Top 10 Mistakes Car Owners Make

Top 10 Mistakes Car Owners Make

Hey guys ChrisFix here. Today I want to talk about the top ten mistakes people make with their car. Mistake number one: I see people do this all the time they get in their car, they start it up, and they drive right away. That’s not good for the engine. You need to give the engine at least 10 to 15 seconds to get the oil to the critical components and let the RPMs drop down. Older cars you should give you even more time and in cold weather, you might want to give your car 20 to 30 seconds to start up. Especially when it’s below freezing, the oil is really thick. What you should do is get in the car, start it up, give it 10 to 15 seconds, put your seat belt on and stuff, and then drive. The second mistake I see people make is they start their car, they drive away, and they rev it up or they push the car hard before it warms up You should always wait until your engine gets to operating temperature before you push the car hard or rev it or accelerate quickly. Obviously, if it’s an emergency situation you got to do what you got to do. But never beat on a cold engine. The third mistake is putting premium in a car that only needs regular. You’re not helping your car. There’s no performance benefit. There’s no better fuel economy, nothing. All octane is is the measure of how hard it is for the gasoline to explode. You can see my truck, it says right in the owner’s manual Regular gasoline putting premium won’t help. You can see on my Corvette it says premium recommended, so you could put premium But you could also put regular because it’s not required. Mistake number four: changing your oil every 3,000 miles. Today’s oils are way better than they were back then so that old 3,000-mile oil change is a thing of the past. Today’s oils could last 5,000, 7,500 and even synthetics, they can last up to 15,000 miles. For my truck I do 7,500-mile intervals for changing the oil and that’s using conventional oil. For my Corvette, I do 5,000-mile intervals. That’s using full synthetic oil, and for my new Fiesta, in the owners manual, it says there’s a 15,000-mile service interval for the oil Mistake number five: people don’t inspect their car often enough. It’s important that you inspect your car because you’re driving every day. You can’t just take it for granted that your tires aren’t flat, that your oil is correct, that you have enough coolant, that you have enough windshield wiper fluid. What you should do is that when you’re in a parking lot, instead of going right to your car, go take a walk around it real quick, check all four tires, turn your lights on, turn your flashers on, make sure your blinkers are working, make sure your headlights are working, make sure your taillights are working. It’s a quick thing, might prevent you from getting a ticket, and it could save your life. Number six: people don’t check their tire pressure. You want to make sure you don’t overinflate and you want to make sure you don’t underinflate. The recommended tire pressure for your car is located on the inside door jam of the driver’s side. You can see here my truck You can see here that my truck recommends 30 PSI. Make sure you check your tire pressure when the temperature changes ten degrees or more. Mistake number 7: people don’t look at their tires enough. It’s important to look to see how much tread depth you have left. You can see here i’m using a penny and a quarter. The top of Abe Lincoln’s head is two thirty-seconds of tread left and the top of George Washington’s head is four thirty-seconds. Two thirty-seconds is the legal limit; you don’t want to be anywhere below that and it’s dangerous if you are. The other thing you want to look for is you want to look for any cracks, any slashes, any gouges into the tire. And the final things is you want to look at the wear on the tire. You can see here on the inside of my tire, it’s worn down a lot, and on the outside, it actually looks good. So if you didn’t take a close look you might think the tires are good, but in reality, these tires need to get replaced. Finally, don’t cheap out on new tires if you get them; you know they’re one of the most important items on your car. Mistake number eight: people don’t check their spare tire. They forget about it, they just leave it there, and then when they need it it’s flat; and what good is a flat spare tire do? Nothing. So you can see here my spare is actually flat So you need to make sure you fill it up with air and also locate where the air is coming out if it’s flat. Mistake number nine: people don’t read the owner’s manual. Reading the owner’s manual is one of the most fundamental things when you get a car. It’s simple. It takes two hours to three hours. You read through the whole book. You should know what every button does in your car and what every gauge means in your car. Also, every car is different. So if you’re driving one car and you move to another, you should know the difference between the two cars. And mistake number ten: people don’t know how to clean their car properly. One of the things I see people do all the time is they use paper towels on their paint or they don’t use any liquid when they’re using a towel on their paint. You need to have some type of lubricant And you shouldn’t use paper towels when you’re cleaning off your paint. What you should do is you should use a microfiber cloth and have some type of lubricant, so some type of liquid. And because cleaning your car is such a big problem, I made another top ten video on the biggest mistakes people do when cleaning their car. So check that out. That will be up on the screen right now, and also the link will be in the description below. If this video was enjoyable click like. Also, consider subscribing. I publish out two videos weekly. I answer all my questions and comments. If you use Facebook or Twitter, the links are in the description below. Check that out for top tips, for when I upload, videos, and for giveaways. Also in the description below are going to be other videos on this stuff that we went over in this video trying to correct these top ten mistakes so that people don’t continue to do.

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  1. Christ, I've been following you for a while and all your videos are awesome. But why you never ever show your face even to answer subscriber questions, thanks and God bless you

  2. In Florida we wait a few minutes before driving since it’s hot as the gates of hell inside of the car

  3. Thank you Chris fix, I fixed my ac because of the video you made. Keep up the good videos. Your a life saver 🙂

  4. Seen people do number 1 alot especially girls … Man ? they turn on the car and leave right away also seen many people washing there cars in the direct sun light

  5. In the winter i get in start,then get out brush off snow ice,get back in ohh and awe how cold the seat is on my ass ,blow my nose look in mirror make sure no Boggers hanging out tell myself how great i am ,oh your so phenomenally phenomenal. put in gear listen for wore out u joints clunking turn of defroster , tell myself how great i am again and how lucky the people that employ me are so lucky.
    Drive to the dump and bury garbage all day. Thanks for your time.

  6. No worries just wanted you get to do the the the the the same time and money to pay for cardiovascular disease

  7. I let my car come down to an idle and the temperature to come up a bit then I drive away. Maybe like a minute my car is old.

  8. One of the biggest mistakes folks make is putting gasoline in a diesel! I 5hit you not. A guy at work did it to his company truck and I've heard of other folks with company trucks doing it too. Some guys did it twice on the same return trip from a job site across the US. The first time they realized it before they started the engine so they were able to get it pumped out. Second time they didn't and killed the engine. Personally think it might be an alcohol related incident, and to many 12 hour days, but still, wtf?

  9. I had no clue you have to check the PSI of a spare tire. Just did it… it was at 10 PSI and needed to be 60. Thank you!!!

  10. 70380 La I drive so little that my car-sin is not driving enough.

    I have a grand Marquis 2001 . Each month I get a full tank last fill-up was $30 $2.09 gallon , average speed was 17 mph.

    Majority of the trips are half mile I tap the gas a little , then practically at idle , so early in the morning .

    I bother no one , because I'm the only person I encounter on my way to the gym. My exhaust will rot away because it ràrely is heated enough to remove the moisture that accumulated.

    Where I live if a reclusive new Yorker wanted to leave the city and live in a village that you require no car they could sell their flat move here and buy a really nice house $200k a fixer upper for $5-50k . I got mine $12K 3/2018 moved in the day I bought it. Needs a kitchen and bathroom but the gym is very and close so I do all extra business there. A hot plate and camp stove handle my cooking needs.

    Monthly house cost me $80 including tax , water, sewer,power,trash, and garbage. You don't have to have a car the city collects anything you put out.

    Google the town anything you need is on the island you can even fill your freezer with fish you caught and never leave a 5 miles radius.

  11. I was a trucker I had to put my hand on each and every brake each time I got another trailer. One day I pulled 13 cans in and out of the long Beach Los Angeles San Pedro harbor system. I adjusted a lot of brakes in my day. Every trailer had inspection and paper done.

  12. Hello Chris!

    I love your videos. I watched some videos three, four times but I really intrigued to ask one question which brand and model, year cars in your opinion are most reliable?

    Kind greetings to you!

  13. The flat spare tire doesnt bother me. I carry two 12v air compressors. Along with a large tool box and AAA, weekly checks as well.

  14. Hey ChrisFix, I worked for Discount Tire Company/America's Tire Company for six years. I agree with most everything you said about tires. To add to it:

    Tires that are 10 years or older should be replaced. Reason being is rubber breaks down over time and the older it gets the more likely it is to fail. Michelin recommends 6 years but 10 is the limit.

    Tires should be replaced at 5/32 or 4/32. The reason for this is siping. Siping are small grooves cut into the treadblock on your tires. They allow water to be dispersed out of the running area of your tires without hydroplaning. At 5/32 these grooves are near gone and without them water will gather under your tires as you're driving. (4/32 for Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, and other expensive brands.
    Also rotate AND BALANCE your tires every 6000 miles and 8000 miles for trucks. This allows even treadwear and makes your tires last longer. You can also spot alignment wear which will tell you that you need an alignment.

    That's it for now. Really enjoying your channel, you have a simple and easy way of explaining everything that I think is great! Keep it up.

  15. People who own 4×4 vehicles and never using their 4 wheel drive. If you don’t put it in 4 wheel drive every now and then you will find that your 4×4 doesn’t work when you actually need it. This is probably more of a worry for those with electric transfer cases, but it’s good to engage it every now and then. Just don’t use it on pavement unless your car is designed for it. (Full time AWD car owners ignore this, your car is in AWD at all times and is meant to be driven on the pavement that way.) Also if you drive an automatic and don’t use your actual parking brake ever, engage it from time to time, or it WILL seize or break from corrosion.

  16. In general, using the minimum octane for your gasoline engine is okay. But under hard acceleration or high torque loads you can hear you engine predetonate or ping or also called pinging. This is when the mixture is exploding too powerfully. Timing is crucial too in this. And carbon buildup on piston top. A slower exploding mixture and/or higher octane fuel helps stop pinging. Pinging causes engine damage. Especially critical in going up hill or towing, hence using extra engine torque. Which is a twisting force applied to engine. Water injection raises octane and propeller planes fly higher and faster. Same for our cars and us on rainy or humid day or I think any living thing? Run better?

  17. I dont trust 15k oil recommendations. I see them the same way I see "lifetime transmission fluid", where the fluid will last the length of the trans because the trans will burn out at 90-100k. Same goes for this 15k oil, it will last 15k miles but your engine won't

  18. Dude, your vids all rock. I entirely agree that just a little bit of time and attention goes a long way to stay safe and prevents catastrophic failure at 3AM on the side of the road. In a snowstorm. Uphill. Running from zombies. Seriously -thanks, my friend!

  19. never start the engine without having the clutch pedal pressed, even if the car is not in gear. This prolonges the life of your flywheel.

  20. Absolutely correct. I love my mahs 2016 Ford Fiesta Titanium. I always take good care of the folks cars. Older family members have a harder time keeping up on their vehicle so if u care about them keep an eye on it as often as you can.

  21. Mistake number: Don't buy a car you can't affors to take care of.
    Mistake number two: If you're too lazy to work on your car, catch the bus. Lol

  22. I agree with everything except oil change, oil is very cheap and it's so much better to replace oil every 3(5)k miles and keep engine clean

  23. Ok thats great but what if you have a hybrid , it usually starts out in EV mode and will suddenly jump to gas engine , there is simply no way
    to warm up the engine , more stones left unturned. Also I don't see recomended tire pressure I see max tire pressure .

  24. I change my Synthetic Oil every 10k or 1 year. Whichever occurs first. You should've mentioned timing. Oil changes are not solely dependent on mileage.

  25. After watching your video “What is the Best Fuel to Put in your Car” – I’m now binge watching all your videos. Just checked my history and I’m 23 videos in and subscribed!

  26. I disagree with one point: I use premium in my regular rated car and it definitely makes it quieter, smoother and more powerful. Regular makes it rougher sounding and have less power and snap.

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