This Honda Accord Has a Serious Problem

This Honda Accord Has a Serious Problem

Rev up your engines,
ok today I’m going to talk about a problem that most people have at some point in time
and that’s an engine that’s leaking motor oil somewhere, now my customer here said I’ve
been to lots of places and they can’t seem to find where the oil is leaking from, well
they weren’t very good mechanics to say the least, now in the old days to find engine
oil leaks we used to have to spray degreaser all over the engine, then clean it off, then
dry it and try to find the leak, well that’s old style, today we use ultraviolet leak dye,
now this comes pre measured, you push it to fill the little container here, then remove
the engine oil cap and pour that right in the engine, it’s a measured dose, then the
trick is to have some patience, you never know what pressure is making it leak or where,
so you want to take it for a good 15 minute road test including at least a few minutes
going 55-60 mph to build up pressure to see if it’s a rear main seal leak, and now comes
the real fun, we get our little ultraviolet light here and jack the car up in the air,
because let’s face it, oil goes down by gravity so you want to start at the bottom and work
your way up, and all these kits come with these funky yellow sunglasses, you need the
yellow glasses cuz that makes the dye easier to see, now the first thing we’re going to
do is just with the eye and a flashlight and as we can see when we go to the front of the
engine, there’s oil leaking all over the place, so let’s look at the front of the engine first,
now as we look around we can see the oil is all over here and we look up we can see it’s
actually coming from the top too, and I saw the wiring harness on the vvt was all covered
in oil and dye, we’re going to have to replace this, and here we go I got a brand new one,
it’s got the same connector, the same bolt on hole everything’s the same, and if your
curious about what it does, what it does is it takes oil pressure from the engine and
depending on what the computer decides you need, it sends oil through various holes to
actuate the vvt or to turn it off when your just cruising at a certain speed and you don’t
need the extra boost, and you might ask why do they leak, well this part all goes inside
the engine and there’s rubber seals here that seal the oil pressure, but if you look really
closely here, you’ll see this is the part that sticks outside the engine and there’s
seals inside there and eventually they wear out and then they leak outside the engine
which is what you don’t want, so you just have to replace them, you don’t fix them you
just buy another one, there’s a hole on top of the head and it just fits in, your going
to have to do a little wiggling as you push and now comes the fun part, this is the bolt
that holds it in, but you can’t see where the hole is so basically you got to stick
it in the socket and push it and wiggle it until it fits and then tighten it up, now
here’s a trick I learned years ago, I took a leaf off the vine behind me and stick it
in the socket and then push the bolt on, this way the bolt won’t fall off while I’m working
trying to get it in the hole because honda designed it like some kind of crazy mad scientist,
here goes nothing we got to wiggle it around until we get it in, then finally after a ton
of wiggling we got the bolt to start and I can tighten it up, then of course since it’s
all oily under the bottom of the car, spray all the oily parts with engine degreaser and
hose it off, spray all the greasy parts, spray it all over and let it soak for 5-10 minutes,
and of course don’t forget to plug the electrical part of the sensor in, it snaps right in place,
then of course hose off all the old oil and the degreaser to clean it off, you want to
do a fill job and use a flashlight so I can see what I’m doing, then take it for a good
road test, so now you know how to find and fix engine oil leaks on your car, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Go Scotty…"Honda designed it like some crazy lunatic mad scientist" I indeed have used the leaf socket trick thanks.

  3. Great heaven. That was an amazing leaf trick. Why did I just learned that now. That could have saved me from dropping bolt and nuts on a tight space. This is why Scotty is one of my idol on car repair.

  4. Hey Scotty, I just got a 2015 Honda Civic EX L 52k miles, is there anything I should worry about?
    Or should I just do normal maintenance. Thanks

  5. Sir thank you for your advice and information. I have an accord DX 2003 and it have some sounds when I turn the wheels.pleas reply to this.

  6. I am getting a p2469 on a 2006 2.4l Accord. I replaced the vvt sending unit and cleaned all of the screens. Tried clearing the cod and it didn't clear. I then replaced the entire vvt valve assembly in the back of engine and it still has p2469 that will not clear. What are my options

  7. Scotty,the man with all the tools in the world,does not have a magnetic tip socket? That Adam and Eve socket bolt holder with the leaf is so low tech.Heavy grease inside the socket works better.

  8. Hey man, your pretty smart. Let me ask you, what cars do you like? Seeing that you hate every car ever made

  9. I have a Honda Civic 2003 110hp vtec. Engine type is d16v1 and it doesn't pull rpm's are goes up verry slow, hardly i can get to 100kmh.

  10. I had to replace the Vtec solenoid except mine didn't leak, but bullied my engine and wouldn't let it go into vtec.

  11. I didn’t know about that leaf trick
    Normally it falls several times before I get it in sometimes
    Good thing your videos always have tips and tricks for the work. Helps a lot

  12. I wonder if that K24 also has the dreaded VTC actuator rattle. Although it's way more common in colder climates. My Civic has the K24 and during the winter months up here in Canada if I leave my car sit for several hours when I come back to start it up I get a nasty rattle. Honda claims it's normal (meaning they can't or won't fix it).

  13. That solenoid is for the VTC actuator not the Vtec.
    There is another solenoid that operates the Vtec.

  14. "You gotta wiggle it around till you get it in." I'd like to hear Mrs. Scotty Kilmer's thoughts on this.

  15. I just had to replace my 2009 Accord's VTC valve. It threw a code and my car acted very strange. I had it towed back to my house and I fixed it. I wish I would of seen this video before! Thank you Scotty!

  16. Always protect Your Environment. Park over a Storm Drain when You Spray off the Degreaser. This way Your Driveway Doesn't get Contaminated.

  17. Wow, Scotty! I hope you had a nice floor mat or a huge cardboard to catch all the oil that you sprayed off that car…just saying ?

  18. I have a leak and think that it's because of that socket thing. What is the name of it again ? is it on the top side of the engine ?
    Btw. I have a 97 accord

  19. I need to replace this on my car it made a bunch of electrical issues and even olmost got me killed. Bc my cruse control wouldnt turn off when i step on the brake.

  20. Can you do a video on how to put my ac on it's own toggle switch? I have an 08 civic si and I have gone through all of the steps of trying to fix it. Everything works when jumped but it wont come on with the switch, even change the switch.

  21. Scotty you should go through you previous videos and make a tricks of the trade montage. The leave trick is a useful one.

  22. Haha. He didn't show us were the leak came from with the dye and the light.. how do we know that it wasn't the right fix.. How do we know that the customer didn't back.

  23. I have a 1998 Honda Saber v6. It can't take reverse and it shifts to 2nd and over revs and doesn't shift anymore. Could you please help me because everyone is saying I need a new transmission.

  24. @Scotty Kilmer, is it possible to convert the Honda Accord 3.5 V6 Ex 2009 to 100% Ethanol, I am from Brazil and want to produce my own ethanol, is there any change that may indicate me? Thanks for the great content!

  25. I damn near broke my left hand trying to replace the VVT solenoid on my accord last night. It’s definitely in a tight spot.

  26. My Honda Accord 07 Keeps miss firing , once I change the first spark plug it stops till I drive it around after like a day it starts again . Can you please help me

  27. I love this channel. I love Toyotas too. My dad was an auto mechanic and he said Toyotas are the easiest to work on. Being a rebel I bought all kinds of cars Mini, Nissan, Honda, Dodge, and Subaru. I bought a pre used Lexus IS 250 and it's so easy to work on.

  28. One way to figure out what exactly a liquid leak (not necessarily where) is see what is effected.
    Our 1995 Passport has had a fluid leak and my dad said he got it looked at and was told it was the power steering
    Well, I believe not— as my brother was driving me from school a few times, the transmission at once didn’t downshift unless below 30mph but that was gone, but the transmission still shudders. That’s how I concluded it was the automatic transmission instead of the power steering. It hasn’t been looked at or fixed yet, but I will ask a friend to check it.

  29. A 4 cylinder Honda accord built before 2005 has a counter balance shaft seal that can come loose after 90k miles. A shaft seal kit includes a fork to hold it in place. A hard to find leak until the timing cover is removed
    Just a bit from experience that might save someone some grief!

  30. I have a 14 crv same engine ?and same issue. 45k miles and had to replace the solenoid. Shame bad cheap seal but easy fix. Mine was harder to find as it's behind in between the fire wall

  31. Got on oil leak on this car?! Check valve cover gasket, vtec solenoid gasket (rear), front strainer, vtc o ring as mentioned in video, pressure swith, crankshaft seals. Those 4 cylinders are super reliable

  32. Honda's are hard to work on because of the way they are designed. A simple Timing belt and water pump replacement jumps to $250 for labor because of all of the parts they need to remove to get to It. I'ma get myself a different make. I replaced my transmission at only 134k miles, when I got It back I needed to get a new battery, alternator, and a new starter… And now my damn front struts are bad all of a sudden when I got It back from the mechanic. It jumps In the front like It's not supposed to.

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