This Illegal Mod Will Add 200 Horsepower to Your Car

This Illegal Mod Will Add 200 Horsepower to Your Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk
about illegal modifications to your car that can make it run faster people have
always been modifying their cars some of these modifications are legal in some
state illlegal and others now the first modification has to do with removing
mufflers from a car now when your engine is running it burns gasoline the
exhaust comes out the exhaust manifold goes down the pipes the back of the car
then it passes through the catalytic converter where unburned hydrocarbons
are burned then it goes further down through the muffler in a my own celica
there’s the muffler here it’s right in the back that’s the original muffler
this guy do it’s amazing now like most car parts the muffler is named for what
it does it muffles sounds loud noise of the engine explosions gross through
various baffles that it hits which quiets it down then it comes out the
back but mufflers besides muffling sound they also create some back
pressure some resistance to your exhaust gas freely flowing out to your engine
can breathe in and breathe out as fast as possible realize that basically your
cars engines giant air pump it’s sucking as much air as you can and it’s pumping
the burned gases out as fast as it can to be more efficient to run faster and
to just work better to some extent a muffler does reduce the power of your
vehicle that’s why you don’t see mufflers on race cars and of course it’s
why race cars make so much noise now it used to be in all the piston airplanes
they didn’t have mufflers either that’s why when you hear them flying all around
you’re gonna hear them well in Europe now they’ve made very stringent noise
regulations for small airplanes of propellers and even they are starting to
have small mufflers that have less baffles on them they reduce the noise a
little but they also reduce the power so if you remove the muffler you will have
a free-flowing engine exhaust which means it can suck air and better burn it
and throw the waste gas out as efficiently as possible but in doing so
you’re often breaking the law but the law is different in all states
for example in California a vehicle can’t make more than 95 decibels in New
York State the limit is 15 decibels you just get up louder card California
legally then you can’t a New York State well here in Texas there is no actual
decibel limit it just says that your vehicle can’t make excessive or unusual
noises these things kind of open their what is excessive and certainly what is
unusual I guess you can’t have a car that honks like a goose but that’s
leaves a lot of parameters I hear a lot of loud cars around here nobody seems
to bother them and lately I’ve seen a lot of
really loud Ferraris and Porsches in my neighborhood as it’s becoming yuppified
a lot of them backfire because they don’t have them tuned up right and they
rev them up high and they’re shifting and they back for a car should not
backfire if you do take your muffler off of your vehicle you gotta make sure that
thing is tuned up and running perfectly set perfectly because if it is you’re
gonna get a bunch of backfires the muffler will also slow down some
backfire I mean if you got a big gas leak inside the fuel injectors and it’s
dumping raw fuel in the exhaust it’s gonna backfire that too but a normally
running engine if it isn’t perfectly sawed off without a muffler they do have
a tendency to backfire more so if you just remove a muffler and your car isn’t
set up right for that flow it may not run right and of course since it’s
illegal in most places because of the noise that’s gonna make they’re all
gonna make too much noise on a regular gasoline engine they make a lot of noise
if you take the muffler off your whole systems based on oxygen sensors
catalytic converters and if you remove the muffler then you’re gonna have a
higher flow and that can often mess with the software and the readings from the
oxygen sensors and the working of a catalytic converter because the
catalytic converter actually has to store little actions and inside to burn
the hydrocarbons and if it’s flowing too fast it can’t store anything and it
won’t work right so then you’d be breaking the pollution laws now I’ve had
people in the past say hey Scotty you got to have a muffler on your car
cause you need that back pressure well if you’re driving a four-stroke engine
that’s not true you don’t need any backpressure they’re not made to need
back pressure but speaking of that back in the past when I was a young mechanic
there were a lot of two-stroke motorcycles and even two-stroke cars
like the Saab Sonett that was a bizarre v4 two-stroke engine that the Swedes
make now because of the difference in a two-stroke engine versus a four-stroke
the two-stroke engines really need a certain type of pressure in their
exhaust system in the motorcycles they call them expansion chambers if you look
at one of those old 60s or early 70s two-stroke motorcycles you see they had
these big expansion chambers on the exhaust that was so that they would
create a certain amount of pressure so the true stroke engine could run right
because two-stroke engines are completely different they don’t have the
four-stroke of the intake compression ignition exhaust they’re just two and
there gas mingles in the engine as it runs that’s one reason they pollute a lot
more but with those you take off the exhaust system of a two-stroke
motorcycle engine it’ll look like crap but that has absolutely no bearing on a
four-stroke modern car take off the muffler yep you can make it go faster to
tune it up right but you will be breaking all kinds of laws and here in
the United States especially you’d be breaking federal pollution laws because
if you did it and someone tested it on a machine they’d probably find out that’s
putting out more pollution than it should because getting rid of that back
pressure change tile the anti-pollution system works oh not another way legal
and illegal at the same time using nitrous oxide to boost the power of an
engine there’s all kinds of nitrous setups there’s wet ones where it comes
in wet mixed with the fuel there’s dry ones where it comes in by itself but
basically they’re all made to boost the power of your engine you can make a
little bitty force own around you put out 40 50 more horsepower you get a
barrel v8 engine you can end up adding hundreds of horsepower to it their
legality is kind of in no-man’s land pending upon where you live I got
friends in Australia they said New South Wales it’s totally illegal you can’t
have a nitrous oxide system on your car for street driving
we’re in Great Britain there’s no restriction on using these nitrous oxide
systems other than you have to tell your insurance company they’re gonna
copped your insurance rates cuz I know you’re making it a faster car we’re in
South Carolina in the United States you can legally have a nitrous oxide system
on your vehicle but you can’t have the tank opened to use the system while
you’re driving on the street they have it so you can have it on your car then
you can take your car to a racetrack and do it or go on a dirt road and do it but
on legal streets that you’re driving you can’t have the tank open since the tanks
closed it doesn’t put any boost you’re not boosting anything which of course
leads to guys hiding tanks and hiding the whole system so nobody can see it
but in the state of Nebraska it’s completely legal you can have it on a
street car and if you get pulled over for speeding you’ll get a speeding
ticket but they will not give you an extra ticket for having a nitrous oxide
system hooked up to the car I mean niacin oxide works it uses an oxidizer
and rocket engine so I mean this stuff does work of course there’s only a
limited amount you’re gonna have it doesn’t last all that long but when you
open it up and inject it into the system roof now of course an alarm runner will
have detrimental effects on your engine we’re not was young a lot of guys put
them in and they were always blowing their engines they’d blow a head gasket
sometimes they’d even blow the heads each engine is designed to accept a
certain amount of power and if you go over that limit it will blow up that’s
just the way that it goes no the last modifications I’m gonna talk about can
be illegal but they can really make your vehicle go faster is the use of larger
higher flowing fuel injectors on your engine the fuel injectors on your car
the floor here they’re designed to get the maximum amount of both fuel economy
and power for certain sized engine so if you put in fuel injectors and have a
higher flow rate now you’ll probably have to put a bigger fuel pump on a two
to pump the extra fuel you can get more fuel into the engine quicker and it can
increase the power that it puts out now the main reason that this would be
illegal is because it’s drastically gonna change the pollution coming out
the tailpipe unless you had a complete pro who knew how to reprogram your
computer and set it up so that it wasn’t polluting more if you put bigger
injectors on and set the car up to run with those bigger injectors and of
course you get it worst gas mileage as you pump in more fuel
but if you really wanted to do something like that they make various injectors
for various cars and you would have to have to find a mechanic or if you’re a
real computer whiz and knew how to program computers and understand air/fuel ratios
you could try to reprogram your computer so that would accept these new injectors
now if you’ve got a common car out there like a Mustang or a Camaro Dodge Charger
there’s lots of guys that do that kind of stuff you can go on the internet you
can see their advice tell you what to do and I know with my old Triumph motorcycle
it’s fuel-injected too there’s a British website that the guy gives away all the
information free you just took up the scan tool he gives you the information
of how you should reprogram certain aspects of the computer software to make
those bigger injectors work and away you go there’s a lot of guys out there that
are into speed loves sharing their information with everyone else but then
again realize these guys are going for speed a lot of times you do something
like that it’s not gonna pass any pollution tests for example on my trying
motorcycle here in Texas they don’t test motorcycles for pollution when they’re
inspected each year so it’s not like you got to worry that it’s going to make an
emissions test because they don’t emission test motorcycles here in Texas
so ultimately if you’re gonna do any of these modifications you want to check
with your local laws and see how things work in your area but if you find that a
certain thing is legal in your area or it’s not illegal go ahead just realize
as the saying goes speed is just a question of money how fast do you want
to go, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos
remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Here in Virginia some of the guys with BMW and Uther sports cars thay want it to backfire and thay change the computer on the car with a laptop and change the settings on the car to backfire on purpose and take oil line to exhaust pipe and spray a little and make smoke rings you always know when they tuned it because you can smell the gas burning rich so I can backfire.

  3. Original muffler on a celica with what, 300 000 miles? My civic only has 158 000 KILOMETERS! and it has already been welded once , then the muffler rotted off and I wrapped a tin can around it till my magna flow showed up. Stainless it'll last longer than 158 000 kilometers 🤣

  4. But Scotty, REALLY LOUD Backfires are FUN ! ! !  Back in the Day, we would see a
    Police Officer going the other way under a freeway overpass, and the first thing we would do is hammer the gas pedal, turn off the ignition key, and wait…………until the cop's car was right next to us going the other way.  That was the time to turn on the ignition key and blow the crap out of ALL that unburned gas in the system.  Great fun but not good for your car's exhaust system.

  5. Exactly I’ve been taking the muffler off my cars for years and replacing them with a straight pipe I feel the car drives better more power and better fuel economy and has a good tone Most cars anyway have two mufflers and a cat

  6. No muffler on my 2014 Tacoma 4X4 in So Cal. Runs Alot Better! Keeps the phone texters further out of your lane than the usual half way

  7. cars always drive better with the original factory spec exhaust …these loud exhausts give you an ear ache at high speeds

  8. One the porch backfires because of the turbo and no muffler.
    Two small aircraft has mufflers its the propeller that make the most of the noise in small aircraft.
    The shorter the exhaust the better because of friction .

  9. With newer cars like my 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T the exhaust systems also have resonators. In the case of my car it eliminates drone at 2K RPMs. If you want louder sound a lot of people will eiliminate the resonators but they're there for a reason! 2K RPM is your sweet spot in any gear in my car whether it's automatic or manual tranny. Better to get a performance muffler. You can go straight pipe but not here in MA!

  10. Doesn't lean mixture cause backfires and not rich? This would make sense regarding removing the muffler which would allow to take in air faster (which means more air) but the same fuel amount would still be given thus creating lean mixture conditions.

  11. Scotty: Remember to make sure it's legal to do this in your state before you do it to your car.

    Me, looking at how my inspection sticker is good for a couple more months: Sure… legal…

  12. 2 stroke engines not only create more power they last forever why would the engineers and Government want that ? they would lose money if something lasts forever !

  13. This is basically Harley Davidson's business model..
    I actually got a seat belt ticket one time from a piggie on a harley. Do these retards even realize the hypocrisy of what they're doing? lolz

  14. SAAB V4 was not 2 stroke. The 2 stroke SAAB had a 3 cyl and before that a 2 cyl engine. The V4 was a 4 stroke that came from Ford Europe.

  15. Nitrous in CA used to be only at WOT. Had to have a switch to enable the nitrous only with pedal to the metal.

  16. My car needs a muffler because of laws but I need special permission from my government overlords to get a muffler for a gun.

  17. You need some of that back pressure if the exhaust leaves the cylinders too quickly it could cause the valve to heat crystallize and shatter.

  18. Reminds me of a kid who welded a muffler tip to the pipe and revved up his engine and with a straight face, looked at me and said:

    never felt so much immediate cringe in my life😄🤣😂😆

  19. And don't forget to swap out the high temp lithium grease in your muffler bearings for new and improved hexibithrobilate grease. An extra 40 hp, guaranteed.

  20. Scotty, those cars are tuned / designed to backfire like that from the factory. I think some of them have a fuel injector in the exhaust

  21. I'm no computer pro but I wanted to learn how to tune a vehicle. Less than a year ago I purchased HP Tuners and realized it's not that difficult to retune the ECU. As for injectors, if you buy NEW ones they'll come with all the specs you need to flash into your ECU.

  22. Scotty forgot one part that he could have discussed on this video, and that is changing the catalytic converter and adding a sport cat.

  23. While we might have loose definitions for noise levels here in TX, but some of these cars with loud mufflers are so annoying I'd like to get my Expedition up next to them and run them into the walls!!

  24. Why raise attention that you have tuned your car.I software tuned a Volvo S80 2.5T from 210hp to 300hp and it runs really great and … quiet.😀

  25. The bigger injector thing isn't true. Your talking about running and modding. Much more then just throwing in bigger injectors. People know this.

  26. Unusual,well,there's a few geniuses who have taken a slip of steel with a hole in it an weld it across the tail pipe,making a big whistle toot noise. That's unusual and stupid too! Lol

  27. 3:05 Some cars backfire for a reason. It's called anti-lag, to keep the turbo spooling while you shift. Some had it out of factory some went for a retune with an aftermarket street legal pipe for the same reason. While some do it just because, why not? It's not that they got the tuning wrong. My friend had it done to his car, with a press of a button and a gud rev, his exhaust spits fire like a rocket running out of fuel just because, why not? He call it cool, i call it a waste of fuel

  28. Hey Scotty, some new cars are tuned up to backfire from the factory because people like the pops. Check out the Jag F type, the Hyundai Veloster, or the Fiat 500 Abarth

  29. define backfire is an explosion produced by a running internal combustion engine that occurs in the intake system {flames out the carb} flames out the exhaust is called an afterburn or after-fire, not a backfire.

  30. In the old days you could remove the muffler while driving, flying down the road shut off the engine fill the muffler with gas and turn the ignition on again. A satisfying kaboom and the muffler opens up.

  31. Scotty, Back in the 70's I remember seeing a sticker on a bike stating to the effect of not to remove or alter the exhaust system.  I knew there were motorcycles that couldn't run open pipes and had to have a muffler/expansion chamber in place but never knew why.  Thanks for explaining the need for backpressure on two-stroke engines.

  32. Regarding injector size: Wouldn't the car run best at a certain AFR? You just have to deliver enough fuel to meet the demands of the air brought in by the engine. Any extra fuel from a larger injector would just cause fouling from unburned fuel, and of course be a waste. Larger injectors can be required to maintain AFR when supercharging (converting from NA to Forced Induction), or increasing supercharged boost beyond the limits of the original fuel system; then the duty cycle of the injectors has to then be scaled appropriately to achieve the proper AFR. – In summation, just adding fuel injectors should not increase the horsepower of any car; it raises the potential for more power, but first the engine must somehow breathe in extra air to take advantage of the increased injector size.

  33. At about :12, Scotty made the hand signal for twin turbos, but never mentioned that modification. I feel robbed, but at least nitrous oxide was spoken of.

  34. i have a 1.7 cdti opel astra if i take the muffler out will it get better mpg and horsepower or will it make less horsepower ?

  35. People cant have it here either.. The law in the Netherlands is very strange on this.. You cant have more power than slick says, but police are 2 stupid 2 enforce this law. The only problem you would have: A 6 cilinder in a 4 banger..That couldbe a problem with the MOT.

  36. I hit a raised casting and it tore off a big hole in my cat converter in my Civic causing a loud as all hell exhaust leak and everyone thinks I’m "that guy" but I’m really just a broke college kid that can’t afford to fix it🤷🏻‍♂️

  37. The EU bureautwats are utter morons. They demand that we have noise abatement hardware on our engines but the main component of the noise of an aircraft is not from the engine but from the propeller !!!!
    The dimwits will have us sticking feathers to the trailing edges of our prop and rotor-blades next because some Scandinavian school-kid with mental health issues throws a hissy-fit because she doesn't have the critical thinking skills to realise that she is being used as a political pawn and starts emotionally blackmailing everyone because she's been told that aircraft noise makes people deaf – Yeah… It does.. When you're working on them.. Not when you're on the ground and they're a few hundred or a few thousand feet above.

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