This is the *RV* Life! RVillage Rally | The Villages | Spring Training

This is the *RV* Life!  RVillage Rally | The Villages | Spring Training

just a couple more minutes. Also the jacks. There’s a sign, RVillage. Most of you have met more friends. Oh my gosh, look at the size of these! You’re still there? Spanish Springs. Yes! *laugh There’s Gators there too
obviously a very safe community. is perfect footwear for hiking. *song “The braaaaave.” The
president is here. Another day another video. it’s freezing, compared to 80 plus degrees
and now it’s drop down into the 40’s, it’s freezing. Well we’re leaving the…
it’s called Sunkissed Village RV Resort they invited us here to check out the new
place, it’s just it’s about two months, it is actually exactly two months old now.
So it’s still pretty new, very nice place. The weather’s been beautiful and then
this morning we woke up and it’s in the mid 40s. Just finishing getting ready
umm one thing you want to remember and I
have a hard time remembering, is sometimes is, lubing all your seals
around your slides up above and then also your gears and everything on your
tracks for your slides lube that up with a dry lube and that three-in-one dry
lube is really good to use and then also the jacks. I use a dry lube on those as
well that way it doesn’t stay sticky and it doesn’t collect a lot of grit, you
don’t want that in there on any of those things.
The villages in Florida is made up of three villages and, can you name the three?
uh, Spanish Springs which is where we are at right now and Lake Sumter and Brownwood.
And you say right now we are at? Spanish Springs. yes! *laugh And as you can tell we
parked right next to, right next to Kilwin’s ice cream shop so when we’re done
with this area we can grab some ice cream for Michelle here because you know
I just hate ice cream. *joking For those of you that are not familiar
with the villages in Florida it’s a retirement community and is the fastest growing
community, supposedly in the United States. There’s always a lot going on
here, it is a beautiful area, they have live entertainment
I believe nightly isn’t it? Yeah, each village has it nightly, free! Lots of people have golf
carts and you can just drive your golf cart around on the roads just like a car,
I mean, in the, same…what do I want to say? I don’t know what you wantin’ to say I’m happy. Huh? I’m happy. I love eggs Benedict. With corned beef. Toojays deli, gourmet deli. The deli
eggs benedict had corned beef and tomato on it oh my god I think it was the best I’ve ever had.
We’d recommend it. is really good. yeah! so I was thinking the pricing though. Oh, so yours. For
eggs benedict it was $11.99 my Cobb salad was 1$2.59 not too high, yeah. not bad. Got some beer
drinkers out there? Let me get your door. I’m side tracking her, I’ll show you why Kilwin’s ice cream, she forgot.
I can’t believe you got out of there without having a dessert. I know but
we’re going… the next place we’re going we might have a dessert. yeah cuz I
didn’t see any close by. (sneaky look) A little walk-up window for drinks. Hey! That’s handy! look at those birds they’re on, looks
like their on their own little boat Apparently there’s Gators here too. you may be wondering why we chose this
place. We haven’t seen much on the internet about it or much on YouTube and we
thought, you know it’s not just for the retirement community, this is a really
beautiful place! The last place is called Brownwood, it’s more of your country
setting and uh…country western (said with a southern accent) yeah darlin’. *country music *Pride and Joy song. Everything doesn’t always have to be
RV related. Long day at work today, that’s one
thing that’s really nice about this life when we get off work, we can just go take
off and go down and do something fun. We’re gonna go back down to…the umm One of the villages. The Villages! Wow… *Radio: Do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? Brian: Yes! Have you thought about taking a supplement to improve your memory? but would like to hear from a Pharmacist first? Brian: No! *Music: Uh huh uh huh. uh huh uh huh want some mother truckin pizza? Yeah, I saw that. Mother. Truckin. Pizza. We just
ordered some nachos, my Gosh, look at the size of these nachos! this is Michelle and I’s first time to
the RV rally, the RVillage RV rally the theme is The Spirit of the Road, because is called that from the spirit of the Suwanee river.
Right, yeah. And we’re kind of in this area that they have a big gathering at
night time right now, that’s why you don’t see very many people. But this
place is a way huger than. Huger? Its huger! We’ve been going to some
seminars, we’ve had to walk wayyyy down this way, which is why everybody’s
on bikes and golf carts. yeah. And they have uh, they do that free shuttle. shuttle
going around taking people but we keep missing it. we got it one time. But, a
lot of people here. it’s a lot of fun, seminars are fun to go to- oh yeah – we saw Bob Wells. *Bob Wells: “webecame good friends after the divorce, quite a while after the divorce. *laughing to him we had Garvey electricity glass
your computer is not happy with it your power supply is overheating the one
thing that I think is really interesting is a problem intentionally is the fact
that residential refrigerator is now are being installed are these like crazy and
they’re putting them on we put it in every class is is full RV maintenance
fire the Corps of Engineers camping I know you don’t even know who they are I
just want to know how you can camper Jeep in those co-ed bars tonight there’s
gonna be a music and get together right here
I know if you’ve ever heard of it they call the Firebirds well this is Firebird they light these things on fire it look
like Birds int Firebird man oh we’re gonna go move the cast of the RV years
in the Discovery Channel huh how many of you were in the Music Hall last night
dancing to wicked truth Jeff fine why is it that we’re living other people’s
dreams or why is it that people are waiting into a retirement why is it that
I waited so long to do something that I wanted to do so I think that’s one of
the reasons why I wanted to create the show because I like to do TV shows about
things I’m passionate about we’ve got the Aviators that’s going into its
eighth season and I’m a pilot and I’ve been passionate about aviation my whole
life and that was another thing that I took too long to do I didn’t get my
pilot’s license until I was 35 and I’ve wanted to fly airplanes since I was a
kid so those are my only two regrets in life that I took too long to get my
pilot’s license and I took too long to start our being because both have been
great and positive things in my life and I think that lost time is something that
I want to make sure that other people out there who want to RV and aren’t for
any number of reasons there’s a million reasons why you don’t do something that
they just put all that beside them and say I want a RV and so your show has
provided me just enough inspiration to do it so we want to get people out there
and living their dream and that’s the purpose of the show it’s basically not a
waste of time like I feel that I think so that’s my story we made it to Orlando and I thought I’d
show you a little bit of the madness so you come down here to this check-in
point everybody lines up and they bring somebody with a cart a golf cart take
you to your spot so there’s a line of us if you come and line up on their long
drive before noon they have somebody waiting there with a
golf cart makes you go come down turn around and leave and come back at noon
because it gets so backed up they’ve had troubles with it getting so backed up
that it goes out into the highway we got here just a couple minutes probably two
three minutes after nothing there’s about five minutes after noon and there
was 14 already here we’ve never been to a spring training
game but the line is really long she’s getting ice cream the president is here on a beautiful day we’re just getting
ready to leave town and we solve this nature trail called the celery fields
thought we’d stop and check it out real quick to have a butterfly garden nature
centers closed that’s a bummer hey Michelle there’s wasps you don’t like
wasps well we only had our flip-flops on I don’t feel so bad now as you can tell we got our heavy-duty
hiking gear on with our flip-flops that is perfect footwear for hiking yeah they
gave us free coupons the Orioles kid if they got over seven runs
everybody got free coupon for Culver’s unless to scoop sunday it’s free right I told her I said both get one we don’t
have to eat it all we ain’t move this looks like this trail
goes quite a ways up here for doing this for you in our flip-flops my got
flip-flops she’s got please she’s got Birkenstock sandals no far from it
but around the calves it looks like this
trail goes quite a ways we’re not gonna do the whole trail no way in flip-flops
or did we say we’re doing this for you made it to the top did we mention we’re doing this for you
trail goes further that way going this way towards the car yeah it’s
okay trail you have your plastics lid go on a nice slide dirt slide this folks
is Florida snow again this is the celery fields trail is just right on the edge
Sarasota oh sorry we forget we did not see at the spring training game we did
not see at least where we were at did not see any motor home any RVs or
anything parked anywhere so I’m not saying that they don’t have a spot for
RVs but we didn’t see anything did you know I am speaking for week beautiful
day perfect day for it but this place is a way huger than huger it’s huger it’s
so huge next to China I mean I don’t know cut
start over take three don’t forget to subscribe to
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  1. Great Video.. Thanks for taking us along. We just joined RVillage.. would love to get to a rally one day. Thanks again

  2. Just a couple more minutes! lol Very cool places – ya'll have had a busy week! Tell Michelle that the Eggs Benedict she had looked amazing! The Villages looked very cool – would like to go there sometime… Thanks for sharing more of your adventures! Can't wait to see where you'll be next! Safe travels you two! 🙂

  3. Very nice video! I was at the RVillage Rally and enjoyed it. We use this event as a jumping point for our Florida outing. Instead of Grapefruit League Spring Training we did the Daytona 500, St. Augustine and back to Daytona for the track tour and museum. We made your video as we was in the audience at the Bob Wells Seminar 😉 I should be uploading my take of the RVillage Rally 2020 and our adventures soon. Thanks again for sharing your adventures and safe travels!

  4. My wife’s grandfather lives in the Villages and it’s a really cool place. Cody’s Roadhouse was our favorite place to eat in the town by the lake.

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