Top 3 Ford Mustangs of SEMA 2018 + Full Event Coverage – Hot Lap

Top 3 Ford Mustangs of SEMA 2018 + Full Event Coverage – Hot Lap

Stephanie: Welcome to this episode of HOTLAP,
which is all about the 2018 SEMA Show. Welcome to this episode of HOTLAP. It is that time of year again. I am super excited to be back out here at
the SEMA Show. We are gonna bringing you my top three 2019
Mustangs. We’re also gonna be showing you some other
cool Mustang builds. We have new products to check out, there’s
a very cool announcement from ROUSH which I’ll also be bringing to you later on in this
video, a small announcement from the Ford press conference which involves Vaughn Gitten,
Jr. and RTR. Guys, if you haven’t done so already, make
sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, for now, I gotta lot to do and a lot to show
you guys, so I’m gonna get to it. All right guys, so we’re out here getting
ready for the Ford press conference. They unveil something every year. It may not be Mustang-related, but we’re gonna
find out. Hermann: Thank you all, and welcome to another
exciting SEMA Show. We have more exciting news for our Mustang
customers as we will bring our customers even more performance options with another [inaudible
00:01:19]. Vaughn Gittin, Jr. and his RTR [inaudible
00:01:23] team. Vaughn: All right, thank you. What’s goin’ on everybody? There’s nothing I love more than inspiring
current and future drivers by adding some of that smile-inducing, head-turning RTR flavor. I’ve always had a dream to collaborate directly
with Ford and see what we can develop, and guess what? That dream has become reality. And I’m pumped to announce today that RTR
is teaming up with Ford Performance on our first ever publicly available custom vehicle,
the new Series 1 Mustang RTR powered by Ford Performance. The Series 1 Mustang packages are individually
serialized and features RTR’s styling, Ford Performance’s
adjustable suspension, for any Mustang EcoBoost Performance Pack, or a Mustang GT Performance
Pack model. They will launch early in 2019 at select U.S.
dealers, only 500 will be sold in 2019. Hermann: Today, I’m pleased to introduce the
2019 Ford GT Carbon Series. The Carbon Series will be the lightest version
of the Ford GT for this model year. It’s a model for those customers who frag
their cars but don’t want to tow them to and from the track. So now I hope you can see by the [inaudible
00:02:37] performance made. And there’s much more to come as we [inaudible
00:02:42] even more for our [inaudible 00:02:44] friends here and around the world. Stephanie: All right, guys, let’s get down
to business. I told you that I’d be bringing you my top
three 2010 Mustangs from the 2018 SEMA Show, and this right here is my number three pick. This is the Bojix Design 2019 GT Mustang. And now seeing this car online in the pictures
and seeing it in person are two totally different things. I had to pick this car. I love the way it sits. I love what’s under the hood. You have a ProCharger setup here. I love the wheels, 20 by 10 in the front,
20 by 11.5 in the rear. Of course, tons of other suspension goodies,
tons of interior upgrade. I can’t wait to show you what I have picked
for my number two and number one spot. We’re out here lookin’ for new products at
SEMA and we had to stop by Anderson Composites. They have a beautiful 2018 GT sitting right
here. So obviously, the car is fully decked out
in carbon fiber and other fiberglass pieces. What’s new on this car are a few things. Carbon fiber hood, new for 2018/2019 Mustangs. For all of you guys that are looking for front
fascia change-ups for the ’18 to ’19 Mustangs, front fascia on this car is also new. It’s about a half-inch wider, it is made of
fiberglass, as well as fiberglass fenders that are about an inch wider. So something else that’s new from Anderson
Composites is this carbon fiber mirror cover here. Now, this is a complete cover replacement,
it’s not just a stick-on piece, I think that’s really cool. Couple other things to check out on this car:
carbon fiber front grille, carbon fiber front lip, carbon fiber rocker panels, carbon fiber
rear wing on this, as well as deck lid panel and rear valance. You guys, check it out. We stopped by Whiteline Performance and we
wanted to check out what they had new for 2018 and newer Mustangs, so if we come over
to this board, we see that they have a new rear adjustable tow arm for S550 Mustangs,
as well as the new vertical link, and I have to say, this thing looks pretty beefy. We’re out here on the floor in Central Hall
and we came across PMAS. We’re out here with George. George, what we’re looking at right here is
the new intake for the 2018 Mustang GT, right? George: Correct, Stephanie. Well, we kinda stuck with what we know as
far as making great power and great flow in an intake system. A big difference with us is we look further
that what everybody else looks as far as fitting an intake on a car. We want it to flow the best. The MT14 for the ’18 Mustang, there’s really
not a big difference from our MT13 for the ’15 to ’17. The biggest difference was Ford changed the
angle of the throttle body so it’s now an angled coupler. So you still get the same increase of power,
amazing flow, it’s still available tune/no tune options, so we give it to the end-user
where they don’t actually need a tune. They can install it on a Saturday in their
driveway, fire it up, and go for a ride, no tune needed. Obviously, if you tune the vehicle, you get
optimum horsepower. The kit comes complete, all the couplers,
our housing, our filter, all the relocation brackets, the heat shield, it’s one kit and
one box, it works out great. There you go, guys, 2018 and newer specific
Mustang GT cold air intake from PMAS. The Ford OUT FRONT area is always cool because
not only do you have a ton of things going on out there with driving between drifting
and jumping vehicles, but you also have another small area from Ford out here too, and they
bring new parts. They have awesome setups like this Illuminator
that’s sitting right here in front of me now. So there are always Mustangs out here in the
Ford OUT FRONT area drifting and tearing things up. We Justin Pawlak, Chelsea DeNova, and Vaughn
Gitten, Jr., all in S550 Mustangs out here killin’ tires and making clouds. So this car is another one of my favorites
from the SEMA Show and the Ford drift this year, I could not pass this car up. I’m here with Tom from SpeedKore. Can you tell us about this car? Tom: This is the Chassis 003 2018 GT350R. We’ve done a complete transformation in carbon
fiber on the exterior of this car. The weight reduction is approximately 200
pounds. We utilize pre-preg carbon, and an autoclave
that we have, it produces a really high-quality finish. The car also features a new front splitter
from SpeedKore as well as the rocker panels, and then a very aggressive rear wing. We’ve taken the GT350R which is a very purpose-built,
you know, track day car, and accentuated it to create more downpours, and lighten the
car up. Stephanie: Now it’s time to bring you guys
my number two pick. Now, I say this every year, and I’m going
to say it again this year. It is so hard to pick only three cars and
to put them in a specific order, but as far as my number two pick, it’s gonna be this
car right here. This is the CGS Motorsports GT Mustang, of
course, a 2019. And just like every other 2019 we’ve looked
at here today, this thing is done to the nines. I’m talking interior, exterior, suspension,
exhaust, under the hood. As far as under the hood, that Ford Performance
TVS supercharger, and if guys know me, you know I love a great wide-body kit. And this thing has an absolutely beautiful
wide-body kit on it. The craftsmanship on this car is just amazing. I love the wide-body kit that’s actually done,
you guys can see the lines on this car, and for all of you out there who are saying that
not much has been done to the front fascias on the 2019s, you gotta look for the small
details. Everything is subtle in this car, but you
can see how the wide-body kit is built right into the front fascia here. You can see what they did around the headlights. I love these little details. This is a job well done in my opinion. Everything out back from the carbon fiber
tips to the way this wide-body kit is brought into to the front fascia, that’s why I had
to pick it as my number two pick. So we’re out here in the ROUSH booth. Now ROUSH has always posted up in the Ford
OUT FRONT area. Right now we have a big announcement to make. Jackie: We do. Stephanie: We have to get down to business,
right? So we have Jackie here, the VP of marketing
for ROUSH Performance to let us know what this announcement is. Jackie, could you please lay it on us, tell
us what this announcement is. Jackie: Yeah. We are super excited today to launch an exclusive
program with AmericanMuscle. We’ve partnered together to bring both performance
and design and we’re excited to announce the Quad-Tip Exhaust for the ’05 and up Mustang. We know that the looks are just as important
the sound. Stephanie: All right, so you guys heard it
here, Black-tips from ROUSH Performance for 2005 and newer Mustangs for both axle-backs
and cat-backs, which previously weren’t available until now. Everyone spoke, ROUSH heard, they are now
offering black-tips for both Axle-Backs and Cat-Backs for ’05 and newer Mustangs. Make sure you check ’em out right here at While we were in the ROUSH booth, we came
across Justin Pawlak. If you guys don’t know already, Justin Pawlak
is a Formula Drift driver who rocks this awesome S550 Mustang. I was hoping you’d tell us a little bit about
this car and what you have planned for the future. Justin: This is actually a 50th anniversary
Ford Mustang that I did the entire ROUSH update to. So we did the ROUSH front fascia, the ROUSH
spoiler, and it’s got an Anderson Composites wide-body kit that I designed with them. The fenders are carbon, the hood, doors, mirror
caps, quarter panels. I’m running a Ford Performance Coyote Illuminator
engine. It’s topped with a ROUSH 2.3-liter TVS Supercharger,
and this thing pumps out nearly 1000 horsepower at the crank. Stephanie: I was gonna say, to be competitive
in Formula Drift, that’s kinda the horsepower range you really have to go with nowadays,
the cars are just so fast anymore. So you have big plans for a 2019 build, don’t
you? Justin: Yeah. So I am in the process of building a new chassis. It’ll have the new front end on it. Stephanie: So what are you gonna be thinking
about when you switch over from a ’15 to ’17 chassis to an ’18 to ’19 chassis? Is there anything different there? Justin: No actually, they’re really similar. To be honest, the only thing different that
I’ve found between the two chassis is this bracket right here. So chassis-wise, everything that we’ve developed
on this car, we’ll be able to implement into the new chassis. Stephanie: That’s awesome. Well, thank you so much for talking with us. I know you are going to be out there tearing
things apart in this car, aren’t you? Justin: Absolutely. We’ll be throwin’ smoke in people’s faces. Stephanie: Justin Pawlak, making clouds in
his S550. Guys, the things you find at SEMA. We are looking at a Kona Blue Bullitt, VIN
number 5, the only one in this color to roll off factory production line, all here for
a charity raffle reason benefitting JDRF. So it is time to reveal my number one pick
from SEMA 2018 and it is gonna be the 50th Anniversary Cobra Jet. So we have Andy here to talk with. You are the lucky pilot of this car. Give us the whole rundown on this thing. Andy: Sure. Why don’t we start at the front here and we’ll
work our way towards the back? We did a lot of unique content for the 50th
anniversary, one is a carbon fiber hood because we made some chassis upgrades. Strange, they’re our partner, right, with
the brakes, and the suspension. We did some re-valving of our dampers, and
we also used, like, a two-piece rotor, low drag calipers. The car comes stock with a 750 cage, also
comes with a Racetech seat. For the 50th anniversary, we knew this was
one opportunity for us to really do a lot of special content. Another good example is the RacePak Data Acquisition
System. It’ll come with that stock, so it’ll tell
you what your brake pressure is. It’ll tell you what your intercooler temperature
is. So in the rear of the car, right, we’ve done
some Strange Ultras which is a higher-end damper from them. It’s great because all the adjustment points
are easily accessible from the bottom of the car, and the car really responds to the adjustments. Another partner that we brought on board with
this program is Mickey Thompson, and they’re really excited to be our partner. We’ve [inaudible 00:12:19] through a lot of
tires. I have the joy of testing these cars. Stephanie: So legitimate turnkey racecar,
right? Andy: Yeah, exactly. This car comes like this, it includes everything
from a wheelie bar to a parachute to the rollbar padding. I mean, this is how the cars are delivered. One of our customers that delivered one of
our ’16 cars took the car right to the track and won with it. Stephanie: So as far as 50th Anniversary,
there will be 68 made, right? Andy: Correct, yeah. Sixty-eight and this is XXI so this is the
prototype vehicle. Stephanie: Once again, thank you so much for
talking with us. Andy: Yeah, thanks, Steph. We really appreciated having you here talking
with us. Stephanie: All right, guys, that’s gonna wrap
up this episode of HOTLAP. Comment below, let me know what was your favorite
Mustang from SEMA 2018. If you guys haven’t done so already, make
sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, and for all things Mustang, keep it right
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