Top 10 Electric Cars That are Next Level

Top 10 Electric Cars That are Next Level

Electric vehicles are on everybody’s mind
lately: bikes, scooters, Cars and the like give us a hint of a future where high capacity
batteries will replace fuel tanks and electricity will spin our wheels. There is a ton of innovation
occurring in the EV space, and visionary inventors are creating fascinating electric vehicle
concepts that capture our imagination and make us dream in high voltage. Here are some
electric vehicles that get us charged up. The ID Buzz is a concept car from Volkswagen’s
that is part of the exciting electric fleet they plan to launch sometime in the following
years. They plan on equipping the 275 Kilowatt microbus with an ambitious integrated AI powered
fully automated driving mode, The production version of this intriguing e-vehicle is scheduled
for release in 2022 but until then, we can feast our eyes on the truly unique retro design
it sports, and dream about road trips with a range of 600 kilometers or 373 miles. Taking its name from the Dendrobium orchid
that is native to Singapore, this hyper car is fully electric and packs in some really
killer features, such as the automatic synchronized roof and doors that remind of a flower spreading
its petals when totally opened. Even though it’s only in the concept stage, this impressive
e-car is designed to reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour and go from 0 to 60 in
only 2.7 seconds! The Buckeye Bullet is a series of electric
cars known for their record breaking speeds, this third model zooming by at a blistering
341.4 miles per hour. An experimental electric car project put together by Ohio State University
students in collaboration with the automotive manufacturer Venturi, the Buckeye Bullet 3
was made with the sole purpose of breaking the land speed record on the Bonneville Speedway,
a salt flat just outside of Utah, and so it did. Fisker is best known for their unfortunately
discontinued plug-in car model named the Karma, a sport sedan that was going to compete with
the likes of Tesla, but that never came to be due to a battery manufacturing shortage.
Anyway, a failed project is just an opportunity to start a new and better one, so behold the
Emotion, the company’s most recent electric car that can travel for more than 400miles,
has butterfly doors, a killer design and a top speed of 160 miles per hour. Not too shabby
for a concept vehicle. The Toroidion 1 mega watt is a super car with
four direct drive electric motors that produce a total mechanical power of 1000 kilowatts
at 48 volts, being the first of its kind in the world. Produced entirely in Finland, this
concept model operates at this low voltage to be safer both for the driver as well as
for the service engineer, Pasi Pennanen specifically building it with the idea of high performance
in mind and thus the Toroidion is able to reach a speed of 248 miles per hour in the
blink of an eye! Dubbed the self-driving living-room on wheels,
the Byton K-Byte is being built to become a true “spaceship”, with a shared experience
display, LIDAR safety sensors that will activate when the self-driving system is engaged and
many other futuristic functionalities designed to offer the ultimate driving experience.
It seems that the startup Chinese company Byton really made it its life goal to impress
the electric vehicles market with its upcoming K-bite sedan model. It would be really difficult to put into words
the way the new Citroen 19_19 looks like, its concept design being entirely and utterly
one of a kind, no questions asked. It marks the French company’s 100th anniversary and
it is designed as a long-range e-car with oversized 30-inch wheels equipped with smart
sensors that will communicate the road conditions when driving in autonomous mode. This forward
thinking vehicle can reach a top speed of 125 miles per hour and roll for about 372
miles on a 20-minute charge. Imagine a modular electric vehicle that can
be constructed and re-built exactly like Legos, transforming from a 12-seater sedan into a
cargo carrier in a few simple steps. The Mercedes Vision Urbanetic can do that and much more.
This shape shifting e-car was designed for light commercial transportation uses such
as ridesharing and hauling cargo. The autonomous driving platform with switchable bodies innovative
to commercial transportation. Lagonda is a resounding name on the automotive
market, more than 100 years of tradition marking its existence as a brand, so when Aston Martin
announced their new concept of an all-electric Lagonda vehicle we knew that it was going
to be something good. This future all-terrain e-SUV will be available as soon as 2022 and
although we don’t know much about its technical specs, we do have a clue about the design
and it includes a panoramic glass roof and a lot of quirks thrown in for good measure. Lightyear One is the greenest electric car
ever, taking its power from the sun and thus being able to charge when the weather is fair
outside. This is the most sustainable vehicle to be ever produced and when fully charged
it has an autonomy of 500 miles, continually charging while on the road thanks to the integrated
solar cells of the 5m2 hood and roof. Lightyear One is definitely the most ambitious e-vehicle
concept we’ve had a chance of looking at until now and we really hope that it comes
to fruition and will be a mass market vehicle in the future. This was our list featuring some innovative
and fascinating electric vehicles. If you have any other vehicles you think should have
been featured please leave a comment, subscribe if you liked the video, thanks for watching
and have a great day.

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