This classic car’s dealer has a great showroom!

This classic car’s dealer has a great showroom!

So today we are at Gateway in Chicago. As you can see we are surrounded by 85 vehicles in spectacular condition! Hey Don! This is Chris from Skillter. How you doing? Chris from Skillter I’m doing well very well, how about yourself? Excellent! Tell me who you are and what you’re doing here? My name is Don Walker I’m with Gateway Classic Cars of Chicago. This is our showroom of course and I am the inventory manager. So my job is to go out and find this beautiful cars like this and bring’em in here. We work with our customers to get a marketable price so we can get the car sold. And you’re goind to use wich company to be shipped out? We will be using Skillter to ship out our car sold Come on down, have a look at any of our shorooms. This company has been in business since for about 25 years and they can ship anywhere, even overseas. Okay, perfect! Tell me more about this car, 1957, it’s an amazing car in amazing condition It is a beautiful car and this is a complete frame off restauration, 1957 Chevy. This car, I believe had only 3 owners wow it’s pretty nice! The last owner is own the car for over 20 years Okay All right. and when he bought it, it was in this condition. Wow! We are looking at just over $15.000 with the paint. All right? To restore the bright work I believe he told me cost somewhere around 10.000 The interior, everything from top to bottom on this car has been redone… the frame, everything, interior all the bright work, redone, brand new tires… So he used this car to do cruses and go to parades and stuff like that and it is just a beautiful rendering We love seeing cars like this in this condition this car don’t last here very long oh sure! so, come on down and chek it out for yourself Something else, we can do an inspection right if we decide to buy? yeah you can! So a lot of our customers buy from out states and overseas and what they do is they contract an inspector to come in to see that the car they would represent here is what we say it is Okay! So they check all the mechanics of the car the check and make sure everything works whatever

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