Alright, I’m here with my best friend, my new best friend Johnny Johnson, all the way from South Bend, Indiana, coming to purchase a car here today. We got him approved on this nice, luxurious 2008 Grand Caravan. Got the Sun Fire red on there. This thing is ready for the highway so we want to ask Johnny about his experience and let him just tell us and tell the people about Titan, and becoming part of the Titan family. The experience was great. I spoke with James over the phone. I got his number and information from a family member and he told me this guy’ll take care of you. I’ve been to a couple of places and they gave me the runaround and gave me ridiculous quotes and prices. He said what he was going to do and he did everything he said. Came and met me on his off day to come and sell me a car. I came in here and Aureliano, these guys took great care of me, everything I needed. I’m the happiest person in the world right now. Well sir, we can’t thank you enough, man. Would you, a, tell some family, some friends about Titan. I’m gonna tell everybody about Titan. I can’t believe, as many times as I’ve driven past this place that there’s like a hidden jewel right here. So I’m gonna tell everybody about this. Well look, you can be a part of Titan’s family as well, come on down. We’re located at 11201 South Harlem Avenue in Worth, Illinois 60482 We got what you need, any kind of vehicle, we got it; bad credit, good credit, no credit at all. We’ll put you in a nice ride for the summer. Come check us out: TitanUsedCars.com

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