This Nintendo Switch Racing Wheel is ridiculous

This Nintendo Switch Racing Wheel is ridiculous

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  1. "DEJA VU! I'VE JUST BEEN IN THIS PLACE BEFORE–" >"singing in a foreign language" well i mean youre partially right i guess

  2. I could see if intends release this for all the pc Xbox and PS4 (i know it won't but stil) that's where Nintendo would get some more money

  3. Used to have one of these except the ps version. If you read the manual you'd be able to adjust steering sensitivity, and even be able to bind the brakes to wherever you'd want.

  4. Are there Universal steering wheels that will work on, Nintendo Switch, PC, the various Microsoft Xbox systems, Sony PlayStation Systems, Etc. Thanks.

  5. I actually really prefer the steering wheel peripheral for Mario Kart 8. Playing with only one Joy Con per person, it provides a much better grip on the tiny controller and the much larger L/R buttons are also more convenient. Though they could react more precisely, but one gets used to it.

  6. I got the deluxe wheel for christmas, and it has a way to make the wheel max out at less big of a turn, which you said it didn't. I don't want to be mean, the review was good, but it was literally right in the manual that shows the controller and how to use it

  7. Asphalt has no analog steering, it's digital with smoothing like it was on mobile with the touch screen controls which is why it feels awful on Pro controller and wheel.

  8. Well the Wii Wheel has one big advantage to just the Wii Mote sideways, the "B" button is much easier to reach.
    (And of course it makes the Wii Mote bigger)

  9. I'm a 2-feet driver (I switch between them actually, 2 in heavy traffic for better reaction time, 1 on the highway)
    2-feet driving would solve your 1-foot problems with this accessory.

  10. Guarantee the drifting to the opposite side thing was caused because the wheel hasn’t been turned past the midpoint to the intended direction before you started drifting. Same thing will absolutely happen with the controller, you just don’t notice it as much.

  11. 1:00 That's not a foreign language. It's english. Listen to it. Learn english.
    The subtitles say "(singing in foreign language)"

  12. My thing is, the shoulder triggers on the switch arent analog. So Id imagine the foot pedals dont really help much, unless the developer adds software to take advantage of them. Im actually wondering if the pedals even register analog…

  13. That nintendo 64 controller that had a phone connector and was used for a hotel… DOES IT HAVE A FUCKING USE NOW?!!?!!

  14. The playstation version of this (hori racing wheel apex) works decently well for arcade games like wangan maxi or initial D on teknoparrot, if you really wanted to use it for mario kart arcade GP DX then it also works fine with that too.

  15. I bought the Labo Vehicle kit to play Mario Kart with, and it was fun for a bit, building it was a lot of fun, but the major downside to it is drifting is wonky and you can't use items backwards.

    Holding items for defense requires you to hold the horn button.

  16. The Wii wheel actually makes it way more comfortable too hold for me than a sideways Wii remote, same goes for the Joycon wheels, especially the Joycon wheels since the joycons are just so goddang tiny. So no, it's not just for kids to feel like they're driving a car, it's for making the controller more comfortable to drive with. Just don't buy the Nerf brand Wii wheel, they make it less comfortable not more.

  17. For me racing weels are just something for at least semi realistic driving. Best with very realistic Simulations. Where it feels like driving a damn car. Those usualy don't require you to turn the wheel like a mad Man.
    For the majority of racing Games, wich are very unrealistic (and have a right to be so!) just use a damn controller. Feels better and more natural actually.

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