sx to replace the 200sx the 240
is a much sporty-er car got a bigger engine this four-cylinder engine puts
out 45 more horsepower than my venerable Celica hey the Celica is sitting here jealous
this baby’s old-school it’s rear-wheel drive drifters love these cars they can soup
up the engine that’s in it they can put a bigger engine in, people are always
trying to buy this from my customer who’s the original owner and turn it
into a drift car there’s a lot of working room on this thing since guys
drift up guys modifying there’s all kinds of things you can do to them and
there’s all kinds of good aftermarket parts you can buy that are readily
available it’s not that big of an expense, the interiors are pretty cozy
this has a little bit of wood in it to make it look a little snazzier it’s got
great cold AC this is just an automatic but it worked perfectly fine this
vehicle was made before Renault took over Nissan there’s
a lot of quality still in this car as a matter of fact strangely enough this
customer also owns a 1990 standard transmission one the same basic car but
it’s got a standard transmission in it and as you can see it’s got a decent
sized trunk goes back here it’s not one of those sports cars that has no trunk
space you can throw a reasonable amount of stuff in this car it’s not like you’re
gonna be stuck with whatever you can throw in a tiny backseat you can carry
reasonable amount of stuff in this car oh yeah it’s got a back seat in it but
just like my Celica there’s too much leg room and one of
these things it’s not a four-door it’s a little sports car and it has a back seat
if you have small friends and this one even came with fancy rims from the
factory plus it’s got discs all around my Celica has discs on the front but only
in the back this is better stopping car it’s much sporty-er funny how people are
gonna say well Scotty they’re so good why don’t they make them anymore it’s
more a marketing decision than anything else companies these guys they like to
standardize stuff this is a four-cylinder rear-wheel drive car
really anybody makes those anymore they would rather have all their cars have
the same engine and drivetrain so they can make them cheaper mass production
then they have to have special production just for one particular car
pretty much the same thing happened with the Toyota previa van all those vans
were pretty much indestructible but they had the engine in the middle then they
had that little driveshaft in the front that ran the air conditioning in the
power steering cost a lot of money to make those so the profits were replaced
with the Sienna’s it had the Toyota Camry v6 engine and transmission so they were
sharing a lot of parts a lot of why cars are made today is to lower production cost
I have commonality of parts so it’s easier and cheaper for the companies to
make them and truther a lot of sports cars are going in different directions
this thing was a great deal for driving at a top speed of 137 miles an hour some
sports car guys want cars achill a lot faster than that for a fun sporty car
137,000 hour it’s fast enough so for people wanting more speed today you
probably go out and they look at the 370z Nissan’s they go up to 155 miles an
hour stock go hey this thing was pretty fast for a little car a lot of people
had fun in them but if you really wanted to get speed out of this old 240sx it is
possible to put one of those Nissan Skyline engines in there’s a few mods
including motor mount you’d have to do but it’s doable I’ve seen it done like I
say these are rear-wheel drive the drifters really love them can modify
stuff and put engines and different transmissions in but the actual chassis
and frame hey it’s pretty solid built and of course there’s a zillion mods
that you can do on the suspension system to to beef it up you can get them so you
can have adjustable suspension one of those little wrenches to adjust it as
tight or loose that you want there’s all kinds of stuff you can do on it and a
basic car like this hey the sky’s the limit but as a stock car
hey even though it’s 20 years old still
pretty good-looking handles quite well the way it came from the factory there’s
still fun little cars to drive around and unlike modern nissans they’re
highly dependable this thing still is running like a clock even though it’s 20
years old doesn’t have problems with head gaskets blowing like the modern
engine doesn’t have any serious transmission problems these things were
built like small tanks solid engine it’s got the timing chain in it not one of
those stupid timing belts so I have to worry about that stupid plastic timing
belt broken even though it’s old it’s still got a timing chain inside heck
Nissan really invented the reliable sports car back in 1970 they had the 240z
the first really dependable sports car before that they leaked oil they didn’t
start, they fell apart all the time Nissan sold the heck out of those things
of course they were called Datsun back then same company out what’s in a
name and even though the 240sx it’s completely different car than the 240z
the 240z had a six-cylinder engine and this is a four-cylinder engine the 240z
evolved into the 260 280 z the 300 z the 350z and 370 z they decided to make a
smaller kind of sporty car but like I say, they fade away and don’t
make them anymore you either get ones with bigger engines
or you don’t get a sports car but look at it, it’s 20 years old
still got a stylish front end on it I wish they still make the things like I
said this is one of the few Nissan’s and I’d buy of course if they made a modern
version they’d be making a conjunction with Renault so who knows it probably be
a total junk mobile but back in the day these things were solid vehicles and if
you’re lucky enough to fire one in as good shape as this all one is my advice
is buy the thing it’ll probably only appreciate and value from now on because
guys that really know cars though these things are solid made and really good
models kind of like hens teeth these days they’re very hard to find, so now
you know the truth about this Nissan and why this is one of the few Nissan’s that
Scotty would actually buy, so if you never want to miss another
one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I had a 240sx in the 90s nice little car to drive ….. when the weather is nice… when it snows it drift like crazy all over the road…

  3. That's a real clean 240sx… Shame it's an auto. Always liked these a whole lot more than Honda's Prelude (which I have a 3rd gen of). Though, Celica All-Trac probably wins for me.

  4. I had so many great Nissan/Datsun cars back in the day. Had an '84 Maxima, last year if reat wheel drive with the fuel injected straight six from the Z cars. Bulletproof, reliable, easy to work on, comfortable. Replacing an alternator or starter was a 20 minute job. Also had an '86 SportTruck, best little compact truck on the market back then. That, and the Toyota Hilux were genuinely indestructible. I've got a 2017 Altima right now, and it's a rolling turd. I've already had to replace the stupid CVT "transmission" at 44k! I wish I had known how far Nissan had fallen. I assumed they were as good as they used to be.

  5. Nissan must have paid him for this video like Toyota does for the others he makes. Scotty is a whore and the highest bidder gets his vote!!

  6. Finally!! Something that’s not a Toyota or a Honda! Those Nissan 240SX’s are some of the most underrated cars. I like old school way better than modern. Oh god I hate the Camrys and the Autotragic trans Corollas. This Nissan is what I call a car.

  7. I'm glad he finally said somthing good about Nissan I love the way all there cars look n drive I kno Toyota is a better motor but I still love Nissan n Infiniti

  8. My 1989 automatic stock 240sx would oversteer if you asked it to and had a 911 size back seat. Got mediocre mpg whatever.

  9. if he thinks thats good, an actual S14 Silvia would really impress him. Such better styling, trim and engine then that KA24 POS only american plebs got

  10. I used to owned both 240 & 280 T top, one got stolen in East Oakland the other got hit n run totally wrecked. Nissan used to build high quality car but not anymore.

  11. I miss mine. I had it for 9 years but I ran out of money to keep up the repairs it deserved. I’m in the UK so had the sr20det. Went through 4 engines, 3 turbos, 2 gearboxes and 1 new set of sills. But yeah, other than that it was a solid car.

  12. I'll give you $15,000 for the Celica. My mommy is willing to use our life savings for it. This will be my first car!!

  13. i like my 96 camaro Z28 LT1. 285 hp stock, my car has a better flowing exhuast, PCM tune, and a built transmission. shift kit, better internals, and a 2,200 stall converter. it moves out pretty good.

  14. Nissan and Toyota are great choices if you want a really cheap plastic car that will get you killed in any accident

  15. The prices for the 240sx are out of control. You can't find unmolested once. Most of it is riced out crap not worth half of the asking price. Get a manual Z and you're far better off.

  16. They were great cars. Reliable, handled well, quick enough.
    They also came in a hatchback.
    BTW, those aren't factory wheels. And they aren't rims.

  17. Actually they usually put a smaller engine. They swap out the ka24 which is a 2.4L for a sr20de or sr20det which is a 2.0L, but it’s a better engine all together

  18. Hey Scotty the ultimate engine swap is putting a certain inline 6 made from Toyota. ;).

    They make several conversions kits making the whole affair truly bolt in.

  19. Modern I4 RWD, MX-5 Miata immediately comes to mind. That's why they keep selling them. It's become an icon.

  20. So it sounds like you only approve of Toyota and Lexus cars out of the enormous selection of vehicles we have today? Only two of them are worth our money? That's pretty sad!

  21. I have 96 Nissan Maxima with 230xxx on it and it still runs like a champ I just had the water pump fixed and I do the basic oil changes every 3k miles and it goes baby


  23. After daily driving a 90 and 92 240sx years ago, I'd say they're a heck of a car. Not particularly fast, my 90 hit 16.1 in the quarter in Baytown. That was with a tiny 195/60/15 bald tires, stock everything. Stuck a fresh set of tires on it, probably high 15s. A small Garrett turbo could get it in the 13s 🙂

  24. And for the 89-94s they all came in Fastback, Coupe, or Convertibles. The LE's all had leather interior, SE's had LSD rear axles. Remembered living near Houston in the 90s-00s, the 240sx was a very popular car. I'd drive my old fastback to meets, some of the other guys had SR20DETs, modified LS1s, superchargers/turbochargers. Ahh those were the days!!!

  25. Love your videos and opinions Scotty. Good on you for praising great cars like these. The bad mouthing of the Euros gets old but I totally understand why. Most people that own them have extended warranties and the money to not worry about the repair costs and they are a blast to drive lol mad respect Scotty keep it up!

  26. Scotty, love your channel. Have you done a luxury suv buyer guide? Looking at the Lexus 450hl, used, and was wondering what your take is on them.

  27. I actually traded my e36 for a 85 240sx with a knocking motor. rebuilt it and it blew up. rebuilding it again cause I do know these cars are rare and hard to get ahold of. I am also a drifter myself so at some point I will be taking it to the track. lol

  28. Immediately right after this video was finished, scotty ran swiftly over to his celica and yelled "if that 240 comes up for sale, your out a here!"

  29. Some parts that used to be interchangeable between various models of cars are head lights, tail lights and door seals. These days, with cheap plastic lights, they make them different for every model and year to year. Over the past ten years or so, most cars seem to have proprietary door seals that have unnecessary odd shapes in them, forcing people to buy replacement door seals directly from dealers, rather than buying door seals from a roll and cutting them to length. We used to sell the same door seals that car dealers sold. The only difference was we could cut whatever length people wanted and ours was a lot cheaper than the dealer's price. For example, I had a customer who needed to replace his boot (trunk) seal. It needed three metres of top blister pinchweld (the seal). A dealer wanted over AU$700 for a joined boot seal. Direct, from the same supplier they use, exactly the same seal (from the same factory) retailed in our store for AU$300. However, my customer bought exactly the same seal off the roll for only AU$30, plus a couple of dollars for a tube of glue to join the ends. -That's exactly what the supplier does anyway.

  30. Quite a few 90s 240sx for sale actually. Most have been beat on though. And are priced on average at 6k with mileage from 160-220k.

  31. Loved my 1993 Nissan Stanza.
    illegal with no license rear-ended me at 45 MPH.

    Only stopped his front tire fell off his truck.

    Totaled of course but me and my little kids we're okay.
    Loved that car 😔

  32. It still makes me sad to this day, that renault destroyed Nissan. I remember when 300zx, Maxima, and sentras were decent to awesome cars, what a shame

  33. But really, if you think this is rare and interesting, I saw a dude driving around in a 94’ Toyota Supra, all stock, stock wheels, no mods, immaculate condition, not sure if he even really knew what he had there.

  34. That’s a 97 or 98 kouki s14 chassis.. great car! The ka24de was originally designed for their d21 pickup but ended up being used in both 240sx and Altima along with the d21. Nissan really needs to bring back a s16 model 😔

  35. Scotty took me back 20 years. I was zipping around in Bay Area in this car with a manual transmission and had the time of my life. The car belonged to my cousin and the other cousin owned an older one and my uncle owned the really old one. I drove them all. Nostalgia!!!

  36. I love hate my s14, now money pits, certain crucial oem parts shortage globally. Oem nissan parts very expensive. A new maf cost about $600 sgd, new VTC cam $700 sgd, a decent new zenki headlamp already extinct in market.
    Nissan are hard to dismantle repair then honda integra

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