Top 10 Greatest Movie Car Chases from the 80’s | Donut Media

Top 10 Greatest Movie Car Chases from the 80’s | Donut Media

1980’s Cinema saw the rise of amazingly cheesy
blockbuster films. But big budgets meant big chases and crazy
action. Here are the top 10 greatest car chase scenes
from the 1980’s. Starting off the list at number 10 is “Against
all Odds” from 1984. This classic chase involves two jocks racing
a red Porsche 911 SC and black 308 GT Ferrari. And… a dog. Anyway, the two drivers are testing the size
of their cojones (“just seeing if you still got balls, Terry.”) although the dog clearly wins because it’s not even wearing a seatbelt. Both cars were specially tuned to have more
power and handle faster speeds for the film which made this chase through the busy streets
of Los Angeles as intense in real life as it seems in the movie. The most impressive part about all of this
is that neither car was damaged or crashed throughout filming. And for that amazing feat alone, it deserves
a spot on our list. Number Nine is the opening chase from “Beverly Hills Cop” from 1984. This truck is absolutely smashing through
the streets while Eddie Murphy is hanging on for dear life out of the open trailer. We’re suckers for a good car crash, and anytime
a semi truck is involved you know there is going to be some real carnage. Sprinkle in a bunch of loose cigarettes and
exploding vegetables and you’ve landed yourself squarely in to an 80’s blockbuster chase scene. Coming in at number eight is the Corvette
chase from “The Junkman” in 1982. I mean check out the chops this guy has. Those bad boys could have easily put him at
the top of our list out of fear alone. Facial hair aside, we love everything about
this chase scene from the modern mounted camera angles, to driving down a packed sidewalk, to driving on top of cars like that one fight scene from “Ong Bak”. Except, with cars, obviously. To top it off, the Vette takes a gnarly wreck into an old lady completely severing her car in half. And she still drives it off like nothing happened. Congratulations old lady, you managed
to put an end to one of our favorite chase scenes from the 80’s, and you have no idea what happened. Number Seven in the motel chase scene from 1984’s “The Terminator” Permanently baked in the mind of every child from the 80’s is being chase by the Terminator himself. That dude is scary. Scary as f*#%. Obviously, the only way to get rid of him is to chuck homemade bombs out the window of your Chevy C10 Pickup. Nope. Watching him drive his motorcycle through each blast looks like it’s straight up out of a nightmare. He ends up crashing his bike pretty
viciously but the Terminator just gets right back up and jacks a semi truck to continue the chase Yup, now he’s in a semi truck. That is scary on top of scary. Be afraid, be actually very afraid. Number six is the chase scene from “Cobra” in 1986. Sylvester Stallone, another one of my most favoritest dudes, stars in this intense shootout chase driving and awesome custom built 1950 Mercury Monterey. The car itself is enough to make your upper lip sweat I mean check out Sylvester’s they had four custom built Mercurys for this scene, and three of them were completely destroyed during filming. That makes me cry a little bit. The stunt driving in this film is awesome. Not to mention plenty of massive explosions, and sawed off shotguns which cause those massive explosions. They also managed to squeeze in some special cameo appearances by Santa Clause and a flock of ducks. Keep it classy in Cobra town. Vegetables and semi trucks are back in full effect for this chase from “License to Kill” in 1989 coming in at number five. I get nervous watching a semi truck even
driving down a mountain road at speed limit let alone two of them trying to kill each
other at the same time. Not to mention, they look like they are carrying something highly explosive. Sh*t gets real when a bad guy launches a rocket at Bond’s truck. He manages to avoid the rocket by amazingly driving on two wheels Wait excuse me… Five wheels and subsequently
blows up one of the other bad guys when the rocket passed underneath his semi truck. Bond does a wheelie and gets away. And obviously, this chase lands pretty high up on our list. The chops are back at number at number four with “Blues Brothers” from 1980. Two brother are being pursued by what seems like every single cop in the state of Illinois. I mean, that’s a lot of cops and cops make me nervous. The sheer number of cops are actually doing more harm than good as the cops are constantly wiping out and crashing into each other. There is this strange joy in watching cop cars crash, though. Maybe it’s how nervous they make me and the fact that they are wrecked and they can’t pull me over anymore. I don’t really know. But as long as those wrecks don’t involve people getting hurt I’m super happy to watch them all happen. And there is a lot them in this scene, it’s awesome. The overall scene is super long and entertaining. With high flying wrecks, driving through a crowded mall and completely destroying everything. They were reaching over 115 MPH under that bridge. I didn’t even know that jalopy could drive that fast. This high speed action, the insane
amount of cars wrecked while filming, and the overall comedic factor is what landed this movie high up on our list of greatest car chases from the 80’s. We’ve made it to our top three and it starts off with the original chase from “Back to the Future” in 1985. No it’s not the longest chase on our list, yes, both cars are terribly slow in real life, but it is a high stakes car chase, and it’s as 80’s as you can get. And this is an 80’s count down after all. MJF in Nikes and a yellow jump suit evading Libiyans in a Delorean? Plus, it’s back to the future, it’s one of
the most memorable chase scenes in history. And that’s why we chose it as our third best car chase scene from the 80’s. Sorry, not Sorry. If you are upset about the last one, grab
a tissue and wipe up your tears because we are getting back to business. Number two is “To Live and Die in LA” from 1985. Director, William Friedkin, told Stunt Coordinator, Buddy Joe Hooker: That if they could come up with a chase scene better than that of “The French Connection” that it would make it in the film. Well this chase is completely insane, so of course it made it in the film. The chase took and amazing 6 weeks to film and was the last thing they shot for the movie They did this incase something bad happened to any of the principle actors so they would still have enough of the movie completed to make back their money after releasing it. That’s right, they shot it last incase someone died! That pretty much explains the badassness of
this scene in itself and it’s definitely a movie to watch if you haven’t scene it already. And that brings us to our number one greatest and most favorite car chase scene from the 80’s. It’s “Mad Max 2 : The Road Warrior” from 1981. The filming of this scene was as dangerous,
if not more dangerous, than the stunts themselves. Cinametographer Dean Semler shot one sequence
bound to the side of a truck with a bungee cable. That’s right he was dangling off the side of a truck. The camera shook so much that he couldn’t use the eye piece of the camera. Leaving him to rely on his badass film making skills to eyeball the shot. And let’s not forget about
the scene where the tanker rolls over. It was so dangerous that it had to be done in one take because they pretty much expected the stunt driver to end up the hospital. So they made sure he didn’t eat for 12 hours prior filming just incase he did end up in the ER needing surgery. It’s films like these that make me happy I have never gotten into the stunt driving business. I’m totally kidding, though, I really wish I was a stunt driver. If you guys are looking for a young talented stunt driver please send me an email, I got nothin’ to loose. But in all seriousness this chase covers all the bases for a great car chase scene. There’s risky camera work. There’s insane stunts. There’s so many explosions. And of course there is a scary ass semi truck. It has everything and all the makings of one of the greatest car chase scenes, almost ever in history. And for that, it tops our list as the number 1 greatest 80’s car chase scene. like always, we’d love to hear your thoughts about our
list. If there is any other movies you think we should have included. If you have a phobia of semi trucks, let me know, I’d love to talk about it with you. It might help me feel a
little bit better… And don’t forget to like and subscribe for more.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. In the chase scene in Mad Max where the stunt person somersaults through the air actually died. Its amazing its still kept in the movie

  2. I was hoping to see Christine (1983) chasing down that Camaro on the list

    Technically a chase, it was pretty sick

  3. Is there anything that doesn't make you nervous? Check yoself bro, you might have a deep anxiety disorder.
    The chase scene from Mad Max 2 was truly insane. Props for picking it!

  4. The biggest bullshit of the time… Mad max scenes were shoot at slow speeds and sped up in post production too look it "amazing", the most unnatural chase scene ever..
    No 10 is actually still the best chase scene I have ever seen it looks hell realistic, the video angles and cuts adds so much more drama and feel to the scene it is made in a very professional manner and it looks fantastic even compared to todays chase scenes where we can see a lot of special effects that look fake and unrealistic. That one scene deserves NO 1 because it was made for the viewer to actually feel the speed, all the others look bland and boring compared to that one, because the difference in shooting angles, other chase scenes use too predictable shooting angles that lack drama to them, they are pretty much interesting for the first 10 or 20 seconds to look at, after that you just view it as a movie, not as a real chase.

  5. They of course had to hire Cheech Marin's double to drive that rig loaded with explosive cocaine-gasoline mixture.

  6. Blues Brothers Beats Back to the future.
    I can see why you put BTTF in but not ahead of the multiple excellent chases in the Blues Brothers.

  7. Yup I’ve had dreams about terminator chasing me!!! Penny wise coming up behind me in my dreams and me not being able to run!!! Wtf is up with that shit?

  8. verdaderas peliculas y autos para machos lomo plateado barriga cervezera! no como ahora que andan en calzas de colores y usando casco de proteccion y choques por computadora…pufff

  9. How could you leave out Maximum Overdrive? It's one huge chase! That's like leaving Vanishing Point off of a 70s chase scene top 10- WHICH YOU ALSO DID!

  10. Maybe No man's land with a Porsche chase seen with Charlie Sheen starring in it. Which also has a truck (a Pepsi truck) in the scene but wasn't doing any chasing, just happens to be caught in the chase.

  11. Been watching the Fall Guy lately..(season 1 cause that’s all that’s Fox?)..your #1 made me think of all the unknown stuntmen (it’s 2019, let me say stuntperson..after all, Jody was his understudy) that made all of those dudes look so fine..😉😜😬

  12. I had to see this video, just because the Cobra thumbnail.

    The cops from the Blues Brothers had the same AI than the cops in GTA.

  13. The Wraith should've been on the list, Back to the Future, no. There were better car chases on TV at the time, and its not integral to the movie,

  14. Теперь я узнал, что буду смотреть вечером!😅
    Нужно было делать топ фильмов которые нужно пересмотреть, а не топ "авто трюков".

  15. 70's nice cars. 80's still some nice cars. 90's cars getting less nice. Now 2019…. ugly cars…….

  16. This list is pretty and I definitely agree with the mad max chase . Another fact is not one single still camera was used in that chase . Every shot was filmed by a camera mounted to one of the vehicles in the chase or to outside chase vehicles . To the best of my knowledge it's the only scene ever shot like so .

  17. I never realized the camera quality of Back To The Future was so good, makes the other films look like they where filmed with a potato!

  18. If you guys do a 90s Version of this black dog has to be in it
    A bunch of semi trucks smashing into each other down the highway
    Patrick Swayze and Randy Travis and meatloaf what else could be better

  19. No man's land 1987 as had great stunt drivers on that film, driving 911 turbo of those days was dificult enough. Making a great driving chase, like they did in those days was great. Enjoyed the chase scenes from basic instincts with Lotus Esprit turbo, but that film is from 92.

  20. The road warrior definitely belongs at number one. I still have it on dvd and watch it often but how did Christine not make it on the list? The John Travolta wannabe running down the street with the car on fire and the earie music playing.

  21. @donutmedia yeah there was several car chases in the movie thunderbolt and Lightfoot, dirty Mary crazy Larry was amazing, and not to mention Tango and Cash.

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