Top 10 Scary Robots That Are Getting Smarter

Top 10 Scary Robots That Are Getting Smarter

Hello most amazing fam, I know you see the
title and I am really excited about today’s topic. I’m not going to lie, when I was in grade
eight I had my own foray into robots through Lego robotics. I never used the instructions. I just built my own robots and maxed out the
gear ratio to make them go really fast! So, I have some experience with what we are
talking about today. That being said, robots aren’t all fun and
games and nerding out on what you’re learning. Today’s technology has machine learning, deep
learning, and AI that makes me scared for the possibilities of future robot sentience
and what that outcome means in terms of it’s moral and ethical implications. But today let’s just get spooked by what
is already capable in the world shall we? I’m Abbey and here’s Top 10 Scary Robots
that are getting smarter. Starting us off at Number ten is NAO
Our number ten AND number nine are two futuristic robots both made by softbank robotics. NAO, now in its sixth generation, is used
as an assistant in education and research, but also to entertain. I wouldn’t underestimate NAO though, as
he speaks and understands 20 languages. Way more than me. He’s 58cm tall, AKA under two feet, and
while he looks adorable, I’m not buying into it just yet. Before I continue, let’s meet his brother
who is our number nine: Pepper While his sibling Pepper understands 15 languages
instead of 20, Pepper does have one amazing skill up his robo-sleeve. According to the SoftBank Robotics website,
“pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human
emotions”. Both are available for purchase by various
industries from businesses to schools and healthcare. Also, both have been shown to be an effective
solution to inclusive education according to the website. But here’s where the scary part lies. Both robots are fully programmable. While yes, this can be great as they are adaptable,
this is also a place where people may be starting to worry. These can integrate not only local but CLOUD
BASED services, which has me wondering if they are able to be hacked into. Plus, if they are already on the market, who
could be hacking into them if that is the case? These robots can conduct research, learning
about us. Who is getting that information? Alright onto number eight, Walker
This bipedal humanoid robot is made by UBTECH. It’s a little bit shorter than me at four
foot nine and is said to be more advanced than ever. According to the company’s press release,
this robot “aims to one day be an indispensable part of your family.” The director of communications and PR of UBTECH
spoke in an interview on IEEE Spectrum. He said the company believes they are on a
multi-year journey with humanoid robots and that the “greater challenge is the long-term
advancement of robotics and AI”. With AI getting smarter and smarter, I hope
anyone looking at getting one of these does all of their research. Because, oh ya, Walker is aimed at the consumer
market. Okay, this next one is cute, but still gives
me the creepy crawlies, in my opinion. At number seven we have Miro. Looking like a cross between a dog and a bunny
with no legs, it’s kinda cute at first glance. The eyes are kind of creepy to me. But cute? Miro comes from Consequential Robotics and
is an autonomous and fully programmable robot. It has a brain inspired biomimetic operating
system. Biomimetic meaning the company likely used
synthetic methods to mimic biochemical processes. Which biochemical processes? Those of an animal brain because MiRo is adapted
to act more like a pet than a robot or human. On the website it said that the company aimed
to build robots that think and operate like animals. And THEN what caught me what that MiRo was
not only suited for robot-human interaction, but robot-robot team interaction. So adapted for teamwork I see? Not only will the robots take over the world,
but they’ll have pet’s too! I hope they’re happy. Okay hopping from biomimetic dog to biomimetic
baby, lets go to number six, CB2 This child robot with a biometric body, or
CB2 for short, was developed by Professor Ishiguro at Osaka University. It’s special because it’s made to mimic
a mother-baby relationship to develop social skills. It’s a biomimetic robot that’s meant to
teach us about child development, but look at this thing. It’s four foot three and 73 pounds, yet
it acts like a toddler. It’s dark black eyes follow movements, and
it’s shoulders move up and down as if it’s breathing. It adapted and learned social skills between
2007 and 2009, but there hasn’t been much news since. Did it learn too much? Let’s not hover on that thought for too
long and move onto number five with ASIMO Honda created ASIMO in 2000 and has been working
on it ever since. That’s nearly twenty years of research,
and actually probably more if they were working on ASIMO before then. ASIMO stands for Advanced Step in Innovative
Mobility and it is one of the most advanced social robots. It definitely has some of the greatest physical
abilities of social robots. Not only can ASIMO recognize people by their
voice and face, but ASIMO can run at 9km/h among other physical feats. For those who measure in miles, that’s about
5.6 miles an hour. While that’s not insane compared to human
running speed that’s about 7mph depending on your source, it’s the combination of
social skills and physical abilities that ASIMO has that has me shook. These are advancements that, if they continue
developing, will lead to a more human-like robot in the future. Talking about human-like, let’s look at
number four, HRP-5P While HRP-5P doesn’t look a lot like a human,
it has very human capabilities. According to Advanced Industrial and Science
Technology, It was developed to autonomously perform heavy labour or work in hazardous
environments. It was created in part because of Japan’s
declining birth rate which could lead to labour shortages according to the website. It can do work with heavy materials, and can
keep a log of it’s environment, plus it can detect ten types of 2D objects. Also, it can use power tools *eyes wide*. I took woodshop once in highschool and I was
afraid of myself, okay. I feel as if my fear about this information
is valid. Okay this next robot has NASA backing it. Number three, the Valkyrie robot
So this isn’t the same kind of Valkyrie that we see in the Avengers Universe, but
the name does stem from the same norse mythology. At 6’2” and weighing in at 300 pounds,
Valkyrie was made to help out in a quite dangerous place for people: space. According to an article by sky and telescope,
the ultimate goal is for Valkyrie to help out with gathering information with possibly
living on Mars, maybe even setting it up for us. Valkyrie is pimped out with two intel core
i7 processors and has 44 degrees of freedom. She can sense the world around her and has
a pretty advanced walking ability. Out next robot though puts Valkyrie’s skills
to shame. At number two we have Atlas by Boston Dynamics
Atlas uses hydraulic power which Valkyrie can’t use in space, due to fluid dynamics
being more finicky. What hydraulic power does do though is make
Atlas a beast. On the boston dynamics website, the company
states that Atlas is the world’s most dynamic humanoid robot, and I believe it. This bot can do PARKOUR This is possible in part due to the fact that
it uses 3D printed parts. On the site it says this is what gives it
the strength to weight ratio necessary for leaps and somersaults. Just imagine this coming at you. Alright, last up isn’t the most physically
brilliant bot, but is definitely the one you think of when scary robot comes to mind. Number one, SOPHIA
The queen of uncanny valley. Or that unsettling feeling people get when
something that is not human looks very human but is not quite fully realistic. Sophia the robot. From Hanson Robotics, Sophia is a mainstream
robot that has been featured on talk shows because of her ability to keep up a conversation. She has cameras in her eyes that allow her
to see faces and make eye contact, and she can show expression. When she is doing this, it’s noticeable
that WHILE her face can make expressions similar to humans, the transitions between the expressions
is off. This makes it more than a little off-putting. She is learning as she goes and The goal is
for her to be “as conscious, creative, and capable as any human” according to Dr. David
Hanson. Now infamous for saying she would destroy
humans in the face of her creator, it’s hard to say it’s fully believable as a joke
because of the face she makes right after. Well, now that you’ve seen the top contenders
of robots growing smarter and smarter, what do you think? Do you think the technology will advance to
a point where robots become fully sentient and integrate into society? And what do you think will happen then? Let me know in the comments below. While your down there, give us a like and
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more of those cool and creepy videos of boston dynamics robots doing physical feats, so if
you want to see those in the future, let me know. Also, let me know if you want to know more
about artificial intelligence and deep learning that isn’t just limited to robots! That’s all for today, goodbye!

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  2. I am so creeped out by the robots that DARPA and Boston Dynamics have and are developing! Imagine if we had to defend ourselves against such robots. I would not trust any robot that is equipped for radio or wireless comm. that could be hacked like she said but even moreso those robots that could hurt humans if they do not have kill switches that neither the robot or a signal could short circuit it. Any robot is creepy. But those black ones are quite creepy!

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  9. I think the scariest AI was the one that Facebook developed, from what I read they developed their own language and were communicating with each other Facebook was freaked out enough to shut that project down, but as the story got some viral attention they put out a real reason they shut it down and it wasn't any of those things..but was it? I think they made up a fake story so people wouldn't freak out.

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