This Ferrari 308 GTB Traces The Streets Of Bangkok Daily

This Ferrari 308 GTB Traces The Streets Of Bangkok Daily

For this car that I have restored to use and enjoy daily I concentrated on three things. First the brake system, second are the suspensions and third is the engine’s cooling system. If these systems work perfectly, then you can drive this car anywhere and anytime. For me this is something to be proud of. My name is Chayanin Debhakam This is my Ferrari 308 GTB. The first V8 mid-engine Ferrari is the 308 GTB with fiberglass body. It changed from the previous Dino Model which had a V6 engine. The 308 is the first mid-engine V8 for Ferrari. The day I decided I wanted a 308, I knew I wanted I 308 GTB. I was not into the GTS and I wanted a carbureted model. The 308 GTB is the Ferrari that I grew up with. and it is the first Ferrari I ever saw. I happened to run into the president of the Ferrari Club of Thailand I asked him if he could find me a 308 in Thailand since there were not that many around. He finally found one and it was exactly what I was searching for. When I got the car it was red and after checking with the official Ferrari importer of Thailand, we learnt that the car left the factory in yellow with black interior. The car was red with cream interior when I got it. I wanted to restore the car back to the original factory standard. For the body it was very difficult because it was a hand made car. You can’t make the left and right panel fit perfectly and if make it perfect it will ruin the hand made charm. I have been into cars since I was young, I always like to work on cars myself. I like to study them. Before I buy any cars I am interested in I always buy the manual first, so to be able to study the car throughly. Some time it’s not just the design that I like I love to learn and study the engineering and technology of that period. I happen to have some working space at my office. I have a few colleagues that are into classic cars we use our spare time, early in the morning to work on our hobby. Sometimes on Sunday we are free we spent a couple of hours here and there when we could on the car. We took it apart and put it back together. We are proud of this car that we worked on together. We do not have many chances to work on this type of car and we are all passionate for classic cars we all learn something new every day. Some of them have different skills than me I use my passion and love to work on this car. I don’t know everything or cannot do everything myself so having extra help and knowledge is great. When I worked on this car my ultimate goal is to have it how it drove and felt when it left the factory. Other than a standard carburetor the header is also stock and I found a NOS exhaust as well. I want to hear and feel this car the way it left the factory. You can go full throttle on this car which means you can easily push it to the limit. It is a lot more fun than driving a more powerful car but only using partial throttle. When you turn you can feel the response from the car and every input or movement you make with the car you get a powerful feedback. One of the best thing are the smiles on people’s faces they think the car is adorable not a show off super car. I feel good when I know the car is making someone smile this is the charm of driving classic Ferraris. To own and drive this car you have to take good care of it. You have to know it and how it behaves, then you can take her anywhere.

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  1. Another fabulous film from Petrolicious.. Mr Debhakam and I don't share a spoken language, but we do share an unspoken language, the language of cars – and Mr Debhakam is fluent. Big respect Mr D.

  2. The extent to which they reconstructed original-looking parts (like the carpets) is stunning. It's not easy to own an exotic in Thailand, with strict regulations and astronomical import taxes. This guy is a true hero and enthusiast.

  3. That is the thing w BKK, expect the unexpected. I lived there for a few years and there are people passionate about old cars. I only understood a few words, but totally got the video. Another great from the Petrolious folks. Thanks ….

  4. watching this with no subtitles is like saying I don't care what he has to say! not gunna do it, very very lazy of you guys!!!


  6. I've been to Thailand a couple times, the streets seemed very empty, must have been early! I guess he doesn't drive it in an ocean of tuk tuks.

  7. My dad had a 76 fiberglass GTB, fantastic car, proof 240hp is more than enough and the pointlessness of these modern 600hp electronic aid cars.

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  10. This guy is amazing, he appreciate the "art" of cars, he knows how to handle the piece of art, gently. And petrolicious, dope as always. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  11. I'm from Thailand and will say this: if this is a daily driver in Bangkok's notorious traffic and its intense humidity, it *must* be a very, very well-maintained car by the driver and his crew. Thank goodness he's savvy enough to cruise on the toll highways and drive through country roads, where this beaut belongs! Rock on my brother from a different mother!

  12. How many people watching this speak Thai? Would be really nice to have subtitles so we didn't wave to watch the video then separately read the description to see what he was on about. Nice car though

  13. It's so much better when you see an enthusiast that is so passionate that not only he works himself on the car (and with friends!), but also is able to drive it hard and enjoy it, rather than finish the project and just park it as a museum piece. Kudos for skillful driving too!

  14. I just watched the Petrolicious Pantera video. The V-8's in that car and this 308 GTB represent different V-8 philosophies, but are equally intoxicating at full throttle. I think that's pretty cool.

  15. Astonishing! Best one yet! We A-mur'cans get a little too myopic. Here is someone in an emerged economy; mixing it with the common man in regular traffic showing the dynamism of what we called "the Five Tigers". Bravo!!

  16. Oh, forgot to mention – good music – sounds like Carl Orff (Carmina Burana) – but original enough in it's own right.

  17. Very nice video. Never seen such a beautiful car filming like this in Thailand before. I guess they filmed it on Sunday for severals weeks to get the best shot. Hope to see more classic car filming in Thailand.

  18. It`s a 308 Vetroresina . Not ONE WORD about it beeing rare early 308 with a fiberglass body anywhere. Not very impressed! The Vetroresina was only made in 800 or so exaples from 1975-77 before Ferrari turned to steel hence adding 330 lbs/150 kg. If you`re gonna have a 308 this is THE one to have. Shit research Petrolicious!

  19. Not only does this guy drive it, but he’s learned all about it and taken it apart and put it back together.
    That‘s about as cool as it gets. This man truly appreciates what he has.
    It’s also no surprise that he’s wearing a “Paul Newman Daytona.” (At 7:04)

  20. One thing you might want to do for everyone who speaks english, (Turn On The Subtitles) Nice car. Your welcome.

  21. I really love this channel, i wish i had known about it the day it began coz now i have a task of going through all the videos. Please consider subtitles when you do non-English speaking owners so we can share their stories, for me the stories, passion and love of these guys touches me in a very special way. Keep up the good work guys.
    Now I have a dream to invite you to Africa in 10 years from now to share my story that would have been inspired by your contents.

  22. Thank you for existing Petrolicious! :')
    Simply love all the hard work that you put in and the way you cover a location specific car in their traditional language!

  23. This car is amazing and all but what im most impressed that you can find an empty streets in Bangkok . Impressive feat Petrolicious.

  24. I thought I was drunk again watching youtube…then realized. Nah. Its just a dfernt language.
    Thank God. I was worried there for a sec.

  25. For me this is one of your best videos, i'm very motivated right now to go and wrench on any of my paused projects, great guy and a perfect combo of narrative and photography…

  26. This is cool. 10 (or 3) years ago there was zero interest in Thailand for "old" stuff. Now they have these great car meets. That is a clear sign of progress. Next up; vinyl records and audiophile analog systems. Not yet, but in a couple of years? I think so.

  27. Beautiful car and video. The 308 GTB is driven the way Enzo intended.

    I remember a TV advertisement that featured Enzo driving a red GTB. HE specifically said that he designed it for everyone's everyday driving pleasure. Enzo did NOT design a Formula 1 masquerading as a Grand Tourer.

    As this video shows in the the last 4 mins, once the GTB/S's and especially the GTSi were warmed up, they came alive.

  28. Everyones dream to completely rebuild a classic car for everyday use and increased reliability. They must have made this video during the Song Kran holiday when Bangkok empties out. Otherwise it would be a video of a 308 sitting in traffic.

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  30. Love watching this at least once a week, would anyone happen to know to know what specific year this 308 GTB is??

  31. You are one of the Thai people that really know about the classic car,have also original Michelin Tyres. where did you find Gasoline 98 or 100 oktan?

  32. Bangkok is a car log-jam 20 hours a day and a Ferrari in BKK is about as much use as sugar flavoured wasp repellent. This vid must have been filmed at 5am on a public holiday.
    Lovely fezza , and top marks for giving it some beans; those sensible Thais drive on the correct side of the road.

  33. Oh my god. A car in Thailand with a standard exhaust. Also it must have working air con of he’s driving around Bangkok with the windows up. Simply amazing.

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