Tips for the Perfect Road Trip | Consumer Reports

Tips for the Perfect Road Trip | Consumer Reports

[MUSIC PLAYING] For me, the open road
is like a blank canvas. You can go anywhere, but
first, you need a car. [ELECTRICITY BUZZING] [MUSIC PLAYING] This car looks like
it’ll get the job done. Choosing the right
car is important. But for me, choosing
the right companion is even more important. [ELECTRICITY BUZZING] Hey, Mike, how are you? I’m great, Jack. How are you? Good. You feeling up for a drive? Maybe to some place amazing
we’ve never been before? Heck, yeah, I’m always
up for a good road trip. But there’s a few things
we should check on the car before we go. Mike, don’t worry about it. I got you covered. [MUSIC PLAYING] [ELECTRICITY BUZZING] Looks great. [LAUGHS] How you like that? OK, so the first thing we want
to check under the hood here, Jack, is the motor oil. I mean, the oil is the
lifeblood of the engine. So it’s important that
it’s at the right level. So you can just grab that
yellow dipstick right there. And then after you
wipe it off with a rag, we’ll put it back in, and
we’ll check the oil level. And of course, if you haven’t
changed your oil or your oil filter in a while,
then you’re going to want to do that before you
head out on a trip as well. Oh, looks good. And you can see this one
is at the correct level. So we’re good to go with that. Perfect. So you also want to
make sure that you check the air filter, which
is in that box right there. Yep. And so the important
thing about that is if it’s clogged
with dirt or debris, the engine isn’t going
to run as efficiently. So that’s very important. You’re going to want to
make sure your coolant level is at the right amount. And that’s this
reservoir right here. The engine coolant
keeps the engine running at the
proper temperature, make sure it isn’t
going to overheat. There’s lines right here that
help you with making sure that it’s at the right amount. So you could add some
if you needed to. OK. Of course, you also
want to make sure that your battery terminals
are properly hooked up, and that there’s
no white debris. And if there was, you’d
want to wipe that off with a wire brush. And then you’ve got your
windshield washer fluid here. You’re going to probably be
using your windshield wipers if the windshield gets dirty,
if it’s dusty out there where you’re driving. Bugs hitting the windshield. Yeah, so you’re going to want
to make sure that’s full now. You don’t want to have
to stop at a gas station and buy more windshield
washer fluid. And the last thing
we want to check before we put the hood down
is your hoses and belts. So you just want to grab them,
make sure that they’re not soft or mushy anywhere. Or any leaking anyway. Make sure they’re not leaking. Make sure that your belts,
which are down here, make sure they aren’t
fraying at all. If there’s any problems like
that– fraying or cracks– then you’re going to want to
get those replaced before you go out on a long road trip. Sounds great, Mike. Let’s move on. Great, well, you know
how we talked before about how it’s important
that your window washer fluid is full? Well, it’s also important to
check your windshield wipers. And so you want to make sure
that the rubber is still soft and supple– that
there aren’t any cracks. And our tests have
actually shown that you should
replace your windshield wipers about every six months. Now, what about tires? They’re pretty
important too, no? Well, they’re super important. I mean, they’re how the car
is connected to the road. So the first thing you want to
do is check the tire pressures. You always want to check
those when they’re cold. Like, the first
thing in the morning is a great time to check them. And you want to
set them according to what the manual says
they should be set to. You also want to
check the tread wear. You want to make sure
that there’s still plenty of tread left– that there aren’t any
abnormalities on the sidewall. If you hit a curb sometimes,
you can damage the tire. And if that happens, you
want to replace that tire. But these tires
look pretty good. Jack, we also need to check
the car’s lights, both the headlights and
the brake lights. We want to make sure that both
headlights are working properly so that if you’re driving
in very dark conditions, you can see as
clearly as possible. So I’m going to
go up front here. And why don’t you
turn the lights on? Yep. They’re both working. We’re good. Great. Now, we also want to
check the brake lights. And it’s very important
that the brake lights are working because
you want cars behind you to know when you’re
slowing down so that they won’t potentially hit you. So I’m going to
have you go ahead and step on the
brake pedal, Jack. Yep, both brake
lights are working. We’re good. [CAR STARTS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Ah, Mike, blank
canvas of a road trip. You ready for a drive? Let’s do it. [MUSIC PLAYING] [TIRED SIGH] I’m tired. Yeah, well, it’s actually
a pretty good idea to pull over every
couple hours or so. Take a little break,
recharge, stretch out. Actually, this looks
like a pretty good rest area over here. Why don’t we pull off the
road and take a little break? OK, hold on. [MUSIC PLAYING] How far we going, Jack? I don’t know but, I think
we should packed some food. Yeah.

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