This Will Destroy Your Car

This Will Destroy Your Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna show
you how to prevent catastrophic damage in your car but I have seen so many cars
be damaged by catastrophic things that could have easily been prevented
now the first thing is your brake system brake fluid easy to check jacket every
once in a while look inside where the level is market this one’s plastic you
can easily see online yeah it’s dirty but when you wipe off the dirt you can
see the fluids right here and that’s perfectly fine if you find you’re losing
floored and you have to keep adding it just don’t keep adding and think well
that’s okay there’s a problem and you need to fix it before your brakes fail
and you get in a wreck there is one exception over time you’re always going
to use a little brake fluid as the pads wear down if you find your lawn brake
fluid and you fill it up and then months later it’s still up that’s just normal
you don’t need to worry about it time but if you have to keep adding it
something’s wrong fix it sooner than later you lose your brakes when you need
to stop at 65 miles an hour that’s dangerous and speaking of brake systems
hey while you’re at it since you’ve got a jack up the car to look under there
check the suspension for badly worn part grab it sideways up and down if it goes
clunk a clunker there’s a serious one part fix it before it breaks when you’re
driving down the road I’ve had customers talk over there with a wheel hanging off
because pieces broke off that could have easily been prevented by checking it
first so we’ll take off the wheel and as you look inside here’s the rubber brake hose now Toyota makes good it’s dirty but even though
it’s 24 years old the rubber is not cracked jacket the whole way up now if
you find there’s a bunch of cracks change the hose immediately you’d be
amazed how inexpensive the hoses are especially an older one aftermarket you
don’t want to slam on the brake and have the rubber rip and not have any brakes
an easy thing to check and I mean this was 24 years old it’s not cracked yet
but let’s say you got a Chrysler product there’s a lot cheaper right now often
crank earlier so you just check them every once alone if they are getting
cracked replace them while you’re in their jacket look at the caliper it is
sealed if you see it’s all white and there’s brake fluid dripping on the
bottom because it goes by gravity it’s time for a new or rebuilt caliper
calipers have rubber seals they wear over time but again this one’s twenty
four years old but it’s a Toyota and it’s still not leaking so they’re well
made but check each wheel and if you see there’s brake fluid leaking out fix that
leak immediately don’t let it go over time because not only could you have a
can of stop it failure oh it goes and leaks and when you step on the brakes it
just leaks and you don’t have any pressure but just is bad they really
like to get on the pads you hit the brakes the pads are now pushing on brake
fluid they’re just gonna slip you see leaking and your brake system fix it
immediately I’m speaking of liquids your cooling system has what’s called a
thermostat in it very simple device but if it goes bad it can shut down not send
any coolant from the engine to the radiator an annual instantly overheat
and here the same out of sight out of mind you don’t want to forget about it
yeah they’re hiding away in this case on a Toyota
that’s inside the housing here behind all these wires is the thermostat
there’s two bolts that hold it in do people think about thermostats no cuz
they’re hitting the way it’s a good idea keep your cars a long time they’re
well-made but if you want to be conservative every five or six years buy
a new thermostat they’re cheap most cars they’re easy to pour it in now I mean
some of these German designs are ridiculous that you practically have to
tear the whole engine apart to get to them and some of the German once today
this is really insane they have electric thermostats instead of just having a
simple metal piece that expands and contracts to open up their
electronically control and they do cost quite a bit of money but being in German
products you better change them every four years or so they they go bad and
your engine goes there goes your car nobody puts engines and knows anymore
that costs so much money too when you find out the thermostats cost
so little most cars you can easily change them yourself change them out so
you’re not driving down the road one day and the stupid thing shuts the engine
immediately overheats now of course if you’re watching your temperature gates
closely like I do you’re gonna see something’s up and pull over but still
you’d be stranded somewhere but for my experience with my customers like
learning to look at the temperature gauge and I’m looking at the temperature
gauge you were going to make sure that your thermostat is gonna last a long
time to be working so heck every five or six years just replace them or say every
hundred thousand miles most cars is not that big of a deal and if it does go and
your engine blows that’s a gigantic deal and of course long term maintenance to
stop catastrophic problems with your car make sure your coolant stays clean this
particular one is five years 150,000 miles you don’t have to change it all
that often but if it all corrosion will eat up your cooling system poorly made
cars like older Mazdas the aluminum heads will actually eat holes in them
and then even if it blows the head gasket you can’t replace the head gasket
cuz the heads eaten up you got to replace the head of the engine too which
is generally more than the cars ever worth you don’t want to destroy your
engine and your cooling system with dirty coolant when they last so long and
it’s so easy to change them out and since cooling systems are full of
plastic parts these days it’s a 24-year old car and it’s still got a plastic
radiator you want to check all that plastic stuff out see if it’s starting
to crack cuz if it’s getting cracked change it before it blows and the same
thing for all the rubber cooling hoses check them they start rotting you want
to replace them sooner than later I had a customer last year was driving his car
he said he watches his temperature gauge and he said it never got hot but all of
a sudden he had smoke under the hood a car stopped running and it blew his
engine even though the temperature gauge didn’t get hot and here’s what can
happen if your radiator is plastic and brittle it gets a big hole and it blows
it can blow the coolant out so fast that the temperature gauge stays right where
it was it could be in the middle and it’s not gonna rise because temperature
gauges are kind of strange things in certain situations and
in this situation if you lose the coolant fast by giant hole blowing up it
actually won’t work with hot air or steam it’s got to be water once that
water goes out and is replaced with steam or hot air the gauge isn’t gonna
go to H because there’s no water to make it work and it stayed right in the
middle while his engine blew up so you certainly want to avoid catastrophic
cooling system failure it goes on all at once you’re on a highway you can easily
blow your engine so let’s say you do watch your temperature gauge and you
notice that something weird is happening it’s running warm or bit by bit by bed
figure out what’s wrong with it as soon as possible don’t continue to drive down
the road better to be stranded somewhere for a short period of time than to say
goodbye to your car because you blow the engine no here’s something people
normally don’t think about with catastrophic failure and that your car’s
battery what else the young mechanic banners are pretty simple they didn’t
have alternators that generators on cars battery ever went bad you put another one in it was really no big deal but modern cars are all computer on and battery
supplies power to everything so even if your car starts and runs a weak battery
can be insidiously wiping out the electronics of your vehicles no any
mechanic or any auto parts or can check your better is one of these load testers
very easily tell you what shape it’s saying and my advice with that is tell
your batteries more in four or five years old and it shows that it’s
starting to get weak change it right away and then you don’t have to think about it for another
four or five years I have many conservative customers that just change
their battery over four or five years there ain’t got tested they just change
it and figure hey then I’m not gonna have any problems we’re not that bad of
an idea because the battery that’s weak or has internal sharts in it it can wipe
out your alternator it can feedback alternating current and fry the computer
that’s why they called alternators even though the car works on 12-volt direct
current it generates alternating electricity which then go through the
diodes of the alternator to create direct electricity when those diodes
break down you can get alternating current flowing through the system which
will destroy computer parts in your car so in this case the same if it
broke don’t fix it doesn’t fit at all if it’s getting weak replace your battery
so you know create very expensive problems down the line for the simple
thing of just putting another battery now the next thing to check to prevent
catastrophic problems your cars your tires your car is writing on air
inside these tires they blow and at high speeds you got a problem so check them
every once in a while keep the right pressure if they’re over or under
inflated you can have problems check the sides for cracking because the
ultraviolet rays of the Sun destroy rubber now if you drive a lot of miles
generally the tires will wear off before they dry around all my tires throughout
my life dry rotted long before the tires wore up so you check for a bunch of
cracks you see a bunch of cracks time to get another tire before you have some
kind of a blowout on a highway again in serious trouble tires are much better
aid these days and they were my grandfather’s today he lived in Niagara
Falls Buffalo’s 20 miles away in this day if you want Niagara Falls the
Buffalo in back which was a forty mile round-trip you might have had three or
four flat tires because the tire material was so poor and the roads
weren’t so hot either today no that’s the thing in the past
but just gotta check them every once in a while and yes modern cars have the
tire pressure monitoring sensors on them so they’ll tell you when the tires are
starting to get low which is a good thing when they work but as they age
remember the sensors are operated by batteries eventually the batteries run
out of power but sensors don’t work anymore if you got a car that’s say eight years old and they’re starting to go you’d have to
replace all eight you can’t do it yourself you have to have a tiger
machine to take it apart and then buy the sensors and put them in and rebounce
the tires it’s a very expensive endeavor so a lot of people just live with that
TPMS warning of the flat tire and check the tire with air gauges instead so if
you’re in that position do check your pressure in the morning every month or
so at least just to see and look at if one looks squashed check it immediately
and get it taken care of before you’re stranded somewhere and of course the
last the most obvious thing to prevent catastrophic failure in your car is
change your engine to haul regularly and use the right type of oil if you don’t
do any maintenance on your car at all at least change the engine
regularly and use the right type of oil because modern engines are very
particular the type of oil that they use variable valve timing GDI injection
turbochargers using the wrong oil and those things can cause a problem over
time 0w 20 and you put in 10w30 off the engine going to immediately blow up but
over time you’re gonna get access where that’s going to lead to engine problems
that you wouldn’t have if you would have stuck to the correct oil the engineers
designed these things for such oils so make sure you use them so now you know
how to prevent some serious catastrophic events to your car by a little bit of
simple maintenance, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Scotty I have a 2004 Chevy blazer only has 100 K miles 4.3 L runs and drives great except on really hot days after driving for 10 or 15 minutes it gets hot. It will go up to 230 then back to 210 back to 230 or 235 back to 220 then I have to shut it off and I can hear the water bubbling inside it has a new thermostat. It’s slowly loses coolant but I don’t see it dripping and it is not in the engine

  3. I had a 95 nissian altima ugly but good car until the rubber hose broke its positioned by the motor and transmission so it was being cooked over the years and when it went it lost so much coolant I blew the motor almost instanly. Too bad they didn't engineer it better. A metal tube would of been a lot safer. O well we live n we learn.

  4. Where I live I am lucky to get more than 3 years from a battery. Hot summers and freezing winters create dead cells.

  5. Scotty is right. I had my tires for 7 years. Tread was getting low but still above the wear indicators. But the rubber was starting to crack and I could tell they were old beyond their useful life. I ingored them and sure enough, I had a blow-out while driving on the highway. Well, actually, a nail penetrated my tire but that's because the tire was weak from age and anything greater than a sharp stone would have caused the same level of damage. I should have changed them out long ago even though they still had tread left on them.

  6. Is that the original radiator on that almost classic Celica Scotty? The radiator was leaking on my 2000 Honda at 150K. And you say Honda is a better car.

  7. Always throwing shade at Mopar. I've had 3 Chrysler cars since '99 … 300k between them. 1 radiator, one alternator, and one thrust bearing.

  8. Or……….you could just lease your favorite vehicle and turn it back in before the warranty runs out and not worry about anything 🙂

  9. Doubt you'll see this but maybe someone will. My fan is constantly going on and off like every 10-15 seconds but the temp is fine. It's a 2012 Nissan rogue 4 cylinder, has just under 100.000 miles. Just curious

  10. Scotty my truck smells like mold I think it is coming from my AC vents it smells I run it every day what can I do to get rid of the smell I try to avoid my AC when possible

  11. I dont understand these people that bys car and dont check anything they deserve engen blowing up on them stuff it's just dum and lazy

  12. Mr Scotty , thanks for the expertise,
    i can volunteer to clean up your garage , oh ,i noticed your giant fan isn't working

  13. I took my TPMS valve stems off when I changed out my tires. I've ALWAYS trusted a tire gauge since I was a kid. One of the monitors was displaying 22 pounds when the gauge was showing 40 pounds.

  14. Only scotty can use a video about what to do to your car to make it last longer, to praise the all mighty Toyota gods.

    News flash all cars today, including Toyotas, are not very good. Between the addition of all the electronics, and the realization that making a car that one buys and drives for the better part of 20+yrs is bad for business, and you have poorly built cars pretty much all but designed to fail in 8-10yrs or less.

  15. Love Scotty vids. Do you like Mazda Miata from 2005-2011? Just arbitrary year range. Have not heard you trash Mazda much, except the aluminum head you referenced in this vid. Wondering WHICH model and engine you meant . . . THANKS!

  16. Hey Scotty…Can you do a video on disk brakes. Issues like rust rims on the outside of the rotor, warped rotors, caliper lubrication/sticking and machining rotors. Love the videos. I always learn something.

  17. This video should be part of the knowledge you learn to get a driver's license. Renew your license by watching a short video, like this one. Some people just do not know this important information.

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  20. I just finished changing control arms, ball joints ,inner and outer tie rod ends, and front shocks all on both sides and alignment new tires rides smooth and turns like butter gotta do my brakes and rotors next week

  21. Well I think I've watched enough of your videos that without any education or any hands on experience I applied for a job as a lead mechanic……..I start Monday! …….just kidding!

  22. Many cars don’t even have the temperature gauge displayed up front… it has to be selected to be shown on one of the menus

  23. My car doesn't even have a basic temp gauge, you have to scroll through the info center to see the actual temp. Kinda annoying

  24. "If they work." Mine has to be re-calibrated every fall. When the temperature starts dropping, all of my tires say they're low. Happens every year like clockwork since it was new off the lot. Other vehicles I've had without that system only leaked when I checked them too often!

  25. I have a 2014 RAM, I noticed two weeks ago that while cranking the truck had a slight hesitation on cranking over and starting, with the original battery I replace the battery, no more issues. I wasn't going to have what happened to my last truck, where a dead all of the sudden. I don't always realize the cranking, as I remote starter from in the house. So I didn't want to get caught off-guard again.

  26. Scotty, I bought a 2009 Genesis sedan with the 3.8L V6 with last year. It has 110 000km, never had any big problems with it, but sometimes if water or snow gets under the front of the car (also happened after a car wash) where the radiator is, a bit of vapor/smoke will come out from the grill. Anything to be worried about or not? Thanks!

  27. Don't get me started on German thermostats!! My mechanic had to take the alternator off to replace the one in my Passat.

  28. Hi Scotty. What will happen if I accidentally used 24 volts in jumpstarting my Car?.. aside from not working stereo and room lamp, my car seems fine. Im worried of some damage it caused to my car.. Thanks in advance..

  29. I can second the temp gauge giving false information. I blew a head gasket on a 74 Mustang 2. The temp just showed a little higher than normal. I pulled over. Lost all my coolant.

  30. Iv met people that have cars made in the80’s they just removed the thermostat and put things back together. Was this really ok?

  31. My brake pad fell off and the brake fluid was leaking when I was driving 40 mph , thank God there was no car ahead of me ,
    I only had to press the rubber really ha

  32. Right ON Scotty ! .. What used to be called "common sense" .. is now, sadly, called "un-common sense"
    Tragic. Way to pass down the knowledge good sir.

  33. This video is amazing. I can’t thank you enough for this. Btw used to own a 94 toyota celica.. it was a pleasure to own and was reliable till I sold it at 150k miles

  34. Where are you located Scotty? I have a 2010 Nissan Sentra with only 52, 000 plus miles. I just paid over $2, 000 to fix various things. I live in Catonsville, Maryland. Any suggestions for a good mechanic in my area? Thank you! Eventually, I am looking for a Honda. Ellen

  35. Nice one Scotty.
    More instruments would be useful for some of us, drivers. I would not mind having a battery charge meter, an oil temp and pressure gauge – by default. That would be really good, take a look, make sure.
    TPMS, right. Tyres: use your eyes – is it flat, is it deformed? Use your hands – are the tyres hard, or soft? … Get a pump with a gauge and maintain pressure that can be found in the car (or on the interwebz).
    I see so many people riding on old (10+ years) tyres with a general disregard that the four materials the rims have are the first contact point towards the road … and still they do care not about it .. no inspection, no maintenance.

  36. i would love to keep an eye on temperature gauge but on my 2015 v40 Volvo in there wisdom derided we don't need one (madness)

  37. Proactive vs reactive can save your life. Or maybe the lives of people on the road near you. Chevrolet stands for Can Hear Every Valve Rattle On Long Extended Trips

  38. When changing a thermostat you should always check if there is a fail safe one available for your car and if so always use it. For anyone that doesn't know what they are it is on a regular thermostat fails it fail on the closed side so fluid can't pass by it and your car will overheat which can led to having to replace the engine. On a fail safe thermostat when it fail it stays open so that the fluid can still pass and about the worst thing that causes is it takes longer for the engine to warm up in cold whether and your heater won't blow air at the proper temperature.

  39. big trucks have sensors that have a buzzer then shut the truck down if low on coolant. with all the technology why don't they do the same with automobiles to save the engine?

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  42. hello sir. I have a 99 tacoma v6 that intermittently shake or vibrates. i tried replacing all my brakes (front rotors including calipers/pads and the back drums), front suspension with no avail. i checked the wheel bearings and they are all fine. could you please tell me what i need to check next, thank you.

  43. Toyotas are so dependable that if you do the required maintenance with fluids then its rare to have any issues. Ive owned mine for 14 years with 136k and its cleaner than some 4 year leased cars on the road. People just expect them to not need maintenance. I get 28 mpg.

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