This New Ford F-150 Changes Everything

This New Ford F-150 Changes Everything

rev up your engine
there’s now a specially modified Ford pickup truck you can get it’s called the
f-150 Super Snake and I got it painted like the Shelby Cobra gt500 and it puts
out 750 horsepower for you truck enthusiasts it like doing burnouts and
going fast in straight lines the f-150 Super Snake you don’t care about gas
mileage you want pure power outrageously modified f-150 pickup truck with 750 horsepower
hey the Super Snake is probably the thing for you here we go here’s one for
people with an endless supply of money who want to have an electric Lamborghini
it turns out that in the middle of the next decade Lamborghini says they’re
gonna have an electric car it’ll be an electric Lamborghini a first for them
what’s your time ago they made the first SUV called the Eurus so if you have a
couple hundred grand up to buy an SUV and you want to have a Lamborghini SUV
a guy down the street bought one but I mean hey
they own a winery in California they got all kinds of money I guess they
don’t know what to do with it so they caught that in the next one five six
years an electric car it’s kind of funny to me that Lamborghini seems to come
real late in the game for everything it was only a few years ago that they
finally made an SUV and then it’s gonna be five or six years from now they’re
gonna make an electric car seems to me that they’re kind of late to the party
with this maybe they haven’t realized that yet but if you look at what
everybody else is doing to kind of come into the party a little bit later than
everyone else, Joe search says Scotty a long time big fan
why do they use mileage to rate oil changes instead of hours, hours make more
sense with City versus highway driving yes they do that’s a very good point
people are lazy they don’t want to count stuff so they go by mileage ratings
that’s just pretty much easy for the manufacturers to do they’d be too cheap
to put in yet another thing that measures the hours of run
so you know when to change it now of course with police cars that make total
sense because a lot of times they sit like the fourth of July here in Houston
and parades and big cities they sent idling in a hot air conditioned Sun
sometimes ninety percent of the time so it’s hours they’re running not mileage
so it does make sense but people are lazy they don’t want to have to keep
something up so they just decided to go by mileage ratings instead it’s not that
smart of a thing to do but that’s the way that it goes in modern times
so really old cars yeah people went by our ratings and clocks on that measured
on might someone say goodbye to the Chevy Volt they’re not gonna be making
it anymore 2019 s the last year that they’re making the Chevy Volt that was a
plug-in hybrid it was pretty much a massive failure a GM is now going to the
Chevy bolt everything wants revolt to bolt which is a purely electric car and
they’re giving up with the plug-in hybrid Volt that they’d made for a while
the bolts are gonna be all electric cars it’ll be there for array into the
electric car we’ll see what happens with them you know as I’ve always said
there’s it stands in the United States at least these days electric cars are a
fringe thing there’s no infrastructure for the power and get limited range they
don’t really fit in with American philosophy of just getting Drive and I’d
have to worry about sitting there for hours recharging stuff the Volt is dead
and has been replaced by a bolt which is a purely electric car it’ll be
interesting to see if GM can get anywhere with the bolt cuz they didn’t
get very far with the Volt me I’m not holding my breath on that one because
the price that they’re asking for these electric cars eastern United States got
a customer just came from China where they can get electric cars for like
fourteen thousand dollars beyond that is eventually the Chinese being important
over there share those people he’s talking about trade this and that but if
people really went to electric cars either someone here is gonna make them
cheaper and good or they’re gonna have made in China and ship them over here
well see what happens if Scotty’s right or wrong and in the future but I
wouldn’t hold my breath on GM selling a whole bunch of electric cars every
electric car if they’ve done so far was pretty much a dismal failure even though
one they had regular car batteries ages to go that was a
failure to and they bought them all back and crushed them all it’s up except two
talked with God asked Scotty I got an 04 Honda cr-v my car key jams
on the car door can’t open the door now what’s happening to the passenger side
door and the driver’s part window goes down slow my local mechanic said I
should get a new car door from a junkyard what do you think I would go
and buy a new door just because of things like that they’re happening and
anyways it’s 16 years old who knows what kind of shape a used door is gonna be
the keys just wear out over time hopefully you don’t just have one key
you got some other keys hiding in a drawer somewhere and if you don’t
anytime you get another car make sure you got two or three spare
keys at least just gonna keys we’re out you got another good one
put it right in and you can use it you don’t have to rekey the whole car that
cost a fortune odds are your keys just flat we’re
enough as happens to the drivers power window going down slow first get some of
the silicone spray Lube you can get it anywhere auto parts store hardware
stores I got a video line shows you how to do it just roll the window down then
the front in the back with window rolls up and down the runners there spray the
silicone then run it up down more silicone up and down and that lubricates
a lot of times that fixes now if it doesn’t it generally means that the
motor regulator assembly is wearing out as long as it works live with it and if
it does break buy a new motor regulator assembly and that’s an old four you can
get aftermarket ones for an old for that don’t cost all that much that work
perfectly fine for less than a hundred bucks if you parts around and dark
panels pretty easy to take out and just take the bolts off bolt it on and off
I’ve got videos I’m there to on place on electric power windows it’s not that big
of a deal you could do it yourself easily so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. What’s the point of that “shitter snake” truck? Trucks are for work to haul stuff and tow stuff not to look cool because you have a paint job and a overly tuned engine that’s not going to last and will never be as good as any sports car handling speed track in any way you compare them. Please stop buying these novilties so they stop making them….. bet the rivian electric truck is faster will last longer looks better and overall a better option for a useless fast truck

  3. Gee, once trucks were for use on ranches/farms. Now it is a status symbol. $60-70K w/7 year loans. No manure or gun racks on these puppies.

  4. GM is large enough to employ the brightest minds in the automotive business so I can't figure out marketing blunders like the Volt. Tax write offs?

  5. Tesla has a truck coming and even as a Tesla fan I chuckle when people say its an F-150 killer. Because every few years a new truck or an updated truck comes out and is an F-150 killer and nothing has unseated the Ford. I figure the only electric pickup to unseat the Ford will be Ford making an electric F-150. F-150 is not just popular due to being a good truck, Its popular because its an F-150. I could be wrong of course but the only thing I see unseating the Ford is another revision by Ford.

  6. I think thats the ford truck that cost 107 thousand dollars, who is that dumb. Is that the change your talking about.

  7. Hey Scotty I’m having an issue getting power to my radio on my 09 Scion tC I used a multimeter and it says 0 volts and all of the fuses are fine. What do I do?

  8. HI Scotty – love the channel. After 52 years there must be some cars that with hindsight that you wish you had bought/stored as you saw their increase in value. As a Brit I can't see why Americans love their trucks – but a large part of car love must be nostalgia. In the UK it seems you can virtually build your own Morris Minor with new/refurbished parts – that can really only be nostalgia and a love for fiddling with cars.

  9. Yeah, electric infrastructure just isn't here… NOW. But someday, just imagine: what if almost every household in America had a supply of electricity? Far-fetched? Only time will tell.

  10. Who the HELL out there has $80,000 for a Hot Rod F150?? 🇺🇸 😱 The cost of ALL manufacturing prices 🤑on their Trucks Are OUTRAGEOUS!!

  11. For some GM/Toyota history, NPRs this American Life podcast has a great story on the Numi plant, where Toyota and gm partnered up to make a "quality" small car. It really exposes how crappy Chevy quality is. Mainly it stems from their upper management and internal culture that remains today.

  12. Oh good, a 750 Hp pickup for people who need to get rid of that $85k trashing up the house. Well, we know gas is cheap again, but I will just sit here and patiently wait for some Iranian to light a candle on a birthday cake so the "market" has an excuse to shoot prices back to $4.45/gal, then we can hear Scotty say, "American car manufacturers just don't make vehicles people want to buy, they use too much gas". Then gas , drops, repeat.

  13. Hi Scotty. I bought a 2018 shelby f150 just like the one you're speaking about, but the lifted version. I made the decision to po purchase that truck after I watched your video on the ford eco boost engine. I always wanted a raptor but after your video on the issues with the eco boost motor, I decided to purchase the Shelby. Traditional Coyote 5.0 V8 with a Whipple 2.9 whipple super charger. 755 hp. I love it

  14. The 2018 Shelby was purchased from Tipton Ford from Brownsville Texas. It has 112 miles on it. 7 years Bumper to Bumper factory Warranty with 0% interest for 6 years

  15. my 1989 Ford Escort GT I bought when I was still in college, will beat them all. It has over 253K miles on it, four timing belts changes, four alternaters, two water pumps. three thermostats at four serpantine belts. AC is still cold and well, it keeps on going… I've since switched to Toyotas (4Runner and Highlander) but the Escort is a great back up car…I know, I'm very lucky and for a Ford, it's an anomaly.

  16. Somehow I don't think that this "Super Snake" will be good for the bush, where pickups belong. Nevertheless, well done Ford….if you can afFORD one. That's a LOT of power from a 302 engine. I wonder how long it will last? Same goes for the 2020 Shelby Cobra Mustang, a 317 with 760 HP? Back in the day a good solid reliable street motor put out 1 horsepower per cubic inch but if you wanted some more serious power 2 hp/ci was pretty standard for a normally aspirated engine. From this comes the old adage, "the best way to horsepower is a cubes", and it was. Even 2 hp/ci was pretty reliable. I ran a 950 hp 1969 428CJ Mach 1 for years with minimal problems. I can't see the problem with putting an engine hour meter in all cars, they are already in many larger highway vehicles. It was something that I put in all of my HiPo builds.

  17. The police idle their cars for about 15 hours per day over a 24 hours shift – 3 person change @ 8 hours per shift. But if I idle my car for more than 3 minutes in Ontario, Canada, I get a ticket for damaging the environment. That's big government for you. Canada is the closest thing to Communism without actually being a Communist country.

  18. Seriously considering trading in my aging 2004 Cobra for a Tesla Model S. Test drove it and man was fun, but sounds lifeless ( love my lopey V8 ! )..

  19. Hey Scotty I got a 2013 Ford Taurus Limited with 98,000 miles on i had over two years end it runs great it handles the New England weather and roads are perfect should I have any concerns

  20. Looks like Ford would have put the New (Godzilla) 7.3 gas motor in the Super Snake. The original Super Snake is a Very rare Cobra .

  21. No, the new F-150 Super Snake changes just one thing: You're going to have to work at McDonald's until you're almost 70 to pay your auto loan off.

  22. For oil changes and other maintenance on most machinery, aircraft especially, as I'm a pilot, is done by hours, as most (aircraft especially) have an hour meter as a standard and essential engine instrument, including diesel tractor/trailer rigs. Why passenger cars and trucks don't is quite beyond me since a lot of passenger vehicles spend a great deal of time just idling, especially at intersections and traffic signals.
    Love the channel Scotty, keep the videos coming!

  23. Hey Scotty. Speaking of measuring when to change oil, my 2019 Mustang GT has an oil life feature that states how much life the oil has left. The car only has 1000 miles, so it reads 95%. Is this just going by mileage or is it somehow testing the oil quality?

  24. The lambo suv looks so stupid I've seen it on the road and was laughing at the person who bought it the whole ride home

  25. Scotty and Nancy seem to have the same hand flailing condition. It’s usually associated with making up crap as you speak.

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