This PT Cruiser Has a Serious Problem

This PT Cruiser Has a Serious Problem

rev up your engine’s, okay here we go
you got an overheating car in this case it’s a PT Cruiser, there are literally
dozens of things that can make a car overheat so where do you start, well you
start with the most obvious things you can find, and what’s in it okay it’s got
Bo 300 multiple misfires it’s got PR 128 coolant thermostat below
regulating temperature, and again the misfires and no definition found that
fascinating, but when we look over here that’s for the TCM that’s for the
transmission control module so that probably won’t have anything with the
engine overheating, we’ll ignore that for the time being,
so the codes hey, the engine’s misfiring but is the engine misfiring because the
engines overheating, or is something making the edge and misfiring that
causes the engine to overheat well that wasn’t all that much help so
let’s check the coolant level next, well look inside here and lo and behold you
can’t even see the coolant so it’s low on coolant, now there’s a whole bunch of
reasons you could be low on coolant leaking radiator cap, leak in the system,
overeating engine but since this engines cold here’s a quick test, what you can
do is start the engine up cold with a cap off, then put your hand over the
radiator cap hole, now I don’t feel any pressure coming out, so the ehad gasket
isn’t completely blown, if my hand would of had a lot of pressure
coming out on an ice cold engine when you started it where you remove the
radiator cap from, that would mean the head gasket is so far gone it’s just blowing
smoke up through there and you know the engine would need work, but in this case
that’s not happening so, for the time being we’re just gonna put some water in
the system to check for leaks, now while we’re doing this we’re gonna turn on the
a/c full blast to see if the cooling fan works then, here we go
I can feel the cooling fan blowing really strong, so we
know the cooling fan works fine with the AC on,
but sometimes the cooling fan does not work right when the AC is off, their two
separate systems, because when you turn the AC on it’s supposed to turn the
cooling fan on the radiator on to suck air through the radiator and the AC
condenser that’s in front of the radiator so the AC blow cold, but
when you’re driving a car with the AC off it’s a different system and that works
that when the sensor for that system sees the temperature gets to a certain
amount of degrees, it’ll turn the cooling fans on and then when it cools down they
go off, and then when it gets hotter again it’ll go on, so I’m going to turn
the AC off now and let it idle and see if the fans come on and off, this might
take a little while but hey that’s the life of figuring out why your car is
overheating, so we’ll turn the AC off and now we’ll go to the fan here, stick our
hand behind it and we don’t feel it it’s not moving, so now we have to wait
for the engine to warm up, now here’s the temperature gauge once it starts to warm up
we got a watch to see that those fans come on, it’s a very common problem with
these things that the original system doesn’t turn the fans on, now while we’re
waiting for it to warm up here’s a tip, let’s say your car starting to overheat
especially in traffic and if you turn the AC on and it stops overheating and
the temperature goes back down, hey just drive around with the AC on
at least for the interim you’re not hurting anything, this may or may not be the
problem we don’t know, we gotta wait until the car warms up to see if that
cooling fan comes on by itself with the AC off, now while we’re waiting this is
the time that you need to know everything about the car possible, in
this case I asked the customer he said the car was wrecked in the front
some body work done and some radiator work done, it could easily be they messed
with the sensors that turn the cooling fan on it could be the whole problem, but
we gotta wait until we see whether it comes on or not, because if it comes on well
that’s not the problem, well the temperature gauge is starting to get a
little higher so let’s go under the hood and
see what’s happening with the fan, I hear something and lo and behold it’s on, so
that system is working, the fans coming on, well now what are we gonna do now I
gotta figure out why is it overheating, well I just figured one thing out the
fan just kicked in full blast you can hear them and when I put my hand behind the
radiator fan it’s blowing like mad but it’s cool air, that should be hot air
so for some reason the radiator isn’t getting enough hot water in it, and just
and yes now it’s starting to overheat to get it into the hot zone so we’ll turn it off,
so I’m gonna get this little temperature tester out and
it was 19 bucks or so we’re gonna try to find where there’s a restriction to keep
the water from getting into the radiator so it’ll dissipate the heat with a fan,
we’ll take a few temperature readings the top is 199 but the bottom here
is only 108, so the water not coming from the top to the bottom, and guess
what the thermostat is in here, so we’re just gonna change the thermostat let’s
pray it’s that cheap of a fix, so we’ll move some stuff out of the way and unbolt
the thermostat, and there’s a stupid thing, this is supposed to be
closed when it’s cold and open when it’s hot, you saw it
getting hot it didn’t open so we’re gonna replace the thermostat, now when
you put the new thermostat in you got to make sure that the knotch goes the right
way, there’s a notch right here fits right in, as you can see right here it
fits right in the notch it’s nice and tight and it won’t fall out when you put
it back in, then you tighten the housing back on, and we’ll fill it full of
coolant, put the cap back on nice and tight, then start it up and see
what father time he has to say about it ehating after it warms up
remember there’s no shortcuts when it comes to time, you gotta let it run till
it warms up, then see if the fan comes on, if it does
odds are it’s fixed, you still need to road test it for half an hour so you see how it
does on the highway, but it was overheating just idling before and if it stops now
that should be it, and here we go I hear the fans coming on, and when I
stick my hands in, the air is blowing and this time it’s warm air, it’s not cool
air, it means it’s actually circulating, and as we can see on a temperature gauge
look it’s staying pretty much around the middle it’s not going up to the H
like it was before, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. We owned a 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser & I think everything that could go wrong did go wrong with that car. The PT was easily the worst car we ever owned. I also had a 1991 Dodge Spirit & it was also bad, I will never buy another Chrysler product.

  3. One thing I learned about a head gasket blowing was with my 1997 Outback. Sitting and idling, the coolant stayed in the radiator, even with the cap off. If I put my foot on the brake, put it in gear, then stepped on the gas while holding the brake, then the coolant would blow out of the radiator like a geyser. It was only doing it while the engine was under load. This was with the first generation EJ25 engine, which was notorious for head gasket failure around 100k miles.

  4. They have a glaring problem that starts with “c-h-r-y-s-l-e-r” and ends with the car overheating and falling apart, not necessarily in that order

  5. Your new style, general topic videos are great, but these old fashioned repair/diagnostic videos that made you famous are best! P.S. Please give more thought regarding the title of your videos. For example, this one should be called: "PT Cruiser thermostat diagnosis", or something like that. More descriptive titles would allow your videos to be found easier, increasing your viewership.

  6. Scotty – great video. Please please please make more videos like this for those of us who want to learn! Thanks dude!!!

  7. My Australian PT cruiser is a 2005 Model, I've had it for over 5 1/2 years and it has never missed a beat, nothing has ever gone wrong with it at all.

  8. My cruiser had this problem. Same convertible 2.4 turbo. It does better with a new radiator cap but when the A/C is ON it gets hot. Off it’s fine and when the heater is on it’s fine. :/

  9. Pretty typical early 2000s Chrysler product with the 2.4 mine was the thermostat as well and same with my aunts Jeep, good thing they got to it before the head gasket blew

  10. Hello Scotty…My Pt Cruiser consume a lot of antifreeze, I change my radiator cap because was a old one, just in case but still. I heard that on hot days that happen especially when you use 50/50 antifreeze, the water evaporate easy. Tell me what can I do…I like my car and I don`t want to lose it.

  11. Hi, my pt cruiser overheated and stalled when driving. (Left the radiator cap off!) Now it will crank slow but doesn’t start! I just had the battery replaced and no clue! Any idea?

  12. I was going to write that I was surprised that he didn't immediately bash Chrysler – and then I read the description. As is typically the case, we know Scotty doesn't like Chrysler products. Of course we all know thermostats never fail in any other brand of car. In fact when I checked with Pep Boys, they told me they now only sell thermostats for Chrysler vehicles since they are the only ones which fail.

  13. the pt has a bleeder nipple below the thermostat to help you get the air out of the cooling system. If you dont get the air out you get steam built up in the cooling system and can cause more problems

  14. Doesn't take much to overheat a PT. I have see plenty of plugged radiators on these that have the exact same symptom a bad thermostat. The tubes in the core on these are so tiny because they are trying to get more surface area to cool through that tiny nose. Those thin tubes plug up after a while when the coolant get raunchy.

  15. You must use proper coolant in these cars if you don’t and use wrong coolant white paste will form inside coolant passages I have removed many heads from these engines that where clogged please only proper coolant For Chrysler products Hoat only though 2010

  16. I have a 1992 Miata. It overheats while sitting at idle too long. Like you said the a/c and the cooling fan are two separate systems. I've tested both fans separately. They both work. I've checked my cooling fan fuse and relay. Both are fine. I've also replaced the cooling fan switch. A while back, I changed the radiator cap and thermostat. One fan runs with the a/c on. With the a/c off, none of the fans work. I'm at the end of my rope here. Is there a place for a scan tool, on a 1992 Miata? Or is it too old? Thanks. Your the best! Scotty!

  17. Sister had our pt cruiser and the thermostat went bad. She boiled out all the coolant somehow! Lol so she asked me after driving the thing for 3 weeks like that why it kept overheating well lo and behold no coolant. Added coolant still overheated turns out the thermostat went bad. Swapped it out good as new. Too bad the car itself is crap.

  18. In most cases, if you have a Thermostat code, replace the thermostat.. Also running too hot or too cold will set Missfire codes as well.

  19. Scotty good beautiful morning to you
    I'm writing to you from a town called zacapu Michoacan Mexico I like watching your videos a lot
    Here's my question Mr Scotty working on a PT cruiser 2001,, I found the timing belt slides to the inside of the engine and it make a long line around the oil pump untill it star to leaks oil,,,, well I replace the whole everything in this car take the crankshaft and the head to the machine shop I replace all bearings new pistons rings all the things a motor needs ok but once a put a new set of timing components,,,,, the deam timing belt keep sliding to the inside of the engine I'm kind of frustrated now I'm working with a washer putting it in one side of the bracket and it works but now it moves to the outside of the engine what do I'm doing wrong help mr Scotty

  20. Scotty, thank you….these videos are great stuff, sir !!! Keep on making them……have you thought about making a video about Ford's ZX2 (1997- 2003) ??

  21. Scotty, take your tools out of the engine before starting. I saw a screw driver destroy a radiator and fan cowling.

  22. I have a PT cruiser and I had to change the thermostat last week, not because of overheating, but because it would make a crazy bubbling sound after a varying amount of use. The thermostat was very tough to operate and was causing major steam buildup prior to opening and it would open just barely so my reserve tank kept blowing its reserve out due to the excess amount of pressurized steam it got. Found out for sure when I left the cap off, topped off the system with water, and ran it on idle until the thermostat opened, and a bellowing of steam and bubbles came shooting out. Swapped the thermostat and now it is working without issue.

  23. My wife begged for one these cheap made, low quality cars but I let her buy it. At 69,000 miles the check engine light came on. I went through the whole car. Finally had to bring it to the dealer who discovered the head had cracked near the number two intake valve. they said it was a common problem in the PT. Luckily we had a extended warranty and they fixed it. the car ran fine for a while and then started running crappy again with the check engine light on AGAIN. The computer said it was the O2 sensors so I replaced them. The chk engine light was STILL on. The next day I drove it to the junk yard and they gave me $150 for it. Good friggin' ridence! Bought a Kia Sorento SUV..WOW…what a great car.

  24. Cruiser has a serious problem yeah it's a PT Cruiser God I don't know why but those cars make me angry every time I see them chystler crap drive it to the junkyard…if it runs.

  25. I didn't think you would even work on a PT Cruiser, I don't mind working on mine. Here is a tip, jack up the right side of the car two or three inches and the new coolant runs in a lot faster and the air bleeds out faster.

  26. I had some issues with a customers PT Cruiser years ago. The original problem was changing the timing belt. We did that, and about a week later it came back with overheating, and oil pressure problems. So we pulled out the motor and took it down, the head gasket wasn’t blown, so we went ahead and rebuilt the motor for the customer. Long story short, when I quit working as a mechanic, my dad swapped the motor for him because the Piston Holes were all ragged out and shot. I hate hate HATE PT Losers…… Love your videos bud!

  27. 5:50 Never leave tools on a engine when u start it. Thay can fall causing big problems like holes in ur radiator, broken fan blades,bent pulleys

  28. There's only one redeeming quality (if I can call it that) to this Chrysler POS, at least the thermostat is easy to reach and replace. lol !

  29. Again lol the problem wasnt there before Scottys roughshod technique caused more damage than it arrived with hahaha!! – Rev up your backyard mechanics!!!

  30. I'd be willing to bet this pt has a partially blown head gasket. Mine did the same thing, had to put a quart of coolant in it every hundred miles or so because it kept blowing it out (exhaust gas made its way into the cooling jacket and displaced fluid out of the overflow). a new hg fixed the problem. I'd be interested to see if this customer brought it back in within a few weeks.

  31. Scotty's this was the Serious problem  PT Looser got a new Thermostat  Scotty forgot to mention the part where he will charge the costumer A Serious price  it will just be $280 for todays repair.

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