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rev up your engines
guess who says Scotty are you as good at stealing cars as your on fixing them
well I never stole a car my life had no reason I was a mechanic I fixed them
I Drive other people’s cars around stealing modern cars are hard anyways
then unless you want to steal the high tech ones I have the equipment to do it
what cuz you got to be able to program the keyless remote system so anybody
could do it if they really wanted to go through and but I’m not a thief I’m not
that type of person so that’s not something that I do I got a friend at
ages ago when he was a teenager stole cars and then sold them and got drugs
I ended up in jail because he got caught so not a smart thing to steal cars is
better things are doing life than stealing things from people to make a
living I mean it’s a big wide-open world why bother being a thieves there’s all
these things much more interesting to do then steal things
Dimas says guys what should I do with my 2004 BMW 530i cease transmission throw it
away maybe try potluck find a used
transmission put it in inside of the vehicle, those things are such money pits
as they age when the transmissions going out and that’s generally the first thing
that goes on BMW makes pretty good engines you know they started out making
aircraft engines World War one I mean they were a great engine company great
motorcycle engines do but their transmissions were always the weak point
especially automatic transmissions which I’m assuming you’re talking about now if
it isn’t it’s a standard transmission heck go get a used one from salvage are
they generally last a really long time but if it’s not a mattock you got a side
you want to try to get it fixed if you can get it cheap enough for the used one
and sell it or you just want to sell it as it stands now, it’s an 04 so it’s not
worth all that much money you don’t wanna put too much money into it, Doha
say Scotty I got a 2014 for around a hundred and fifty thousand miles when I break
at higher speeds on a highway the ABS
system engages even though I’m not braking hard master cylinder something
else odds are your rotors are somewhat warped and higher speeds of course the
tires are spinning faster and if they’re warp creates a little bits of vibration
it’s gonna confuse the ABS sensors so odds are your brake rotors are warped I
see that all the time in those things now theoretical thing can be a ton of
thing heat of a sensor that a certain time is gonna act up but it really goes
at high speeds the road are spinning super fast so either the
rotors are warped or you got a problem in the sensor itself at higher speeds it
starts vibrating but genuine it’s gonna start vibrating because the rotors are
warped I see that all the time, Jacob heavily says what are your thoughts on a
2010 volvo c70 convertible well at least it’s ten years old
Volvo’s are endless money pits as they age they’re fun cars to drive those
things run fine but realize though those all by Chinese company they’re only
gonna make an electric cars and hybrid cars so those cars they’re gonna
eventually stop making parts for them they’re very expensive to fix as they
age now if you’re talking about buying one don’t pay that much for it cuz since
they’re not gonna be making them anymore their value isn’t that much it’ll never
be a collector’s item but if it’s a low enough mileage and you can get it cheap
enough and a guy like me can check it out and say yeah it’s a decent car it’s
not falling apart and you get it for a low price it could be fun thing as a toy
just don’t buy a car like that and think you can drive it every day because it’ll
fall apart in front of you and bankrupt you dragan says Scotty is a 2003-09
4runner a good first vehicle for under 10,000 bucks yeah if you can find one if
it isn’t way too many high mileage on it those are excellent are you sure you
want a truck for your first vehicle cuz understand trucks are big heavy and
they’re not aerodynamic so they get bad gas mileage in town for sure even on
the highway they’re not great but in town again horrible gas must check to
see are you happy with the gas mileage you’re gonna get with one if you are go
ahead and buy one if you aren’t yeah think about getting a Camry
instead or a Corolla because trucks if you got to have a truck you
want a truck that’s a good truck to get but make sure you want to get a truck
because I’ve had people buy and they say oh my god the gas mileage is horrible I
warned them ahead of time look into that and see if you’re happy with that,
Joaquin says Scotty my 08 rav4 four cylinders 85,000 miles
consumes a quart of oil every 150 miles no leaks no smokes valve sounds what can it
be change the PCV valve pray that it’s a
bad PCV valve I’ve seen them do that they cost pretty clean nothing put a PCV
valve now if it’s not bad then you want to do what’s called wet and dry
compression test take the spark plugs out get a compression tester, crank
the engine see what the four compressions are then put a teaspoon of
oil in each cylinder one at a time and do a what compression test if you
find the compression goes way up that means the patient rings are worn
out and you’re gonna have to rebuild the engine if it doesn’t go way up that
means that the valve seals in the engine if you want to fix it you’re gonna have
to pull the heads rebuild the heads and put new valve seals and it’s gonna be
super expensive if it’s not a PCV valve so pray it’s just a PCV valve and not the
engine why not 85,000 miles there isn’t much that this is kind of surprising for
a Toyota rav4 mr. Fairplay says Scotty my radiator
hose came loose and spring coolant everywhere in my 02 Toyota Camry engines
is it fixable should I get parts or Junk it, depends what really happened
now if the radiator hose was old and rotten and it blew up and your place it
and fill it with coolant and the engine didn’t overheat bet it might start run
perfectly fine you never know until you put the hose on table with water and
driving around I’ll give you a perfect example that happened to me years ago in
a Camry, a customer came and the radiator was broken the plastic top had blown to
pieces and I said look I can’t analyze anything and so I put a radiator in this
car I got one of these aftermarket Chinese ones cost me $99 so it wasn’t
that big of a deal so I put it in driving around a car I ran fine except
it started overheat I got my block test liquid machine where you pour the little
blue liquid and it immediately turned yellow which meant that the head guess
was blown in the engine and I told the customer I said get rid of the car and
they just got another car and they didn’t care about it you never know what
kind of damage was done so get always put it on fill up with coolant drive
around and see what happens you never know maybe
got lucky and it was just the hose blew maybe the head gasket was blowing and it
built up so much pressure then it blew the hose
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
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