Thule 9034 T2 Pro Hitch Bike Rack Preview & Features by Racks For Cars

Thule 9034 T2 Pro Hitch Bike Rack Preview & Features by Racks For Cars

Hey guys, this is Tyler from,
and I’m here today to give you a sneak preview of the brand new, completely overhauled, Thule
9034 T2 bike rack. Now the T2 was sort of the original platform style bike rack. It allowed any type
of bike frame to be carried with ease by clamping on to the front wheel. Now for the new T2,
Thule has completely overhauled the look and function of the rack. They’ve started with
a larger front wheel arm to carry bikes of all sizes, from roadies to fat bikes without
adapters. They’ve also increased the clearance from bike to bike, and given the bike trays
a longer wheelbase. So now the T2 can carry the widest variety of bikes on the market
right out of the box. This time around there’s no need for a socket wrench. The new T2 uses
a tools-free, AutoAttach locking handle, that both tensions and locks the rack into the
hitch. Now probably the biggest new feature on the T2 is that Thule has relocated the
folding handle to the end of the rack, meaning you no longer have to reach through your bikes
or underneath the rack to raise or lower the platform. The new T2 hits stores in North
America in early 2016. Check it out at

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