Top 10 Cursed Cars You Should Never Drive

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your host Che Durena. What’s the best feature you want in a car? Is it power windows or is the a deadly curse
that will kill you and your whole family, I’m more of heated seats guy myself. But if your into killer 4 wheel death traps
then you gotta check out our list of top 10 cursed cars you should never drive. Make sure you like, comment, subscribe, hit
that little notification bell and stick around for our top three they’re pretty famous. 10 Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s Phaeton If you don’t know who the Archduke Franz
Ferdinand’s is then you should play more world war one shooters. It was his assassination that started world
war one and that assassination took place in this car. It was just that he was assassinated in the
car, it was that he avoided an assassination attempt earlier that day and he was on his
way to hospital to comfort the people who were harmed in the crossfire. On his way there one of the assassins had
stopped in a café to get something to eat, saw the Archduke passing by and well started
world war one. Not only that the car was involved in 6 accidents
and 13 deaths. Some people were killed in crashes only months
after owning the car. 9 John F. Kenndey’s Limousine ss-100-x The whole world was stunned on the morning
of November 22nd, 1963 as President John F. Kenndey was assassinated on television. Something super strange about this navy blue
Lincoln is it was upgraded with two hundred thousand dollars worth of features none of
which were making it bullet proof or putting some sort of protective cover over top of
it. However after Kennedy was killed the limo
was kept in service, because you can’t really blame the car, and was give all sort of protective
measures like titanium plating, bullet resistant glass and a perminate bullet proof roof. I guess hindsight is 20/20. 8 The Ghost crash December 11 2002, Police start getting phone
call after phone call about a set of headlights running off the road on Britain’s A3 highway. Crashes on a highway aren’t unusual but
people are stopping and can’t seem to find a car anywhere. So police go to investigate and they find
no recent crashes but Vauxhall Astra that was covered in vegetation. It seems that the car had been there for at
least five months. So why were people seeing headlights driving
off into the ditch that night. My guess is who’s ever ghost that was, was
tired of hanging out on the side of the highway and wanted to go to funeral home so they could
party with some other ghost. 7 Ghost Bus It was a foggy night in London 1934. A man was driving normally when suddenly he
swerved as if he was trying to avoid something. He crashed into a wall and was instantly killed,
witnesses said there was nothing in his way and no reasoning for the man to have swerved
off the road so aggressively. But legend talks of a ghost bus that roams
the roads, it’ll appear out of nowhere and look as if it’s going to crash right into
you. It’s said to be a big red double decker
bus that appears on the road around 1:15 am. People who’ve said they’ve seen the bus say
it’ll me coming right for but after it passes if you check your rearview mirror there will
be nothing there. It could be a real ghost bus or it could another
reason to not do drugs. 6 The Black Volga During the 60s and 70s, people throughout
russia and eastern europe were terrorized about the myth of The Black Volga. The Volga limo was the most expensive car
in russia at the time and they were specifically designed to hide the identity of the persons
inside the car. They had tinted windows and if that wasn’t
enough you could pull out curtains so no one could see in. You could that movie trope when you see someone
creeping you from a distance and you quickly shut the drapes. Clip 2
Because this car had such a secretive tone and was priced so high rumors started speculating
about who could be driving one. Some people would say it was priests or politicians,
other people said it could be the devil himself. The conspiracy theories go so far that some
say they saw kids get snatched into the car and people who touched the car would die within
24 hours. None of these myths have been proven, so some
of these stories might be true or it might just be a game of telephone that got out of
hand. 5 Renault Megane It’s 2004 in cape town south africa and
you hear a roaring sound coming from outside your window. You pop out to go see what’s going on and
you see a Jumping car? Apparently nine people saw this car start
up on its own and start jumping backwards until it crashed into a fence, so they called
the guys from top gear to have a look. No they called the police. When they police arrived they didn’t believe
them at all, they probably thought everyone was on drugs. Then the car started up on its own again and
jumped backwards into a tree. Upon further inspection it seemed that the
car had a rusty starter cable which was causing it to start up all on its own, but what was
making it jump? 4 Bonnie & Clydes Ford Deluxe The original ride or die couple. Imagine meeting the one, I mean THE ONE, like
they’re so much the one that the two of you roam around america during the great depression
robbing banks, killing cops and looking on point while you’re doing. Bonnie and Clyde are two of america’s most
notorious criminals and somehow managed to keep a relationship healthy while being on
the most wanted list. The two would travel around in a stole 1934
ford deluxe and on may 23rd 1934 it would be their final resting place. They were ambushed by police and more than
100 shots were fired into this bad boy. Now what happened to the car, well in a way
nothing. They car was kept exactly the way it was when
Bonnie and Clyde died in it, with every last bullet hole. You can go see the car now at whiskey pete’s
hotel and casino in nevada. The reason that it’s on our cursed cars
list isn’t just that two people were turned into swiss cheese inside of it but its said
when people take pictures next to the car, sometimes ghostly figures will appear in the
photograph. 3 Le Mans disaster Now this curse isn’t an ongoing horror that
torments people for almost 100 years, like the chicago cubs goat curse. But this was a massive disaster, one of the
worst car wrecks the world of racing has ever seen. It was 1955 and driver Lance Macklin was taking
his turn out of the pits back onto the track in his Austin Healey 100s, I’m picturing
him rolling on to a racetrack with a pair of motorized heelys. Mike Hawthorne was coming in hot in a Jaguar
D-type and barely misses Macklin. Macklin swerves and tries to steady himself
and ends up in the left lane and he doesn’t see Pierre Levegh flying in at 150 miles per
hour. Pierre hits the back of Macklin’s sick Healey
and goes flying into the crowd killing 81 people injuring 120. I wouldn’t worry about that happening today
becasuse they have those nice big nets at nascar so you can get a neck sunburn and liquid
cheese without dying 2 James Dean’s 550 spyder What’s a good way to be considered cursed? Kill one of the most beloved actors of an
era. James Dean was an amercian heart throb and
badass who died tragically at the age of 24 in a car wreck. This bad luck racer was nicknamed little bastard,
if you’re going to ride in something everyday maybe give it a nicer name. But it wasn’t just James Dean that this
car tormented. After his death the car was purchased by and
brought shop for repairs, it then slip off the lift and broke a mechanics leg. After this parts of the car were installed
in two different race cars, one driver died and one was seriously injured. Some people tried to steal the cars body and
were both injured, this car doesn’t even like thieves, it’s on no one’s side. The car eventually disappeared mysteriously
while being transported. I’m sure it was stolen, the car that killed
James Dean is probably worth millions and might have his sexy ghost in it. 1 1964 Dodge 330 This car has been named the most evil car
in America, it’s more evil than the PT cruiser or that man eating Zamboni that I just made
up. This car actually has a pretty wild story,
It was originally a police cruiser and all three officers that were issued the car eventually
committed suicide after killing their families. A car can’t be evil this is for sure a coincidence. After it served it’s time as a cop car it
was sold to an old man, probably because he was too old to have a family to massacre. Nothing happened to him but several people
tried to vandalize the car and it didn’t end well for them. One of them was killed by an 18 wheeler, a
few more were decapitated and 4 others were killed by lighting strikes. Dude when I die I want to come back and an
evil car that can summon lightning. The car was later destroyed ant the pieces
were scattered so the car could no longer summon gods wrath. But apparently someone bought all the pieces
and reassembled the beast. A part of me wants someone to give this motorized
murderer a self driving upgrade just to see what happens. Leave out the talking GPS though, it’s an
evil car from 1964 it probably has a lot of racist slurs to say. That is our list! Make sure you write in the comments what your
favourite cursed car or vehicle from history. Like always make sure you like, comment, subscribe
and hit the little notification bell. I’ve been Che Durena and until next time
make sure if you’re buying a used car it hasn’t killed anyone and if it has get a
price reduction. Bye

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