This Ford Escape Has a Serious Problem

This Ford Escape Has a Serious Problem

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
show you how to fix an air conditioning system that’s leaking out refrigerant,
now there’s many ways you’re searching for leaks you can even use dishwashing
like we put it in and around stuff to see if
it bubbles up but the two best ones are using ultraviolet dye and one of these UV
lamps or one of these sniffers it smells the leak but as these sniffers are
getting cheaper and cheaper I’m going to use a sniffer today sometimes you use
the UV dye it all depends but the sniffer is quick and fast you don’t have
to inject dye into the system and then run it and wait a little dye comes out
if their refrigerants leak and this thing will smell it up, you might buy one
share it with your friends you can all pay a little bit of it now the first
thing to check with a sniffer are all the rubber hoses and connectors because
the rubber hoses can get old and then they just go through osmosis and the
refrigerant leaks out through cells and the refrigerant can leak through walls
of the rubber and kind of seep through and this will pick it up, or you can
check all the connectors cuz often the connectors the seals and them go bad ,you
turn it on and when it beeps faster there’s a leak, so we’ll check all the rubber
lines first and of course check the compressor the seals often go bad on
that but that’s not leaking either, now sometimes rocks will hit the AC
condenser because it’s in front, way in front of the radiator so let’s
check that, and sure enough there’s the leak, the AC condenser is the part in the front
that takes the hot refrigerant and then sucks the heat away it’s a heat pump and
on this thing I’m assuming a rock or something you must have hit it because
it’s in the very front right behind the grill, it happens quite a bit these days
especially it was a lot of these trucks running around today with no backs on them
and rocks come flying off them on a highway and the reason I like using the
sniffers because let’s say we didn’t find anything under the hood, we can
stick them in the AC vents inside the car, so if was leaking in the dash we can
figure that out too and if we had a dye we wouldn’t see it leaking in the dash
because it’s all inside, this will smell the leak so it’s actually
the best first way to look for leaks and now comes the real fun this is the a/c
condenser it’s in here we gotta take a lot of crap off in order to get this
thing to get it off, first you’ll take the top bolts off the grill, so we put a
ratchet on here and take that one off and do the same thing on the other side
so both are off and then on the very inside there’s two more nuts you take
off, a little bitty tiny things, a little Wiggly yeah out it comes, now before
we go any further let’s make sure the replacement one is the same, this is an
automatic transmission so it is automatic cooler lines here which match
up, and on this side are the AC cooling lines which is over here, so it’s the
right one, now we have to loosen the refrigerant lines, by law you have to
recycle the old refrigerant, in this case hey it’s all leaked out, got my gauges
here and it shows zero pressure now so we don’t have to worry about that
there’s nothing it, we’ll just take it apart and put the new one on, now it’s
often hard to get these cooling lines off for the transmission, so first thing
we’re gonna do is squeeze it and pull it down, now we have that line off we can
wiggle it and get it off, they can often be hard to get off and since we’re
throwing this one away I’m using the giant screwdriver and hammer just
stick it on top of that hose and hammer it and now when you’re grabbing with pliers
the rubber just wiggles back and forth it’ll pop up when you pull it up, and of
course do the same thing on the other side to get that hose off there’s two
one in one out, then we remove all the brackets in the way
then we disconnect the refrigerant line it’s 13-millimeter, the pull them apart and
remove it, now here’s a tip on a transmission cooler part they come with
these stupid spring clamps they’re pain in the butt, get screw clamps slide them
over the hoses before you put the new assembly in, then you can put it together
easier and it’ll actually be a lot easier if you ever have to work on it
again and not have to mess with these cheesy little squeeze clamp and have screw ones
instead, and the nextt trick is to get a little
AC oil and lubricate the new seals before you put the condenser on them so
they won’t leak, now you have fun wiggling the whole thing yeah and they
of course don’t make them easy, then hook up the lines and get them nice and snug
the course don’t forget to put the coolant hoses on here on the other side
for the transmission, now of course realize you have to evacuate the system
with a vacuum pump before you fill it up with refrigerant, I have a whole video on
this you can watch, but we’ll start that now while we put the rest of it together
because you got to do this for about an hour and a half to get all the moisture
out, as you can see here it’s starting to suck it all out, we want to do it for about
an hour and a half or so to get all the moisturize out
moisture destroys AC system, well times up now I put all the stupid pieces back
on, and in this case it takes point seven one kilograms of refrigerant, you can
look it up sometimes they’re stickers in the cars, but they got rid of most of the
stickers now cuz they’re so cheap when they build things, and go and check
to see if you gotta fixed is watch the gauge once you turn the pump off, if it
stays the same – pressure you know there’s no more leaks, so we’re adding
the refrigerant till it says point seven one kilograms here, and now with the
car running you can see it’s filling it up you just wait until it’s point seven
one, and there we go, ha now it’s got nice ice
cold air, so the next time you’re a car’s air conditioner leaks all it’s refrigerant
out, now you know how to fix it yourself, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I gotta tell 'ya Scotty, this is one of the best channels on youtube. I'm 65 years old, and I've done my share of busting my knuckles with wrenches. Your show is addicting man.

  3. Hello Scotty can you please do a video comparing the Ford explorer vs Toyota highlander. Repairing expenses and durability. 👍👍👍

  4. if you're committed to fixing the problem don't fix the problem and it'll fix itself simple … do you want people to make stuff better stop fixing it.

  5. Hear those birds?! I never heard birds working on my car. You've chosen a great work space–yeah, it doesn't have everything a garage has. But it has birds chirping while you work! That's so cool!

  6. Hey Scotty I got in a wreck on Wednesday and totaled my car I was 06 Jeep commander was mine it was in a wreck with a rav 4 she completely knocked my tire off whatever it’s connected to but me and my 6 mo old daughter didn’t feel a thing the lady on the rav 4 all airbags deployed and her car was smoking I’m wondering if I should go for another commander only thing I hated was the gas mileage on the big 5.7 L hemi and it had some vents that made the car heat up look to be something going under the hood I was hoping you’d let me know what you think if I should go for another one or something else i can email you pictures if you’re interested to see hope to have some of your expertise on this

  7. This is Off the subject, Scotty I wanted to know the difference between pound feet of torque and horse power. I Happen to find out, torque is how fast a car would accelerate and horse power is the top speed a car can reach. Therefore, how would a car perform if it has the same amount of torque and the same amount of horse power? I would love and appreciate your opinion. Thank you.

  8. I love Scotties videos, but he should do vidoes for people who own car at the very end. Thos people who buy car at the end of a cars life, and when they are done with a car, the sell it to junk yard. There things you need to know like do I fix that oil leak, or just keep adding oil? Important stuff if you don't have the money.

  9. I love all of your videos!
    Hi Scotty? Can I ask you a few questions about our suv?
    Our air conditioner button/switch is not working anymore. In fact we have to tap under the dash board area to get it to turn on. Is that safe?
    A few months ago the car kept turning off when we tried to go up hills. we eventually got the car services and changed the coils. But from the beginning the car’s muffler has a lot of smoke and we have to keep putting oil in the vehicle every week. That’s not normal. Why is the oil burning so much? There is no visible oil or coolant leaks?
    Yesterday we put some royal purple 10-30 oil in the car and it drove good. It even didn’t start smoking at first. But this morning the car shut off then we turned it back on a big puff of smoke came out the muffler. Then the car started driving normal again?

  10. Hi
    I have a 2008 jeep compass the RPM doesn't go above 3545 when accelerated. I used OBD ll scanner and it shows that
    Catalyst not passed
    Evaporative system not passed
    Oxygen sensor not passed
    Oxygen sensor heater not passed

    Is this the reason.?

  11. Scotty, can you make a video on how to make a automatic transmission last longer? I have a pontiac grand prix that is know for transmission dying.
    Thank you!

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  13. Scottie, i have a problem. 2007 DODGE CALIBER. I KNOW LOL. my wife had the sam problem on a 2007 honda accord. Heat comes out driver side. Not pass side. Help!

  14. Screw clamps I used those on my 1988 Toyota Tercel (Don't laugh it was given to me, okay you can laugh I did when I sold it) when I replaced the radiator and hoses. A mechanic umm Technician said I should use the spring ones he said Pat Goss talked about it , they supposedly exert even pressure where the screw clamps if over tighten can put pressure on one spot and with the radiators being plastic it can cause problems later.
    I've be using screw type clamps for years with no problems in fact I keep a few in my tool kits for my motorcycle and car.

  15. There's a reason the Ford escape and explore are referred as the exploder! Also have you ever rebuilt a car or truck?

  16. hey Scotty my 2000 Nissan frontier v6 4×4 is having a p0340 and a p0325 code, is there anything i can try to do to fix it? if not Ima have to take it to the shop.

  17. Scotty was just thinking You must be allowed to talk about different car makes ie copyright laws, ie your allowed…Caarching $£€$£€ very clever you is

  18. Ok Scotty? I have to ask… If you sniffer found the refrigerant leak…then how can the system be empty so it doesn't have to recovered by fed. Law??
    Ok that's my 2 cents. Now I'm broke

  19. Scotty what's ur opinion of the 2007 dodge magnum SRT8? I'm getting a used car soon and I need a sedan or a wagon. What do u recommend?

  20. Aren't fords shitty to work on because you need all these specialized tools? Heard they were just a nightmare to fix. Thanks.

  21. Hello sir ! I love your videos they are really helpful . Please clear my doubts. How long can a 2006 Corolla Automatic last . And what to check while buying over 200k Kilometres . Ontario , Canada. Should I buy it between 2k to 4k . My aim is to have a daily car for next 5 years or more , i expect to drive 12 thousand kilometres every year .

  22. Scotty Be on point I was on the expressway and a pick-up truck was in front of me and The rock came out the bed and sure enough it put a rock chip in my front bumper

  23. Scotty, love your videos and they're really informative; I've always used your video and as reference. I'm in Japan and I own a 1975 Toyota Celica, RA25, 4 speed lift back for awhile now. It either came from the lot with out a/c or the previous owner took it out. How would I go about getting another a/c system in it? Should I go OEM or aftermarket stand alone?

  24. Scotty, I have middle aged friends who think they need to start their cars & let them run, especially on cold mornings. I told them it's not the 1940's anymore. Oil pressure is almost instant now with tight tolerances & thin oil. There just wasting gas. Could you give your take on this.

  25. Hey Scotty I have a 1992 mercury topaz I just replaced the half shaft and once I got everything together my car wouldn't start in park but only in nuetral and then my rpms would go real high going 25mph I'm a little lost on what it could be

  26. I own a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 and it stalls out when idling. I need to keep revving the engine so it won't stall out plz help😖

  27. How do I ask Scotty a question if I am not on social media?
    Just in case Scotty reads these comments: I am wondering what you think of the Lexus SC430 and if there are specific years to get or avoid, and if there is a limit to how much mileage I should stop at. My big concern is the wear and tear on the retractable roof.
    Thanks for answering if you see this.

  28. Keep the spring clamps. They apply constant, even pressure all around the hose, even when the hoses flex or shrink/expand over time

  29. please my 2008 ford escape is slow and is not able to climb steep or even small hill.This happened after I washed the engine.

  30. First off NEVER share your tools with anyone! If you use your tools and rely on them don't do it you will eventually regret it! Here's the tester Scotty has, $200 I have spent more than that in a bar for lunch before of course it came with a lap dance.

  31. I should do a series of videos on easy jobs that turned into major headaches . I'm a true believer in "anything that can go wrong will go wrong" . I've had every metric socket in the book except the one I need

  32. Scotty, I have an 06 Mercury Mariner Luxury fwd v6 automatic transmission. I saw your video, could mine being that it's a Ford product, leak also? Plus what do you think about the Mercury Mariner model, mine has 210,000 miles on the odometer as of now. I just bought it from a friend?

  33. Good video Scotty! I agree on the screw clamps! The first time I sat on my dad's car's Fender while he was working on one it was a 1960 Rambler classic 4 door. One of the earliest lessons he taught me it was use those nice stainless steel screw clamps on hoses. It was either that or how to oil the centrifical Advance on the distributor! Yes I still remember how that works! That ramp looks classic ran like a top! It had the push-button transmission and Wing vents front and back! Dad taught me a lot of stuff about many different things not just cars. Dad was a jack of many trades and a master of the few. I was better at laying cinder block than he was though! He made his mortar too stiff.

  34. Ever since I had to replace my 2008 Ford Escape transmission I hate the thing. Paid 6k 4 years ago just to pay 2k for a new transmission and only had 150,000 miles. I'm the first privet owner. Ford had it for rentals before befor I bought it off of them. I mean it's a nice SUV 4 cylinder white but man Idk I'm always worried something is going to go out on it. I always get the oil change when needed, detail it once a year, and valet it when ever I can. But I'm a guy that use to own reliable P71s, 1995 Taurus, and a 1998 escort wagon. I trust my old cars more then this thing.

  35. I just bought a 2016 Ford Escape SE with the 1.6L Ecoboost. I hope it was a decent decision. I like it so far. Thankfully, it wasn’t on Scotty’s 5 used cars not to buy. Phew!

  36. So, one question. How do you go about topping up the transmission fluid that was removed when the old condenser unit was removed when the trans doesn't have a fill tube? You didn't mention anything about checking the tranny fluid level after the car has ran for a little while.

  37. The famous Monica Seles grunt! On a serious note Scotty, I noticed this morning the air coming out of the vents was not blowing hot air. How can I tell if this is the heater core or something else?

  38. I have this issue with a 2003 ford escape. I probably wont have it fixed though as the vehicle is not worth it. also the wiper motor only works sometimes and the front passenger window does not work. yep, time for a TRADE.

  39. bought my 2004 Ford Escape SUV two yrs ago. Low mileage. So far so good. Keep Xing my fingers and treating it good.

  40. Ford Tech here. On those model year escapes the accumulators like to leak or plug up too. Theres a tsb for a poor design of the cowl drain that causes them to rot out along with the blower motor resistor. If you cant find a leak hook up a gauge and see if the high side is 250psi+. Hope this helps some people

  41. I have the same gen ford escape, it's a work truck, it leaked all the refrigerant. Made a hissing noise from the Vents then the next day it was blowing hot

  42. what do guys think – do Ford Escapes make halfway decent used cars? Or are they a horror show to keep one going?

  43. I have a 2011 Escape 3.0 V6 AWD.
    Bought in 2013 with 40, 500 on the clock.
    She just turned 263k yesterday and still going strong.
    This past year I've had to replace lower front control arms, bushings, ball joints, inner/outer tie rods and just installed the 5th set of sway bar link pins.
    Next project is struts and shocks…and A/C repairs.
    Compressor went out right after it started sounding like gravel in a food processor.
    Ice cold right to the end.
    Replaced the condensor, lines, dryer and expansion valve last year due to a trans. fluid leak in the condensor.
    She's a stubborn beast!

  44. Scotty Kilmer, I'm not mad. Lots of people think cars are living creatures. Sometimes I do. But Cars, Specifically A/C rubber hoses my become "porous" but they don't have "Cells". LOL.

  45. My current vehicle is my 2nd vehicle, my first was a 88 k5 blazer which I still have it’s just parked do to engine issues. But this thing was passed down from my mother when she bought a new Chevy Cruze so I could have a vehicle, it’s a 06 Mazda Tribute Sport trim. It’s got the ford duratec 3.0 v6 with the fwd 4 speed auto. Other than a/c and squeaky interior, this thing is at 220k + on the odometer, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s got great ground clearance and I have my kayak racks and have taken it across upstate SC numerous times to state parks. It’s been taken on numerous 500+ mile trips over the years and in my opinion, it’s probably one of the best cars I’ve ever seen even though it has a Mazda badge on it. How would I about fixing the air conditioning ?

  46. Scotti we pronounce selica seleeka I live in Ireland say it in your next video for us Irish fans also scotty scoti means Irishman in Latin named from the Romans soldiers back in the day. Remember Toyota seleeka.

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