This Toyota Went 100,000 Miles With No Oil Change

This Toyota Went 100,000 Miles With No Oil Change

rev up your engines
Michael Lankford says my dad had a 2004 yaris that went 100,000 miles without a single oil
change and it ran like clockwork okay I’m assuming your father drove on highway
line because highway mileage is equivalent to about 10% a city mileage
so if you go up a hundred thousand miles on a highway
that’s equivalent to ten thousand miles in the city so it could still run
perfectly fine but there’s no way he drove that thing and stop and go traffic
for a hundred thousand miles cuz I had a customer who did just that and when he
got about eighty thousand miles on it the engine started to go out and I
checked and said your piston rings are all worn out how’re you change the oil the
guy said I’ve never changed i said well you learned yourself a lesson at least
you did it with a cheap car car so Scotty Corolla 2000 what do you think for
five hundred and eighty bucks if it runs and shifts and goes down the road buy it
that’s a deal cuz that cheap odds are maybe there’s something wrong
I mean if it’s got dings and bashes and let’s say it went through a hailstorm
where they got big dances it sure then it’s gonna be worth anything but you
don’t want a mechanic to look at at least cuz that is so cheap I’d wonder if
there’s something serious wrong but if it runs and shifts what the heck driving
around for that small amount of money and Colt 54 so Scotty would you buy a
used car off eBay well I wouldn’t because I want to get my hands on and
check it out before I buy it no I have had customers do it some got looking got
good cars some guy absolute piles of junk and some
kind of got ripped off because the car was claimed to be more than it actually
was I had a customer buy a classic car and a bank and they claimed it was
original equipment they got it and they saw a bunch of parts on it there weren’t
original equipment eBay it’s pretty good though about standing behind what the
people say what the seller said and the guy went to ebay and he said hey this
guy said this was an original equipment car had no problems yada yada and he got
his money back from him he said no it isn’t he showed the proof and a guy had
to take the car back and give him his money back so as long as you got some
kind of a guarantee going with eBay for that kind of stuff you might try it but
personally I don’t buy cars and I can’t get my hands on first and check them out
because I don’t trust anybody in people’s give all kinds of BS when
they’re selling cars, braxton Graham says Scotty I’m looking to
buy a Nissan any suggestions yeah look elsewhere the last decent Nissan that I’ve ever
seen my customers have was like a 99 Nissan and the Sentra’s Altimas even the
stanzas back then were reasonably solid built cars I see customers get
200,000 miles more on them with original engines and transmissions not any of the
new stuff the new stuffs garbage I mean it’s absolute garbage you know if
you really got to get one get a new one that you like it just leaves it for a
few years and get it out of your system don’t buy it,
Alex Roscoe says Scotty what’s your opinion on old Volvo’s like the 240
Volvo’s were killer vehicles I had constant with them four or five six
hundred thousand miles on it they were killers but they were the last killer
vehicles that they made now the plastic wrap inside would be breaking out the
door handle in the day I said everything the plastic was made cheapest could be
but they had solid engines they could last a long time they’re nothing like
the later model wasn’t of course now the Chinese make models the only thing they
say they’re gonna make in the future is electric cars and hybrid electric cars
be 34 says Scotty showed a water pump fail after 23,000 miles after
being replaced water pump of my 96 Corolla seized up no
it shouldn’t and if it were 23,000 miles later one of two things want that if you
didn’t flush the system out the corrosion is gonna corrode it and it’ll
break again but generally what I see on that is people buy cheap water pumps
they buy ones made in Taiwan or by poor Chinese manufacturers and they just
don’t last as long or an idiot put it on and made the belt so tight that it burnt
the bearing out you got to make sure that the belts are the right tightness
of the too tight yes they will burn them out after a period of time but they
should last a lot longer I mean I changed the water pump in my Celica
which has got a Camry engine and it lasted 200 sometimes miles for it went
out so, beat says my car has a leaking head gasket but the sealer seems
to be working but it still runs hot in city driving only when you’re in city
driving you don’t have as much wind you’re on highway you got 60 mile an
hour wind so as long as it doesn’t overheat the ceilings working drive it
that way you might try this though a lot of times I see that fixes the problem
you can get aftermarket radiators cheap enough a lot of times I can get them for
$89 replace the radiator and put coolant with a little sealer and see
what happens cuz an old radiator can’t dissipate heat that well when it’s going
slow so you might just get out of the radio and throw it in if you got a car
it’s easy like in my Toyota I can change the radiator in like 15 minutes it’s a
nothing job, Javier Cruz says Scotty are you even from this world honest men
don’t live here oh yeah I was that Greek philosopher said he spent his life
looking for an honest man he never found one but people tell me I was born here I
don’t remember any of that stuff you know and hey I never take my sunglasses
off you never know I might have ultraviolet eyes under here who knows
but yes it is hard to find honest people these days that’s the world sad truths
everybody have to make a buck as fast as they can or sell you something that they
buy for 50 cents and then sold it for $25 I mean sad but true that’s the world
these days, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Scotty, please, I have a 79 G10 Chevy van with a 95 305 carburated engine…
    For the life of me I cannot find the torque specs for the complete intake manifold …
    I know you Know 😉
    Thanks for your valuable time and consideration

  3. I own a Yaris and would not ever dream of doing that. Even using the very best synth oil and replacing the filter 3 or 4 times. No way!

  4. Scotty , maybe do a video about when a Vehicle actually owes you nothing and it is actually saved you a ton of money like your Toyota Celica . There always comes a Time if you have bought a Gem of a vehicle and its been a great vehicle , it actually owe you nothing ! Everyday day , week , month and yr you drive it , it is saving you out of pocket of cash ! Many Vehicles today , you never get out of them what you paid for them , but there are vehicles that OWE YOU NOTHING !!!! You've gotten more out of them , than what you have paid for them ! What is a vehicle actually worth , per yr of trouble free RUNNING !

  5. @2:20… ha ha a descent Nissan… "Look elsewhere… maybe a Frontier but I wouldn't touch it because the company is terrible.

  6. Used to know this guy who retired from Canadian armed forces as a mechanic. Saw him pulling out the engine oil dipstick; took a good look at the oil under the sunshine; rubbed it down between his bare fingers, took a sniff, and determined the oil was still good and didn't need changing. I believe engine oil should be changed only when necessary, not going by time or mileage.

  7. My 2004 Yaris only changed spark plugs recently with 95,000 kms. Motor oil every 10,000 kms. Never had a single problem, not a drop of oil. Only regular maintenance.

  8. My 1992 nissan 240sx was a great car I'd buy another one if I had the chance. I had a 2005 and a 2007 xterra . The transmission blew on both. I'll never buy a new nissan again, ever.

  9. Nice video! I have a question about my new 2019 Toyota Camry SE. When I push the gas pedal to accelerate, the vehicle doesn't respond with the proper speed or it takes more than expected time to be the same speed as the vehicles in the Highway. What could be the problem? I didn't experience the same problem with my old Chevy

  10. 15 years with no oil change? It's just insane. No circumstances existing at which you could keep more than 2 years o/c intervals.

  11. I feel very sad for that Toyota's painful tortured life. The owner should get kicked in the head with a steel toed boot a few dozen times

  12. 2019
    "My dads car ran 100,000 miles without an oil change"

    2 year ago….
    "My dads car went 80,000 miles without an oil change"

    4 years ago
    ""My dad's car went 60,000 miles without an oil change

    6 years ago
    "My dads car went 45,000 miles without an oil change"

    8 years ago
    "Wow my dad forgot to change the oil for over 12,000 miles! 👀"

  13. I used to work at a shop this lady came in with a car it was over heating n oil light on. So it took me n the mechanic to pill the dip stick out. It over 100 degrees out the oil looked like tar n just as thick the coolant was rusty n like rock hard jello. Asked the lady when was the last time oil n coolant. She said the person she bought it from said it never needs an oil change or coolant change

  14. 2:50 Irv Gordon's 1966 P1800S was still running — with more than 3,000,000 miles on it — at the time of Irv's sad, fairly recent demise. In addition to its superlative construction, that Volvo had an owner's owner in Irv, who was painstaking in his attention to detailed care. I still see a lot of 1980s Volvos on the road — even older ones. Volvo's build-quality and reputation for longevity are legendary, as the company was founded to craft a vehicle that would serve where others failed in surviving Swedish roads — especially in the winter.

    As for Volvo's quality today, I can only reiterate what my nephew told me as one of the top Volvo salesmen in America. I think it's the XC90 — though I may be wrong about the model — in which no fatality has ever occurred, which I do believe is a laudable achievement that has never been realized by another manufacturer — even the 'industry-leading' Mercedes and highly visible contenders like BMW. In recent memory there was an Uber-operated Volvo which didn't detect a woman pushing her bicycle across the road at about 10 o'clock one night, hitting and killing her. It was revealed, however, that the collision-avoidance feature of that car's safety system had been altered and was not as-installed by the factory.

    My nephew also said that people are mistakenly assuming Volvo to now essentially be a 'Chinese company', whereas the arrangement is reportedly solely one of financial backing due to the vast wealth now seen in China. Volvo looked at the tremendous resources available through an alliance with China-based entities and deemed the move a wise one that would permit the company to be its best-yet forward-thinking self, unlikely to have its vision and advancements encumbered by funding woes.

    I drive a 5-speed 1995 Honda Civic LX, and I love it. My nephew just gave me a cool metal mug and a frisbee he got at a Honda dealership. He's not trying to 'sell' me on Volvo. ; ]

  15. For years I’ve been using the excuse that my time was now too valuable to spend time changing my own oil. I have paid the price at dealers and oil change centers knowing that it may not include the best product. Recently, I bit the bullet and purchased a high end full synthetic oil (that was 50% off) and a premium filter (also on sale). I got down and dirty in the driveway. At the end of the work, I wondered if it was worth it. After driving my same usual routes over the past week, I was pleasantly surprised to see a bump up in my gas mileage. Guess the crap oil they’ve been putting in at the dealer/centers was making the engine work harder. So it’s not all about the time you spend … you’ll have more time with a better running car when you do it yourself.

  16. Wow: 100,000 freeway miles = 10,000 city miles
    Explains my Honda Odyssey EX with 300,000+ motor is as strong & quite as the day I bought it !!!

  17. Scotty I was thinking about buying a 19 year old Nissan with a CVT and has only been in 3 crashes and through 5 owners, for about 8500 bucks. Good deal right??

  18. doesnt oil degrade over time though. I have 18K between changes due to long life oil, but they still want it changing every 2 years if that comes first.

  19. scott what do u think of a 201 s10 pickup 2.2 4 cylinder bought this truck with 86000 miles from a relative cheap anything bad on these

  20. ( : True, honest people are hard to find especially auto mechanics, that's why I like Scotty. A great sense of humor too! Scotty would you train me to be an auto mechanic?

  21. During 100,000 miles with supposedly no oil changes, the amount of oil added to keep the dipstick level in the recommended range would be around 50 quarts of oil or more, even with a tight engine.

  22. I had an old chevy 89' s10, never changed the oil, it burned oil so badly it went through 5 quarts every couple months, figured why bother if it's changing itself.

  23. For those of us who change the oil regularly and check it, we are seeing the aging process and checking other fluids. Raising the hood from time to time is a good idea.

  24. I have a 2012 mustang gt with a 6 speed manual. Has 56000 on it. The shifter is giving me fits. When you try to put it in first, it often goes to reverse without me realizing it. Pretty unsafe when I’m at a traffic light and there’s a car behind me. Is this just a shifter problem or can it be the tranny?

  25. My uncle has a 1994 Camry. This weekend I asked him if we should change the oil in it. Just to have something to do. He said that thing never needs an oil change.. Those Toyota’s are remarkable 🚗

  26. I let my 07 yaris go for two years once maybe 18k miles driven hard. Didn’t use one drop of oil. I change it once a year now regular 5 30. These cars are easy on fluids. The 1.5 is an excellent motor. We have a 14 and it’s a great car too.

  27. After years in the 2008 most cars have warning designed oil change light come on in your dashboard after the car engine have been driving in for 3000-4000 miles.Any dummies see that light on their car dashboard.They should knows better to get their car to have an oil change.If they don’t than they deserve to get their car engine destroys by oils clogs and sluggish.

  28. 100,000 no problem. Amsoil Duel micron bypass filters. Replaced the original oil filter with a large capacity micron filter. Each one of the two large micron filters held well over a quart of oil each. Used Amsoil it increase my system oil capacity from 4 quarts to 9 quarts on my 1988 Chevy sprint I would go 50,000 miles between oil changes. I sent my oil samples in for testing they said my oil was still good but I was afraid to try to go to 100,000 miles. I used to drive in a job for my business to hundred thousand miles in one year. Plus i used 100% synthetic Amsoil.

  29. Few years back bought a 1999 Toyota Corolla with 120,000 miles for $500 cash. The dude who sold it was old and had it forever, super nice and sold it for a steal. Never had a major breakdown of anykind

  30. 04 Mazda3 w/245k – nearly same symptoms – small electronic switch – sometimes works, sometimes not….
    time to try a new switch! ( I actually think this car might disappear in a poof of smoke at 300k due to the crescendo of erratic electrical and mechanical problems )

  31. Hey Scotty got a German vw mk4 golf I see some oil on the top half of the engine but car drivers fine not overheating or anything thought turbo has gone it’s a diesel

  32. Scotty, I live in South Africa and need an SUV. 2015 Rav 4 or Honda CRV or 2012 Lexus with <100k. Diesel or petrol? 4WD or 2WD? Mainly city driving with some mild off road. Appreciate your answer to this long question👍☘

  33. I change my oil in my frontier every 9-10k full synthetic. I do a lot of miles….I do idle a lot too…but No need for shorter intervals

  34. My mother in law had an old old yellow corolla. I would check it for water and oil and never found any water in the radiator or oil on the dipstick. She drove it for years and years and traded it off still running.

  35. I got a engine light on my 98 Corolla and I guess it’s a issue with the evap, will that effect the driving of the car?

  36. If a cheap car went 80,000 miles before the original oil ruined the engine, then the car may be more reliable than you are giving it credit for.

  37. I have a 2001 ford ranger that hasn't had a oil change in over two years. It burns a quart and a half of oil every month, so I just slap a new oil filter on every year, and the oil stays pretty viable.

  38. I know a girl that bought a H2 and didn't change the oil for 40K around Austin, TX before she got rid of it. I didn't hear anything going wrong by then. Kept telling her. She kept 'forgetting'.

  39. Scotty My fathers 2004 Nissan frontier still runs good he is original owner it is a 6cylinder but only down side of those trucks are that the AC is completely goes bad after 100,000

  40. I do agree that it's hard to find an honest person these days. It's hard to make an honest buck as well. Love your honest opinions Scotty!

  41. Highway miles or not, i have a hard time believing any engine could withstand that kind of abuse for that long on the same oil. Besides, it'd be impossible to put ALL highway miles on a car… no way to avoid town miles, it's gonna happen.

  42. hi
    Thank you for great videos. I have a question regarding to my Toyota Venza 2011 4 cylinder 2,7
    Heater is working in driver side and is not working in passenger side. Sometimes passenger side gives a little bit heat and most of the time cold air comes. I flashed radiator two times, thermostat, water pomp as well but still is not working. So what is you suggestion to fix my car. I took it to few mechanic but no one gave me right answer. Heater 's Switching knob is working. Only under dash is not check yet. Could you tell which part is broken? Thank you

  43. I've heard of a Lexus being turned in at the end of the lease with no oil on the dipstick. There was no record of any oil or filter changes after 130,000 kms or 80,000 miles. The dealer charged him for a new engine – no guff.

  44. My step-grandfather didn’t do his oil changes regularly on his 2007 Camry and he had to get a new engine and it cost him like $4,500 !!! Like how the hell do you kill a Camry ?!

  45. Working at kia in 1998 had a sephia come in with 90k plus miles original oil and oil filter it still ran but not real good. Kia replaced engine for free. Thats when they were trying hard to get people to like them. I got paid 10.4 hours for the job did it in less than 8.

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