This Cheap Chinese Crap is Actually Good

This Cheap Chinese Crap is Actually Good

rev up your engines, here’s a little
interesting fact about cordless drills this one comes with the battery twenty
volts comes with all these drill bits and screwdrivers and stuff on them two
decent drill now to be totally truthful I’ve been using this dewalt drill for
ages but it’s a corded drill I do i heavy-duty work and I like corded drills
I work in my garage here I have electricity I don’t care about being
cordless cuz I don’t want the cordless stuff to run out but if you’re looking
for a cordless drill this tack life cordless drill since it comes with other
drill bits screwdriver bits all that stuff it’s a decent drill and it cost
about one-third the wall cordless one does, is the Dewalt one better built yes it is better built there’s no arguing that but
for light medium use this one is perfectly fine for most people as exists
20 falls it’s got low speed for drilling screws then it’s got high speed for
drilling holes and if you look here it even has adjustable torque settings so
you don’t screw a screw in to far and strip stuff and even that’s cool led so you
can see what you’re doing when you do you up and yes you’re
breaking it in you can see little sparks from the brushes inside they go away
after you use it awhile just shows that it is so much cheaper made but it works
perfectly fine for a light medium use you got to make a choice on what do you
really need I mean if you really need something that’s heavy-duty you’re a
professional carpenter or whatever you’re probably gonna go out and buy the
DeWalt if you want a cordless one but if you’re doing around the house working on
your car a once in a while this thing is perfectly fine and regardless of what
cordless drill you again make sure you get the higher voltage ones like this 20
volt ones the higher the voltage generally the longer they last and the more power they have and as you can see from my little test it’s not a really cheap
lightweight one and it’s not too heavy it weighs about two pounds nine ounces
almost 2 pounds 10 ounces so I’ve tried out really cheap Long’s that we’re
twenty-something dollars and they were just too cheap and
I say if you want a real quality one you can buy the DeWalt kit but with the
batteries and the bits and everything like this you’re gonna pay three times
what you pay for this and you might not need that for your do-it-yourself
projects, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell maybe your car does have a, maybe a
car doesn’t have a tachometer now or maybe your tachometer broke

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  1. Bonus scene at the end

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  2. Love the out takes Scotty! Especially when you went from the drill, to the Tachometer! Lol! Some folks gonna think you're losing it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Stick to Dewalt (or maybe Miwaukee) unless you want countless incompatible batteries and chargers. Avoid Chinese junk like Tack

  4. I am a chinese. I do not feel good. You see, something cheap must have reasons. Made in China does not always mean crap. We are trying to do better, more patience please.

  5. Really don't waist your time with this drill. You would be far better getting a ryobi. If your really serious then get a Makita.

  6. Um……. Trump /trade war /tariff. Scotty promoting a Chinese drill. Anybody else see the irony? Life is too funny sometimes😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. This is very good piece of advice. A bought a pair of cheap work gloves on Ali Express for like $2 or so. They're just perfect for the little work I do around the house and on the car. I've save a lot by buying just good enough.

  8. Oh Scotty I always but the cheap $20 from Walmart, the last one charges with a phone charger so the kids don't lose my chargers anymore which is usually why I buy a new one for.

  9. We out here in Africa are VERY lucky. Ten years ago. American equipment became expensive and we were forced to try Chinese stuff. Ive found high quality (more expensive) Chinese equipment generally is superior to the equivilent from the USA yet 30% cheaper.

    My hobby is electronics and reputable Chinese suppliers are far better than EBay. You know they'll work when you switch them on.

    Obviously you guys nolonger have the oppertunity to buy Chinese. However they are to the 2019 economy what the Japanese industry was in the 1960s/70s. You know – the Toyotas that Scotty likes. 😂

  10. Well, Scotty, I just wanna say that like any tool, drills are subject to the "right tool for the job" rule. Those corded drills are AC powered and typically for lower rpm, higher torque applications. They can be quite heavy, which can aid in damping vibration and keeping recoiling minimized. In the event that, say, I have to drill the spot welds out of the front end frame horns, there's no question an appropriately powerful corded drill is the choice. Cordless drills use DC as they're battery powered. The DC motors tend to be lower mass which minimizes fatigue, but they're application specific as well, so be mindful of their general application. More than I can explain here. Lots of respect Scotty. I've taken little issue with any of your advice. It's actually great, practical advice. Just trying to share my own.

  11. I have a few of their products, they are actually really good for the price you pay. I have an electric lighter, drill bits, electric screw gun, and their vacuum cleaner. For the price you pay, its really good stuff. So far nothing has crapped out on me and i’ve owned some for a few years already.

  12. DeWalt is lower end garbage owned by Black&Decker you want to by your last cordless drill look at Milwaukee tools…. Yes it costs more but its like buying a 94 Toyota Celica they last forever….

  13. Hey Scotty they copied all the functionalities of Bosch and other big names. Another copycat… better try it for at least 2 years 😂

  14. What do you mean you work "in" your garage. can't even get "in" the garage (you work outside). But, I really love your videos. -best, -hg

  15. Wow u must not like china…cheap Chinese crap…talk about hate on people or culture you will never understand..because your a stuburn american..china is more advanced than us by 5 years or more..they just give us the old stuff..or buy knock off like us in usa the harbor frieght…we make crap stuff too…so kik back scotty on cheap Chinese crap..some of you vieres are Chinese.sooooo think about that….have a good life…

  16. Buy Chinese? Westerners who live there report that the Chinese will not buy Chinese made products if ANY other supplier is available. If it's made in USA, Japan, Germany, Korea they will sell easily. Need confirmation? Most Chinese made products, sold in China, are now labeled "Made In" USA, Japan, Germany or Korea. It's the only way they can be sold. No laws, no rules, no regulation, and absolutely no standards.

  17. Hey Buy Chinese garbage instead of quality tools from your local shop or salesmen. It’s not like it’s important to support your OWN country….it’s not like that shop owner or salesmen has a family to feed.

  18. The Makita cordless tools are super strong and durable. I have been waiting for them to break for years but they keep going. I’ll keep buying Makita.

  19. I have lots of cordless tools. It’s not so much about the features of the tool – it’s all about the battery. If you have a crap battery – it’s a crap tool. Crap tools are frustrating and I don’t need that – just pony up for the better tool with the good battery.

  20. Bcuz of the economical war on China, people keep talking about "cheap Chinese" stuff. Do they know that 99% of the top rated brands are made in China?

  21. Just because it's made in China doesn't mean it's crap. I've purchased many overpriced made in the USA products that ended up sucking.

  22. My all time favorite power tools are the Milwaukee M12 series of tools. Good torque, good battery life, super compact and ultra lightweight design. The M12 series even has a super compact impact wrench that is great for working in tight places. At work, when I switched to M12 impact driver, I found at the end of the day that I was much less fatigued because of the size and weight difference. As far as price, you can get a drill, driver, hackzall (mini Sawzall), rotary tool, 3 batteries, charger and a case for $199 at Home Depot.

  23. Loved DeWalt until they closed their Eastern Shore plant and moved to Mexico. I toured that plant and met the workers. They took real pride in their work. No more DeWalt.

  24. Somehow you have to use these cheap tools to make ends meet since other tools have been overly priced for the sake of giving those executives higher salaries while sacrificing US workers. Just be careful, don’t get hurt, know those cheap tools limitations!

  25. Several years ago, I bought a DeWalt cordless (12V). Now, I realize that they aren't making the replacement batteries anymore, so when the batteries wear out, it's useless. The drill will outlast the batteries. Now, I am wiser.

    And, no, I'm not going to rebuild the old battery packs, unless a suitable replacement cells are readily available.

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