This Trend is Stupid

This Trend is Stupid

rev up your engines buying a car on the Internet is a very
iffy thing period I don’t care what guarantees they say they’re gonna give
you you don’t really want to do it there’s too much shadiness involved
especially when you’re talking about buying used vehicles when I was young
biggest have the picture of Richard Nixon had said would you buy a used car
from this man everybody thinks used-car salesmen hey
not the most honest people in the world start putting a bunch of them together
on a website it’s a formula for disaster as far as I’m concerned if you’re ever
thinking about buying cars online take Scotty’s advice think twice about it you
want to look at something you can see and have a mechanic check out before you
buy not just looking at pictures I mean they can take pictures of anything and I
hate to tell you about cameras aren’t like human eyes I can take a picture of
my driveway of a really crappy car and it’ll look great cuz I know how to take
pictures I film my own videos so I know a little bit about cameras but down
in real life you see this like oh my god this thing is a disaster
of course you don’t take the broken parts that are underneath or on the side
so you really want to see a car when you buy these website stuff me I’d stay far
away from them, beylin Wilson says I really want to buy their a Jeep or Mini
Cooper what’s your Jeep is best about used and which their Mini Cooper is best
about used one I’d never buy you use many cooper those things are endless
money pits they fall apart now jeeps since fiat bought chrysler the quality
that jeeps has been going down if you really want a good Jeep get one from the
sixties or seventies that have been reconditioned you’re better off with
that than buying a new one because the old ones could last forever and you can
recondition them you can put in new transmissions and motors whatever wears
out you can replace they had solid frames they were good vehicles the new
ones unfortunately they’re pretty junky especially something like that Jeep
renegade ran that commercial on TV renegade yeah renegade it’s a Fiat 500
four-wheel drive vehicle has nothing to do with Jeep buts called the Jeep
renegade don’t buy a new Jeep a few value your money,
Thomas Darwin says Scotty should cars and trucks with sunroofs be avoided well
if you’re not gonna use them yes they got seals the seals go bad they all
actually a little bit in a corner there’s tiny
little drain holes and I’m the two back parts there’s tiny little bit drain
holes in the corner those get dirt and leaves then they fill up with water
water leaks into the vehicle cuz the seal for the sunroof isn’t
perfect they all leak a little bit they got these drain holes so you got to open
them up every once a while especially if you park under trees and you got to
clean those little holes cuz if not the water will leak in them, it’s a waste of money because eventually it’s probably gonna leak now here in Houston don’t
complete waste of time and it’s too freaking out here to have the sunroof
open even in the middle of the night it’s 83 94 degrees now I mean if you
lived in Hawaii or someplace California where it’s dry and nice weather go right
ahead but if you live where I live where it’s hot and humid you don’t want the sun you want air conditioning, Mike Laurel says what do you think about Fiat
killing off the 500 in the US they finally made a good decision good
riddance to the Fiat 500 rolling piles of junk those cars were I’ve had
customers with them and my customers were all women they like him cuz they
were little and cute and she was going from Houston to Dallas to go to school
and a stupid engine blew up and Fiat wouldn’t pay for it they said it wasn’t
taken care of and it was out of warranty there were piles of junk and good
riddance on the Fiat 500 there’s still specialist some fancy ones all wheel
drives things 500 XL or something but there were such miserable failures last
year they sold less than 300 of them a month’s so was it worth their while to
sell the stupid things here Nevada says Scotty my BMW smokes a lot when it idles
any vehicle that smokes a lot when you idle as bad valve seals when the valve
seals where all that oil pools up in the head and valve seals are supposed to
keep the in tech Valley from sucking oil in when they suck fuel in and when it’s
just idling there’s a lot of oil up there and it’ll suck the oil it’ll start
smoking it’s a classic sign of worn valve seals cost so much money to fix
out to BMW my advice is just keep adding oil oil is cheaper than doing a Val job
on that expensive BMW, Kuk Anwar says what are your views on the 180k Porsche electric car well I imagine it’ll be more reliable than a regular
cars cuz they’re endless money pits and you get an electric car you’re talking
about a battery and motors it’s pretty simple stuff they should be able to
build that so it doesn’t fall apart if you really want to know like your car
can I try to do what the Europeans are doing there’s companies in Europe now
that for five thousand euros will convert your little car into an electric
car so say you got an old Volkswagen Toyota Corolla Honda Civic they’ll turn
it into an electric car for five thousand euros which is like I don’t
know less than six thousand dollars it isn’t all that much money do that rather
than spend all that money hundred eighty your hand on an electric car you know I
mean you got money a burn go ahead buy a Porsche or tesla model s if you want real
speed you know but hey you know what electric car why don’t you just get one
converted, TTP JFK says what are your views on Toyota Suzuki partnership I’m
not a fan of that stuff I mean Toyota makes great cars
I understand any of that stuff into me if a company does something good why do they wanna get involved with a company like Suzuki that doesn’t make such great
cars oddly enough suzuki makes killer
motorcycles they are absolute killers I had a 750 Suzuki that thing was a
screaming motorcycle but their cars yeah the kind of junky little things they
sell big in Asia and like an Australia or gases commensal cuz they do get good gas mileaage but they aren’t the greatest cars in the
world Toyota I guess they just want to sell more cars so they’re gonna
partnership I think is a mistake myself but hey I don’t own Toyota, so if
you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell

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  2. Scotty, what should i do I have a manual Honda city 2009 model and every time i hit the gas pedal it jerks or stutters, brought it to Honda center and they gave me a long list of repairs so to speak but i dont believe i have to pay for most of it. I

  3. "Oddly enough Suzuki makes killer motorcycles, they are absolute killers" That can probably be said about all Motorcycle MFR's

  4. What do u do? Have the mechanic go to the lot and look at the car there? What does the mechanic charge for that? Or do u mean a friend that is a mechanic. I have zero friends that r mechanics.

  5. We found our expedition online & met the seller in person & test drove the truck. It was a great deal. It had 126k mi& needed minimal maintenance for at least 50k mi. We did basic maintenance. Then we went from 105° to -30°f & started having issues. We fixed it up & its been running great. 👍

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