Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes

Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes

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  1. Self service carwashes and Touchless Automatic Carwashes are great. It all depends on the operation and the quality of the chemicals that are used. The Carwash industry has evolved, you can do a much better job at a professional Carwash than any one can do in a driveway.

  2. You recommend using a microfiber cloth to wash my car. Do you also recommend a microfiber wash mitt as well, such as one I can purchase at Walmart?

  3. Use a grit guard in both buckets. Put water in bucket first then specific car detergent and swirl around. Saves ur soap from running out of the bucket. More soap left for more lubrication. Great video.

  4. @3:26 I call B.S. about dont use an old T- shirt. I use them that are only 100% cotton and I cut off all the buttons off of the shirt too. I also wash them in the washer after they get used a few times.

    @6:42 I use a leaf blower to dry anything I'm washing off. Take that chris fix.

  5. So thankful for your show, Chris. I am learning the most basics about cars and your videos are so appreciated.

  6. my mom forgets to clean inside the gas cap door, and she forgets the door jams.

  7. Love this guys energy. He got the tude of a 90s training video. “Love that philly cheese sandwich? Don’t do that, you’ll scratch up your paint”

  8. A better solution to worrying about buckets is to just use a professional soap foamer like the IK products

  9. Hey Chris you should check out The king's gun playlist on my channel. My air powered pressure washer would be ideal for you and your content, and my leaf blower upgrade/innovation will allow you to throw away your drying towels. I'm not kidding both are DIY projects, and please let me know if you feature either in a future video😎👍👊

  10. Chris – I like point #4. You should always rinse off the car (from top to bottom) with cool clean water under moderate spray pressure. Always get off any dust, sand, and small particles as best as you can this way first.

  11. Ive seen couple people washing their cars in the hot sun i wait till the sun goes down I take 2 hours or more just to clean it

  12. What about those big sponges that specifically say is for the purpose to wash your car? Are those not good to use?

  13. Thanks man i got a sentra 2019 super black and omg bro its all scrathced even tho i clean it myself so never again black cars

  14. what about the other side of the windshield thats still dirty still, what about vinegar baking soda and water and dish soap all mixed in a sprayer for the greasy film on inside, vinegar is the key to cut greasy film, your vid is half the job

  15. BIG mistake I notice is EVERYONE wants to Top off gas, especially when they find a good price. This damages Evap canister and can be a nightmare repairing

  16. At the 4:37 mark. You shouldn't have rubbed your finger over the dirt. Could scratch the surface. Just sayin'. Lol! Great Video! Make more!!!

  17. A dawn job before waxing is actually a good thing. And their degreasing ability is much too weak to damage clear coat. Especially if you’re conservative with your dawn to water ratios. They’re excellent for removing old wax too. I’ve got a 30 year old Vette that was raised on the stuff. Paint is damn near showroom. Not trying to be a know it all but want to share my experience so others can make their own decisions. Also I think it’s important to note that I only use it for washes when I know im going to wax because it really does give you a clean slate for the new wax. So maybe 3 times a year.

  18. Top tip: take a wire rack from an old toaster oven (or something similar) and bend it into a soft "C" shape and put it in the bottom of your bucket when you wash your car so the "sponge" cannot settle back into the grit on the bottom of the bucket and pick it back up…

  19. Tip- buy a car that you dont give af if it gets scratched. Still cant go to a carwash cause it would knock all the rust off and my car would fall apart.

  20. Make sure you use filtered, and UV treated water, regular water has calcium deposits that can scratch the paint on your car.

  21. Don't wear a belt with a metal buckle. You'll lean against the car and dent it! At the least, rotate the buckle position, or untuck your shirt.

  22. #1 Washing your car when you don't have a car washing degree. Not only do I have scratches but I also bought microfiber towels, bug sponges, and bug cleaning spray and still can't get the bugs off. Maybe an automatic car wash isn't so bad?

    I also use 1 bucket and a million towels because I never reuse them until after they've been washed, and I still have scratches.

  23. If you use a hose to spray water on your car an easy way to reduce drying time is to take the nozzle off and just run water over the car without it. This makes the water sheet off much more frequently so there will be less standing or beading on the car.

  24. Best tip, throw that Armor-All protectant in the trash. Get a separate interior cleaner and conditioner. If you use that protectant and don't clean the leather or vinyl you're sealing that shit in! Think logically.

  25. 🔪another tip is if you see a Prius just burn it there's no need to clean
    it will look the same as it did from the factory :)🔪

  26. Dry off windows first before anything to prevent dirt from body of car to get on glass which is what most people notice on cars first smudgy windows

  27. Can you make a video about waxing you car? what to use and how thanks your videos are great ive learned alot

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