TOP 10 Affordable Cars That Will Make You Look RICH

TOP 10 Affordable Cars That Will Make You Look RICH

Welcome to the ten affordable cars that
will make you look rich. I’ve picked ten cars under 40k that you can lease on a
tight budget. So number one on our list is the Porsche Panamera 3.0 diesel. Not everybody will be the fan of the Panamera with it’s funky lines and a bit of a cumbersome physique, but I think it’s a good car especially if you get in black and you can get some nice rims on it, do some subtle modifications to kind
of bring it up to date. It’s a perfect number one car. For the same type of
money you could go for the Boxster or the Cayman,
although the Panamera has that more exotic factor due to being seen less on
the street. Having the 3L diesel will probably make it better for the
insurance for the fuel economy and servicing as opposed to the bigger v8
petrol monsters that you can get. So number two on the list is the Aston
Martin Vantage. It’s a quiet timeless design starting
with just over 23,000 pounds which is a pretty good bargain. With a few subtle
modifications you can make it look very recent. It’s a good car to pull up to a
restaurant to and check your keys at the valet. People will automatically also
assume you are the man driving the Aston Martin Vantage. If you’re looking for the
Vantage I would suggest looking for the 4.3 v8 with a manual gearbox. So number three on the list is the Audi r8 v8 4.2 FSI. The Audi r8 usually is
left out from any top ten lists although I think it looks as good as ever. With
prices starting around 32,000 pounds, if you have the choice between an rs3 or an
r8, I know which one I’ll pick. With a selection of automatic and manual
gearboxes combined with the four-wheel drive; the car is great. Nnumber four on the list is
the Alfa Romeo 4c. The 4c might be rare in the wild although don’t be
discouraged by its small 1.7 litre engine which punches out over 250
horsepower, combining over under 1 tonne weight; its firecracker. One thing,
the coupe looks better than the spider although I love the roof down experience.
The drawback of the car is probably the plastic interior Number five on the list is the Bentley
Continental GT or GTC. So with prices starting just at fifteen thousand pounds
the Bentley Continental is an absolute steal. Don’t go for the cheapest car, try
to spend around thirty thousand pounds with a well-maintained example. The
biggest drawback of this car and probably makes it the most expensive to
run on this list is the w12 engine. Expensive to maintain, expensive to
repair, expensive anything. If you can find the Bentley with a v8 in your price
range, I would suggest you go for that one. We’ve subtle refreshments on the
Bentley it will look the part wherever you go. For me the Bentley Continental GT is the best all rounder the car from the high shelf.
I’ll pick it over any Ferrari and any Lambo any day. If you gave me a brand-new
GTC convertible v8 or even Super Sport with those quilted seats, with
absolutely everything; air suspension going up and down,
adaptive, top down up, cooled heated seats, everything, full comfort – that’s the car for
me. Since I talked way too much about the Bentley, let’s just slide in number six
which is the Gran Turismo Maserati. With the price is starting around 18 K you
can get yourself a Ferrari v8 with an incredible soundtrack. The biggest
drawback of this car is probably the in-car entertainment which is quite
dated now. They are also described that they are not the fastest cars although
if you go for either the Quattroporte or the Gran Turismo or the Gran Cabrio, the
soundtrack from the stock exhaust is sublime. So with the Grand Turismo or the
Maserati you have a choice of good aftermarket exhausts from IPE or armytrix
which will turn the car into an absolute Monster. At number seven, if you want
to look like an absolute G on the streets, you can get yourself a Mercedes
G Wagon for under 40k. The drawback? The interior will be quite dated but on the outside you
will look like 2017 G63. It’s a bit of a fraud but with the
iconic shape of the G Wagon, if you can live with the interior then it might be the
car for you. So at number eight we have the Nissan
GTR. Personally, I’m not a big fan of this car. I love the performance but the demographic of the people who drive the
GTR is little bit arrogant. The cars start just shy of 30,000 pounds. You have to
watch out for an abused example. Price for performance is probably the best
performing car you can buy today. At the end of the day, it is just a Nissan. It’s hard to distinguish the cars from 2008 and 2018 if you don’t know what you’re
looking for. I feel like with the GTR as an owner you have to explain a lot which
makes the quiet uncool. If somebody asks you what you drive and you say a GTR and
they might be like “Oh a GTI?” “Are you driving a golf?” The second answer is I
drive a Nissan but they immediately will think of the Micra. At number nine I have the Range Rover vogue or Range Rover Sport. So the era from about 2002, 2002 for the vogue, 2004 for the sport all the way to
2012, you can pick these Range Rovers up fairly cheap. You can throw brand new
parts on them and make them look very recent and then with their boxy lines they look
very great, very gangster. You can really make an appearance in one of those. At number 10 we have the Tesla Model S. With prices starting around thirty-five,
forty thousand for an older model which still holds its charge, it’s a great
bargain. In the drag race of the year, in the Motor Trend, when they had all
these cars lined up; 488s, Lambos, what-have-you, the Tesla was first. The
second fastest accelerating car? Porsche 911 Turbo.
The GTR wasn’t that quick the cars that didn’t quite make list I would look at
the Lotus Exige, Mercedes s-class, Mercedes CL and that’s about it. If you
have any ideas please drop them down in the comment box. Don’t forget to Like,
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  1. Great job with editing and getting to the point, explaining these cars well without taking 10 minutes of excess commentary. Bravo!

  2. So you telling us how to look rich in nice cheap cars. But not telling us around how much you can spend. Do more research and come correct with more info

  3. Dude, I'm from California, you can probably get any one of these "affordable " cars in the salvage yard with missing parts. Where the hell did you get your pricing from?

  4. Nice video, people who are complaining that this is not cheap they should stop partying, buying snacks and stuff and save money to afford the car. It is not your fault bro, it is just they think they should get a Ferrari 458 for less than 20k which is absolutely impossible in 2019. Nice video again

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