This Vintage T-Shirt Dealer Sells to Kanye, Jerry Lorenzo and Migos

This Vintage T-Shirt Dealer Sells to Kanye, Jerry Lorenzo and Migos

finding the shirts is a that’s like
Fight Club stuff not to be like a dick or anything it’s just I’ll say this that
every way that’s possible to find vintage t-shirts I’m doing that like
every way so many tens of thousands of so when I moved to New York
this was also 20-something years ago I thought I was gonna get a lot of work
but I I couldn’t get a single job I couldn’t give myself away and so one day
I was like well I guess I gotta sell some of my t-shirts that first day I set
up on the corner of Prince and Mercer I was set up for the whole day and no one
bought anything and then right when I was about to start giving up and was
about to start to pack up this one guy goes by and he’s like just this does a
double take and it’s like how much are these that one that one that one that
one and I was like I told him that’s 200 I was 300 I was this and he was like
great I’ll take all of them so Chris its back not heavy at all I
sprained my wrist right here doing laundry that’s how much laundry I was
doing yesterday I’ll say that there aren’t a whole lot of vintage dealers
that I respect what they do because they’re just saying it for money so
there’s the dealers that are in it for money and then the dealers that are in
it because they love it this was dead stock I did all the bleach stains on me
if it was my size it definitely 100% would not be here if you’re passionate
about something if you really care about something and you your actions are
consistent with that eventually people are gonna notice I think we’re done is
that it yeah great okay all the holes all of them on this
one I get a little over-enthusiastic about destroying the t’s and sometimes
they’re really destroyed so we need to repair these by my hand I would say
anywhere from like a week to a month it takes me to work on a single T this is
actually a fairly typical day rushing from one all right whoops this is not going this
pile is for Kanye like this on him is just gonna be ridiculous for one it’s
gonna fit him utterly incredibly like the size is gonna be so drapey and
effortless on him the color will be great on him and it says Keith Richards
without saying Keith Richards anywhere alright on that we have to go because I
am late until until the year and a half ago I’d never heard of fear of God or
Jerry Lorenzo I just wasn’t the world that I operated and I was just really
one-on-one with my clients it was through my selling to Kanye that I met
Jerry and he bought a bunch of t-shirts and then we just started talking about
this stuff and then he asked me to do a collection with him and that was the
Maxfield collection that’s good timing my store basically is
in my bag yeah and I make house calls I’m like a drug dealer but with vintage
t-shirts there’s this whole process that people people think it’s just like oh by
t-shirt at a thrift store for like a couple of bucks and then put it on a
rack like that’s maybe that’s what some dealers do that’s not it’s not what I do
oh the most expensive piece I ever sold was 17 grand a sweatshirt please I would
totally wear that if I didn’t have this anymore
I mean no no but yours is mine is cool my nice jealous yellow the same as mine
I don’t want it to sound like you know I care how it sounds
it’s like I it’s not just like the collections that I carry it’s also my my
clients just cuz this stuff means too much to me and I want to make sure it
actually goes for people who care about it one way another either like Benny who
really fucking cares about the music or someone who cares
maybe they don’t care about who’s on a t-shirt but they care about the fashion
of the way it looks on them so much – it’s like
both have me in my opening

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  1. So twenty yrs ago he sold 3-4 shirts at $200 in new york..??? Like wtf??? Its cool wats he's doin but i aint buying a vintage t shirt for no more then $10 ..

  2. no doubt i love vintage t's but paying 100's it not 1000's of dollars for a fuccing t shirt seems a bit hefty

  3. I wonder how he must feel when he's like so this pile of shirts Is for Kanye this pile is for Jerry this pile is for migos lmao 😂 that must be hella dope feeling too say that you know he's getting paid good money but I like how he's in it for the craft not the money much respect 👍💯

  4. The Keith Richard Shirt for Kanye is the next best thing to ever happen …. Its like a shift in the matrix

  5. With some imagination and will power tou can do what ever you want. The day of retiring from a big corporation is almost extinct. Any one can start and run a profitable businesd. Congrats to and much success.

  6. I call these people and his customers fuck boys. Assholes works too. Dipshit perhaps? So many choices, hard to narrow it down to just one.

  7. I think in 20 years vintage underwears will be all the rage. Its all about wearing the trashiest stuff that nobody wants and tell them you paid a lot of money for it to get streetcred.

  8. Man half the people in the comments don’t know shit about the vintage community. Do some research before you decide to bash a guys career

  9. You guys don’t understand. It’s like finding art in a museum. You don’t just buy it cause it cost a lot. You just don’t buy Jordan’s cause they cost a lot. You have it because you appreciate the look. The value is already there. But if you have it then someone eventually is going to want it. It’s simple. You lose it’s reason for being an amazing product. The feeling or the achievement of having is done.

    Sell it.

    What else? Burn it? Fools.

    It’s art. On a shirt. Walking art.

  10. Not to add, the product of who is on or whose it by is inspiration for many and its ways. The color, the material, the artist. This dude though in particular is now known for having these products of design and style and is now OF value because of his opinion and eye for look and art.

  11. I hate how special these fucks think they are, being a doctor is special not making a grip reselling anyone with drive can do that. Fuckin twat

  12. man bought a bunch of flea market and Goodwill shirts for $5 each and resell them for $300-500
    also him: yeah I don’t do it for money, although I started it because I need money.

  13. Why the fuck do people spend hundreds of dollars on used POS t-shirts. My god, if I could only learn how to exploit others pretentious bullshit for cash.

  14. Fuck this guy he’s doing the same thing as everyone else. He’s hating on everyone who does the same thing as him. What makes him more passionate then anyone else who does this? This dude is trying to be philosophical and be like “the way it drapes on him, the color is perfect, like bro at the end of the day it’s a shirt. I sell shirts to and buy trade and keep them. He’s like every way possible to find something I do it, what makes his shot different form everyone else. This is effortless you find a shirt google it or eBay it and see the price. There’s another skill just luck when it comes to the hustle. He’s a douche bag

  15. This mother fucker is selling over priced beat to hell t shirts smh and they eating that shit up $17k for a sweatshirt ? Lmao

  16. Like he is finding every way to find vintage t-shirts like sucking dick on the owner in the front of the store and walking out the back of the store with the shirts.

  17. Cares so much about the t shirts- drags them around, throws them, sits on them. We know they are junk too, that's why they're $3.99 at goodwill.

  18. “A week to a month working on a single tee” dude ass took a damaged shirt to the damn shop to get it fixed lmfao he’s really not doing anything.

  19. If this becomes a movie about you starting from nothing to selling t's to celebrities, I'd watch it 100% without a doubt. Kudos to you mate.

  20. The point the man is trying to make is he loves the art of vintage T shirt's ,but he doesn't mine making a profit because that's why he's in the business as well,and in this 2019,2020 economic infrastructure why wouldn't you want to make money .

  21. “If there is a way of finding vintage t-shirts then I am already doing it”. I can think of several things this guy probably isn’t doing.

  22. If you're up for some sick vintage in the UK check these guys; teejerker, BurnedOut, @Gosling_faded & UnifiedGoods

  23. "I don't respect a lot of vintage dealers, they are just in it for the money."

    "I would say anywhere from a week to a month it takes for me to work on a single tee."

    I don't even know where to start……..

    He "hates people who are in it for the money" but decided to become a vintage tee shirt dealer after he made $1000 selling 4 used tee shirts somewhere in the early 90's which comes out to over $1700 in today's money.

    Of course, he tries to prove how much he is in it for the "love of it" by saying he spends "a week to a month" on each individual shirt. What a crock of fucking shittttt. There is no way on Earth youre spending more than a couple of hours on a shirt and that's if you're using bleach or paints, which needs to dry, or stitching which also take times.

    Then you have a great line where he is trying to show how much he "cares" by saying "People think you buy a tee shirt at a thrift store and just put it on a rack. Maybe that's what some dealers do but that's not what I do." FOLLOWED BY "The most expensive piece I've ever sold was a sweatshirt for $17,000."


    Maybe this dude does care about the clothing but don't give me that BS about it not being about the money or else you wouldn't sell a fucking sweatshirt for $17,000!!!!!!!!

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