Thomas and Friends Downhill Mystery Wheel Slime Races

Thomas and Friends Downhill Mystery Wheel Slime Races

we’re doing mystery wheel races William
but guess what we’ve got slime sticky grossy! Team Blue
Thomas Edward and Gordon team red young bow Rheneas and Victor team green Percy
Duck and Emily team purple you want to do team purple yeah Rosie Ashima
and Lady that’s right team yellow Kevin proteus and flora and
team white Hugo Merlin and Stanley whoo team blue Thomas Thomas the Tank Engine
a little own engine here on kids toys play we’ve never used this guy before so
in this race they have to go downhill make it past the bridge of doom that’s
what makes it too and then try and get into the line makes it past the bridge
of doom and now he’s in the slime oh no don’t Oh Tomas! Thomas the Tank Engine our first
contestant makes it all the way into the pit of slime we got to get faster on
that bridge adieu my friend actually Pig Oh Rosie here we have Rosie she can do
anything Tomas can do just better go couple of
blue tendrá Wow good stuff ever blue he keeps getting more and more requests on
our channel actually a lot of people just want to see some more Edward ever
blue let’s see how you do this let’s just see how you do go green Percy
Thomas what Percy he’s partially green let’s see that slime can paint some more
green on what do you think red junk Victor one of our red narrow gauge
engines all of my friends solar steamers here we go oh wow what happened he fell
off before we hit the trigger oh really Victor gets a living here by the bridge
of doom we’re gonna find out who else can give him this slimy slime slime I know you’re picking Gordon the big blue
Express engine nothing knocks this guy off track Gordon coming down on the
bridge oh you gets knocked off ooh white finally Hugo Merlin or Stanley
Stanley yeah I’m gonna go with Merlin Merlin the invisible if you are a long
time found on this channel you know we’ve been trying to make this guy
disappear but he keeps reappearing are you ready for Merlin gently coming down
oh whoa he fell off before he even made it to the bridge let’s try Merlin again and he’s in the slime and here it is should we leave them in there Yello
what’s your hope glorious Proteus another popular narrow gauge engine I
think he’s a legend yeah his lights still working who should we should go oh
he fell down but he’s loud and kind of funny there that’s interesting I was
before the bridge you want time again let’s check it out Proteus attempt
number 2 ready coming down right he’s already oh and he fell off the bridge
again well that’s twice that he fell off the bridge I think that we just got
after disqualified poor Proteus just drop him in the slime ok here’s the
slide pip doing absolutely nothing nothing ever happens in the slide look
at this yeah look at all this slime oh man
it is oh look how far it’s stretching folks nice color are we gonna get hats
it looks like it’s gray super green a green our green engines love that slime
it’s like their natural habitat my favorite Emily yeah Emily wood looks
like she’s missing a little bit of pig T let’s see if we can slime up her a bit
coming down the hill and tell her she fell off before had yeah I know I think
we’ll give her another run look at that she’s in the slime the bridge was popped
but Emily gets pulled and she’s out of the slide now thankfully white a couple
of white engines here Hugo and Stanley which one are we gonna pick Oh Oh
Stanley would you got you got Stanley yes Stanley you’re excited about that is
Stanley gonna have fun yeah Stanley eliminated just past the bridge of doom
another victim folks purple a couple of ladies of Sodor I guess maybe once from
India Oh lady gets snatched ready the magic engine and let’s see if her gold
bus comes out this time and makes it past the bridge and over the slime and
back to the land of wherever magical place she’s from second use my chopper
in oh thank you I’m sure she really appreciates that
yeah oh she is just attached to everything look at all this slime and
snotty uh yeah she doesn’t look too lucky to me folks Green it’s the Great Western Way doc the
Great Western engine number eight everybody loves ducking always does
exactly what he asks it’s the Great Western Way doc number eight he is in
the slime oh and he’s just getting covered in the
slime and just dug right in there uh oh there ya you found him right away yay this dug he’s not cracking over anything
anymore guys look at all that slime Oh purple one purple engine remains and
that’s a Shema of India Ashima one of the favorites here on kids toys play
everyone loves her let’s see how she does she must now she goes over the
bridge oh wow she got white dough but man she landed on her wheels
good job Ashima yellow flora and cabin and cabinet as he’s an interesting
choice calendar the Sodor Steamworks with that top-heavy hook and his I
wonder how he’ll do he might end up doing a terrible job I don’t know let’s
find out Kevin comes down he’s over all he got wiped out by the quick fingers of
the bridge of doom red to red engines oh nice Renea said the narrow gauge engines
in his red color paint with these beautiful gray wheels let’s see how he
does coming out he’s over in zombies he’s having a terrible time folks that
poor narrow gauge engine he is now buried in the slide are nice and warm he
has a new blanket blanket of slime on him
yellow flora the trash Sodor tramways flora she’s a nice girl I think she had
a little incident with Toby there before but that’s fine she’s forgiven and she
is ready done take this job video coming on Oh split the uprights mope she is in
the middle of that bridge white Hugo Hugo Sorel sapling with that big
propeller Thomas wood let’s see how he does folks oh I think you kind of don’t
walk let’s try him again I think you don’t Malkovich rails up let’s go really
fast that’s probably what happened let’s try him again coming down he’s going
faster Wow oh I think he got spun out but he didn’t end up in the slime he ran
off to the side that was absolutely fantastic I think the bridge really got
him there the final engine in today’s competition
team red it is young bow Thomas wood young bow of China a very popular engine
here on kids toys play we love this guy and he is going to do awesome I’m sure
ready coming down he goes off it he’s all the branch and he got spun oh and in
the end we had four engines that made it into the slime on their own accord
Renea sub team red emily of team green merlin of team white and Thomas the Tank
Engine of team blue

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