TOP 10 Plugins 2019

TOP 10 Plugins 2019

these are my top plugins in 2019.
these include brand new plugins released in 2019 and also a few plugins that have
used a lot. maybe they didn’t come out this year but they’re still really worth
checking out. I’ve got drum plugins, a deep retro synth,
some simple beautiful keys, and some effects plugins that are awesome and
inexpensive. and one that’s free I’ll put links to find the best prices
for these plugins in the video description. also watch out for a video
I’m releasing soon listing the best deals on music gear during the Black
Friday weekend this year. stay tuned. if you have a question leave it in the
comments below. here’s my list in no particular order.
first up is XO by XLN Audio. this is quickly becoming my go-to drum plugin
for two reasons. first, I can just throw it on a beat – on a chord progression – fast
and have a beat to keep time to. check it out. of course this is the built-in beat with
some built-in drum samples. but this is just the beginning. the second reason I
love XO so much is because it uses my entire drum sample library. I can use any
drum sample I’ve downloaded from anywhere. so when I’m ready to modify
this beat, I can create my own. and I can easily choose a different drum sample
from XO or my own library. and I can start modifying the beat so easily. one
click to add or remove a hit and dragging it up and down to change the
volume of the hits. it’s also got extensive editing, swing, and effects
features too. finally when I like what I have, I can simply drag the MIDI or the
wav file of the beat I just made and put it on a track. this is genius. XO is
worth every penny in my opinion. next up is Hybrid Keys by
Native Instruments. this plug-in takes a simplified user interface approach.
rather than giving you a hundred knobs, it just gives you eight knobs that apply
key sound design control for each preset. find something you like and then tweak
the most important things about it. you now the presets in Hybrid Keys are just inspiring and Native Instruments takes the same approach with
Analog Dreams and Ethereal Earth which are separate instruments. I really hope
they do more of these. to hear more sounds from these three instruments
watch my video here. before we get to the next instrument hit the like button and
also let me know what’s your favorite plug-in in 2019? what should I check out?
let me know in the comments. next is CZV by Arturia. Arturia released
this just this year along with a few other brand new retro synths as part of
their V collection. but the CZV is my favorite. the original Casio uses phase distortion
synthesis, which is a unique way of modeling sound. here’s how much I loved
this plugin. I went and bought the original hardware synth – the Casio CZ 101.
and then I was a little disappointed with this real thing. I mean it sounds
great, but it’s really hard to program. that’s
why I’m recommending CZV by Arturia. the presets included give you a great
launching point for the capabilities of this instrument. and they sound beautiful. all right I talked about a few
instruments let’s get into something a bit different. this is a plugin I use on
every single song these days. Ozone. Ozone is an awesome tool for quickly mastering
your own songs. this year they released version 9 and I
love the features they added. first is match EQ which worked really well. just
take any commercial song you love and then tell Ozone 9 to match that EQ on to
your song. they also added master rebalance which
is useful for adjusting drums, bass, and vocals in your mix. Ozone 9 is my favorite mastering tool.
make sure you check out the different versions they have at different price
points. if you just need something for a quick mastering, Ozone Elements ,the
cheapest version, should be fine for you. and you’ll save yourself some cash. I
reviewed all the features of Ozone 9 in a video here. next up is Cypher 2. Cypher
2 is a synth that takes advantage of MPE – midi polyphonic expression. if you’ve got
a Seaboard or any other MPE device you’ll have so much fun with this synth.
but even if you don’t the sounds in Cypher 2 are amazing. this is perfect for those of you who
enjoy sound design. now you can also tweak your sounds and assign them to be
controlled by your expressive MPE instrument. I love it. once you have Cypher
2 you can actually access those presets in ROLI Studio Player software.
and by the way if you don’t have Studio Player yet go get it it’s free for the
Seaboard and Lightpad. i go over some of the features and show you how I use the
Cypher in a video here. I know I keep sending you to other videos but it
would take a lot of time to go through everything in this one video. so go check
out the stuff that interests you. alright ready for something free? now XO as
I mentioned before has become my go-to drum plugin. and I love it. but if you
don’t want to spend any money consider ADSR Sample Manager. now it
doesn’t come with built-in beats like XO but it does access your entire
sample library – your instruments and your drums. and it lets you find and use your
own samples more easily than any other plugin I’ve ever used.
so no more searching through your folders of samples or anything it’s all
in the plug-in. I even used ADSR sample manager to
create the ultimate drum kit in Ableton allowing you to cycle through all your
drum hits. so try out one kick and if it doesn’t work. just use Sample Manager in that kit to find another one. I show you how I created it in a video here.
do it once and you’ll be using it forever. and it’s free.
alright next up is a plug-in which makes processing my vocals super easy. this is
an all-in-one vocal processor and it’s extremely effective. and you can usually
find really good deals on it. it’s CLA Vocals by Waves. so I recorded some
vocals for a song I released this year and ended up using a bunch of really
expensive plugins to process them. then I went back to that song and redid the
processing just using a couple of much cheaper Waves plugins and I was amazed
at the results. and so were you based on the comments. CLA Vocals was the most
impactful of all those plugins I’ve tried. just drop it on your vocal track
and things start to take shape right away. you can hear the results in my video
here. I also highly recommend Renaissance Vox by Waves as well. they sound amazing
and are so much quicker than using hardware emulation plugins by UAD and
others. if you want to get to beautiful sounding vocals fast I highly recommend
these. Wait for a sale and you can get these pretty cheap. check the links in
the description. last are several plugins from Soundtoys that I end up using on
most of my tracks. first is Littler Alter Boy. this is a pitch shifting plugin that
I use to add higher pitched vocals to my songs or just create interesting vocal
chops. it’s simple and it’s quick. next is Microshift which widens any
sound you throw at it. it’s the best sounding windener that I use. I use it on my backing vocals or any
instrument even hi-hats. I love plugins like this. I use both of
these plugins in my song “Undone”. you’ll find links to all the plugins in this
video in the description below. thanks for watching. keep making the music you
love. I’ll see you guys later!

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  1. Cypher 2, Strobe 2, Equator are deadly with a Seaboard Block. Don't forget Geist 2 for drums and Bassynth for incredible synth Bass. Scaler and Captain Chords should be thrown in that mix as well. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ Great video as ALWAYS Sanjay. You da man ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

  2. I hate the Native Instruments plugins because you have to install their management software, then you also have to install Kontrol, and you have to set a ton of different directories for this required plugin manager. Then when you look for the plugin you get errors or it didn't install the VST version at all. What a mess! Wish they would just have a simple VST like evreryone else.

  3. If I already have Atlas would you still recommend XO? I am very interested but they do seem a little similar in application. Only thing I would add to this list, which isn't a third party VST but the built in Poly Grid for Bitwig.. it is pure awesomeness for sound design in my opinion. Especially when you start to add in MPE elements to your sounds.

  4. Hey man, just saw your vids for the first time today, appreciate them. But you are losing the loudness war, holy sh!t, your vids hurt, mate. They are more than plenty loud and clear. For the sake of your viewers (and listeners!) please dial back the "mastering" you're doing on your vid's audio. It is too much and it hurts. Seriously. I can't say this enough. I might say it a few more times. Please.

  5. The free synth Surge!!! >:D It's amazing. I haven't been producing for long but I can still create stuff in it without using presets.

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