This Modern Car Trend Needs To STOP!!

This Modern Car Trend Needs To STOP!!

Modern cars, so many things can be said about
them, things we love and things we kind of wish would go away. Automotive trends, just like fashion don’t
typically last very long, well unless it’s widely accepted by us the consumers. Trends like large infotainment displays have
been justified in a way even though there are a handful of negatives that can be said
about them, mainly relating to safety and ease of use. But see according to auto manufacturers they
help modernize the car’s interior while packing a bunch of customizable features that
normally wouldn’t be available on a car without one. Long story short infotainment displays are
here to stay, they aren’t going anywhere and I that’s ok, well kind of. Same with engine downsizing and electric powered
vehicles, they are here to stay. But the ongoing trend of grilles getting bigger
and bigger on cars, what is seriously going on there? Is there a logical reason as to why they continue
to increase in size? And when will it end? Here’s my take, it needs to stop. At one point the enlargement of grilles was
actually pretty cool at least in my opinion, it sort of gave a car a touch of prestige
and luxury. But now it seems like most car manufacturers
after hopping on the trend have ruined it by trying to upsize one another, guys in this
particular example size, really does not matter. Hmm so who should we blame for what seems
like a never ending trend? Audi maybe? They arguably started the trend in 2005, with
their W12 Audi A8, funny thing is that, compared to the grilles we are getting now, that one
on the A8 actually looks quite tame. Let’s take a look at a few examples that have
seriously made this trend a joke. Lexus, oh yes, arguably the leader of bi grilles,
lead by their very controversial spindle grille. You either love it or you hate it. Lexus has said that those that have been with
Lexus since the beginning are the ones that find the modern grille design polarizing while
the younger generation are all for it. Lexus executive has said quote “Our [previous]
image had been that of a producer of high-quality luxury vehicles for years. But that wasn’t enough to keep us relevant. It was important that we not only produced
high-quality luxury vehicles but also that had to be edgy in terms of styling and cutting-edge
technology.” In other words, they had to do what they had
to do to stay relevant with the shift of every car having to look sporty. Even if that means losing many of it’s core
fan base in favor for a lot more younger buyers. Interesting.. You see here’s the thing, the spindle grille
doesn’t look that bad on some Lexus models, you know the ones they kind of seem like they
are intended for. For example the Lexus LC500, actually looks
pretty good,the RC-F not as good as the LC but it’s pretty acceptable. But then you look at their entry level SUV,
the UX and all you can say is why? Moving right along, this next manufacture
pains me to talk about as it’s my favorite car brand. But it has to be done. BMW….(Take a breath) Why must you make the
social media memes a reality. With every new generation of BMW vehicles
the kidney grilles get bigger and bigger. Just take a look at these graphics I found
on They accurately represent the ongoing trend
of bigger grilles. Let’s start with the 3 series. 2002 platform kicks things off with what appears
to be tiny cute little grilles, very slim with most of its area made up vertically. Looking back at that design of kidney grilles
is hard to judge fairly because of what we are used to now in the modern era. Only someone that grew up around the 2002
BMW would be able to give a valid perspective. In my opinion they look too small and definitely
benefited from a size increase. Skipping over to the e30, probably the most
iconic set of grilles of all BMW’s because of the introduction of the M3, They still
look a tad bit too small and I feel like the size increase is justifiable, just my opinion. Moving on to the E90, this is when the grilles
really started to distinctive shape, the E46 got away from the boxy shape and the E90 built
on it. I know this may sound a bit biased, but I
truly believe the kidney grilles on the e9X platform are the perfect size, well it’s a
toss up between the F30 platform and the e90. The G20 is just slightly overdone, and from
the looks of it online, many people agree. We will skip over the 5 series since there
is a very similar kidney grilles to the 3 series. Let’s take a look at the 7 series go all
the way to the G12 chassis. Like why?! This doesn’t look good! It doesn’t seem like it belongs there. It looks like a meme! Anyways let’s move on to everyone’s favorite,
the x series, BMW’s Suvs. The all new X5 and X7. I recently got to see what these two SUVs
look like in person and let me just say this, pictures don’t do it any justice. In person the kidney grilles of the X7 are
massive especially in the chrome color. The ones on the X5 are bigger than they should
be as well, but much more tolerable. But nothing beats, I say nothing beats the
kidney grilles on BMW’s M4 concept…Honestly no words needed. And now let’s talk about Toyota, ah yes
what a surprise, Lexus’s parent company. You see at least the spindle grille used on
Lexus models look somewhat stylish in a way. Key word in a way. But what Toyota has been doing to the front
end of their cars should be illegal. Nearly every single model they offer has gone
over the deep end. Starting with their most affordable vehicle
the Yaris, It sort of resembles the mouth of a bigger fish eating smaller fish..You
see the resemblance? The only difference here being that the mouth
on the Yaris stays open permanently. The Corolla has a similar thing going on and
so does the all new Corolla hybrid. The Camry’s front end has a large grille
with what seems like an H design in the middle. The sportier XSE model can be seen as a coin
toss, since the overall package is much more sportier. Do you see a trend here? The more expensive you get into the Toyota
Lineup of cars the bigger the grille gets. Which leads us to absolutely most absurd grille
design in any modern car, in my opinion of course. The Toyota Avalon. This has to be a joke right? This car doesn’t even have a front bumper. Plot twist the bumper is actually behind the
grille. Might as well put the headlights behind grille
while your at it just like the late 60s charger. With a grille that big I expect the car to
have a 1500HP Twin turbocharged V12 under the hood. Can imagine attempting to clean love bugs
off that front end? It’d be nearly impossible! And I think what bugs me the most is that
most of the grille is not functional, just for show, an ugly show. Come on Toyota this trend needs to stop. Of course I can go on and on and talk about
other cars that are equally as guilty for fueling this outrageous trend. For instance almost all modern trucks have
bigger than ever grilles, some prime examples include the Chevy Silverado HD and RAM 2500. But the question is, do they get pass since
they are trucks? I mean they are supposed to look mean and
aggressive right? Possibly the extra workload can benefit from
such a big entry for air? Then there are supercars which typically don’t
look bad with overly aggressive grilles, but one that stands out as ehh is the aston Martin
DCS Superleggera. What do you think? Aggressive or just plain ugly? That said there are some manufactures that
have since toned it down like Lincoln. Do you remember what their MKS and MKZ used
to look like? Here’s what their MKZ looks like now. Much better… Remember guys this is soley my opinion and
it’s all subjective, let me know how you guys feel about this modern trend of bigger
grilles in the comment section. Make sure to like if you enjoyed the video
and make sure to subscribe for more. As always thanks for watching, till next time.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Yes, I mispronounced Superleggera. My option was either to publish the video tonight and take the heat from the pronunciation experts or fix it and publish the video tomorrow. Well, I decided to just take the heat. 😎

  2. There's a huge trend in cars lately of faking everything that can possibly be faked. Fake engine noise, fake grills. Why? I wouldn't be surprised if we get fake wheels next

  3. BMW made the best looking cars among All car brands but with the big grills the have become the ugliest among All. big grills simply don't work with that shape.

  4. I also hated what Mitsubishi is doing with their cars today. The headlights are placed on the cheeks separate from what used to be the eyes of the car, kinda like the Nissan juke.

  5. This trend keeps me looking at older vehicles for purchase, spending the money to replace engine parts, and upgrade the older cabin interiors. I see a lot of ugly cars on the road nowadays. Don't get me started on Prius.

  6. It's all to do with the Chinese market, the Chinese like the bigger grills so all the manufacturers are expanding their grill's because a big hit in that market is worth a lot 💰💰

  7. I like lexus grill on CAR only..their suv shit cant talked about it but tf is BMW doing??
    Like what happened??
    The LEXUS LC500 has the best till now 🙌

  8. Dat Avalon doe
    BIG supercharger
    BIG air filter
    MASSIVE W12 (probably a 1250 hp sleeper)…

    …is what I'd say, but no .
    Proper showcar, nothing to see here else folks.

  9. I agree with you 100 percent I was talking to some friends the other day about how I find it funny that cars engines get smaller and the grills get bigger

  10. Keep in mind it is cheaper to produce and hang a BIG ASS HUNK OF PLASTIC . Mosly full of empty space then it is to actualy use sheet metal on the car

  11. Large grills come and go. It's just fashionable at the moment. If you doubt it, check out UK cars from the 50s and 60s like Rover, Ford, Vauxhall, Singer, Austin, etc. The Consul had a huge grill compared to modern cars. If people don't buy a car, the manufacturers soon find out why and change things accordingly. This is a nothing story.

  12. I like Toyota vehicles, but the current grille on the Camry and especially the Avalon are terrible to me. I prefer the 2008 Avalon as far as Toyota is concerned.

  13. New sub here. Love truthful opinionated videos. Also, my opinion, your opinion doesn't seem biased but honest and respectful. I agree with you though that the HUGE grill trend needs to stop last year lol.

  14. The Lexus Spindle grill on their SUVs is unforgivable. Downright Horrid at every angle and just a lack of effort if you ask me. That's coming from a guy who Did actually like the first gen MKZ grill.

  15. I know I am 2 days old in my comment but I think the reason why most car companies do that is because of China, since China loves big things and most car companies get more profit in China

    I personally like the bmw grille 7 series

  16. It actually makes the car look futuristic with the big grill.. the Lexus RX is very nice with the big grill, just admit it you don’t like futuristic cars

  17. BMW's with huge grills are actually nice. I have a Golf and not a fan of BMW 'that much' but still I have to admit that the current BMW design gives their models prestigious look.

  18. I don't see you give a big fuck about plastic exhaust covers on sporty cars as much as big grills rlly 🤷🏻‍♂️ disappointing tbf

  19. The only maker that should have their grill covering the front from top to bottom so the license plate has to be on the side, is Alfa Romeo with their triangle.

  20. In a view years these huge grilles will look outdated as electric vehicles don't need a cooling grill and completely new design concepts are possible.

  21. I yearn for the days when a car`s front bumper could actually `bump" instead of being a $1000 insurance claim. Toyota exterior design is headed by a lizard alien. That has to be a fact

  22. In my mind, the Mitsubishi evo X is the car that kicked off the large, aggressive grill trend in cars of the past decade. I think it looked good on that car. The previous evos also had large grill openings because of the intercooler but the X really stood out design-wise. There may have been other cars who did it earlier but its the first one i think of. Now almost all other manufacturers have taken it to such an extreme it looks absolutely ridiculous.

  23. Here’s one more Lexus car that had made big grilles even more ridiculous.

    The Lexus LM, based on the Asian market Alphard. Keep in mind the original Alphard in third gen since 2015 had a ridiculously big grille as well.

  24. Bigger grille mean they wanna got upmarket, like RR, BENTLEY MERCEDES but these 3 just look purchase class, BMW, LEXUS ETC ETC got no chance..

  25. In 2-3 years, what will even happen? Will cars even have front bumpers? The grills will get so big that they're larger than the engine itself.

  26. Enlargement of grilles is necessary for cars as cars engines get bigger cars need to suck up more air and thus the car gets cooled if they have a smaller grille the cars engine will fail and may explode that’s why it’s a necessary to have big grilles so deal with the trend as I a car enthusiast I find it stupid for people to complain about the styling because some cars are boring and look the same but some people (like I) would prefer more cars that stand out like the 2020 Kia Soul GT it looks super nice for a Kia and the Hyundai KONA looks really nice so I think that bigger grilles are nice and give the car character.

  27. HATE the big grills!
    GROTESQUE to the nth-degree!
    Embarrassing to drive!
    Fortunately I'm unable to afford one.
    And these guys graduate from design schools!
    The "King has no clothes"!!!

  28. it’s just a design choice. they’re going for a more luxury car look, and while i don’t love it, it’s not bad

  29. I think ALL the vehicle manufacturers are in a competition to see who can build the ugliest car. They all look the same to me.


  31. just like that stupid infotainment screen that stand like tablet !!! holly crap Ford made the worst and trend still continuing i blame the consumer who buys them cars i will never go in debt without checking design that is good not over the line creativity is dying in cars design every one is doing what the other one is doing !!!!

  32. The stupid plastic plugs under the headlights that actual do nothing but look ugly and offer an aerodynamic deficit.
    Number plates in grilles "pin the tail on the donkey" style, looks shyte.

  33. The idea is the get rid of bumpers altogether so even in a small acendent the car is a rite-off and you go out and buy anothet car.

  34. If you look at it from the perspective of all cars going electric, the grill will become useless as a grill and more as a display or some sort of light show or something, so if you don't want to look like you have dramatically changed the front end of your car instead of incremental changes like with Audi and BMW, you can do this and then simply have a version of the car that looks like this and an electric version that has an LED display there. I just forgot where i saw the Lexus and mini cooper concepts i believe even Mercedes had a concept that used the grill space as an LED display to communicate with pedestrians and such.

  35. Lexus is the worst with the grilles. The irony is that they talk about being futuristic, but their infotainment systems are 5 years behind BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Even Ford and Dodge have better infotainment systems!

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