Top 10 Mistakes Everyone Makes Shopping At Costco

Top 10 Mistakes Everyone Makes Shopping At Costco

We are the Costco generation. They do have
great stuff. Their Kirkland brand combines all that is fantastic and Costco has items
that are difficult to find anywhere else. But not all is good in Costco land, these
are the Top 10 Mistakes Everyone Makes Shopping at Costco. Fruits And Vegetables This one is a bit of a no brainer to most
Costco shoppers. While it might be tempting to grab carts worth of fresh produce such
as fruits and vegetables, this could be one of the worst food choices to buy at Costco.
We must just say that this has nothing to do with quality, after all, Costco does actually
have some of the best produce around. No, this is all about quantity. While the price
of buying fruit and veg in bulk is appealing, as soon as you leave the store your money
has been wasted and you are in a race against time to eat as much as possible before it
all turns to mulch. Unless of course, you are feeding an army of people every day, which
we doubt you are. The trick to buying produce at Costco is to actually check out their frozen
section. The fruits and vegetables in Costco’s freezer are still some of the best, and cheapest,
around. And as they are frozen, you can really stock up on your fruits and vegetables as
the frozen option won’t spoil for months, if at all. This is by far a better way to
buy produce at Costco; it will save you money and make your food go a lot further. Canned Foods Canned food seems like an obvious choice when
looking to bulk buy at Costco. After all, canned foods such as beans, corn, etc don’t
go bad so, therefore, they are the perfect product to stock your house up with. Most
canned goods last for a very long time, as long as they are stored properly that is.
The problem here isn’t with the quantity it is actually with the price. Surprisingly,
most grocery stores and supermarkets sell canned food for a cheaper price, especially
when they have sales or deals, which a lot of stores do. By keeping an eye on your local
store, buying canned food at the store is cheaper than a trip to Costco. The same can
actually be said for things like soda and even fresh meat. Soda is one of the rare items
that a lot of grocery stores mark down, in particular around any kind of holiday. Fresh
meat can also be better bought from a supermarket as any of their deals will beat Costco’s price.
Plus you get a more manageable size to put in your freezer and consume before the meat
goes bad. Condiments Condiments, such as ketchup and mustard, are
must-have items in any home. We all use these tasty sauces to add extra flavor to the food
we love, so why wouldn’t we bulk up our pantry with giant ketchup bottles the next time we
stop at Costco? Well, the answer to that is a simple one. Believe it or not condiments,
even ketchup, go bad. Once any jar or bottle of saurce or seasoning is opened, the color
starts to change and the flavor begins to turn. While an open bottle of ketchup or mustard
can last a few months, are you really going to finish that giant bottle in that time?
Chances are that you are not and a good quarter of the bottle will be thrown out. Once you
open a condiment jar, the countdown is on. There is even less time for things like mayonnaise,
and even soy sauce which can start to turn bad even sooner. While there is nothing wrong
with bulk buying at Costco, the best thing to do is to buy more regular-sized jars than
the giant one. Most unopened condiments will last at least a year, if not longer. That
way you have plenty of time to enjoy that tasty ketchup. Buying in Bulk and Overspending Ever since Costco merged with Price Club in
1993, it’s been a total craze. This large retail warehouse became the place to shop
for everything under the sun. You can find anything from food to a kitchen sink. They
have everything from household appliances and linens, clothes and jewelry, pharmaceuticals,
books & movies, sports equipment, plants and flowers and so much more and too long to list
here. It is a great place to always find cheaper prices for some items. Its food aisles are
well stocked, with good name brands and at a good price point value. But here is where
you can go wrong.  Costco tends to sell items in bulk. Therefore, that means you are buying
items in large quantities, either in doubles or even triples. If you are feeding a large
family this is perfect, most of the items will be consumed within a week or a two-week
period.  But, if you are a Lone Ranger, this place is a trap and not such a good idea.
Unless you are a REALLY big eater or really like to waste your money. Non-perishables
items take up space and buying fresh produce, bread, meats and dairy in large quantities
will probably and usually lead to spoilage before you have had a chance to consume all
of it. Not Understanding Pricing Don’t go to Costco before doing some research
and knowing your pricing.  Not everything is drop bottom cheap at Costco. If your local
shops are having a sale, a really good sale, it is probably best to do a price comparison
first. The golden rule of purchasing is to at least get three different quotes for that
same item. No need to pull out your calculator, if you don’t know the cost of just one item
to be able to compare, the price tag on the shelf at Costco lists the price per unit.
Then compare it to what you normally pay at other stores or when it is on sale and you
can see if you have a deal or not. Also check Costco online, as prices may vary and there
are also weekly deals if you purchase via the internet. Costco pricing has a whole hidden
meaning, science, and culture behind it that not many consumers are aware of. You are not
expected to know this unless you are a real Costco aficionado. You’ll need to track
and pay close attention to get better deals. Items ending in .99 & .98 cents means it is
regular pricing and probably doesn’t translate to much savings. If the price ends in anything
else it means Costco got a manufacturer’s deal and can offer these items at a bigger
discount than most other retailers.  If the price ends in .97 cents, this is the best
deal. These are items need to move and are priced at a large discount. If there happens
to be an asterisk in the upper right corner of the sign, this means the product will be
discontinued, so act fast and stock up on your favorite before items before they vanish. Costco Membership It’s fair to say that Costco is one of the
weirdest grocery stores in the world. Not only do they sell pretty much anything, and
in huge quantities, but you also have to pay just to get in the door. The first problem
we face when getting a membership is whether or not we are actually going to shop at Costco
that often. After much deliberation, we convince ourselves that we will, even though we will
probably only go there around 3 times a year. Once we’ve decided to go for it, then comes
the choice of which membership to get. Costco currently offers 3 membership choices; Gold,
Business and Executive. While each membership option has its merits, depending on what you
want to use Costco for that is, more often than not we sign up for the wrong one. The
Costco membership fee is one of the biggest money wasters around as most people hardly
ever go to Costco but don’t change their membership accordingly. Because of this, a lot of us
are essentially throwing money down the drain. The best thing to do to truly maximize the
Costco experience is to get the membership that is right for you. Study the pros and
cons and be realistic about how much you will shop there, do all that and Costco will be
a real-life changer. Not knowing About Travel Service & Gift Cards Another mistake we make while shopping at
Costco is overlooking some other items that offer further deals and savings. One of the
most under-utilized departments at Costco is their Travel Services and Gift cards Section.
We never think of it, or just don’t know about it, but they offer and sell some exclusive
travel packages to Costco members. As mentioned before Costco has big purchasing power, they
negotiate the best value in the marketplace and then pass on the savings to Costco members.
That means better deals than your local travel agent. Costco employees working in the Travel
Service area are also trained travel professionals who can expertly advise you in planning and
booking your vacation. A special perk is that Executive Members can also earn that annual
2% Reward on Costco Travel Purchases. They also offer everything to complete your vacation
from car rentals, ski packages and tickets for lifts at reduced prices, discounted tickets
for theme parks like Disneyland, Universal, gym memberships, Delta Airlines and even the
reduced ticket prices for the Super Bowl. Do not forget gift cards for many restaurants,
where there are savings to be had up to 20%-25 percent, which means money on the table for
dining out, or tip. They even have gift cards for coffee house that will ease up your monthly
coffee budget. They have gift cards for movie nights and sporting events. What more can
you ask for? Buying Seasonal Gifts Another big mistake we make is buying Seasonal
Gift baskets at Costco. It may seem like a good idea at the time because you are in a
hurry and don’t know what to get for that aunt & uncle who pop in last minute during
the holiday season. These gift baskets look great and are beautifully decorated, but hold
on, have you actually looked to see what’s inside them for the price. They are actually
charging you extra for the tissue paper. Not to mention that not much thought process goes
into it and everyone knows how much you paid. This holiday season don’t be a scrooge, put
some thought into that special gift, hey otherwise a bottle of Chivas Regal may do the trick.
Another mistake a lot of people often make around the holiday season, especially when
shopping at Costco, is bulk buying nuts. While it may make sense to grab a giant bag of nuts,
especially as it is the season, big bags of nuts are a big no-no. Because of the large
amount of oil nuts contain, a large quantity can go rancid a lot quicker than smaller bags.
So, when it’s time to stock the cupboards for the holiday season, it’s best to stick
with smaller bags of nuts. Ignoring Costco Services We are so fixated on just purchasing food
at Costco, that we forget that they sell other items, like appliances, electronics, eyewear,
pharmaceuticals, medical services, travel, and even insurance. They have competitive
prices in all these areas, plus added value as a Costco member. Costco also offers Concierge
Services with the purchase of these items. This service comes with two major perks, for
electronics they off free technical support and extended manufacturer’s warranty for
an additional two years. If you pay using your Costco Anywhere Visa Card, that warranty
can get extended even further and up to seven years maximum. Costco Pharmacy is not only
cheaper compared to other pharmacies, but by enrolling in their Prescription Program,
it will give you further savings on prescription medication and over the counter drugs and
it’s free for members. Their Optical Center has great deals on discounted eyewear, contact
lenses, and sunglasses. They have an on-site optometrist where you can make an appointment
before or after shopping. Costco offers a lot of discounted health services for its
members as well. Some Costco stores also provide free diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart
health screenings and immunizations. Many Costco locations have hearing aid services,
at competitive pricing and a money-back guarantee. They also offer Health, Auto & Home and Travel
& Life insurance. Avoiding the Costco Gas Pump & Auto Center Another mistake many Costco members make is
not utilizing Costco Gas pumps and the Auto Center. These two areas are often overlooked
for savings. No one ever thinks about it, because no one wants to make that special
trip just to Costco to purchase gas or new tires. It’s easier to do a shop close to
home at the corner gas station. But why not fuel up while there? Costco has very good
pricing and offers very competitive rates, compared to many gas stations. They are always
a few cents cheaper. Those few cents add up in a month and will give you a round of free
hot dogs at the food court for the family on your next trip to Costco. Many new Costo
stores are now adding gas pumps to most of their locations where space allows. Gas is
not the only area where members save money. Many Costco stores have name brand tires listed
at a reasonably good price and the Auto Center is offering $150.00 dollars instant savings
this year with the purchase of new winter tires and installation. In addition, the chain’s
website offers members deals on anything from car insurance to long term and short-term
leasing for travel and special membership deals of the purchase of new cars through
reputable dealers. Get more bang for your buck by tapping on
another one of our great videos. And for new viewers, don’t forget to swat that subscribe
button and ring that bell to join our notification squad.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. My daughter and I share bulk items. I live alone and she has a family. we don't 50/50 split but we each pay for the portion we need. We also split the membership cost and use Sam's Club.

  3. I went to McDonald's and ask for no bacon on my cheeseburger but they put the bacon on the side i wonder why they did that🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. I absolutely enjoy Costco. The hot dogs & sodas are the best for a quick lunch! I might give their pretzels a try very soon.

  5. 3:20 you’re supposed to repackage bulk items so that you only have a small container open – not a huge one – I like to keep my spaghetti sauce jars for this – there a perfect size and if I have to open more than one , then I will only hAve a small amount of spoilage if I don’t use it

  6. 5:25 did she say “ drop” bottom ? Isn’t it supposed to be “ Rock bottom” ??? Or I’d there a new dangled way of saying that old fashioned saying ???

  7. Sooo.. I dont have any Costco's near me, but I do have Sam's club. Is it the same but with different names like Carl's jr. And Hardy's?

  8. The biggest mistakes I always make when going to the Costco is only getting one rotisserie chicken and one pizza. 🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍🤙🤙🤙 Another awesome video.

  9. *Soy sauce doesn't go bad when properly stored. I have a gallon of Kikkoman that is 3 years old, 2/3 left. Nothing is wrong with it.

  10. Well, as for the nuts, we usually buy in bulk and split them, usually store them in a smaller vacuum sealed bag. Sometimes we even toast the nuts lightly before packaging to make sure it can preserve longer. And also, we buy nuts for our neighbours too, so that bulk really give us a decent savings.

  11. Costco is great in many ways. However, I think people need to be careful about consumer electronics. They often have (apparently) liquidation buyouts on sale. If you buy a computer, screen, or camera, etc., and have a problem with it? They will be happy to fulfill their service policy, but that often takes more than a month to send it back to the manufacturer. It's likely an "old model" and parts are not readily available. The clothes seem to be that way, too. What doesn't sell in USA gets sent to Asia, because we have smaller people, on average. I have to search through a lot of clothes to find something big enough for me. (Searching pants: 30, 31,32, 34, 34, 34, 30, 32, 32, 36—-got it!!!) Great video, Babble Top; I love your videos!

  12. The best Costco membership is the Executive Membership because a percentage of your purchases for the year are deducted from the annual fee.

  13. I can not for the life of me figure out why people love Costco. I've tried 2 times, for a whole year, been a member, 2010 and 2018. Never purchased anything. I am tainted, been a Sams member since 1991. But comparing the two in 2018 yielded the following results:
    Costco, still limits what you can pay with, like no Visa card, Sams removed this limitation
    Costco only accepts cash at the cafe, Sam's, once again, no limitations on payment methods.
    Costco was laid out so that you had to be on the cafe side of the cash registers to utilize the restrooms. And they chain off any unused registers, and they're all packed so tightly, that you can't hardly get to the restroom. I actually tracked down a manager to complain about this, I can't imagine the frustration of someone in a wheel chair that really needs to "Go." and can't get to the bathroom.
    Costco has a limited selection of goods. Sam's offerings are more diverse. I drink a lot of caffeine (I don't care about your opinion). At Costco if I wanted to buy a case of Monster, I had one choice, the original full sugar version of Monster. And they had a lot of it. At Sam's I have about 8 different Monster drinks to choose from. I observed this across the board on many different types of products. Costco is more of a wholesale furniture store with some bulk items as well.
    Costco Rotisserie chicken for $5.00, Sam's Rotisserie Chicken for $4.98 (big whoop, they both have it. Most people that claim this is why they only shop at Costco, have never actually been to Sams)
    Costco does not have a pay with your phone app, Sams does. I never stop at a register anymore at Sam's, I scan all my purchases on my Android phone in the sams app, have my cards loaded into the app, swipe to pay, and show my phone to the employee at the door. They scan my phone, and get a detailed list with images of everything in my cart. And I'm out the door. Costco's response to this, "we would have too much theft if we did that."

  14. I make my own mixed nuts. At Costco, I buy walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, pine nuts, pistachios, and almonds. Mixed them all then vacuum seal it in a smaller package.

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