This Honda Gets 61 Miles Per Gallon

This Honda Gets 61 Miles Per Gallon

it’s time for show off Sunday where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car and here’s this week’s winner,
hey guys this is my 2001 Honda Insight also known as the first hybrid ever sold
in the u.s. being the Prius out by 7 whole months the Honda Insight was built
in Suzuka Japan from 1999 to 2006 it shared the same assembly factory as the
Honda s2000 and the Honda NSX and like the NSX it has a purely aluminum
construction my car has the only available option for 2001 air
conditioning and my car in total weighs 1878 pounds at the time of its
production it was the most aerodynamic car ever
made until this day remains the most fuel-efficient vehicles sold in the US
the EPA estimates in sight at 61 miles per gallon on the city but many owners
have been able to achieve upwards of 90 miles per gallon by making slight
modifications for their vehicles ima system but today I want to show you the
highlights of the Honda Insight as it sits many of which are overlooked by the
car community and finally what it’s like to drive the aluminum panels of my car
are finished in new formula red the monte carlo blue and silverstone
metallic were two other options if you didn’t want to stand out too much one of
the insights most distinguishing design features are these side skirts which
almost completely cover the rear wheels in the owners manual it says to take
them off if you’re gonna put it in the automatic car wash but it’s funny of
them to assume that I’d be doing that in the first place something else I find
interesting is this Ridge behind the rear wheels it’s kind of basic and it’s
just the line but I find it interesting nevertheless some of you watching might
be thinking this car looks an awful lot like a Honda CRX or cr-z it has a small
size of the upright rear window and is very low to the ground but this design
has been streamlined into shape that looks very early 2000s under the hood lies a 1 liter naturally
aspirated three cylinder engine it puts out sixty-seven horsepower and 66
pound-feet of torque with the hybrid system engaged
it outputs a total of 73 horsepower and 91 pound-feet of torque this engine is
also capable of lean-burn which means it can run with a
air-to-fuel compression ratio of 25.8 to 1 you might notice the conventional
batteries sitting in the engine bay but this car does not normally use a
conventional starter due to the start/stop system starting power comes
courtesy of a 10 will kilowatt hour battery mounted behind the seats and it
sounds like this as some of you may know this car has a
manual transmission unlike the CVT s and Priuses and
automatics and Kia hind I products this is possible because the hybrid system in
this car does not work like those systems it has regenerative braking and
start/stop but the electric motor alone cannot move the car because it is
connected between the engine and transmission so it can only help the
engine this is why the system is called ima or integrated motor assist the only
other cars like it are the first generation Civic Hybrid the Honda cr-z
and second generation in sight although you can’t use electric power alone the
main transmission more than makes up for it even though this car is incredibly
small people of all different shapes and sizes can find it comfortable in this
cabin I’m about 6 feet tall and I have plenty of headroom plenty of legroom and
I feel I could drive this thing for hours without getting uncomfortable or
tired if you take a look at the gauges they are all LCD digital just like the
Honda s2000 s it shows your speed in huge numbers and has comprehensive
readouts for your gas mileage regenerative braking and electric motor
assist amount it also shows you the battery charge levels and would show the
fuel level except mine broke after I was rear-ended on the freeway another
unordinary interior feature is this steering wheel which is straight out of
the Honda s2000 something you won’t find in the Civic from this era when I bought
this car I was really blown away by all the features this car has done my Toyota
pickup did not include him power locks power windows power mirrors air
conditioning heating seatbelts working horn working windshield wipers
headlights hazard lights a safety rating and finally an engine surprisingly even
though this car is super tiny I haven’t found anything that doesn’t fit in the
trunk I’ve had seats coolers a full-size cello heck even I fit back here I’ll be back in a little, there is also a
secret compartment underneath the trunk that can carry anything I would ever
need such as my car gear supplies jumper cables backpacks and more
there are also storage pockets here here and here
so I never run into any problems with holding my stuff then there are a few
aspects of practicality that this car has that really shouldn’t be ignored for
one the tiny size which basically means in a crowded cities such as Los Angeles
you will never be left looking for a parking space simply because you didn’t
fit also due to its incredibly small size the turning circle is miniscule
meaning I can make u-turns in residential streets and finally you have
the option of taking advantage of hybrid parking and the carpool lane if you
spend $25 on a sticker which I didn’t because I hate it’s incredibly fun to
drive I mean the steering is super responsive the gear changes are quick I
mean little notchy it doesn’t like to be revved out much but it’s fun very fun
car I mean I can dart around these corners and they’re very little times
where I feel bored driving this my older car which was a 1986 outer corner he
didn’t have anything and they’ve got really terrible gas mileage it would die
all the time would break and at one point I just decided I I was tired of
spending so much money trying to get every leak every seal replaced or fix
the differential was leaking power steering was leaking it didn’t have
brakes it was it was a little bit of an expensive car to keep running every
single time I drive this car is something amazes me about it I’m gonna
spend on it though how fun it is everything about it is just pretty
amazing and I hope you is buying this car to be somewhat intriguing as well
and not just another lawn more Honda that you see driving around the street
at 3 a.m. like I mentioned before and like you
probably know by now this is a hybrid with the stick shift
I’m not just moving this around for no reason you can really feel the
difference in power and the difference in torque so right now it’s just the
gasoline engine running but as soon as I drop it into second and give it some
beans the IMA system makes up the difference a second gear surprisingly
can go almost a 60 miles an hour which I don’t even know if the Corvette can do
that but I mean this is a lot slower than a Corvette so one thing you might
be wondering about as well is where does the hybrid miss really kick in and that
would be the start/stop technology so a lot of cars have this now but this was
the first one that did it and it doesn’t have a conventional started instead when
I come to a Saab I put it in neutral and then once you get under 25 – engine
shuts off and it’s completely silent we put in first the engine starts back up
again and now we can take off the system actually scared me when I first got the
car because I didn’t really understand how it worked I was used to putting a
neutral engine stayed on obviously and so when I was going up a hill put it in
neutral the engine turned off and I forgot to put it will actually have the
clutch pushed in so it wasn’t in neutral and I started taking off again and the
engine would not turn back on I was stuck rolling down the hill wondering
how does the engine turn back on again so yeah put it in neutral again put it
in first again and then you’re good to go,
thank you so much Scotty for giving me the opportunity to show off my car in
front of all these people and I hope everyone learned something about 2001
Honda Insight that they didn’t know before, well that was this week’s video and
remember to have your car video highlighted here on my channel check
this out so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Remember those when they came out. I didn't know they were still making them in 2001, but remember clark howard getting one. Saw a couple, then none for a while, and then saw an original one again twice on the road here locally this year.

  3. You guys may not believe me but I know him in real life we go Offroading with his Toyota four runner… he is like a best friend to me

  4. 8th Gen Civics are the go-to economy Honda Cars where I live. Once everyone’s starting to convert to electric cars. I think the 8th Gen Civic is going to be one of the last naturally aspirated cars to go. Yes I have one and 160,000 miles later I’m still doing 30-40 mpg,

  5. The only good 3 cylinder engine ever made………………and its made by Honda…………..get in!!

  6. It’s crazy how he enjoys that Car so much. But it’s cool, Honda S2000 and the Mazda Miata are both fun to drive as well. But at least it shows that a Car doesn’t have to be super fast to be fun to drive. Yeah Muscle Cars with those big V8’s are very fun, especially hearing an aftermarket exhaust going through a tunnel and destroying your ears 😂 but A loud system and blazing fast speed doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fun. Nice Car.

  7. What I have always wondered is why didn't they sell as well as the prius and is that why they quit building them?

  8. I hope the owner reads these comments too. Man those cars are really rare here in Canada. I did a nationwide search on autotrader and couldn't find a single one! I remember being so fascinated by this car when it first came out.

  9. I love how Prius drivers drive like such aggressive assholes completely killing any benefit of owning a fuel efficient car

  10. Guy in video: There's a secret compartment under the trunk.

    Me:You mean where the spare tire goes?

  11. Well, the revised EPA standards reduced it from 61 to 49 mpg so we can say that 49 is the most accurate as that is the correct way to compare it against current hybrids

  12. 91 foot pounds of torque, I cringed a little, but he gets a LOT better MPG than my '83 C30 with a 454 in it. End of the story, 61 MPG is completely worth the lack of power.

  13. Next video: Rev up you''re engines. Today we're going to talk about 5 reasons why you should not buy a Used Hybrid Honda

  14. He doesn't really love that car.. I mean look at his headlights, come on mate not that hard or that much effort to clean.

  15. A manual Honda with a knotchy 5 speed, that sir is an oxymoron… That doesn't exist!!! But joking aside cool car and it's in really good shape for her age!

  16. Many of us who own 1st Generation Honda Insights get over 70 MPG. I drove a 2000 insight from Oakland CA to Minneapolis,MN with a bad hybrid battery and after 2300 miles (I drove around Vegas for a week) my trip average MPG when I got to Mpls was 69.7 without a working Hybrid battery

  17. I own a 2000 Honda insight….I get a lot of looks and questions about it…it's a manual..theft proof too

  18. working at a Honda dealership, these cars were not known for their reliability… they were dangeeously underpowered. they also have poor insulation, ALOT of road noise. vettes can do 60 in first gear…

  19. Yeeeesssss, finally!!! Thank you Scotty very much for featuring someone with a 2000-2006 Honda Insight in this episode. These cars are underdogs when it comes to affordable quality, reliability and most importantly, gas mileage. I also have a silver 2001 manual Insight and was about to send you a clip of mine for people to get some 'insight' about these little monsters. Thanks again.

  20. One of the most important aspects when buying a car is completely ignored in Scotty’s videos and in the comment section. It is safety. Size matters. The leading cause of death in young adults is still auto collisions and yet people still are trying to buy the most fuel efficient car and not the safest.

  21. My wife had a 77 civic that had a 2 speed automatic was a trunk model not a cvcc just base model we drove to fla.and back 2655 miles got 64mpg.carb was a 3bbl.mikuni just think if it had a stamdard 4 spd.trans would have gotten 70mpg.They can make vehicles get 100mpg.but big profit corps dont wanna lose $.

  22. Cool car! The air-drag smoke-test is impressive,what a
    slippery car !
    It seems extremely wasteful for the engine to be turned-off and re-started everytime it stops at a light, stop-sign,etc.
    That could be dozens and dozens of times on a short trip. Any engine gets the most wear+tear during start-up,plus it is a 3-cylinder,with 60 degrees of 'dead-time' for each 360 degree revolution of the crank…
    I suppose if anyone can do it,make it work,it is Honda.

  23. Man that is one the ugliest cars Honda ever made too… if they only would have left out the rear end that covers half the wheel

  24. YEAH BABY!!!
    I own one just like it!!! Same year, Same Color !!!
    315 000 clicks and the little 3 cylinder engine is still kickin' !!! ;-)))

  25. Manufacturer builds a 50-60+ mpg vehicle, big oil says "cut it out", next generation says "class leading 35 mpg!". Honda, GM, Geo, VW, and several others have released 50+ mpg vehicles and the complaints from big oil companies forced them to drop the next generation back down to 30-35 mpg. This is one reason why manual transmissions have gone by the way side for the most part, they were getting much better gas mileage so companies cut production of them. The other part is companies make a whole lot more money selling you a $3000 automatic transmission every 100-150K miles than they do a $300 part (throw out bearing/clutch plate) in a manual every 150-200K miles. In the US, as of 2016 only 2% of consumer vehicles came with a manual transmission.

  26. Does not sound too bad for what it is. I have heard Ecoboost Mustangs with about 5 times the horsepower that sound worst!

  27. Good video. I am a fan of Honda, but never found this Insight particularly attractive (unlike the CRZ) but I always admired it from an engineering point of view. This guys car looks in good condition for its age.

  28. Honda Insights don’t have 10 KWH batteries. They have 10 KW motors. Learn the facts before you spew out the “facts”.

  29. Never even heard of the Insight before but it's terrific. Thought my 2004 Civic ivtec Executive was a miser at 32 mpg city driving & 46 mpg motorway, an incredible find for me with only 46,000 Mls on it now & it's zippy too, first ever Honda or even Japanese car! (Love it) 😉

  30. The head has a letter stamped by each cylinder. So when you order the $20 spark plugs you get the correct letter for each cylinder. Why? When the spark plugs are installed, each spark plug electrode is oriented away from the intake valves. Honda did everything they could for fuel economy.

  31. i had the 1st version of the CRX Si. On a turnpike trip from Miami to Orlando, I actually thought the fuel gauge had stopped working when it was still above 1/2 a tank. A tank refill proved the gauge was right and I got 52 MPG on the trip.

  32. I'm driving a 2001 Insight stick shift. This guy is modest. The Insight is a great car. I average about 64 – 65 MPG easily. Fun to drive. Thanks for the posting about his car.

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