This New Ford Mustang Changes Everything

This New Ford Mustang Changes Everything

rev up your engines
the 2020 Shelby gt500 the stock one is coming with 760 horsepower that’s even
more than the 660 horsepower that I had in 2013 gt500 I drove around the crazy
Hennessey he was down the street here in Houston he’s got a setup that he has
that’s gonna make that thing put our 1200 street-legal horsepower and sanity
I mean that was Carroll Shelby’s original idea he was going to make GT
thousands made that had 1200 horsepower well Hennessey is now making them with
12 hundred horsepower so if you really want 1200 horsepower you got a
lot of money burning all in your pockets come down to Houston area and get one of
these Hennessey new 2020 GT 500s and you get 1200 horse powers you got a lot of
money to buy it a lot of money for gasoline and probably a whole bunch more
money to pay all the tickets that you’re gonna get driving it, refat says a Scotty
I live inBuffalo New York I’m having trouble choosing between 2019 rav4 and a
Subaru Forester I see the rav4 8 speed automatics have
issues being jerky and the Subaru has a CVT well you know truthfully I wouldn’t
buy those vehicles I like Toyotas but they do have problems
with those HP transmissions and I would not buy one until they cure the problems
and building them correctly and I would never buy a Subaru with a CVT
transmission they’re bad enough with regular automatics I would not buy
either of those cars if I were you I would buy an older rav4 or if you know
how to drive a standard a Subaru with a standard transmission their automatic
transmissions or CVT transmission stink so you get a standard I got a customer
here is a business guy he fixed his a/c and now he’s got a Subaru
he’s got 190,000 miles but it’s a standard transmission and he loves it I
wouldn’t buy either of those vehicles because of the transmissions that’s in each
of them tai 1973 says I’m looking at an
08 Toyota Avalon XLS for one hundred and sixty four thousand miles
there’s six thousand too much money to pay or is it a fair price oh yeah it’s way
too much money to pay yes it passed an inspection because you don’t trust
anybody you gotta the mechanic look at a guy like that it’s a pretty complex car
if it passes a mechanic’s inspection I’d say the things worth ah $4,300- $4,500
tops that’s a lot of mileage and yeah it’s a Toyota but it’s 12 years old with
a lot of miles you’re getting absolutely no guarantee for the thing plus you’re
paying cash for the vehicle now I know everybody says well what do you score
notes are good even for me I’m used-car Lots you’re paying 100 something dollars
a month to them so you know they’re toting your note you’re not giving them
$6,000 cash you’re paying cash for a car they go for less to begin with and with
that kind of mileage on it now you’re not getting any guarantee
I got an equivalent car for my wife 2002 Lexus ES 300 or try but when I bought it
was sixty thousand miles on I paid three grand for the car so you know that’s too
much that’s so they can be a good car get it inspected pay a lot less if you
really want to buy it and the mechanic says it’s a good car, Chango 25 Scotty
are there any decent years or dodge grand caravan so they all pretty
unreliable they’re all pretty unreliable I mean those are the vans that created
the joke how come Dodge Grand Caravan scan hold eight
people so some of them get out and push while the eighth one steers it so they
can get to the nearest garage to fix the thing they were extremely unreliable piles
of junk their automatic transmissions maybe the
worst thing that Chrysler ever put in any vehicle that was ever built
they were just horrible vehicles as they aged you wouldn’t want to buy one of
those things I mean it would make no sense you’d probably be putting a ton of
money into fixing it or people finally wised up I mean they saw a lot of them
because the soccer mom liked them they could put the kids they had two
cupholders and all that garbage end up on mechanically they were one of the worst
vans ever made in history of mankind, barf
says Scotty I got an 03 350z the ac blows hot sometimes other times it works
fine and blows cold it seems randomly what could be the issue if it works fine and
then doesn’t work fine that’s almost always electronic failure first thing
just change the AC magnetic clutch relay it’s a simple thing you can buy one any
auto parts store and I’ll show you where it is yon plug it and plug the new one
in that could often fix the top it’s not that then it can get really complicated because
those Nissan AC systems are all computer-controlled
it sometimes works fine and then doesn’t work at all it’s not low on refrigerant
cuz it’s long refrigerant it’ll blow cold when it’s not that hot and then
when it gets hotter it’ll boil not quite as cold but not hot then you’d have some
kind of series electronic problem or it’s just wearing out the compressor the
compressor and the clutch wear out they can do that over time too and that’s
very expensive pray it’s just the AC clutch magnetic really try that first
ten boy Scotty I bought a nufinish liquid bottle but before I apply I’ve seen
some reviews saying that it contains cleaners my question is gonna clean it
reach to the clear coat can it reduce the thickness of the clear coat it is a
polish all polishes are somewhat abrasive it is a very weak polish so
it’s not that thick the clear coat is the top one so of course it reaches a
clear coat because that’s the top of it right I’ve been using stuff for years I
have no problems with oh realize that any polish TVs are a hundred thousand
times eventually wear things off but that stuff’s so weak it’s no different
than some of those things that like scratch off it’s a real weak abrasive
and it can take real thin scratches but not anything that stick the whole way
through realize that the best thing for your paint is to keep it clean and to
protect it with UV protectant which the new finish contains that’s what you’re
worried about don’t worry about rubbing your paint off unless you’re going to
use that thing you know 500 times a year eventually everything wears out I mean
eventually the UV Sun will eat through everything and you’ll have one of those
cars did you see the blotches on it you can see the bare metal underneath but
the nufinish isn’t going to create that problem by itself
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. "1200 street legal horsepower" 😬 i remember when 1,000 horsepower was too loud and you could only see them in car shows, and not often. 1200 legal horses😨wow

  3. That's funny….I actually wondered about watching Scotty's many vids and not hear anything about a Toyota Avalon….until now….I'm looking to get one in that model year

  4. I must have gotten a good Dodge Caravan. We have over 163K miles on our 2006 with the 3.0 L V-6. Other than routine maintenance the only thing I’ve had to replace (other than normal wear items) is the starter motor, and that was at about 155K miles.

  5. Scotty – i have a Hyundai sonata 2013 with 152000 ( i brought it with 25 k ) miles . Recently i facing a issue when i accelerate i hear a blade sound but when the car is still i dont hear any sound. Do you know what might be the issue? And i dont hear you talk about Hyundai. Thanks Scotty.

  6. My dad had 2005 cravan. Got it at 75k km and it died at just under 200k km last year. But he treated it lile crap! Changed oil only a few times instead just kept adding oil lol. Surprised it lasted that long! Feel like many others would have not made it that far. Not much other issues.

  7. 1985 Mercury grand marquis. Won't start. New fuel pump. Power going to n fro but the pump itself will not turn on when ignition is turned. Any idea where the ground wire is? Bad ignition switch? Bad oil pressure sensor shutting off the fuel pump? Lil help here. Thanks

  8. I agree with almost everything you say but I have a hard time with the Subaru comments
    I own a Subaru Forester and that car just keeps on going
    It's reliable and dependable
    Don't care about the rest such as gas consumption etc…
    it has about 150,000 miles and it has been perfect and I bought it new in 2009

  9. I've got a 2019 Rav 4. Bought it for my wife this summer. This is our first Toyota. What is wrong with the 8 speed transmissions in these?

  10. What exactly is meant by"Street Legal Horsepower"? As far as I know there has never been a restriction on HP numbers for the street…well, at least in Canada.

  11. Personally I would stick with the Toyota 4 runner. With so many options you can’t go wrong for what you need for your family and friends.

  12. I have a 2001 Subaru Forester s with 149k miles and it shakes the steering wheel a little when idling in drive. Any ideas what this could be? Only happens at like stop sign or stop light. Runs smooth other than that

  13. When i used to be a tow truck driver i saw the same nice lady's dodge caravan 3 times. On the third time it killed me to see her with a hyundai santa fe…

  14. I'm getting motion sickness watching the reflection in your glasses with you head shacking! lol 😨🤢🤮🤮🤮😵😫😵🤢😵🤮🤮🤮🤯

  15. Beware of RAV4 if you like your passenger. Look at IIHS ratings, passenger frontal collision worst rating possible. Driver – best rating possible. That Changed/improved only in 2019 model. Don't let your kids ride shotgun in them on a trip with friends either if it's a RAV4 2018 or older. Toyota let the worst rating RAV4 passenger frontal crash go thru production for more than 10 years before fixing it. Just shocking.

  16. 3 grand for a lexus with 60k🤔. Probably one of his customers cars who he lied to about the problems it has just so he could by it from them for cheap

  17. I’m thinking of buying 12 Audi A6 with 60k miles for 17 thousand what do you think about the Audi engines compared to Lexus

  18. All the knuckle heads that bought the Dodge Demon crashed just about every car that was put out, now ford is going to put out a car for the same knuckle heads out their. That`s what I call STUPID, the average driver out their cant handle 300hp, forget about anything above 600 hp!!!!!

  19. I got a 2011 Dodge grand caravan 145k of trouble free miles. The thing has been nothing but reliable. I also got a 2013 Nissan Altima, its been falling apart in front of my very eyes! I to put in a $5,000 transmission in at 89k miles.

  20. For the AC question, I have seen them and many other cars do exactly that over the years when refrigerant was charged without a long enough vacuum pull which resulted in moisture getting trapped inside the system. That moisture would freeze the expansion valve occasionally, making them blow hot. And at other times, the ice would melt away and then it would start blowing cold again for a while.
    Source: I'm a hobbyist car guy with own garage who fixes family cars and builds project cars for recreation (10 years of experience).

  21. Scotty.. I thought you said you paid around $7500 for every car you ever bought.. How the heck did you have a 2013 GT500 lol??? Please explain this

  22. Scotty im a college student in San Francisco and i am debating between 3 SUVs. Pilot, highlander, nx350. Which would you recommend

  23. I work at the flat Rock plant running the engine stuffer…I sell three cases of beer by lunch time…two bucks a piece…and don't buy a car made on a Monday or Friday…u can easily find out…a quarter of the people don't come to work and we put shitty temps on those jobs and most are smoking (vaping) weed right on the job

  24. Hey Scotty, what do you recommend for a future car for me an my fiancee after we get married. I have a Nissan Sentra 08, and she has a PT Cruiser 08, they got 2, 3 years top. They where from our parents, and neither of us where raised to look a gift horse in the mouth. Keep in mind, we're pretty traditional Catholics, so probably more than a few kids in the future.

  25. i had that same A/C issue as the Nissan mentioned, but this was in my RAM 1500. the condenser fan wasn't working. that caused the A/C to be hot at a stop, but it started blowing cold while moving and at cruising speed. the fan wasn't working cause the fuse for it was melted for some reason. once i replaced the fuse, everything worked perfectly…

  26. I own a 2019 Camry and the 8 speed tranny is really well tuned, people just don’t know how to drive a car and step on the gas all the time. Of course the computer it’s going crazy deciding wether to keep you in the gear or downshift 3 gears to adapt.

    Any transmission that has more than 6 gears it’s going to feel weird until we learn how to drive them.

    My aunt owns a 2015 Chrysler 200 with a 9 speed and when that thing shifts and goes crazy trying to find the right gear jilting and all it has somehow held up to 75k miles so far without a single problem. That that one always felt that the transmission was falling apart every time we shifted since the day we bought it.

    The 8 speed from toyota is amazing, just test drive the car and you’ll see for yourself how it feels.

  27. Oh yes, the Dodge Caravan! This brings back memories of a road trip with my immediate and extended family in 1988. My dad rented one and drove across Oregon and Washington state without any problems. I remember it being very comfortable and roomy; no complaints about that Caravan from anyone. It must've been a (then) current model year and/or recently serviced.

  28. My mom's van hatch broke a week after buying it and the suspension broke like 6 months later on her dodge grand caravan

  29. "This [vehicle] changes everything…" videos, are just rants about automakers releasing amazing, expensive machines, that Scotty cannot afford.

    …so he just waves and gestures like a drink Bernie Sanders, adding slurred, slurped words in-between…

  30. I've got a friend with a 2011 Grand Caravan with over 400,000km (250,000 miles) on it … still running problem free. They CAN be decent … but anything out of Chrysler/Fiat can be a crap shoot. That 2011 was pre-Fiat though.

  31. Ford is creating a menace with that new Mustang! People drive fast enough with cars rated at 150Hp! And their Street Legal! WTF?

  32. It wasn't that long ago when only funny cars ran 1200hp. It doesn't change EVERYTHING, what would is if ford put one out that the average joe could afford in that configuration.

  33. If something has over 100k I'm not paying over a grand.
    Just paid $700 for a f150 with 150k, the frame is still solid which is a rarity.

  34. Every guy i Know in my area that buys these 90k-100k mustang's,dodge, Ferrari,benz, etc…. etc Car's end up Dead… Money Does not Buy SKILLS… I'LL take any of the Listed above

  35. I'd have to disagree. Had a grand caravan with 280xxx miles and gave it to a buddy and it's over 300k, with no major problems

  36. The Ford Mustang GT is not a car it is a rolling coffin with a 1 out of 5 crash test rating. Mustangs have always been a crap car, like most fords.

  37. If anyone who enjoys speed and torque gets into a 1200hp Mustang that's their's,they'll lose their driver's license within a brief time unless they have a buddy working at a track who let's them in to drive around the track on a regular basis to get their fix of feeling that 1200hp! I definitely want one of those Hennesy Mustangs though! ❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤

  38. Super glad someone with an 03 Nissan asked that question because I’m having the exact same problem with an 03 Nissan too!

  39. Problem is you will not be able to buy a GT 500 from dealership with a manual transmission and this car is heaver than a Rouse mustang by 600 pounds and the Rouse mustang has almost the same HP and cost 50,000 the GT 500 will be close to 100,000

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