Top 10 Super Sedans that Can Smoke your 500hp Sports Car

Top 10 Super Sedans that Can Smoke your 500hp Sports Car

Welcome to Automotive Territory! Sedans are commonly associated with a family-hauler
type of cars that are usually driven by those people who need more room for the kids and
groceries, but prefer more fuel-efficient driving than SUVs can offer. However, there is an existing class within
the class that outperforms any regular representative by such a margin that this subdivision requires
an adjective SUPER. As you might have guessed, we call these automobiles
supersedans. Extremely powerful, fast and agile four-wheelers,
that come in a comfortable package of 4-door, 5 seaters. We will be reviewing the most prominent representatives
like BMW M5, Audi RS7 and of course Tesla Model S is on our list. So stay tuned to learn in-depth details about
these super sedans, to determine for yourself which one is your personal favorite. Share your ideas in the comments and do not
forget to subscribe to our channel for more interesting content. Enjoy the ride! Tesla Model S Being a four door 5+2 seater family sedan,
Tesla Model S remains one of the fastest automobiles on the planet in terms of 0-60 acceleration
with 2.28 seconds on the stopwatch documented by independent experts. This is all possible thanks to a dual motor
system with 532 hp combined output, that in ludicrous mode goes up to 762 horses and 920
lb-ft of torque. Tesla’s range reaches 315 miles depending
on the style of driving and the power is obtained from a 100 kWh battery. With Tesla you get gasoline savings, the most
advanced tech features, 100% autonomy and a chance to become a part of the ever-growing
community of electric car fans. Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat By many accounts Charger SRT Hellcat is the
most powerful four door series sedan in the world. At its core it hides a 6.2-liter Hemi V-8
that is connected with a tough 8-speed automatic transmission. This powertrain can do wonders and delivers
707 horses and 650 lb-ft of torque. This grants true muscle car dynamic characteristics:
3.4 seconds 0-60 acceleration, quarter mile in 11.4 sec with the trap speed of 128 mph,
and drag limited top speed of 204 mph. Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Porsche’s push to electrification of its
cars has resulted in addition of hybridized models to the current line ups. Panamera Turbo S also participated in the
endeavor. It received a powertrain that consists of
a 550 horses twin-turbo 4.0 Liter V-8 and a 136 horse AC motor paired to a new ZF eight-speed
dual-clutch automatic transmission. Combined it gives us 680 horses, 626 lb-ft
of torque and the all-wheel drive capability. We are deeply convinced that any automobile
can benefit from an electric motor in its construction and this is just the case for
Panamera. This environmentally responsible supersedan
can do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, and go as fast as 193 miles per hour. The price is the only downside of this innovation,
you must pay at least $37,000 than for non-hybrid car. Cadillac CTS-V It is one of the most powerful Caddys on the
market today equipped with an engine borrowed from the Chevy Corvette Z06, which is a Supercharged
6.2L V8 with 640-hp and 630 pound feet output. Even though this rear wheel drive brute comes
equipped with only an automatic tranny, you wont notice any performance shortage as it
hits 60mph in 3.6 seconds and its top speed is unbelievable 200 mph. Robust Brembo brakes, Electronic Limited-Slip
Differential and magnetic suspension ensure both great handling and driving with improved
comfort. Rhe 2018 updates for this car were rather
humble including an upgraded infotainment system and a few new exterior colors. Among the interesting custom modifications
of Cadillac CTS-V we have to point out a build from Hennessey Performance which includes
an HPE750 Supercharged Engine with 768 hp and 782 lb-ft of torque, allowing improved
3.2 seconds 0-60 and 11.2 quarter mile times. Audi RS7 If previously RS7 was far from being underpowered,
the manufacturer still chose to gather even more horses under its hood. The masterpiece twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 makes
560 hp and the performance trim bumps up this already high number to 605 horses and 553
lb-ft. The powertrain is aided by a performance-tuned
eight-speed automatic and has all-wheel drive capability. RS7 does 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and the speed
limitation is only reached at the 190 mph mark. It is worth mentioning that this Audi can
carry only 4 people, but the lack of interior space is compensated by a large 25 cubic feet
trunk. BMW M5 This BMW was unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt
auto show and will go on sale in 2018 at the starting price of $140,000. M5 is the fastest series production automobile
in the history of the brand. The newcomer gets a 4.4 Liter twin-turbo V8
with 600 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque output that is coupled with an 8 speed automatic,
notably the manual tranny is not available. As a result, the powertrain is capable of
showing 3.4 seconds 0-60 acceleration and 190 mph top speed. This is the first M5 to receive BMWs signature
all-wheel xDrive with electronically limited slip differential, but those who enjoy drifting
can enable only the rear wheel drive and do some tires burning on the bends. Mercedes AMG-E63S This sedan is among the most powerful in its
class especially in its S modification. It is equipped with a 603 horsepower 4.0 Liter
V8 that is paired with twin turbochargers, and makes 627 lb-ft of torque. With so many mammals pulling you forward you
will end up reaching 186 max speed with 0-60 acceleration of just 3.3 seconds, so we are
talking true sports car performance. The exterior is somewhat restyled to match
the muscles under the hood, and the interior was also tweaked for more comfortable high
performance handling. We also wanted to acknowledge, AMG E-63’s
tuned version from Brabus. Their engineers managed to boost the output
to 700 horses and 664 lb-ft, plus with the Brabus tune you will get the full aerodynamic
package, wide pallet of color options unlimited configuration options. BMW 7 Series Modestly stating that 2017 BMW 7 Series is
the future of luxury, the company indeed managed to deliver several models that embody the
modern trends in both style and performance. 2017 BMW M760i xDrive is the most powerful
and the most expensive specimen in the series. With a 12-cylinder 6.6 liter turbocharged
engine, the car can go as fast as 154 mph and gain 60 mph speed within 3.5 seconds. It is a pricey choice; those who want to experience
BMW’s progressive luxury will have to shell out more than $150,000. The car is not cheap to maintain as it can
cover just 13 mpg in a city and 20 mpg on a highway. Other models within the 7 Series have different
powertrains and are available at lesser prices. The company even introduced a plug-in hybrid
for those more concerned with reducing fuel consumption. Audi A8 L The pricing for this luxury business supersedan
starts at the $83K mark. A8 comes with a variety of powertrains the
most powerful being a 577 hp W12, another interesting option is a plug in hybrid represented
by a gas 3.0 Liter V6 coupled with an electric motor totaling in 443 hp. This Audi flagship has a virtual dashboard
and two touch screens 10 and 8 inches wide, plus back seat passengers will have their
own infotainment displays. Among the most ground breaking technologies
implemented on this car we have to highlight active suspension, parallel parking and Traffic
Jam Pilot that allows hands free driving at the speeds up to 37 miles per hour. Early reviews of Audi A8 are overwhelmingly
positive, so we can confidently say that the latest BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S class have
gained a worthy opponent. Jaguar XJR Being a high-performance version of Jaguar’s
flagship sedan, XJR is capable of accelerating from zero to 60 mph in mere 4 seconds, and
it boasts 550 hp under the hood. Its supercharged V8 engine can deliver the
maximum speed of 174 mph. Apart from impressive performance, the car
is equipped with a superb sound system, climate control, and heated steering wheel, which
add value to this “growler.” The exterior of this Jaguar is characterized
by sleek lines, which, we have to admit, give the car its unique sporty look. For those, more concerned about safety than
look, Jaguar XJR has All Surface Progress Control helping to drive the car in slippery
road conditions and upgraded suspension. Jaguar XE CV Project 8 This 600-horsepower supersedan was adapted
for the track. Under the hood you will find a V8 5.0 Liter
engine with 516 pound feet of torque output. Project eight is equipped with an 8-speed
automatic, all wheel drive and active rear differential with electronic handling. To reduce overall weight of this sedan many
components like bumpers, hood, front splitter were made from carbon fiber. With all of the effort put into this car,
XE SV became the most powerful road-legal Jaguar of all time. It is estimated that 0-60 acceleration takes
3.7 seconds and the top speed reaches 200 miles per hour without electronic limiters. Only 300 automobiles will be released, so
the price is staggering 240,000 dollars. So this happened to be our last entry for
today. But we are pretty sure that you have something
to add. If so, please leave a comment under this video
and let us know what top lists you would like to see in the future! May the torque be with you!

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  1. Although the international sales volume of sedans shows a steady decline, there will always be people, who prefer the comfort provided by these vehicles. Moreover, there will be people, who spend their hard-earned money on top of the line super-sedans that can easily beat modern-day sports cars. What do you think about these 500+hp luxury cars?

  2. This is my favorite vehicle segment, the sport sedan. Ever car manufacturer should make a sport sedan for their brand. This will increase the sales of sedans in a market where crossovers are winning.

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