Throwing Old People Under the Bus

Throwing Old People Under the Bus

connection while going to take action is
with the pictures here the security of the desert and mountain
today and david shuster is out of assignment but
this is last week now and of course i’m filling in sub-zero seeing today this saturday april six it is a
beautiful saturday here in the washington d_c_ area who are welcome all
of our affiliate stations in chicago parts of oklahoma columbus grand rapids
michigan and across the country listening and watching it on we act radio dot com and take action
news dot com of course we purchase thrive on you to youtube dot com slash
take action news tv joining me in studio today is an old friend of take action news
commission alaska is on the board usar or engineer for this week we are not
period of transition of course and joining me once again also in the
co-chair is dinner bell data is a social media
associate at media matters for america but she’s
not here in our capacity and anything that she says the czar represent media
matters but of course that is also a stand-up
comic in d_c_ and a really someone with a boring falling as
a football analyst and commentator and comic and data has uh… we we’ve received
outpouring since last week about dance performance and her rests on
the idea of politicizing politics which of course is redundant there how are you doing today i’m doing
great things and having me glad to be back and of course is that it is great to
have you data we have an amazing show coming up there
was a lot of news this week that was really really exciting stuff of course uh… it is with sadness that we have to
force mention the passing of roger ebert h seventy finally passed away from fire
eleven cell very grand cancer he was a an institution in american journalism
an american pop culture became famous for his uh… reviews of films and film
criticism in a syndicated column read by millions
and of course he will be greatly missed he died so young we may talk about him a
little bit more later but the other thing that was grabbing
the headlines was president obama’s budget now
president obama is scheduled to release his budget resolution what he wants it for the nation to spend money on what
the nation’s spending priorities to be this coming week but it was leaked to the new york times
is the associate press this past week the president ball would to something
controversial that we spoke about on the show last week and that is included
eight a cot two soc carry benefits called the chain consumer price index about this hi i have to disclose as we discussed
this that i am the policy director soc three works during the week and and and so i i i put that out there with
everything and i said all the opinions expressed but this was a controversial cut this is
a cut in benefits that would compound overtime resulting in a car of one thousand dollars per year after
twenty years and uh… and rather after thirty years
of six hundred dollars a year after ten years outside six hundred dollars a year after
ten years one thousand after twenty and uh… much more after that of course
accumulates and compounds over time

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